Sexy Aunty in Neighbour
This is the real happenings when I was in school. One aunty about 40 years old was staying in our neighbour. She was little bulky but I used to like her. I was in 6th standard at that time. I was not aware about all sex. But I used to get erection whenever I used to beautiful girls and aunties and I used to masterbate in bathroom or toilet.
In those days, we didnt have cable TV at our home. So, we friends used to go to Aunti's place to watch movies in the night. In those days there was movie at 9.30 PM on cable.
When we were watching movie, she used to wash utencils after dinner. During the process she used take her saree up the knees so that we could see her bulky thighs. Also, when she used to bend we could see her deep cleavage. While watching this, me and my friend used to get erection and we used masterbate for each other watching that aunty. (during movie aunty used to switch off lights in the hall so he could not see us doing this mess). We use to enjoy this every night.
One day my friend went to his uncle's place for vacation. So, I went alone to watch movie to aunty. As usual, aunty switched off light in hall and went to wash utencils. Also, she was moving from bathroom to kitchen for the work. So, i could enjoy her thighs and clevages in between. I was masterbating myself, as friend was not there today.
Suddenly,aunty came to hall for some work, and she caught me masterbating. I got embarassed due to this and immediately put my penis inside my shorts. I was litterally shivering. But, suddenly she took me closer and huged i was small, my mouth got burried in her breasts. She said, "dont worry beta, its ok. that is natural. You are doing nothing wrong." And she explained me all the things that man should allow this to flow for relaxation. Then she said wait I will finish my work and come back. Due to this I got bit relaxed. and started watching movie quitely.
After some time aunty came and sat beside me. She kept her right hand on my shoulder and smiled. As I was small, I was not knowing much about sex other than masterbation. She holded my right hand and put it on her left breast. First time i felt the softness of the ladies breast. and my penis started erecting slowly.. then she pressed my hand which eventually pressed her breast. then I myself started pressing her breast. Then she got confirmed that my erection is full, she inserted her hand in my short and holded my penis. It was unexpceted to me and i got shocked. there was lightening throughout my body. it was amzing touch. she started fondling my penis and balls.i was satisfying by that act. due to that my pressing on her breast got harder. I started pressing her both breasts now with two hands. As I was small, her breasts were not getting in my single hand. still i was enjoying that.
Then, she leaned on the bed and asked me to sleep on her. while doing that she removed her saree and baluse. now her big breasts were in front of me. I was always fantasizing about her breast but never thought that i would get chance to see it really. her nipples were black and hard. and circles arround the nipples were really big.. Now she was peticot only. i slept on her. she asked me to suck her breast. i started sucking her right breast like a child.she was enjoying it and started moaning. now she was so excited that she was not speaking. She holded her left breast and holder my head and kept my mouth on it indicating me to suck that now. i started sucking that. after some time she could not control and lifted her peticot up removed her pantiue. As I was new to it, she holder my penis and inserted it in her vagina. She herself started moving up and down so that my penis get in and out of her vegina. she was enjoying that act very much. and after some time, I spited my come in her vegina. then she released me. By the time movie also got over and i had to return to my home.
But that movie gave me great experince of my life. after that night whenever she encountered me alone, she used to enjoy me. and show me her cleavage and things for other times.
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