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She Wanted to Watch her Husband Masturbate
07-15-2011, 01:07 AM
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She Wanted to Watch her Husband Masturbate
It was normal for him to ask her to play for him. This meant that he wanted to watch her while she pressed her vibrator to her clit till she came. While she did this, he would playfully pinch her nipples as they grew in tandem with her developing orgasm. When her breaths became quick and shallow, he would bring his cock to her lips, and fuck her mouth, holding her head up with one hand, and pumping his fist on his cock with the other, sliding his hand up and down the thick hard shaft, using her saliva as a lubricant. He knew what she wanted. She wanted to feel his cum explode into her waiting mouth. She wanted his cock to fill her mouth with hot cum while her expert hand danced the vibrator around her clit, pressing deep and hard onto her clit, buzzing her to an orgasm that made her body quake with pleasure, and making her suck his cock to the back of her throat. She had the amazing ability to flick her tongue at the magic spot on the underside of that huge rod while she was bringing herself to a massive orgasm. She did this because one of the things that made her come even harder was hearing him come, and knowing that he was getting ready to pump her greedy mouth full of his slightly salty, hot, sticky come always made her pussy gush with her juices.

This time, though, she wanted something a little different. Something that was a little naughtier. She waited for him to get out of his shower, knowing that he would be coming in to the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around his waste. She waited for him wearing nothing but a pair of tan pantyhose and a pair of black spiked heels. She made sure he saw the vibrator pressed to the outside of her nylons, tracing a line down the crotch, which was noticeably wet. She glanced playfully at him, and noticed the bulge growing under his towel. She reached up and rand her hand over the steadily growing cock that was hidden under the towel.

"I want to be dirty. I want you to be dirty to me. I want to feel your cock between my tits."

She peeled off the towel, and grabbed the bottle of lubricant, opening it, and pouring it on her chest, rubbing her tits together to spread the liquid over her skin. When her tits were glistening and very slick, she wrapped his cock between them and slid them up and down his cock and told him to imagine it was a hot wet pussy.

He couldn't believe this was happening. He closed his eyes and submitted to her request. He reached down first, though, and slid one hand up the inside of her long thigh, feeling the silky nylon beneath his fingers. He groaned in pleasure. This was definitely something she'd never done for him before.

Unlike other times, when their mutual masturbation was slow and methodical, she surprised him by pushing his hands away, and plunged her hand inside of her nylons, feeling the hot wetness that waited for her there. She was completely shaved, and her soft pussy lips easily gave way to the pressure of her vibrator, pressing in to find her already erect clit.

Her body tensed in response to the contact with the vibrator, and she said "Fuck those tits, baby. Hold those tits together and rub your cock between them. I want to see you cum."

He gently pusher her back on the bed and straddled over her on his knees. She felt his balls, freshly shaved, lightly brush over her belly. She lifted her slippery tits to make a path for his cock, looked up at him and urged him to lean on him elbows. When he did this, her face was at his chest, and she could see his breathing becoming quicker, as the excitement really began to build inside of him. She lightly bit his nipples, one after the other, making them hard from the touch.

Fuck those tits, baby, slide your cock in there, and tell me if it's wet enough for you. He obliged, and she saw the head of his cock poke up between her tits. It was absolutely drenched in the lube, and slid back down with ease.

"Is it wet enough, baby? Tell me how you like it wet. Tell me how you like it. I want to be your whore. Tell me how hot you are. I want to hear it. Your cock is getting harder with each thrust. Tell me you like it. Tell me you like it hot. Tell me you love it wet and tight. I want to hear you say it. Tell me how hot you are, baby." She squeezed her tits together onto his throbbing cock.

She pressed that vibrator even harder onto her clit, so she could feel her entire body tingling with its vibrations. She wasn't going to be able to hold off her orgasm for much longer.

"Baby, I'm getting so close, fuck those tits. Plunge that cock in there and feel how hot and wet it is. That's how hot and wet my pussy is, under those silky nylons. I'm running a hand up the inside of my thigh, and buzzing my clit hard right now."

He couldn't see what she was doing to her clit, all he knew was what she told him, and how good it felt to titty fuck his little whore,

He plunged his cock back up between her tits. She had slid down a little underneath him, positioning her head up a bit so that, when his cock came into view from between her slippery tits, her tongue flicked his cock in that really sensitive spot she knew he loved. She continued to work the vibrator hard on her clit, spreading her own wetness as she did.

"Baby, I'm so wet, and I've got two fingers buried in my pussy. As deep as they'll go."

She continue to flick her tongue on his cock, while he continued to pump.

"I'm going to cum. I'm going to make myself cum right underneath you. I want to catch your cum on my tongue when I cum. Come on, baby, cum for me, because I'm gonna cum now....."

He felt her pause for a second, and felt her body tense. He could hear her vibrator working on her clit. Her body began to convulse under him, and he grabbed his cock, which was drenched in lube. He propped himself up with one hand, and aimed his cock at her mouth.

"Fuck my tits," she moaned in the middle of her orgasm.

He slid his cock between her tits again, and began to fuck her right where she wanted it. Her nipples were hard and erect, and tingling with anticipation.

"Baby, I'm going to cum." He stroked his cock between her tits with long, slow strokes. One of her hands slid around his ass cheek to caress his balls, which were tightening up close to his body.

"Cum for me, baby. I want to watch your cock cum. I want to feel it on me. I want to catch it with my tongue. I want to feel your hot cum flow down my throat. I want to swallow your hot cum."

"Baby, I'm cumming. Swallow it. Swallow it all."

His cock twitched, and he groaned deep in his throat. The first spurt of salty white doused her chest and rolled onto her shoulder.

"Keep cumming, baby, I want to feel your cum all over me."

He thrust again, this time bringing up one hand to jerk him off into her waiting mouth. She was rewarded with a huge gush of sticky cum, shooting directly into her waiting mouth. He glanced down again a her face, and saw her tongue covered in it.

"Swallow it."

She gazed up at him with half lidded eyes, closed her mouth and gulped down the huge mouthful of cum that had just been pumped unto her mouth.

He collapsed on top of her, completely drained of energy after titty-fucking his naughty girl. As his cum dried on her face, in her hair, and on her shoulders, he drifter off to sleep, wondering what other surprises his wife would have for him in the future.

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