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She couldn't afford to pay the bill
07-14-2011, 10:20 AM
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She couldn't afford to pay the bill
My client coudn't afford to pay the fee; she traded her pussy instead.

She couldn't afford to pay the bill, so the only way out of this would be to lay her down, the good deal here, pay with tits.

She put my dick to her snatch then riding on top, playing bouncy bouncy. I couldn't see my penis, for nothing was left out, until the rod began to move in and out, drenched by the vagina liquids. While I stared at her, I noticed her face expression, the only thing I could do here. Soon we both reached to an orgasm simultaneously, bringing us to the greatest gratification ever.

This is a story concerning a counselor in family court cases: I'm the legal representative here lawyer here, and never treat my clients disrespectfully, or insolently, for I'm a straight arrow, a person who observes the social norms of decency, honesty, legality, heterosexuality, etc; in fact, a non deviant. Nonetheless, I once broke rules, and got dirty at this. Read on…

As I was alone working at my desk in my law office, a woman showed up abruptly, a little before break lunch. my secretary wasn't available while the other offices were empty, for they all were gone. This lady was medium age, about 35yo., average tall, medium weigh, and dressed in jeans and a black jacket. Looked charming in her black boots, but she also looked desperate, apparently passing thorough economic difficulties, may be? I wondered. As she began to put her case this desperate mother of one said she wasn't able to support her daughter who had just turned to 19, and was worryed about her daughter moving with her aunt, or most likely, would turn to prostitution. I had to listen to her case as she mobbed. She claimed had no husband to assist her.

After she was comforting her, she began to say cannot afford to pay the bill. I still wonder why I would become an unpayd assistant here. As we progressed into this, client versus her ex, we began to obtain good results to our satisfaction, so this made my client was joyful by the happy outcome, and began to show up in my law office just a little before I left home. I was totally alone in my office on that particular day, and smal talk wouldn't be a problem. I played like the perfect sympathetic here, while this nice woman suddenly looked at me in the eye and said:

"This stuff is making progress pretty well boy, and you've gotta by recompensed as you never imagined."

I didn't pay much attention to this remark –too frequent in hers. Finally my client won her daughter custody, as well as food assistance in a court law. This would be last time we'd meet in my office for counseling and, as I was going to give her the good news, she suddenly hurled on me, took off her top and said:

"It's time to compensate for your services, your fee perhas is hard to pay, so debts are a must here!"

Saying this and got closer to me, beginning to kiss me, to insinuate. She zipped down my pants to give me… heaven! the gorgeous blow job ever. She run her mouth along my penis, to my balls. This got me by surprise, fuck! drove me crazy and wild, for I never thought in such audacious slut. She said:

"We’ve made good friends and you can do whatever you wish with these breasts."

I had already realized she was built like a brick shithouse!!

This check you're about to receive is worth a thousand dollars. It's what a woman walking in the streets charge for tricks to take to her room."

I just shook my head, my face reddish, and proceeded to loosen her bra, then got to her tits. My hand run along her body, until finally I cum in her mouth after she gave head. She performed like a good slutty. I proposed to go to a hotel and she gladly accepted. But we'd have to stop over at a drog store for condoms. We had no sooner checked in as we headed to the room where she began to undress, wearing only her exquisite boots. Her first move was to hurl on me and do me another blow job, while I sucked her tits with lust. I love fetish, so moved toward her boots and began to sniff and suck them -hardened fetish. Then on to sucking her box.

I began to tongue fuck her and probe that wet vulva. I could listenen to her moans:

"Oh, yes, like it, oh, damn!

She squirmed in my face, now totally covered with her fluids. As I noticed my hard on, to its maximum, I proposed 69 style. We both were medium weighed we fit quite well though. I still wonder how this woman had learned to suck cock, or to which school did she go. I figured out she was a self taught. I was willing to ask her to switch and began to fit my extra resistant condom in my dick for a heavy duty was waiting them as I poked her anus. This lady was too reluctant to, with lack of enthusiasm, finally though.

My first move would be to part her ass cheeks. Considering her asshole already widened, I proceeded to drive my torpedo into her tank. A painful sensation at first, but slowly gave in, to end up in a vortex of pleasure. She got on her four on the bed, while I began a continuous slide in and out off her ass, a bouncing bubble butt.

This mature fucked like if she was riding a brand new fucking machine for the first time, moaning madly, which added up to my lust and pleasure by a great extent. My fat belly had failed to contribute, if I had to hold in this position, so she soon asked me to get off her, she on top riding my cock like an enthusiastic cowboy. This way a frantic bang began: "FLAP, FLAP, FLAP!!"

My piece of meat would accidentaly slid off the cunt, but she again grabbed the cock and put t back into her, so I'd hammer the box in and out, like gym work out. My penis sank within her, disappearing into her vagina while I felt it gripped my rod firmly. I looked at the expression in her face, and we got to an orgasm jointly.

We fucked the whole evening until next day. I woke up early and took a shower, dressed up, and headed for my office, only to inform the staff I'd take a short week vacation. My hearings at court were put up for another day; I'd come at short notice.

As I left the law office, I found my female client waiting outside, dressed in her usual outfit, same blue jean, and boots; I told her: "Let's go to a cloches store to buy clothes that can fit you better than this."

This client made had been paying her fee on a regular basis fucking me each month while I played the perfect pervert. It's another story.


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