Secrets Of a Girl I Married
I felt like received a thunderbolt when I saw them coming to the hall. Both were naked!!! Not even a single piece of cloth on their bodies... Suji switched on the TV while Suvarna sat on the sofa.

There were three differences between Suji and Suvarna that were making them to look entirely distinct. Suvarna had yellowish texture. Her breasts were of extra large size protruding to the sides like big young papayas hanging on a papaya tree. She had almost a neatly shaved triangle. My member began experiencing tremors looking at her nudity. Suji was sitting in the love seat. Both were watching TV. It was like a bomb shell. I thought Suji picked it up that habit of moving around naked because she was alone. I wondered what’s up with those girls. I read in some websites that sisters sometimes would get into lesbianism and I wondered if they were lesbians.

I wasn’t sure what was coming in the TV, but both were laughing. When Suvarna was laughing, her bare breasts were bumping heavily increasing the temptation in me. She pulled her legs up and sat in crossed-leg position on the sofa. Since she had a shaven private area, her inner folds were clearly visible. As she sat in that position, her crack got wide opened with her pleasure knob obtruding out. Her inner labia were also projected unevenly out resembling her secret part like a pressed rose flower. I couldn’t resist touching my organ looking at her. In between she was picking and nibbling her clitoris very naturally. She changed her sitting positions few times showing me various shapes of the same erotic object of hers. One time, she laid on the sofa sidewise that caused her breasts to hang downwards with one on another. That was quite an appealing scene creating an urge in me to go and crush them cruelly. I quickly visited rest rooms to drain down the strong urge.

I got stuck to the monitor. My next job was to find if they were lesbians. At around 2 PM, they went in side and didn’t come back until 4 PM. First Suji came in Trousers and T-shirt and sat on the sofa. After 30 mins, Suvarna came in with nightie on.

Suji picked me up at 5 PM. My head became clumsy with a lot of thoughts revolving around. Were they really lesbians? All said and done, reading incest and getting excited thereby was different. But seeing it in my own home was kind of unbelievable to me.

I kept thinking about it even at home. Later I saw many down blouses of Suvarna, but didn’t really get excited as I had seen her entire nudity anyway. But the urge to have her remained in me, though I myself was suppressing it as something in my mind was telling me that I would be traitorous to Suji who was conceiving my child. Some kind of fondness struck in my heart for Suji at that thought. Then again I recalled them both moving naked in the house.. Hell with her. She was already being disloyal by enjoying with her own sister. And it didn’t really matter if I be a good loyal husband.

So, I came to a firm decision that I must approach Suvarna and I was waiting for a chance.
The chance came when Suji went to beauty parlor leaving me and Suvarna alone at home on that Saturday. She would take minimum 2 hrs to return. I was watching TV when Suvarna came and sat in the Love Seat.. She was in her cream colored night gown, as usual with wide open neck. I figured that she was wearing a white brassier in side. There was a window at the back of the love seat and when she turned sidewise; her nightie was becoming transparent with the bright background revealing the gorgeous shapes of her breasts. I was becoming impatient, was but also equally nervous as I was finding ways to proceed. She, herself created the perfect opportunity for me.

“Yeah” I looked at her..
“Suji was telling me that you were good at jokes”
“I believe I already told few before”
“Well.. She told you were good at different kind of jokes”
I was little amazed.. But it was not too surprising looking at the intimacy of them.
“So, you sisters sit at home and talk all this. I thought you were sincerely preparing for your exams”
“I already prepared for them.. I can take them anytime”
“Why don’t you tell me one joke” She insisted
“hmmmm… you be a good girl”
“In our language, you know they say, you have to treat your BIL like your husband”
“Hey.. common…that’s all trash” I replied
“It’s ok BIL.. after all, I am your little SIL and you can be free with me” she said adorably..
“You want a joke.. right?”
“Yeah..A good one”
While I was pretending that I was behaving good, I just wanted to take advantage of the situation
“Listen this.. A cucumber and a pickle were having a conversation. Cucumber said to the pickle “You know my life really sucks. Whenever I get big, fat and juicy they slice me up and they put me over salad “. Then the pickle, “Yeah, you think that's bad .... Whenever I get big, fat and juicy they sprinkle seasonings over me and lock me up in a jar for months."
A penis was walking by, overheard their conversation and said, "You think that your life is tough? Whenever I get big, fat and juicy, they choke me with a plastic bag over my head, stick me in a dark smelly room and make me do push ups until I throw up!"
“ohhhhoooo.. very nice” she laughed out loud
“one more please”
“Ok here you go.. A man was about to penetrate a really fat woman during the sex. As soon as he climbed on top of her, he said Immediately “ohh!!! Shit…Can I turn the light off?" he asks. She felt bad at his comment “I am really that ugly?”. “It’s not about that dear.. It’s burning my ass””

She was silent for couple of seconds and then burst into laughter. She laughed so much that tears appeared in her eyes..

