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She just wanted to watch me
07-15-2011, 08:41 AM
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She just wanted to watch me
This is a story about someone I had an encounter with many years ago. I was 16 at the time and always horny. It was not very often that I did not have a hard on. I have always had opportunities such as this thrust upon me, and in most cases took full advantage of them. This particular day will always be remembered as one of the best of my life.

It was summer, hotter than hell, and I was home alone as both my parents were at work and wouldn't be home for quite sometime. Even though it was still morning, the temperature was close to 100 and almost unbearable.

I had just gotten out of the shower and had nothing on but a towel around my waist. The front door was open with the screen door closed. We didn't have air conditioning but relied on a couple of floor fans to keep the air moving around. As I walked past the open front door on my way to the kitchen for a cold glass of water, there was a knock on the screen door.

It was our neighbor, her name was Maggie and she was a good friend of the family. She was probably in her late 30's at the time but I thought she had the body of a teenager. A little chunky, but just right. She had large breasts that always showed just a bit of nipple from underneath what ever shirt or sweater or top she was wearing. She had beautiful short red hair, the cutest face and a great sense of humor. I loved her but never let anybody know. I would fantasize about her almost daily and on more than one occasion would masturbate outside next to the fence that separates our houses. I wished she would catch me doing it and watch me, but knew that if she did, I would probably be in big trouble.

"Well good morning Billie, you look nice and cool this morning"

"I just got out of the shower and was getting a glass of water"

"Well that's why I came over, our fridge went out last night and I need some ice. Can you be a dear and give me a small bag?"

I remember having to turn away as my cock started to rise to the occasion very rapidly. I walked to the kitchen and pulled out the ice bin from the freezer and put a few cubes in a plastic bag. When I turned around Maggie was seated at the bar, leaning over just a bit. I almost dropped the bag as I walked up to the counter to hide my bulge.

She was wearing a very low cut summer dress with shoulder straps that were loose, one of which had fallen off her shoulder and thus revealed most of her left breast. I must have gasped just a bit and found myself locked in on that beautiful sight.

"Well are you going to give me the ice, or do you need it more now than I do? Come over here sweetie. Don't be afraid."

I walked over to her, oblivious of my erection, but aware that something was going on down there.

She took the bag of ice and laid it on the counter. She bent over slightly as she stood up off of the bar stool. As she did, the other strap fell off her shoulder and now both breasts were almost completely exposed. My eyes couldn't budge from the sight before me. She took my hand and we walked over to the living room couch and sat in front of the fan. It's breeze did nothing to help cool off the situation.

"Let's just sit and cool off for a bit. How is summer vacation going?"

As we sat down, she did nothing to adjust the straps on her dress. I got a good glimpse of one of her nipples and thought I was going to explode right there. She moved one of her legs up on to the couch so as to face me. She was on my left. I sat there, with my obvious excitement hidden under the towel, which had slightly loosened and exposed part of my left leg.

She placed her hand on my leg and started to talk about something, I didn't hear a word she was saying, I was too busy staring at those perfect mounds in front of me. I swear I had not taken my eyes off her tits since I turned around from the refrigerator...and it was obvious. Her hand just barely and softly moved up and down my inner thigh. God, I was so horny, I just wanted to throw off the towel and let her watch me, see me naked and just look at me. I think that she knew that was on my mind, it was one of those moments where people don't need to say anything at all to communicate their feelings.

"It's OK Billie, just sit back and let the fan cool you off, it's OK."

I laid back on the couch and now my throbbing cock was in obvious need of exposure from under the towel. Her hand kept up the soft motion on my inner thigh. I could hardly breath and remember letting out a slight moan, or perhaps it was more like a whimper.

"It's OK sweetie, let me see you."

With that I slowly pulled the towel off to the right and was completely naked for her to see. I looked down at my hard on, throbbing and bouncing up and down, hitting my stomach as if it had a mind of it's own. My glances went from my cock to her breasts. I didn't, couldn't, say a word.

"Oh you dear boy, you dear, dear boy."

Her hand was still there, stroking me softly. Her nipples were now so hard, I expected them to tear through her dress. She looked at my naked body, then at her breasts and then in my eyes. There was an almost angelic smile on her face. All was perfect.

I slowly moved my hand to my shaft and started to rub it, from the base to the tip. I was breathing so hard now. I watched my hand move up and down, and then glanced at her tits again. Why didn't she pull them out for me? I wanted to see them, I wanted to suck her rock solid nipples as she watched me masturbate.

"Do it Billie, I like that, you dear boy."

"Watch me." I finally found words.

"See me naked, it feels so good, watch me do it, oh yes, oh, oh! Watch me cum, see me, see me."

"Oh yes, do sweetie, do it."

The whole time her hand stayed on my leg, moving to the rhythm of the strokes on my cock.

I finally couldn't hold back any longer and shot streams of cum straight up. It landed on my stomach, her hand, the couch and I wouldn't be surprised if some of it actually hadn't hit the ceiling. My hips were thrusting up off the couch to rhythm of my strokes.

Her hand finally left my leg and slowly moved my own hand away from my cock and cupped it as if to say 'let me finish for you'. The shaft was dripping with cum as her hand slowly finished what mine had started. The front of her dress had fallen even more and half of each nipple was exposed. This actually excited me more than if her dress had fallen off all together.

She didn't say a word now. But looked down at her half exposed nipples, then back at my rock hard dick, and then into my eyes. All the time she had that beautiful smile on her face. She got up from the couch and for the first time I noticed that she too, was breathing real heavy.

She walked toward the door, pulled her straps up onto her shoulders, turned and said, one more wonderful time:

"Oh you dear, dear boy."

And then she was gone. But I knew she would be back, she forgot the ice.

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