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Sexual lessons from an older maid
07-16-2011, 12:34 AM
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Sexual lessons from an older maid

I am a 47-year-old man from Bhilai, India. I am an engineer by profession and work in a Public Sector Undertaking. I presently reside in our Company quarters at our beautiful self contained Township. I am happily married but still get attracted to other women. I look reasonable attractive for my age and maintain my body well. I like to talk to other women in my friend circle, wives of my neighbors, servant maids and legal younger girls.
I have a list of women in my fantasies that I would love to seduce, if I ever got the chance. I fantasize about them when I am alone and masturbate thinking I am making love to them. We have a very close friendship with a few other families in our township. We have frequent get-togethers and parties giving me ample opportunity to mingle and talk to other women. I love making naughty and suggestive talk, which women really enjoyed. I feel strong vibes with a few women more than others and being in their company always got me excited.

Over the years it had become normal for our group to share lewd and raunchy jokes and indulge in some harmless physical intimacies like holding hands, traveling jam packed in a car unmindful of whose wife was sitting close to whose husband, pinching each other playfully or a seemingly innocent peek on the cheeks.

I realized that given a chance all women were as fun loving as men. I have had the pleasure of indulging in more then subtle fun with some of the ladies at opportune moments. I have held their waist, felt their hairs, pinched them and groped their buttocks. I also have a fetish for female underwear and get so horny just seeing panties or bra on the clothesline. If you can hold on to a secret, I want to tell you that I have rummaged through the laundry basket while in the homes of my friends and have on occasions stolen used panties of their wives and grown up daughters and have masturbated sniffing them. Well I try to replace them as soon as possible. Very rarely when my lust is uncontrollable, I have masturbated into them and then I just keep them with me in a secret place at work.

However I am careful not to go any further with these women due to social restrictions. There are 2 women that I am really close to. I know if the conditions were right they would surely get into the sack with me. One of them loves to hear me tell I get hard thinking about her.

My wife knows I like porn and that I masturbate, but no more. She also knows that I am attracted to some of her friends and she says it’s ok as long as I don’t exceed the limit. But who will set the limit I wondered to myself.

Unknown to my wife I have currently 2 or 3 women friends whom I meet occasionally and indulge in naughty talk or make out with them which sometimes which results in some raunchy sexual unions. One is a girl I met from the SBI call center named Nalini, who is 33 years of age, the other is a servant maid who works in our neighborhood. Her name is Padma, who is 24 years old. The third is the daughter of our neighbor named Ankita, who is 19 who with whom I am still testing the water.

Before I narrate all the fun things I do with them, I want to briefly tell you how I got introduced to the pleasures of the flesh from a young age.


I have been an extremely naughty boy from my teenage years. Right from when I was a Plus 2 student of 18 years, I was attracted to girls and I understood they were different from boys. I was always curious and eager to be close to girls, to watch them in their beautiful dresses and observe the intricacies of their body. It was exciting to see them in tight fitting dresses, which let me have a look of their rounded buttocks, with a hint of a panty’s outline. It was common knowledge from the gossip of older boys that girls had no cocks and instead were given pussies, something flat and smooth, with a slit. Naturally I always dreamt of seeing what a girl’s body looked like under her dress. Other than in pictures, I had never really seen a naked girl till then. I would always dream that one day a girl would like me let me explore her body and let me hug and cuddle her to my hearts delight.

I developed crushes on a few girls in my class and some in my neighborhood that I used to spend time with. I was a shy boy and never dared to talk or get close to any girl, which ultimately got me very frustrated. Only a few girls in my neighborhood played along with boys, usually games like ‘I-spy-you’, marbles, ‘Gilli-Danda’, etc. One girl Lakshmi, used to play marbles with us and whenever she was careless I got a glimpse of her panties as she squatted down, distracted by the keen involvement in the game. It was never easy to get a good clear look with other boys standing around us. and also the other girls would motion her to set her wardrobe malfunction right the moment their eagle eyes sensed some thing so amiss.

The sight to her milky white thighs and that triangular patch between her legs always got me so excited. It evoked strange feelings within me and it only made my desire to see a girl naked, stronger each day. In fact I would pray that she would one day forget to wear panties so that I could feast my eyes on what her panties hid from me.

The other 2 girls I fancied were Sarala and Sobha. Sobha was 2 years older to me and she was a big girl. She had well developed chest and nice big buttocks. Sarala was my age I guess

One other thing that also got me very excited was the sight of girls reaching inside their skirts, pulling down their panties and squatting down to pee. Even the hissing sound as their pee hit the floor in a steady stream was so exciting to me. While it was easy for me to get fleeting glimpse of Lakshmi, Sobha or Sarala pee at a distance, I never got to see them peeing from up close. I had got a good view of Sobha’s butt one day as I was on top of the guava tree in our backyard from where I could look into their back yard. She was coming out after a bath. She was unaware that I was looking. One of my very popular masturbating fantasy at that time was to be able to watch as Sobha or Lakshmi peed shamelessly while I was watching.

