Sex with agra cousins 2
Hello Girls. Hope you enjoyed my sex experience , my sex encounter with my cousins. My name is Rohit Antal. I am a very young, fair & handsome boy. I have an attractive personality. If any girl or group of girls wants to meet me, they can contact me through my e-mail id xxxxxxxxxx. Our relationship will be fully confidential. I am living in the city of Taj called Agra.

This time I have again a story with my cousin and her relative, Sweta (also my cousin). My cousin is a horny girl with huge boobs and tight pussy. She is a bit short for me since I am 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Sweta is a new arrival to her house since she got her job in agra, she is staying with Mita ( my cousin). Sweta have tall and slim figure. Her tits will be around 34 with a slim and cute pussy. During one of the conversations with mita, Sweta confessed that she was desperate to have sex and was not too sure to get involved with a new person…She had been through a troubled relationship earlier. Mita took her trouble and said how about satisfying yourself with my rohit. Sweta was pleased at the offer and follow it of. Mita mentioned this to me and Sweta said she is ready.

We invited Sweta for lunch on a Saturday in my room where nobody other than mita and me there. We were discussing on several issues, friends, music et al. The topics went on to sex and Sweta told us that the last time she had sex was with me (Plz read my story sex with agra cousins) and it was wondering when she have sex 3 times a day !!!. I asked if she wanted to watch some blue movies, to which she agreed…I put on a CD and I could see Sweta’s growing pain on wanting to have sex. I excused myself and went to answer a phone call in the other room. Mita seized the opportune moment and asked Sweta if she wanted to have sex with me again…There was no reply…probably she did not want to play around with friends and she was also taken a back by the proposal…

I completed my call and came back to the room where mita and Sweta were sitting. My cousin mita asked the question again and I interjected and asked her “Shall we….” I offered my hand which was met with her trembling hand and she gasped a meek “yes”. She was sitting on the sofa….I pressed her hand and placed my lips on hers. The kiss was deep and lasted an eternity. Our tongues met…I placed one of my hands on her boobs. She let out a moan. I started massaging her boob from the outside of her dress. We broke our kiss and I made her stand up and took of her top in one go….She was trembling…and had her eyes were closed. I undid her bra and put my lips on to her luscious nipple while massaging the other. My other hand went up her legs. I touched her pussy from outside and she let out a deep moan….I undid the buttons on her jeans and yanked them off along with her panties….I buried my face in her pussy and started licking all over….Sweta pulled my hair and pressed my head into her love triangle. She was out of control now
And was pushing her pussy against my head while her hands were on my head pushing them into the pussy…,

Mita meanwhile, took her dress off and came behind me…She undid my pants and pulled off T shirt. We moved from the sofa into the bedroom…Sweta was holding my dick and leading the way….Once on the king-size bed…I lay eating Sweta’s pussy and my cousin mita was under me…taking my dick in her mouth and slurping it all. Sweta was rubbing her boobs and was now moaning very loud…She shouted she couldn’t wait any longer and asked me to come up. I disengaged from my cousin and took position between Sweta’s legs. Our lips met while I slowly penetrated her. She gave out a stifling cry and started pushing against me in rhythm…

My cousin mita, meanwhile sat up and started sucking Sweta’s nipples…I was pushing my dick into Sweta who was crying out loud…We went on for around 20 mins, I poured my semen into her hot and sore pussy with a loud moan . Mita licked the juice sliding from Sweta’s cunt. We three were totally weary and lied down for a while. . I turned Sweta to doggy style and banged her hardly with my rock hard prick. Mita came down in between my legs and licked my balls. She inserted her finger into my asshole and started finger fucking me. Sweta’s tight cunt become sore with my bang and she cried in pain. I kissed her and fondled her nipples to calm her. My balls pained a lot because of Mita’s chewing –it was indeed a pleasure also! Mita was watching us during the 10 mins and started masturbating… Her fingers were on her clit and she was furiously rubbing herself. I turned my attention to her and made her kneel down. I entered her doggy style which she likes the best…Another 15 minutes and I came…

Mita called me to the bathroom after half an hour. There they both pissed on my face. Their golden showers wetted my face completely and I licked their piss flowing holes. Then we three took bath together in the shower. They drunk my piss with great pleasure. After finishing our bath we took food and started our second round of fucking. This time we did ass fucking with the help of castor oil for lubrication. I spitted the pussy of the two girls and again fuck both of her.

Any college girl, group of girls, wives, or ladies near by Agra, Delhi want to meet me, they can contact me through my e-mail id xxxxxxxxxx. Our relationship will be fully confidential. I will keep our relationship secret. Again It should be a secret relationship, nobody other than you and me should know about us.

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