“means.. she was so fat that he was touching the bulb on the roof when he climbed up on her…. This is so good”, she kept laughing

“Ok.ok..ok.. one last one”, she pleaded.. I believe she was getting addicted to my adult jokes.
“Ok..last one here.. A farmer neglected his wife so much that she was longing to have sex with anyone. She stepped behind the barn and saw the recently hired young worker taking a piss. She stared in disbelief at his huge apparatus and said, "Boy, I'd sure like to have THAT!" Then he said “Mam.. you better run and get a cup.. I am about to be done”

Again she waited few seconds analyzing the humor in it and finally broke apart.
“So, she was asking for his dick and he was thinking his piss”, she laughed again.

The use of the word ‘dick’ by her aroused me. She was sure a dare devil, I thought.

Then she stopped the laughter and seriously asked me

“BIL.. how was your first night with Suji?”
I got shocked at her question..My earlier joke of farmer neglecting his wife might have sparked this question in her. Didn’t think she could be that candid. But I thought it was the time I had to get her in as it won’t take longer for Suji to return.
“Well. Didn’t Suji tell you about it?”
“Suji told me.. but I wanted to know your experience”
“Yeah.. Suji can only tell you.. but I can make you feel”, I took the bold step.
“Really?” she giggled
“Then make me feel then” she smiled cunningly
“You come and sit next to me then”
She got up, walked towards me jiggling her breasts in the night gown and sat next to me
“Ok.. here you go”
My heart got dropped into my stomach causing me to take a deep breath. My tool erected in side the pajamas bulging that area.
“Hey… are you serious?. I was kidding”
“Yeah.. I am damn serious BIL” she kept her hand on my lump and cupped it. It gave a pleasingly tickling sensation in my member and it started kicking up. “Ok baby.. cool down”, she caressed it softly causing it to thrust more. I gave her a strong embrace forcing her huge breasts to get compressed over my chest. “ohhh.. you are strong BIL..” I picked her chin and lifted her head up to get good access to red lips that were already shivering. I pressed my lips against her that were gladly received by her. While Sujatha’s were delicate and sweet, Suvarna’s lips were tasting more like full and pulpy.

I was taken aback by her courage. She was entirely different from Suji and she looked like lot more experienced.

I felt her smooth warm tongue reaching in side my mouth and I suckled it heard. She teased my mouth by moving her tongue like a caged snake in side my mouth. I could sense some sweetish liquids oozing out of her tongue and mouth. We fought with our tongues for few minutes. She got up and pulled her night gown off, unstrapped her bra and pulled the panty down. I couldn’t believe the speed at which she was operating.. Then she sat on my lap turning towards me and by putting her knees on my both sides. In that position, my face was pointing at her sumptuous breasts. She held my head with her both hands and pushed it towards her bosoms. They were spongy and full. My face got buried on them making them to inflate around my head. She was pressing it so hard that I was unable to take breath. Then she separated my head a little off of her breasts, cupped her left breast with her left hand, squeezed it to project the nipple and offered it by placing it on my lips. I immediately took it and began suckling like a kid. Then she pressed my face hard against her left breast while I was still suckling the nipple on it. Then she moved me to take the other one. After I was done, I moved a little away to get a good look at her breasts. I was unable to control, I placed my hands on them and squeezed so hard. That hard squeeze caused her to cry out loud. She began moving on me rubbing her shaven part over mine with still my cloths on as if she was performing the intercourse
“let me take my cloths off” I said
“no.. no” she said
She slipped next to me and opened the fly and took my member out. It was fully erect, burning red hot and was so tender that even a slightest touch could make it to explode. She gave a small pat on the pinking tip. She cupped it with her hand and began pumping it. While she was doing, she put her another finger in her secret part and rubbed her pleasure knob. I wasn’t sure what she was doing.. “Let me help you”, I said and inserted my hand in between her thighs and picked up the warm and velvety bud and pinched it. She stopped pumping me for a second, cried out loudly and then continued her work. I inserted my middle and ring finger into her vagina with my thumb still pressing her clitoris. I started doing the push-pull of my fingers while my thumb was teasing her clitoris. She stopped pumping me and began enjoying her pleasure. She was sitting next to me, full naked with a don’t care kind of attitude. It was intriguing me further. I stood up and turned towards her with the intention to enter her. Immediately she said “no.. don’t do that”. I was taken aback. “No.. do whatever you were doing earlier”. I was amazed at it. I sat back and began rubbing her clit. I also moved the other hand and worked on her breasts. After few minutes, she came heavily shuddering. My fingers became wet with her heavenly fluids.. After enjoying the peak and resting there for few minutes, she took up my member and began pumping it hard. In between, she turned this side, picked up her breast and offered me to suckle as a supplement. That entire scene built a huge thrust in me that released out like a sweet pain after few minutes. I came heavily oozing my semen out like a fountain. She got up, brought few napkins and cleaned off my semen. She also cleaned her vagina and under her arms.

