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Sharing a girlfriend -3
07-18-2011, 01:42 AM
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Sharing a girlfriend -3
Hello, this is kanta here again. The readers who have read my story sharing a girlfriend 1 & 2 know that I am a Bengal girl. In my story I’d said that I’ll send my next story in which I was banged by five guys. My boyfriend ashok arranged it. I’ll not mention the names of the boys. It was happened in the last winter. We’re supposed to meet in a park. There we’d meet and go to anyone’s home. Remark on the story at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I was beginning to think her what to going on. I had been sitting at the park for over half an hour, having gotten there more than 30 minutes early. While I was waiting, I had some peanuts and had been watched some of the guys in the park. I was embarrassed. This evening I had worn a sheer white sleeveless blouse, a short black skirt and black stiletto heels with no bra, no panties and no stockings. Dressed like I was, it hadn’t taken much effort to let several guys get a good look at the breasts that were usually restrained by a c cup bra. And when I would leave my barstool to go to the bathroom, I slid off the seat just right so it would hike my skirt up to expose my bare ass. One time I thought it might have even slid up enough in the front that someone might have got a look at the landing strip of pubic hair I left above my otherwise shaved pussy.

Normally I wouldn’t have been so much of an exhibitionist but I knew there was safety in numbers and my friend would be there soon. But, as time went on I started to doubt my friend was going to be meeting me tonight. I decided to wait for ten minutes and if they weren’t there by the time, I’d go home. While waiting, I was thinking about me, ‘you do look hot tonight. But no one is fucking you today.’ as I walked I noticed several guys standing with ashok. We then move to the rare area to make some conversation.

As we walked bushy area the guys were continuing to talk and started all laughing and moving as a group through the area. I wasn’t really paying attention to where they were going as I was enjoying their silly attempts at trying to get me to go with them to some where. After having some conversation it was decided to go one of the guys house. I was standing away from them and let them go on and have their fun. When I looked up I realized they were at the back of the park area and we’re standing at the back. As I told them it sounded like fun but couldn’t go with them the five men tightened up their group and were now standing closely around me.

One of the guys reached towards me as he was saying, ‘I thought I’ll see your ass tonight. Do you have a thong on or no panties at all?’ he reached out and put his hand on my ass and pulled my skirt up to expose my ass. I looked at him hoping to shame him into taking his hand off her ass but he showed no signs of moving it. In fact he was busy looking at her ass so he didn’t even notice I was looking at him. Another guy said, ‘if she has a thong on, you might not be able to tell from the back, the way to tell is from the front.’ and with that he took hold the front of my skirt and pulled it up revealing my naked pussy.

I was fully unready to happen this and tried to move away and at the same time told them they needed to stop. Rather than stop, another guy leaned in and said, ‘I’ve wanted to feel these since I first saw you,’ as he reached into my blouse and cupped my breast in his hand. I told them if they didn’t stop I was going to scream. The man with his hand on my breast told me I wasn’t going to scream, that I had wanted this as much as they had. He added, ‘why else would you have been flashing us ever since you got here?

The men, still standing closely around me and now with their hands roaming all over my body, started to move towards a car in the very back of the parking lot. My sexual fantasy was to be taken by several men at the same time but now that it looked like it might well happen I was not comfortable with the lack of control I had over the situation. So, as the group grope approached the last car I said, ‘ok, ok, but I don’t want to do this in the park. Let’s go the room and we’ll have some fun.’ the guys talked about our destination and they all got in the car.

I was lying across the laps of the 3 guys in the back seat as they drove to the one’s home. The man in the middle had one hand on a breast and another playing in the small patch of hair between my legs. The guy down by my legs was stroking my thigh with one hand and fingering my pussy with the other while the other guy was playing with a breast and having my suck on his fingers ‘like you’re going to suck my dick later.’ all the stimulation to my body was getting me horny. I couldn’t wait to get started satisfying these guys or, more importantly, having them satisfies me!

