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Second honeymoon 3
07-18-2011, 01:42 AM
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Second honeymoon 3
Hi all .this is vishal again with priya series. I hope you like reading how her pussy crazy for big hard dick. Sometimes I feel pain even in my dick for prolong vigorous fucking. For new readers I will love to introduce myself along with my wife. This is vishal, male of mid thirty, well built. Although I don’t consider myself good looking as hardly any head turns to check me out when I am in public. But some sort of women never hesitate to throw themselves on me .honestly speaking I have never been left after single encounter. They call me again & again .I has to struggle hard to get rid of them. I mostly prefer married women as they know what does sex means. Women love to make love to me either in front of their hubby or in absence. May be when I won’t have any more incident with priya then I will start writing about my outside encounter. Now I am too busy with priya’s……..

Priya is my wife .we is married for few years. She is 5’3”, not too heavy not light with milky white complexion .her skin always glows like fresh fruits .she takes care of her looks extremely well. from top to bottom she is always neat & clean. She is having a wonderful body with heavy hips & thighs with strong calves, small proportionate waist, with big, pointed slightly bent boobs which give her truly x rated looks .she is having some fat on her thighs & hips .no doubt she could be a high paid porn model if given a chance. she looks gorgeous in anything .I tried different shades, colors, cuts on her .she looks outstanding. Her easy going nature keeps all the dicks rock hard nearby .I smiled me seeing people never loose any opportunity to please her. I saw how people aged between 16 to 60 try their luck on her. Either you have to be exceptionally good looking or a great fucker then no doubt you will find her going out of your bedroom without underwear & your semen dripping from her pussy. One more think I have to appreciate in her that she does not like to disappoint true fuckers.

Ok let’s come to the story .this is a next part of my second honeymoon 2 .in first part you found how she was fucked by those bartenders & raj. We did not do much in that week as I was busy with my work .in between we asked to shift deepak as his relatives were coming very frequently & it was true disturbing. Now priya & I fucking at every corner of our flat. Sometimes our landowner finds our undergarments at stairs. On next Monday morning her mobile rang .she was in kitchen .it disturbed my sleep .I picked up the phone & heard, hey vishal .I am sunny. How are you? .I surprised & asked, do I know you? Hey you forgot me .I am the man who fucked your wife, he replied laughingly. Then it will be too tough to recall you .I cracked .I was working at that disco you people came last week .he explained .then I recognized him & asked, what’s up. He then enquired about priya & asked. Have you gone again to that disco? .I said no, why, was not you there these days. He replied , no .I left the job next day & joined a resort of around 150 km far for better package .why don’t you people come here & stay for few days ? I said, but her cousin is coming here this morning .we will go to air port to receive him. Ok bring him too. Then you will get full time to take rest. He said laughingly. I informed him that I will try but can’t commit & collect address from him.

I did not tell priya anything to give her surprise. We reached on time at airport .his cousin came. He is almost of my age, has been their in Singapore for eight years extremely well spoken, almost of 6’ & good looking too.
He came out gave a peck to her chick .we introduced ourselves as that is the first time I saw him. We came back home. Priya was too happy to see him. They were having family discussion for long time. Then I kept the proposal to go to the resort as my office will be closed for a week for reconstruction of the building. They agreed instantly .priya packed our luggage & we started in the afternoon. Before leaving home she always takes bath which gives her damn fresh looks in wet hair fall over her shoulder .that day too priya was looking outstanding as we both passed comments on her looks. I was driving & priya & her cousin (bhaskar) were at back seat. We enjoyed a lot during journey. They were joking, laughing having good time. I too tried number of beer while driving .after drinking two bottles I lost in my dream world. I thought if priya could fuck her uncle why not this hunk.