Then she walked back to the love seat and sat there, still naked.
I wasn’t completely satisfied as she didn’t let me enter her. What we basically did was nothing but masturbation helping each other. I pushed my member in side and turned towards her. She was still sitting naked there, watching TV as if nothing big happened before. When I looked at her, she turned towards me and smiled…She saw the confusion in my face..

“BIL... You might be wondering why I didn’t let you enter me”
“Well... not only you, I never let anyone to enter me so far”
”But you touched me, I milked your breasts and we almost did everything that a girl and guy would do during the sex”
“Yes... but in our definition, sex means inserting the penis in girls’ body, anywhere it could be including mouth. So, I didn’t give you a blow job either”
“our definition like plural?”
“Who all constitute in “our””
“My family”

A big thunderbolt struck on my head. I felt like the whole universe revolving around me.. All of a sudden I felt dizzy and my spine experienced a freezing chill. It took almost five minutes for me to get back

“I didn’t understand”
“Suji will explain everything to you”

While she was sitting there naked, I kept staring at the TV. But I was not watching it. I kept thinking. What was up with these people?. While all these confused thoughts were going on, watching her sitting close to me, in full nude with huge breasts and pinkish privacy created temptation once again. My member came to life and kicked against my trousers. As it did so, she looked at me and smiled
“If you have the urge, you can do the masturbation. Or if you want I can help you again If you really want to penetrate, you can wait until Suji comes”.
She again sat next to me and began pumping me offering her breast to me. Then we heard some sounds from the front door like someone was unlocking it. I was about to get up as I didn’t want Suji to see this. But Suvarna stopped me and said it was fine.

When Suji looked at us after closing the door, she eyes got widened with obvious surprize. I didn’t know what to do. I kept staring at her while Suvarna continued her work. Suvarna didn’t even bother about anything. Sujatha walked down and sat in the love seat. She kept watching what was being done to me by her younger sister. Once I came, Suvarna brought the napkins again and cleaned it off. I pushed my slumbered member in side and sat straight. Suvarna sat next to me, still naked.
Sujatha adjusted her throat and started

The secret of Suji’s family -

“Since my dad&mom migrated to US 16 years back, they have always been in Seattle only. There was another doctor by name Peter Shoemacher in my father’s hospital who used to move around close with my dad. One day he took my dad to Guru ***** (sensored)’s ashram in Oregon as he was a strong follower of that Guru. That Guru was originally born and brought up in India. Once he became a saint, he started teaching his own philosophy and attracted quite a few disciples around the world with his out-of-the box preaching. The essence of his messages was not to feel fear about anything and feel complete freedom to realize the God. God created us offering the divinely gift of utmost pleasure, the Godliness. He gave us everything including the senses to make it happen. But we ourselves created boundaries and set limits that are restricting us to feel the complete happiness offered by God. We always fear about these restrictions. So, the way to feel Godliness is to ( ) remove that fear. Since God wants everyone to be happy all the time - causing pain to others, including yourself by your actions is a sin as it is against God’s intention behind creating the universe. So, feel your freedom and be fearless as long as you don’t cause pain to others. So, you have to strike a balance between these too. If everyone in this universe follows this principle, then it would be much easier to realize the fruits of it. Slowly, my dad got influenced by this Guru and began visiting the Guru regularly. He also took my mom and both became his disciples. Dad also brought us up with that principle. However, it is not practical for us to be fearless or with complete freedom in the outside world that doesn’t follow the same principle. So, it would hurt them which is again a sin. So, he wanted us to restrict our freedom and fearlessness in side our house only. While at home, we have complete freedom and fearlessness, we do behave the way others behave when we come out. My dad thinks, the only fear that can’t be removed by a human being is – fear of privacy. So, in our house, we don’t have that fear. We all move around naked. We also get it into each other’s intimacy. This includes Mom&Dad having sex before us, we doing masturbation before them. However, they warned us not to do the intercourse as it could lead to various problems such as pregnancy, deseases etc., which could create problems to us..”

