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Eva would do just about anything for her fiance; but had he gone too far this time?

I couldn’t believe I agreed to this. Seriously, what in the hell was I thinking? No, better yet, what in the hell am I doing? I’m so nervous right now. I don’t know whether I should be mad at Jay for dragging me into this shit, or if I should be mad at myself for agreeing to it. I almost want to scream! Okay…okay…it’s not really that bad. Damnit! “Uhhh, I need another drink!”

“Baby, I know I said relax, but I don’t want you all drunk up when she gets here.”
“That’s easy for you to say Jay. You have no idea how I feel.”

“Okay, so tell me how you feel.”

“Baby, just forget it. I’ve got a lot on my mind alright.”

Now, not only was I on my fourth drink, but I was already thinking about my fifth and shit wasn’t even about to go down for another hour or so. I bet you’re wondering what I’m so stressed and crazy about. Well, honestly, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing. I somehow allowed my fiancé Jay, to talk me into having a threesome…and it’s supposed to happen tonight. I’ve never done anything like this before, let alone ever having entertained the idea. Things were a little different with me and Jay however. He was the man that I was going to marry, the love of my life; and this was his last request before we were to be married.

“Jay this is pointless…and meaningless to be quite frank.”

“Well Eva, you asked me if I could do anything before marriage what would it be…”

“Yeah, but I didn’t think it would be this extreme baby.”

“Well, extreme for you, but the ultimate say good-bye to freedom gift for me,” Jay replied, with his infectious smile and sarcastic laughter.

“Jay, I’m not playing! I just don’t understand why this is so important to you.”

“Eva, look at it this way, in exchange for a wild and crazy bachelor party with the fellas, I chose to be with my wife-to-be and some random chic for one night only.”

“I’m sorry, but that doesn’t exactly make me feel any better.”

“Okay, so what do you want sweetheart?”

Unfortunately, I don’t even think I knew the answer to Jay’s question. He was such a good man and I truly wanted to please him. He always referred to me as his freak baby, and that’s because I had no boundaries when it came to our sex life. But again, that’s when it came to our sex life, not us and some stranger. The idea of being with another female had never crossed my mind. I was never interested or curious to say the least. I guess that’s why they say only fools fall in love, cuz surely I had to be a fool to let another woman in my house AND my bed to have sex with me and my man. Oh damn, I think I just heard the doorbell.

“Jay, was that the doorbell?”

“I think so. I got it”

Shit, I’m more nervous now than I ever was before. I didn’t know who this chic was, how she was gonna look, or if she was gonna try to take my man. I was definitely paranoid. Thanks to Jay’s crazy friends, he was able to get our “third party” for tonight through an escort service. I was hiding in the bathroom, checking myself out in the mirror when Jay called me.

“Eva come here.”

I stalled, pretending not to hear him.

“Eva. Baby, come here.”

“Okay, coming.” I replied with a lack of enthusiasm.

I walk into the living room and to my surprise, there’s another woman standing there.

“Hello, how are you?”

“I could be better, but I’m okay”

“I’m Tracy , nice to meet you.”

“I’m Eva.”

Jay looked as if he too couldn’t believe what we were doing, but at the same time had a look of excitement on his face. I on the other hand was staring Ms. Tracy up and down, as if I were trying to read her personal thoughts.

“Beautiful couple,” she said.

“Thank you,” Jay replied.

I simply had way too much attitude to be making friends with this little cute bitch. Who did she think she was anyway? I do have to admit though; she was very pretty and would’ve possibly posed a threat if Jay were a good-for-nothing type of guy. But we were in love. Nothing or no one could break the bond that we had; we had been through entirely too much and he wasn’t gonna let a piece of ass interrupt the foundation we had laid. This was even more of a reason for me to go along with his idea of a “bachelor” party. All of a sudden, I could feel that fourth drink taking its toll on me. I was starting to feel a little nice, so nice that I offered Tracy a drink.

“ Tracy , would you like a drink?”

“Sure. I’ll drink whatever you’re drinking.”

I know this chic isn’t trying to get in good with me. Wait a minute; was she flirting with me? Before I could ask Ms. Thing any more questions, she had come up close to me, grabbed me by the waist and kissed me on the lips. I was stunned to say the least. When I turned to look at Jay, he was just standing there watching as if he knew what were about to happen.

“What are you doing,” I asked?

“Shhhhh,” Tracy whispered.

Before I knew it, my bra had been taken off and Tracy was sucking on my nipples. One of her hands methodically made its way into my panties, where she was stroking my clit. What in the hell was happening here; and where was Jay? I found myself losing control. Was it the alcohol or was it this other woman making me feel this way? Again, her lips touched mine, but this time the kiss was a little more passionate and our tongues caressed one another. A few minutes later, I was gone. The last thing I remember was Tracy ’s head between my legs. Again, I didn’t know where Jay was. Tracy ’s tongue traveled a trail between my legs that didn’t lead to a particular destination. I’m thinking she didn’t miss a spot. We never even made it to the bedroom.

The next morning, I was awakened by Jay’s sweet kisses on my back. His caressing me in the morning became a routine and something I became dependant upon.

“Good morning babe.”

“Jay.” I replied softly.

“What’s up sweetie”?

“Nothing babes, I just feel pretty good.”

“I feel good too baby.”

“So, what happened last night? I remember that girl coming over. What was her name?”

“Yeah, sweetie. She came. You came. And I watched. But she’s gone now. I’ve got you and I’m the happiest man that’s about to be married, in the world.”

I think I was still half sleep, because I couldn’t really comprehend what Jay was saying. I had a slight headache, but still felt good…somehow in a sexually satisfied kind of way. It felt so good to be lying in bed with such a perfect man. Again, I felt Jay’s soft lips on me; this time on my lower back.

“Baby, turn over,” Jay requested, in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard in the morning.

“Okay sweetie. What’s up?”

“Nothing baby, it’s just my turn to please you.”

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