After all he is having all what priya want. I lost in my fantasy world how they would look doing to each other. I decided to give a try, give them some space & watch. I stopped car near a jungle ,came out & lighten a cigarette as I know priya does not like smoking .I went back side of the car to keep them alone .found they were sitting close enough but not having any intention to but having good chat. After smoking I started driving again. After around 15km bhaskar asked me to stop the car near a dhaba. He went out to bring some food. As he ordered for some cooked food so taking time .he was standing there at dhaba when we were inside the car .I was taking sip from beer bottle. Priya asked me innocently, “how is he?” You tell me, I replied looking at her smilingly. She got me & said ”nooo”. I smiled .she looked seductively at me & spread her milky heavy thighs .her tight black skirt was stuck to her thighs .her pink pussy was clearly visible as she might forget to put on panty ha ha . I took my hand back & fingered her clito. I was not satisfied .I pushed my seat back .now my face was close enough to suck her cunt .I turned, hold her inner thighs, spread it far wide, and took her clit between my lips.

She whispered seductively, nnnn vishal leave me pls aa aa aa. Then after few second started fucking my mouth slowly. I knew if I can reach her cunt she can never deny. Now her skirt was far up to her waist & her every thing was within my reach .suddenly I bite her clit. She groaned “ohhhhh” & slapped my shoulder .I started sucking her pussy lips .she was getting aroused more & more. Her hands are on her boobs, pumping herself .I looks at her boobs & ordered show me your tits. She was in red colored, full sleeve top which is transparent enough to clear the image of her hot flesh for us .I like her dressing sense. Almost 90 % dick gets erect only seeing her .I asked her to unhook her top. She opened the entire hook, took her red bra up to release those melons. It came out & jumping nears my eyes as she pulled her bra up strongly. Her white creamy flesh seemed good enough to pinch, lick & suck. I left her thighs, hold her waist started licking her navel; slowly run my tongue up to her boob’s .I took her right nipple in my mouth. Her pink big nipple was glowing like fruit. It immediately got hard. To suck her better I kept her shirt wide open poured some beer on her boobs & sucked madly. she too straightens her spine to be sucked properly. It’s getting bigger almost every week. I passed. Enjoy it, saying this she pulled my head & pressed with her chest. She kept her eyes close in sensation, fingering her own hair. Suddenly bhaskar opened the door & saw us doing that .he shocked for a while & closed the door immediately .I spread my hand to unlock the door from inside & asked him to come in I did not leave priya even then ,was trying to drink every drop of beer from her chest, belly. Wait bhaskar, priya said & started arranging herself pushing me away. I pulled her shirt. She was confused what I wanted to do. But did not hold that tightly, might be afraid of getting it damaged. Then I took her bra out & said if you don’t need panty, I think you don’t need this too.

I will go to toilet .she cried go in that I said. She looked angrily .now bhaskar came in. I asked him to ease himself .he sat inside beside my semi nude priya & offered us food. We decided to finish food there & then drive .we finished it within ten minutes. I found they were not talking to each other. Priya is little ashamed being caught then priya got out of the car & went to toilet. Her upper body was much visible in her net like shirt. she was looking damn sexy. Her two buttons are open from up, giving a good view of her cleavage along with semi naked view of her upper body .she went inside smartly. some guys were there in that dhaba.they were speechless for sometime. Only we could hear the sound of her high heels.

I turned to bhaskar & said your sis is too tasty yaar, better than any sort of dish, took a pause then said mili is too……actually mili is another cousin of them. He got his breath back & asked keenly have you tried her. Not tried I fucked her till our bed broke. We laughed. So what about you I asked, he was little scare but said, yes I fucked mili too unfortunately I could not finish it with priya .I asked what happened. I was looking very much for the opportunity to have her .one day even I caught her in one of our family marriage ceremony. I took her to an uncle’s house from there & when I was taking her panty off .her father called her from outside. That was the last garment left on her body. She angrily threw her panty to my face & kicked me out. Her father caught us red handed & scolded her .since then she was not allowed to see me alone. After around two year I left the country. He finished. Ohhh so sad. I cracked. If I would be your place I would have fucked her in front of her father. We both laughed. I got out of the car to get some lays pack. I saw priya walking out of dhaba & headed towards our car. Her boobs were bouncing with her every steps .intentionally she was shaking her hips too to get her nearby attentive. Her pink nipples were erect enough & visible clearly. Two guys followed her to check her size. I too came following them. One of them said “gnaar dekh salikiii do lund bhitar kahan kho jayega pata hi nahi chalega.” Other said “iski ek se nahi bharega isi liye do leke ghoom rahi hai”. She heard it but did not bother to check what was happening. This time priya sat more close to him .I too got in. Bhaskar spread his hand over her shoulder. She too slightly leaned forward to get his hand on right place. I could see through the mirror his hand is just around half inch far from her boobs. Her nipples was still erect, might be because of the friction their body was producing heat.