I pinched myself if I was really listening to it. I wasn’t too sure if I bought that argument. It didn’t make sense to me. But I was in a way glad that they were restricting their stuff to only their home.

“Well.. you might have seen Mom&Dad going out often. They were going to the local ashram”

“Are they fearless, about their privacy in the Ashram?”
“Yes. You are not supposed to move around with cloths in that Ashram”

I felt a grudge inside my loins. Well, I didn’t bother about Narayana Rao, but imagining Mahalakshmi moving around butt-naked in between 100s of other naked people was intriguing to me. I felt a huge surge in my member as it popped up. But I wanted to control it.. There it was... the fear she was talking about.. May be, what she was talking was sense in some angle…

“You also visit the ashram?”
“Yeah.. we all go together”
That caused a severe pain in my heart. So, my Suji was seen naked by hundreds of people…No wonder she got that weird expression when I said I was the first one other than her to see her completely naked during our first night.

“You could have married a guy that believed in your principles” I said
“Well.. There weren’t any Indians in that group other than us.. Most of them were Americans. While they believed in that fearless freedom, their ways of living were different which could cause problems to them or us.”
“In fact, I got few matches before you... We told them the secret before the marriage and they backed off”

“But you are causing pain to me by not telling me up front”
“We actually tried.. but we thought you would back out too if we told you before”
“So, you feared?”
“not really, we were not feared. We tried to strike a balance as I told earlier. So, we came to a conclusion. After the marriage, we would convey this to you at an appropriate time. If you liked it, then you could join us. If you didn’t like it and if you didn’t want me to behave that way, I could change myself otherwise it would cause pain to you”

“Well.. I need to think.. but I want you all not to behave this way at my home meanwhile.. When I come to your home, you don’t need to fear about me” I said

“Now talking about Indianness, you behaving the Indianway etc., etc.,?”
“Just to strike a balance. I always enjoyed being an Indian but at the same time wouldn’t get restricted to so many customs.. So I was behaving according to the situations striking the balance between my fearless freedom and outside world”

Entire thing was going like a movie reel in front of me. Now I understood the reason behind they uncomforting when I was in their house. They were uncomfortable for being forced to do what they didn’t like, but they didn’t want to cause pain to me… So, that’s why Sujatha was moving around naked when I was not there, but wearing cloths in my presence.

“You two guys move around naked.. Have you become lesbians?”
“No.. we help each other if required.. there is no word called lesbianism in our world because there is no physical penetration anywhere”

She looked matured, of course in her own subject.

Since Suvarna already became intimate with me except for physical penetration, Sujatha and myself allowed her free access during our sexual intercourses. Suvarna watching us only intrigued me further and increased my libido for sex. She watched us during our sex and even she helped sometimes in between by adjusting my member on Suji’s privacy or by offering me lips or breasts while I was penetrating Suji. Couple of times when Sujatha was not around, she helped me by pumping me. She masturbated freely when I was around.

After few days, Naranaya Rao’s family returned from India. Sujatha conveyed the whole situation to Narayana Rao and also told him that Srikanth wouldn’t mind them moving around the way they wanted.

Anand Rao asked us to stay with them now that the secret had been out. I got the answer for my other question also why he didn’t ask me to stay with them when I moved to Seattle.

It was a treat seeing all moving around naked. Though Sushmita didn’t have the size of the breasts the other girls had, she had an excellent body. Only times they would wear panties were when they were on periods. Slowly I started liking it. The first time I moved naked around, I felt bit shy. Sushimita and even Mahalakshmi masturbated in front of me when they first saw my tool. They also pumped me when I requested them offering everything I asked except for the physical penetration. Naranaya Rao and Mahalakshmi demonstrated some interesting new positions of sex to us.

I conveyed that it was painful for me to see Anand touching Suji, so he kept away from her at least when I was not around. I learnt that she used to offer him breasts and used to pump him whenever he had the urge.

I wasn’t sure if I bought the logic behind their principle/secret, but I had been thoroughly enjoying it. What I also appreciated that it developed tremendous will power in them as it would be difficult to control the physical penetration.

We got our kid. I got at least two years time to take a decision about him.. But I didn’t want to bother about it now… I still had two-three years to enjoy.

This completes the story.

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