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Hello Friends, I am a regular reader of the sexy stories and I have read all the stories of this site.But when I used to read the story I have always in my mind that sometime these incident might occur in my life and i will also share with u all .First of all let me introduced myself to u, I am 24 and my name is Rajan and i live in Hyderabad.

This is the true story of my life and so i am sharing with u. These all happens when in the i had shifted my home and just beside my house one married couple had come to stay .The women who stay beside my home was very beautiful and sexy with a nice , i mean perfect figure 36-26-36 & i always had a dream to fuck suck type of women and she was just 25 her name was beena.But one day she just came to my house to do a phone call and that time i had dare to talk with her for the first time.His husband used to do overtime for 3 to 4 day and and till then she was all alone at home.As days passed we both had become a good friends, but while talking to her i was always excited .

One day she called me at night after 10 to her home and told me that her husband was not there and she was bored so she called me to just do chat with me.After going to her home we started our conversation and especially on the sex and she ask me that have u ever enjoyed the sex, i replied that no,but i want to then i ask her that even thought she is married does ur husband satisfied u and she replied that she was fond of sex and her husband was a slow guy and did sex once in a week.Then i immediately ask her that will she like to have sex with me and can teach me some lessons of sex.

First she does not told me anything & just smiled at me and then she agreed that its ok, but at the same time she told me to promise me that i will never tell all these to any one, and i did the promise. Now i was very eager to have sex with her and we stop our conversation and she told me to get read and we both went to her bedroom.Then she told me to sit for the minute she will be right back after changing the her cloth.When she come back after few minute, i was really surprised to see her that she was in a transparent night gown in which her boobs and her pantie was clearly visible.I was very much excited after looking at her, and I immediately hold her and kissed her pink lips with a french kiss and she was also cooperating me at a same time, and i was playing with her nice boobs .After she told me to sit on the bed and then she made me undressed me by taking off my pant and my underwear and she was really happy to see my 9inch big cock and she immediately put my cock in her mount and started to do blowjob, i was really very much excited and i was enjoying the act as well .She had taken my cock fully inside her mount and with her tongue she was licking it from up to down and i was moaning with pleasure.After 5 minutes i cannot hold it up and i was about to cum and i told her that i was about to cum and she told me to cum inside her mouth and she drank all my juice.

Now it was my turn to take the action, i made her remove her gown and now she was only in her bra and pantie and she was looking really sexy.First i removed her bra and for the first time in my life i have touch the boobs of any women , her boobs were very fairy in color and i immediate started to lick her firm boobs and she was moaning with pleasure saying that sahil ‘fuck me pls fuck me”, but i want to take some pleasure so i decided to do oral sex first. After some time her nipples were hard like rock and now i told her that now i want to lick her pussy, so please remove her pantie, she immediately removed her panties and i was really surprise to see that she did not had any hairs on her pussy she had shaved it and her pussy was pink in color.Now i started to lick from up to the down and she was moaning and telling me to do tongue fuck, but i told her that after some time ,let me first taste your pussy,as i was licking her pussy she was making noise like ah ah ah a aaaaaaaahhhhhha ah ah ah aha ha and i was enjoying the music.Now i decided to put my fingger into her pussy and i had put one finger in her pussy and it went all in without any hesitation, and now i had put my second finger inside and the second did not went completed inside as her pussy whole was not big enough and she was just newly married.Now i again started to lick her up and down and while i was licking she was moaning and making a sweet noise.

But she also could not hold much and finally she cum and her all juice come out of her pussy but i had lick each and every drop of her cum.After that she again started playing with my cock and after few minute it again started to erect and now she told me that she want my penis in her pussy.As her pussy was well lubricated i did not apply any further oil, and i made her sleep on the bed and kept her legs on my shoulder and enter my penis inside her pussy but at the first stroke it does not went fully as her pussy was very tight , so at the second stroke i pushed my penis inside her pussy and now it went fully inside her and now i started to jerk my penis in and out and she was making noise ah ouch ah uuh and told me that sahil” do it faster , faster put your penis fully inside my pussy”. i was really enjoying the moment and after fucking her for 5 minute i could not hold and i told her that i was going to cum, she told me she want my cum inside her pussy so after few strokes i cummed inside her pussy and empty all my load inside her pussy , but she was not satisfied with that and and she told me that she want some more act.For the few minute i lay beside her and after that she touch my penis and again it was erect and now these time she want to have the doggie style.

So now she was on the doggie style and i was entering my penis from the back and she was now really enjoying the pleasure and moaning at the same time.But these time as it was second time for me i told her that i will now completely satisfied u , and as i was entering my penis in she was also pushing it from back so that my penis will fully went inside her , as i was entering my penis as the same time i was pressing her boobs and nipple.These time after 20 minute we both had come and she was now fully satisfied with me . After the act was over for 10 to 15 minutes we sleep together and i was kissing and pressing her boobs . I told her that now want to fuck ur ass, but she told me that she had never done it and she was very much afraid that it will hurt her.But i explain her that i will not hurt so much , for the first time it will hurt then u will be also enjoying, then she agreed and i decided to fuck ass, when i inserted my one finger inside her anal it was very much tight. I told her to bring some oil so that i will not hurt u and she brought some oil and i applied it on her anal and my penis and now i made her on the doggie style and at first i try to put the top of my penis inside her anal but she was shouting that it pain her then i told her that i will not pain , just for once it will pain and with a fast jerk my full penis was insider her and now i stated to do it in the slow motion and she was moaning with pain and told me to stop but i refused it and i now started to increase my speed & after some time she was also enjoying the act.

I did these for nearly 25 minute these time and she was moaning with pleasure and after that i filled her anal with my cum and i was so exhausted that i lay beside her and started to kiss her and press her boobs.We both remain at the same position for an half an hour . After that i ask her that r u satisfied , she told me that she had never done these type of sex in her life and her husband was very slow in sex.Then she ask me that how was my experience as i was first time for me, i answered her that i was wonderful and now i will come whenever i am excited to have sex with her.From then we both are enjoying the sex for 4 to 5 times in a week whenever her husband is on night duty we both do the sex and now she is pregnant and she told me that it is my child.

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