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Shaving with sis
07-15-2011, 08:31 AM
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Shaving with sis
Summer came early to Texas. Spring break was here, with a mid 80 temperature. My high school senior year spring break awaited. Lawn work had to be done, then off to check out the spring break college girls. Mowing the yard at breakneck speed, it was off to the shower. I jumped in, showered while thinking of all the new available pussy. I was already getting a bit hard when I got out, I wrapped a towel around my waist, and headed down the hall.

BAM. "Whats your hurry bro, pants on fire?" my sister Suzy said with a laugh..I had run right into her as she was looking in the full length mirror. "Sorry sis, didnt see you there." Now that I saw her, I saw quite an eyeful. My buddies always teased me about my sis, how she was becoming a babe. I didnt notice, she was my 17 year old sister. But now, she was hard to miss.

5 5 125 pounds, brown hair, green eyes, 34 C breasts and just wearing a pink bikini All standing right in front of me. Twirling, Suzy asked if I liked her new swim wear.

Stammering, I said,"Uhmm, its alright." What was I supposed to say? Giggling, my sis said, "Actions are louder than words. A questioning look crossed my face, and Suzy pointed down. My hard 8 inch cock had sprung free from my towel. "Looks like big brother approves. This bikini should get the college boys attention."

A frown crossed Suzys face as she looked in the mirror. "Rats, I gotta shave. I hate doing that, its so mundane." Looking down, I could see she was right, a little hair was peeking out. I mumbled an agreement, and tried to get by her.

As I passed, Suzy grabbed my arm, and a wry smile crossed her face. "You could shave me Dave."

"Oh no you dont sis, thats just a tad wierd." My mouth was saying no, but my cock had sprung to full length. Suzy grabbed it and slowly started to stroke me. "Cmon bro, itll be fun. Ill do you if you do me." What could I say, she had me by the balls. All i could do was grunt my approval. Leading me by my stiff cock, Suzy took us back to the bathroom.

Quickly pulling down my towel, Suzy caught her breath. "Thats a nice one Dave, my friends are gonna hear about how hung you are." Reaching into the cabinet, Suzy grabbed some cream and a razor. Being hard seemed to help. In a few short minutes, I was bald, just two cum bloated balls, and one hard shaft.

Then it was Suzys turn. I could tell she enjoyed being a cock barber, because her bikini bottoms had a growing wet spot. Starting to like this, I announced it was my turn!!

Pulling down those soaked bottoms, I got a close up look at a very sexy pussy. Not much hair, but enough. I know I licked my lips, because later Suzy said I got a look of hunger on my face. Lying Suzy down, I took immense care to shave her. I put a thumb inside her, and a forefinger outside each lip as I slowly shaved each side of her pussy. She was sooo wet, I didnt need much cream. I think I took longer than she did. I have to admit I enjoyed this. With a few swipes around her incredibly tight butthole, Suzy was done. Bald as the day she was born.

She headed over to the full length mirror to inspect herself. "Damn bro, I could make you my full time barber." Then another smile crossed her face. "You know, we need to see if these shave jobs feel as well as they look." Another questioning look crossed my face. Grabbing my hard on again, Suzy lead me to her room. "Cmon bro, I gotta try this."

Throwing me on my bed,Suzy had her lips around me in 2 seconds flat. Sucking me in slowly, she began to bob up and down. My cock felt wonderful. I knew this was wrong, but there was no way I was going to stop it. Sis knew how to suck cock, and as horny as I was, it was not long before I shouted, "Careful sis, Im gonna shoot!!!"

She seemed to suck harder, and moaned as cum flowed freely into her mouth. She had no qualms about swallowing almost every drop of her brothers cum. Wiping her chin of the excess cum, Suzy lay back, and said, "Your turn Dave, eat your sisters wet bald pussy."

I couldnt help myself, I had to taste it. I had to french kiss my sisters pussy. And french I did. I used the tip of my toungue, teasing her outer lips. I loved the way she started to squirm, it was my turn to tease her a bit. I fingered her , so she would be so very, very wet. Then I frenched her wetness, and drove my toungue inside. She went wild as I worked on her clit. She grabbed my head, and forced my mouth full on her soaking wet pussy.

Her howls filled the house. All I could sense was the bald pussy I was happily, and greedily, eating. Her hips rose to meet my mouth, and she fucked my face. My god, how my sister loved to be eaten. How was I to know I was going to enjoy eating this sexy womans pussy so much? . I no longer cared if it was my sister. To me, she had become a horny sex goddess, one I would enjoy again and again. With a loud shriek, Suzy came. My face was a mess, a mess of slick wet pussy juice. However, one other thing was on my face, a big, happy smile.

Raising up her body, lightly kissing as I went, I placed another kiss, this time on her mouth. She greedily kissed back , tasting herself, while her breathing slowed. I felt her reach down, and her hand circled my now stiff cock. Breaking away, Suzy whispered,"When Im ready, you are gonna get fucked so incredibly well. It will be the ride of your life." And trust me, it was!!. Sis and I still shave, and then suck and fuck each other. Someday it might end, but i doubt it. Suzy is the hottest piece of ass Texas has to offer.

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