As they pulled up in front of a home the guys told one to open the get. The guy riding car opened the door and jumped out before anyone else could make a move. A few minutes later he came back with a key and drives the car to the back of the building. I0 was glad they were finally there, the guy fingering my pussy was doing a pretty good job and I thought he might give me the first orgasm if it had taken much longer.

When they got out of the car and walked to the room my skirt was rolled up around my waist and my blouse was un-tucked and completely unbuttoned. He made no attempt to cover up; modesty seemed misplaced at this point. As I walked into the room, the guys were already getting it prepared, they turned on all the lights, took the covers off the queen size bed and opened the drapes on the window. I said I didn’t want the drapes open but no one seemed to pay any attention to her. I was beginning to think these guys had done this sort of thing before. I expected they would be a little shy when it actually came time to do something but they looked like a well practiced team as they got the room ready.

The guy owner the room was about 6 feet tall and was in pretty good shape, maybe a little bit of a beer belly but not much of one. He sat down on the bed and pulled his boots off, then stood and started undressing. He looked at me and told me to get ready. I looked at him and then at the open drapes and said I wasn’t going to do this with the drapes open. ‘why not, you didn’t seem to mind showing us what you got?’ the guy asked.

’Look guys, I’m up for giving you all you want, and if someone walks by and sees us, it’s no big deal either. I just don’t want anyone else joining our party. If someone looks in and then wants to join, I’m not willing to do that,’ I answered.

The guys agreed I wouldn’t have to take any more than the 5 guys that were already there so and shut the window, I pulled off my blouse and unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Sitting on the side of the bed I took off my shoes as the first man pulled off his boxers. He was already sporting the start of a hard on and I saw it was a nice size. It was probably a little larger than any dick I had before but it wasn’t one of those monster things you read about in magazines or see in videos. As I was admiring his manhood he stepped towards my and guided his semi-hard dick to my lips and said, ‘suck on it until it’s good and hard, then I want that first fuck you promised me.’

I took his dick into my mouth and started slowly sucking on it, letting it slide in and out. When the head was at my lips I reached out with my tongue and licked the end of it and then moved my tongue down and flicked it across the bottom where the foreskin was still attached from the circumcision. Every time I licked there his dick would jump a little and get a little harder. A hand playing with his balls and a few quick short strokes so just his head would slide in and out of my lips and his soldier was at full attention.

He moaned on the last couple of strokes and then put his hand on my head and pushed me away until I fell back on to the bed. I started to crawl towards the top of the bed but he stopped my and told me to lie across the bed. I looked at him with a puzzled look but did as he said. He told me I’d understand in a little bit as he spread my legs apart and got on his knees between them. With my saliva still on his dick and my pussy still wet from the finger fucking I was getting in the car, there was enough lubrication that once his dick parted my pussy lips I was able to take him all the way in without much pain. I had taken dicks that were almost as big around as him before, but my pussy always seemed to remain tight. I liked it that way. And so did all the guys I’d been with. I drew in a deep breath as he slid all the way in, his dick expanding back to its normal size once it had squeezed through my tight hole.

The sensation was one I had never felt before and it quickly brought me back to the level where I was before getting out of the car. After a few slow strokes in and out the man on top of my picked up the pace. He moved his hands to my arms and held them over my head against the bed as he fucked me harder and faster, my milks bouncing with every stroke. Normally I would last until well after most men would come but I was already so stimulated I could tell my first orgasm wasn’t far away.

As she felt the heat growing in my womb, I arched my back and got in a perfect rhythm with this perfect stranger. I had a few one-night stands in my life but this was the first time I had ever fucked a man when I didn’t even know his name. As I neared the edge of the cliff that meant orgasm I gasped for air and moaned as both of their bodies threw themselves together. When I felt my orgasm start, I clamped my eyes shut, let my head hang off the edge of the bed and opened my mouth wide, taking a deep breath. I groaned once or twice and then felt something invade my mouth. I opened my eyes to see a pair of balls hanging in front of my face.

My body was trying to work through my orgasm and I couldn’t really control what it was doing, including my tongue and mouth that had another dick to attend to. The muscles of my pussy were contracting with the orgasm and tightening around the man inside me. The extra pressure didn’t slow him down any but soon had him shooting cum deep into me. The man standing at my head with his rod in my mouth was rocking back and forth, fucking her face.