Well, God answered my prayers soon. My desire was fulfilled when our newly appointed 21-Year-old housemaid named Meena, a Muslim girl, seduced me.

Meena was a full time maid that worked for us from 9 am to 5 pm. Both my parents had jobs and they would not be back until 5 pm. I came back from school at 2 pm and we were alone together for nearly 3 hours. Meena usually wore a Salwar kurta and Pajamas. She was fair, slim and average looking. She would call me ‘Munna’ while I would call her ‘Didi’.

Afternoons were her time to rest. She had a bed on the floor of the Store Room where she took a nap after she served me lunch and helped me freshen up after arrived from school. After that we played Snake and Ladders or some other silly games during which she would get drowsy and fall asleep. I sometimes got bored and went to her bed to lie by her side, to which she did not object. Within a week of her working for us, this pattern soon became a routine. She would in fact call me to sleep by her side, if I was busy elsewhere. I did not understand then, why she would wake me up before my parents arrived and make sure I was sleeping in my own bed and not hers.

After 2 or 3 weeks she told me not to come to her bed and I realized we were doing something taboo which made it all the more exciting. She told me to sleep in my own bed, which was bigger and comfortable. Now it was Meena that would come to me after finishing her chores, to sleep with me. As days passed she would let me cuddle and hug when we laid down and she would make me place my face between her breasts over her Salwar, which I noticed seemed to give her a lot of pleasure. The warmth of her breasts and the firmness against my face made me feel good too and it gave a strange sensation in my loins. I was surprised at the way my penis would twitch and quiver in my shorts when I was cuddled up with Meena Didi.

Slowly in days that followed she let me hug her while she began fondling my whole body. One day she moved her hands over my shorts and feigned surprise when she felt my hardness.

“Hey Munna, what do u have here? Incidentally she had seen me naked a lot a lot of times before, especially when I changed clothes.

“ It’s nothing Didi”, I replied. “

“No you are lying, why is your wee wee so hard and stiff? Didn’t you pee after coming from School? Be a nice boy, Go pee and be back.” Said Didi.

“I just peed Didi”, I replied.

“Munna! In that case I think some thing is wrong, will you let Didi take a look?”

“ Ok Didi “, I said obediently.

She acted concerned and made me take off my shorts, exposing my young hard cock to her. She acted like she was checking if I was hurt or injured in any way. I did not understand why she was making such a lot of drama. I could see a strange far away look in her eyes as she relished the sight of my erect pecker. She told she was going to check why my member is hard and then began feeling my manhood all the way from its base to the tip. She squeezed and pressed it like she was some kind of a doctor, only to make my penis even harder.

I was so surprised myself. Other than the strange feeling I used to get when I looked at smart beautiful girls, my penis had never gotten so hard like this before. I loved the pleasurable feeling it gave me. She asked me if it got like that often and I just mumbled something evasive. She told me that it was not a good thing to get hard like this and that she will have to massage it to get it back to it original size before my parents arrive. I meekly agreed to her suggestion.

She then made me lie down, minus my shorts and examined my cock in great detail, all the way to my balls and then pulled back my foreskin exposing my red knob. I was shy and she could sense it. She told me, to close my eyes while she massaged it. I did obediently and soon I could feel warmth of her breath at the tip of my cock. I opened my eyes and saw Didi sniffing the knob of my cock and enjoying the aroma. Then she proceeded to lick my knob, fist at the underside and then twirling her tongue all around my knob.

The pleasure was too much to bear and I closed my eyes even without knowing it. Then I could fell like something was trying to devour it. Soon I could feel my entire member being engulfed in something warm and wet, which made me almost jump with pleasure. I could hands at the base of my cock and my balls being massaged. I was wondering if both of Didi’s hands were at the base of my cock, what was my cock in? I opened my eyes a bit, curious to see what was happening. I was shocked to see Didi kneeling down between my legs and her head bobbing up and down on my pecker. Oh God I wondered, why is this crazy Didi sucking my cock. What a dirty girl she was I thought to myself. But no words came from my mouth because her actions were giving me a lot of pleasure and so I just closed my eyes again and enjoyed what was happening. Without knowing I began moaning and she stopped immediately.

“Am I hurting you Munna”, she asked.

I said, “No”

“Shall I continue?” asked Didi again.

“Yessss”, I almost whispered.

I do not know how time passed, it was very soon 5 pm and she made me wear my shorts while I was still hard and she told me to go out into the garden and see that it became its normal size. When my parent arrives she acted a normal girl and that day ended. I though about it the whole night and my cock still twitched when I thought about what happened earlier in the day.

The next day I was already hard as a rock when she came to my bed. I helped her get my shorts off and she soon went on to hold my shaft in her hands and squeeze it lovingly. It made me feel so good. She then bought some coconut oil from the kitchen, smeared it on my shaft and just massaged it with both her hands, as I watched. The pleasure was un-imaginable and I just silently enjoyed her administrations. She constantly kept asking me if it felt good or if it hurt. I said it was fine and she kept doing it till my balls tightened and my whole body stiffened without warning, making my cock explode in a lusty orgasm, shooting my sperms all over Didi’s face and hands. Other that wet dreams I never had such an experience before.