After driving few hundred meters I asked bhaskar, you haven’t seen anything new today. Priya shocked. Looking at him she murmured something. I laughed. Then bhaskar spread his hand far more, ran it over her shoulder, brushing her boobs slightly, with the other hand pulled her hand asking to come close to him. She obeyed .now their body was pressed enough. I was smiling myself. Priya followed it & asked why are you laughing .I did not say anything .while changing the gear I took my hand back & inserted my hand in her skirt. It went far up to her thigh .I nailed her inner thigh with my all finger. Priya warned vishal. As we were passing through a highway, vehicles were less that time. Only few were passing us in long interval. So I was driving casually. Looking at back several times. Now bhaskar bringing his hand down from her shoulder .finally his hand reached just over her one boob .his hand was firmly placed over the upper side of her breast & he was feeling softness of her breast on that thin material. Priya leaned on him to get her boobs completely in his hand. She was very much normal, enjoying his move. Then bhaskar hold her other hand & placed it over his thigh. She moved her hand to his rock hard dick in no time. Looked at him & smiled .bhaskar lifted his hips & adjusted himself properly. His thigh was strongly pressed to her .priya with her other hand lifted her skirt few inches up & placed her other leg over my next sit. Now her pussy was again visible to me .bhaskar too could see her deep inner thigh from side because of the tight skirt went far up .now she is almost naked inside the car as her erect boobs pushing her transparent shirt enough. Bhaskar, can you please pull her skirt a little up. I am not getting enough view or you can take it out. I shouted. No .priya cried looking at his eyes. ok let me get it few inches up for your hubby. Bhaskar joked. She lifted her hips & both of them pulled her skirt .her wet cunt lips were much exposed then. I need to fuck this bitch now .I said. Looking at her. No you will drive.

She ordered me pinching my arm with her high heels. I was too aroused then .I thought to stop & fuck her there only but did not do it to allow bhaskar to make her more hot .bhaskar get her ready , I shouted. I am always ready. She said laughingly nailing his dick. Now it was getting dark, so I switched on the light to have better view. Bhaskar moving his finger over her breast in circular motion. Sometime holding it in his hand. It is not coming in my hand fully .you improved your size priya. Bhaskar whispered .he started pumping slowly over her shirt .priya too was rubbing his dick .vishal I like to take her shirt off .will you switch off the light ,saying this bhaskar unbuttoned her shirt with a single pull & ran his hand over her naked chest ,abs. she was looking fresh like anything. Priya turned her face ,parted her lips .bhaskar took her lips inside his mouth one by one & pumping her hard with his both hand .priya hold his dick with her both hand. I did not switch off the light to enjoy them doing. Then bhaskar bent down & was sucking her each nipple very artistically. To handle bhaskar’s weight properly she kept her hand on the sit & took support .her other hand now on her head & pressed him to her boobs. He was chewing, licking, and sucking doing whatever possible. Whoa what a sight. Due to his work out her breast turned red. Mark of his finger & teeth on her boobs indicating how sincerely he was serving her sister. She kept her both legs still that position to show me her cunt. Her pussy was getting wet. It continued for an half an hour .he licked every centimeter of his sister. She just moaned to give appreciation of his service. I was too getting hungry to have her flesh .she noticed it .she pushed bhaskar, released herself, and then she arranged her hair. She turned completely red in excitement. Suddenly she jumped on my dick between two front seat .unzipped my pant immediately, took out my cock & pour it inside her mouth. She sucked me like ice cream. She was giving me good blow job. She moaned suddenly mmmmmm aaaah aaahhh & took my dick out of her mouth, kept it open fully .I turned to check what happened & saw, bhaskar found her big ass just in front his mouth. Wasting no time he pulled her skirt up to her waist, parted her pussy lips with his both hand & started licking her pussy .I pushed my seat back to give her more room. She was sucking & moaning loudly aaaaahh mmmmmhm mh mh mh yeah do it bhaskar yes yes there there yes aaaahhhhhh .sometimes grinding her hip on his face.