As I felt the cum land against my cervix I gasped for more air but got something else, the timing had been just right that when I opened wide to get a breath the dick slid past my tongue and down my throat. My gag reflex kicked in and my throat spasm around the hard meat. ‘breathe through your nose, breathe through your nose,’ someone was saying.

I was finally able to get a breath through my nose but my throat was still massaging the dick lodged there with its spasms. I wanted to move to free myself so I could get a good breath but the man on top of my was still holding my arms even though I could feel his dick going soft inside of me. When it slid out he lay on top of me, still holding my arms and started sucking on my nipples.

The man at my head was getting the blowjob of his life. He had never been deep throated before and once he was down my throat; it was all he could do to keep from cumming right away. I was trying to move my head which just caused him to be that much more stimulated. He lasted as long as he could and finally his jism shot down my throat.

I felt the warm cum run down my throat as the dick in my mouth jerked. Now I knew why they wanted me to lay across the bed, so my head could hang over the edge which opened up my throat as far as it would go. Once my mouth and throat were clear again I was able to catch her breath.

As one man pulled out of my mouth, the other released my arms and rolled off of me. The best looking man of the bunch got on the bed beside me and played with my nipples as he told me he was fucking me next; only he told me he wanted me to be on top.

Looking forward to have this gorgeous man between my legs, I rolled over on top of him and then got up on my knees over his hard penis. I stroked it once or twice, this one wasn’t as big as the last guy, and then guided it to my pussy lips. I was full of cum and it slid in easily.

I was turned on by how cute this guy was so I really wanted to give the best fuck I could. When I had him inside of me, I rocked my hips slowly as I slid up and down his shaft. It felt so good when he reached up and took a breast in each of my hands. I threw my head back to enjoy the ride. I rocked and rolled on top of my Marlboro man and worked the muscles of my pussy the best I knew how. I was quickly approaching another orgasm which surprised me. Normally the second one took quite a bit longer than the first. As I ground her hips into my man and took his shaft as deep into me as I could I realized I had started an orgasm before but for some reason it had never actually been complete.

The sudden deep throat and gasping for air had stopped it before it was over and the tingling I was feeling all over my body was the first orgasm coming back. It roared into my loins and I bucked wildly on top of the second man to be inside her pussy tonight. This orgasm was stronger than any other I could ever remember. I pounded myself against my partner as hard and as fast as I could, my nipples got very hard and I could feel not only my face but my neck and chest flush. He was pinching my nipples now and that made my orgasm even more intense. I let out several screams as I felt my pussy clamp down on the dick inside of me.

My strength was leaving me so she lowered me on to the muscular chest below me. I continued to move and grind against him as he had not yet cum. I felt the bed move slightly and then felt hands on my ass. Fingers were run up and down the crack of my ass and all the way to my wet pussy. My legs straddling the man below me had exposed my ass to anyone behind me. It didn’t take long to figure out someone was using the cum that was oozing out of my as I fucked to lubricate my asshole.

I tried to see who was back there but couldn’t. Once my ass was wet and slick a finger pushed through my little hole. It came right back out, got some more jism and made its way back in again. After a couple more trips I felt the bed move again as someone climbed on top of me and placed the head of his dick at the entrance to my ass.

At the same time I tried to keep my pussy as tight as I could, I tried to relax my asshole so this new intruder could get in with as little pain as possible. Fortunately, from what I was feeling, the guy making his way in my ass had the smallest dick of any I had so far tonight. Once he was all the way in my ass the man on top laid on my back and began humping my like a college.

This must have been the skinny guy that looked kind of shy but I had thought was kind of cute. It wasn’t very pleasing at first but with humpy behind me I was moving around a lot more on top of the guy below me. Double penetration was another of my fantasies and I liked the way it felt to have two dicks moving in and out of me. I liked this a lot more than giving a blow job at the same time I was being fucked.

