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Sex with PC and KAT
04-19-2014, 03:38 AM
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Tongue Sex with PC and KAT
Hi All,

hope you

The story begins in the morning of hotel Marriott Mumbai where I will be staying for one week. when i woke up in the morning and went to my terrace and I was socked what I saw there. I saw Katrina Kaif on the terrace besides

I tried to ring the door, but door was open, i said, mam you there, one soud come to my ears, yes come in sam.
as soon as I enter I saw the PC in the below dress and she was looking so hott.

and suddenly another voice came from another corner, please close and lock the door. when I saw her.

I locked the door. I saw Kat came out of shower. and PC smiled at her and she replied back. Kat looked at me and smiled. she asked me to sit. I seated on sofa and they both sits besides me.left side Kat and right side PC. I said to PC mam your script. she said are you sure you just wanna give me script with a naughty smile and Kat pulled out my face and asked you wanted to say something in the morning. I said no mam nothing..its justtt...she what it just ... I said in sibering  voice " you are hot mam...PC looked at me and asked what abt me Sam....I said mam you are also. they both said relax Sam...and Kat stood and asked wanna have something. I said nothing. Pc said have something, I said ok then a cold coffe, they both laughed and said...cold coffee dosent suits the hot boy like you and suddenly pc opened her button of t shirt and asked what abt fresh milk. I was socked, mam sorry i should go and I stand up and walking towards the door.. suddenly Kat took my hand come in front of me and took my head and put her lips on mine and started smooching me. i was in heaven..her lips were so soft n one of her hand running down to my jeans...but i took her hand and take her to wall and started smooching and kissing her like a very hungry man. she responded back like a really wild KAT...when i was kissing her lips,..neck and earlobes i saw some hands on my jeans and my jeans was unbuttoned and pulled down...i thought this is kat but she was PC who took out my dick and was sucking anything...i took away the clothes of Kat and made her nude....suddenly KAT push me to wall and come down on knee and they both now sucking my dick...i was feeling on seventh sky of was lickng my dick and another was licking my balls.... I took hair of PC and pulled her up and smooching her big juicy lips...she was marter of smooching...her lips n mine...exchanging sliva to each others mouth..her oungue in my mouth and mine was in her... i started biting her lips...earlobes and neck and rubbing her boobs with one hand and now i tear off her clothes made her too nude. kat removed my jeans and pc tear off my shirt... we all are nude and playing with each other... now we all went to bedroom where they throw me on bed and jumped on me like they gonna eat me today. Kat took my dick and sucking it and pc come to my chest and kissing and biting me on it, my neck and my lips...then kat ask pc to ride me and then pc come over me and Kat took my dick and put it on her pussy and in one go it was in her hot cunt....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she started moaning....muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah yesssssssssssssssss...Kat was rubbing her pussy alonwith with my dick and now she is biting her boobs and smooching her...i ask Kat baby kiss me too she said wow...loved ur confidence...mam to baby ..good..she came to me and again smooching me apc started riding me faster ....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.........muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhh....Kat turn around and again smooched her...its my turn now...pc get out of me and Kat come over me and

I hope you all will like this.
waiting for your response...girls I am waiting so go ahead and sent me eamail on for or sex anything.
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