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Sex with Ranbir and my friend
07-15-2011, 06:19 PM
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Sex with Ranbir and my friend
The car started and I sat more comfortably in the backseat. I and my best friend Shilpa were being taken to Ranbir’s farm for an evening of sex and fun. You remember the wild night I had spent with Ranbir in the train where he had fucked me all night. The next day my husband noticed the way I was walking and the bruises on my arms etc and we had a fight but soon Ranbir met Ajit outside and convinced him that me being his keep was beneficial to all of us. Since then my affair with him was continuing unabated. Ranbir had bought a flat near my place where I used to go almost every afternoon when Ranbir was in town and we used to have wild sex there.

I enjoyed the way Ranbir’s thick cock used to spear my pussylips and the brutal way he used to kiss me. Infact after returning from his flat I used to spend the evening narrating to Ajit how his wife was being fucked by Ranbir at will. Ajit too started enjoying it. One day I was waiting for Ranbir in the flat. After reaching there I had discarded my saree/blouse/bra panties etc and was lying between the sheets wearing only a thin red slip. I was getting aroused just by thinking how Ranbir was going to spread my thighs and ram his cock inside my pussylips. I was gently touching my thighs/my private parts etc when the doorbell rang. Thinking it must be Ranbir I opened the door in the slip only. But to my surprise there stood my old hostel roommate and my best friend Shilpa. We gaped at each other open mouthed and then I told her to enter.

“Aboli, my god am I interrupting something? My aunty stays in this society and I forgot the flat number and look at you. Ajit coming home early? “she asked. I was confused what to say but finally chose to answer straight. I told her that I was having an affair with the village strongman Ranbir and in fact I was his keep and I was here to satisfy him. He could be here any minute now. While I was telling this a strange expression came to Shilpa’s face. She was playing with the mangalsutra in her neck and fidgeting as if she wanted to tell me something. I touched her hand and said, “Shilpa we are closer friends, we are closer than sisters so don’t hide anything from me and tell me what is on your mind please,”

Shilpa then told her sad story. Our of college she had met and married a handsome navy officer who turned out to be a gay after their marriage. Shilpa could not leave him because her family was very orthodox and she had spent nearly 2 years without sex before having an affair with a college student next door. Now she was here on a vacation and my story and given her ideas. I understood and hugged her deeply, “Don’t worry Shilpi, my man Ranbir is more than capable of taking 2 women at a time and he will be here any minute so please come inside, “Shilpi after the briefest of hesitation agreed. Shilpi was dressed in a simple blue salwar and kurta. Taking her inside I unzipped her kurta and pulled it over her head, Shilpi turned around and smiled at me. I reached down to undo the nada of her chudidar and pulled it down. Now my beautiful dark skinned friend too was down in a skimpy bra and panties. I took her to bed and we lay there waiting for Ranbir under sheets. Ranbir came in with his own keys and shouted, “Aboli my bitch are you ready your fucker is here, “Shilpi laughed and hid her face in the my shoulders. When Ranbir walked in the bedroom I pulled the covers down and let him feast his eyes upon the 2 semi naked beauties lying there for him.

“come my lord a little surprise for you, my friend Shilpi,”

I must remark on the coolness with which Ranbir accepted the new guest. Shilpi was lying with her eyes closed. Ranbir removing his trousers climbed atop her and squeezing her boobs hard kissed her lips. Soon they were in a deep passionate kiss while Tanbir was playing with my friend’s breasts like they were balloons. At the same time he raised my slip to my stomach and ran his hands on my thighs and pussylips. Shilpi responded to him reverently and Slowly started to massage his massive cock through his shorts.
Very soon all three of us were completely naked and now Ranbir was playing with my breasts with his hands while stroking Shilpi’s hairy pussy with one hand. Shilpi though a little shy was responding by massaging the thick tool and making it even harded.
Ranbir parted her thighs and raised them so that her pussy was positioned in the right place. Then he stroked his cock a couple of time to make it completely erect and without any warning shoved it in Shilpi’s’ pussylips. Shilpa screamed with pain and tried to bite his shoulder Ranbir slapped her and told her to lie still. Then he started to pump her smoothly. His big hands were crushing Shilpi’s melons hard making them become even fuller. I extended my hand and took Shilpi’s hand in mine and then I guided it between my legs. Shilpi opened her eyes in surprise and I smiled at her. I slowly inserted her finger in my pussylips and started to thrust with my buttocks. Shilpi caught the rhythm and started to finger me while she was being fucked by Ranbir. Ranbir was moving up and down like a piston shoving his hard cock deep in my friend’s lubricated cunt. After some time Ranbir pulled her up and made her turn around without breaking contact. I guided Shilpi on all fours and Ranbir smiled with satisfaction and started pumping from behind again. He was slapping her on ass making her move even more briskly. I positioned myself so that Shilpi’s head was between my spread thighs. Shilpi remembering our hostel days got in the groove and buried her face between my thighs.

“Oohh maaa thakur dheere baba’s he was pleading with him while Ranbir was mercilessly pumping her cunt his balls were hitting her ass cheeks thunk thunk. Shilpi slowly ran her tongue on my pussyulips and started to give me oral job while she was being fucked by the monster from behind. I scissor my legs around her neck and started to play with my own breast. After some time I could see an urgency building in Ranbir, Shilpi was near her 2nd orgasm by then she was crying his name again and again while he was pounding in her like a battering ram. Ranbir now held her shapely waist and started to move slower but deeper increasing the pleasure. I too sat up and took Shilpi’s bit brown breast in my mouth. I sucked on her nipple while she changed her mouth with her finger in my pussy. I could feel the vibrations in her body as the monster cock was burying itself deep with each stroke.

“Le saali kutioya le,” Ranbir said and finally with a huge thrust buried his cock in its entire length in Shilpi’s pussy. She cried out loud and bit the pillow. Ranbir slapped her buttocks and started to relieve his load in huge spurts. Shilpi tried to move away but he held her firm and made sure all his juice spilled in his cunt only. Shilpi collapsed on top of me and Ranbir on top of her crushing me beneath them.

After some time Ranbir made me sit astride him and fucked my pussy while he was kneading Shilpi’s boobs all the time. We were there till 7 in the evening during which time Ranbir fucked both of us 2 times in pussied and fucked me once in ass besides making both of us suck his cock in the shower. Before leaving for her Auntie’s flat Shilpi hugged and thanked me and I smiled.

Weeks later I came to know that Shilpi had to walk with her legs so fat apart that her aunty thought she had some menstrual problem. But Shilpi wrote to me saying she too would like to become Ranbir’s keep. I told her I would arrange that. This story is how he and his friend fucked both of us all night in the farm house. Wait for a few days and please tell me how you liked this story.

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