I was able to finally complete my first orgasm, but since there hadn’t been any relief from the stimulation my second one was already building. I rose up on my elbows so I could use my stomach muscles more. It was a good thing the guy laying on my back didn’t weigh much. I got into a rhythm with both men so that it felt like there was a rod stuck straight through my pussy and out my ass. I was just sliding back and forth on that rod as it slid in and out of my pussy and ass at the same pace. Once I found that rhythm it was only a few minutes before I had my second orgasm.

As I let out a scream and was fucking two men at the same time as hard and as fast as I could, someone turned my head to the side and slid another dick in my mouth. I hungrily took it into my mouth and sucked it and licked it for all I was worth. I wrapped my tongue around him and licked the length of if. I took the head into my mouth and then opened my lips and closed my teeth and raked them up and down his shaft as I licked the very tip. I was able to raise the one hand up nearest him and take his balls in my hand and play with them.

I felt the beautiful man below me get a little bit harder; I knew it was a sign he was about to cum. I tried to speed up the pace of my hips just a little more. With the hand I didn’t have balls in, I was able to get it to his chest and pinch his nipple. As soon as I pinched his nipple he let out a loud yell and he rammed his rod into me with all the strength he could muster. I felt his dick spasm and his sperm shooting into me. He thrust himself into me again and again until he was completely spent. Now I went back to concentrating on the dick in my mouth. No one had ever accused me of not knowing how to give a blowjob and I was going to make sure that was still the case after tonight.

After some more careful attention from my tongue I was getting my second helping of a man’s cum tonight. Only this time I, actually, had to swallow rather than it bypassing my mouth altogether. Once he was taken care of I knew I only had one more guy and he’s my boyfriend ashok to get off and I’d have taken care of all 5 of them.

I tightened my ass as tight as I could and basically changed it from a guy fucking me in the ass to my masturbating a guy with my ass. It only took a few seconds before he was shooting his load into my backside. Once he had finished I laid there between two men on the bed until they moved. I was exhausted, and very pleased with myself. As the three of them untangled on the bed I looked up and saw the old man was still at the window and now there were a couple of new faces. It looked like one of them was jacking off.

’That was fun guys’ I said as I slowly sat up on the edge of the bed.

’Oh, we’re not quite through yet, but almost. Just once more for each of us, but you can do it all at the same time.’ they laid I back down on the bed. The first guy to fuck me lay down beside me and then they all picked me up and laid me on top of him. With all the cum running out of my pussy and ass it was easy for him to get his big dick into my ass. The guy that had benefited from timing and got deep throated climbed on top and entered my pussy. The good looking guy that I had been on top of just a few moments ago put his soft dick to my lips and I took it in. The other two guys, ahok and who had just come in my ass took my hands and brought them to their soft members. I took them and knew what I had to do.
The guys that were in my ass and pussy were already hard and began fucking right away. I worked on the dick in my mouth and the two in my hands. All the five guys were now fucking me! It took quite a while before all 5 of them came again, but they did. But, not before I had my third and fourth orgasm. Once they were all done the guys got off the bed, I was laying across the bed, completely limp. There was cum running out of my ass, my pussy and even a little out of the corner of my mouth where it had surprised me and I hadn’t gotten it all swallowed. There was cum all over my breasts where the two I had masturbated had shot their wads.

As they we’re talking for next round I beg pardon to them. Maybe next time. I felt a presence between my legs and then warm breath on my thighs. Hands gently pushed my legs farther apart and I felt something part my pussy lips. When I figured out it was a tongue, it was slowly making its way up and down my pussy, licking my inner lips. I opened my eyes to see the first guy to fuck me tonight looking down at me. “my girlfriend really likes to clean up for us. I hope you don’t mind.”

She must have been a professional maid because there wasn’t a bit of cum left in my pussy when I was done. Not to mention giving me the fifth orgasm of the night as for the first time feeling a woman’s lip on my pussy. When I was done, the guys except ashok and the owner got dressed and as they were leaving they left 1000 rupee on the bed and told me to take a cab back to me car when I was ready. “oh, and if you’re interested in doing this again, just call us.” I just smiled and drifted off to sleep.

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