“Wow Munna, you have become a man now”, she exclaimed.

I had only heard boys in class tell me about this but since It never happened to me before and I was so surprised myself. She made me wash up and then wear my shorts. I was too tired and soon fell asleep.

No girl had ever done it to me but it was what I always dreamt of. With every passing day Meena was getting bolder, encouraged by the quiet co-operation I was giving her. She was playing with my organ and making me ejaculate almost daily now. When I was by myself and bored I stated playing with my cock instead of my toys and soon got addicted to the joys of masturbation.

One afternoon Didi took my hands under her salwar and made me feel her up. I learnt pretty quick and learnt the art of fondling and kneading her small firm breast and then teasing her perky nipples.

Now I eagerly looked forward to coming back from school and having lunch quickly to join our naughty games in bed. She later made me lift her salwar all the way and made me touch her blooming breasts and suckle on her small nipples. She would make me lie on top of her naked, positioning my cock directly between her legs, urging me to press my hard cock on to her, over her pajamas. She liked to kiss me on my lips and push her tongue into my mouth and feel my tongue with hers, which was so exciting. I began to notice the crotch of her pajamas used to get so damp when I got off her after those wonderful sessions each day. I never realized then the she was getting wet with excitement. She would take my hands in hers and make me touch the wet spot over her pajama and make me rub it while she closed her eyes in enjoyment.

Then one day she took my hands and made me put it inside her pajamas. She had conveniently loosened the drawstring of her pajamas for me. My hands instinctively began to grope and caress her pubic mound and as I moved my hands further down, it felt so damp and moist. I probed lower to encounter her scanty pubic hairs. Her skin was so smooth and there was this gash, which was so gooey. She told me to slide my fingers into her gash and side it sideways while she moaned loudly making me look at her face. She asked me if I could feel a small peas like thing and asked me to just keep on rubbing all around it while she seemed to be enjoying it, her hip swaying and moving up and down. Ultimately her thighs closed tightly on my hands for a while before she let go and made me pull out.

The very next day she let me untie the knot of her Pajamas and let me see her cute pussy, something that I was always eager to see. My cock got rock hard by seeing looking at her naked. Now I understood so clearly why I had a cock and Didi had a pussy. Any dumb boy could see that a girls cunt was designed to take in a cock

The next time Meena Didi made me lie on top of her, I knew what I was expected to do. Without guidance I lined up my hard cock at the entry of her vagina and with a deft movement of my hips could manage to slip my cock so easily inside her moist waiting vagina. The warm feeling of her vaginal walls engulfing my teen cock felt so good and I just lay on her like that for some time. My cock throbbed and twitched and I could feel Meena too squirm and tighten her grip on my shaft urging me to move my hips. Like a true natural I began humping her, deriving and giving a lot of pleasure to both of us in the process. I realized it was much more fun that being sucked by her. She wanted me to kiss her and suckle on her tits while I was fucking her and I did all she wanted. She just hugged me tight moaning and sighing urging me to go faster and faster till I could hold it no more. Without warning I just shot my entire load inside her. It was my first sexual union and my first real orgasm, the way nature intended.

This went on for 7 or 8 months and I was a happy content teenage boy feeling like I was in paradise. I honed my skills under her expert guidance and realized I had an insatiable appetite for sex. There were days we would fuck more than once. She would let me bathe with her, suckle her breasts, play with her pussy and let me watch as she peed. We did a 69 when we were sore fucking and I was addicted to the funky smell of her sex. One thing she did not do was making me cumm in her mouth.

One other thing I could not understand then was why she would just lie down and take rest and would not let me fuck or touch her pussy on 2 or 3 days every month. I would get so angry with her for that and would sulk and stop talking to her.

I did not understand when she would say, "Didi is not well today".

Even then to make me happy I remember Meena Didi sucking me or giving me hand jobs instead of letting me fuck her. Poor Didi, now I realize she was having her periods on those days and how kind she was to me.

The one fine day Meena just did not turn up. It was the saddest day of my life. I heard later that her bothers got her forcibly married to some old rich man. I was heart broken but I survived. I would think of her every day and began masturbating regularly. Time is a great healer so her memories slowly faded from my mind and I was at peace with myself.

Meena would ask me one question when we were cuddled up, whether I would remember her when she was gone and if I would think of her every time I masturbated. I had promised her that I would and believe it or not, to this day I fantasize and think of her as I masturbate or have sex.

To be continued............. (PART-II)

Indian words used and their meanings:

1. Salwar Kurta - A loose flowing 2 piece dress worn by women of india

2. Diddi - Elder sister (used for any older girl or woman)

3. Munna -Younger boy (used for younger boys)

4. Gilli-Danda - A local indian game played with 2 stout sticks, one long and another small.

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