His face was fully wet with her juice .you were right vishal she is tasty, saying this bhaskar put her two finger inside her cunt ,bringing her juice out & drinking it. Priya took her one hand back & adjusted his face at right place in between her legs .her high heals helped her to adjust the height of her ass with his face .bhaskar lifted her one leg, folded it, kept his one side & then other leg to other side .it became comfortable for him to give her good tongue fuck. He ran his tongue well between her clit, cunt & asshole. I did not stopped the car .I was too aroused then almost close to orgasm .I was almost lost in ecstasy .the car was filled with the smell of our cum. There was no light at all outside. It seemed we were in different world ,enjoying ourselves .suddenly I saw a check post at around 50 meter distance .we even did not have much time to organize ourselves .I pushed her head back. She shockingly looked ahead to see what happened .till then we reached close to check post. One policeman stood on the road with a torch in hand .I immediately switched off the light. That police focus his torch inside that too on priya’s face & naked boobs as she raised her head to see what the hell happened from between two seats. I was too nervous to handle the situation. I even could not get out of the car as my zip was open & my dick was hard enough .he came to side .I opened the glass. He focused his torch on everyone’s face & assets & asked what‘s happening, you all come out.

Priya hold her shirt over her breast but I felt she did not cover herself enough as her breasts were very much open from side. Police noticed that .he asked me about us, where we were going etc looking at her only. He seemed not seen enough, went to back window & knocked on the glass. Priya opened it .her mouth was full with my cum & it was dripping from her lips, chicks, chin. He became silent seeing her for a minute & murmured, kya maal hai saali .he asked me to switch on the light .I did so. He was checking out her every assets very calmly .she too was shamelessly displaying her all to him. She desperately leaned forward to give him proper view of her naked back, and then straighten again. He enquired about us again. I was breathless & afraid too .I was planning to drive away if anything worst happens as the situation could be fatal for all of us. She got total control on her, seeing his gym made body bounced twice & went close to window & while doing so she intentionally rubbed her hips down to get her skirt far up to her pussy mount .seeing her skirt getting up his eyes moved to her pussy. She slightly spread her legs, gave her good view of her wet cunt .she took her one hand to organize her hair, leaving her boobs semi naked for him & said we are family going to enjoy holiday. She was teasing enough that poor guy, sometimes pressing her own boobs, rubbing her own thigh or giving him good eye contact. He was having no intention to leave the place, asked her to show her identity. Priya hold her hanging shirt on her chest with the support of her chin & started searching for identity in her purse. She knew it was not there. She slowly releases her pressure of chin. Her shirt was coming down. Bhaskar will you please hold it over me. She appealed. Bhaskar did it differently, cupped her both boobs in his palm over her shirt .priya smiled ,bhaskar … you are ……while showing her driving license priya placed her half covered boobs on the window glass .he got better view & said ..madam…. Aap bahar nikalke udhar entry kar dijiye .why me? Priya asked .they were only too. One was sitting with notebook. In that jungle though we didn’t feel much safe that time. Still I asked priya to go as she too was much horny that time & I thought to give the policeman some good time. Priya too was keen to show her beauty .she opened the door .went out holding the shirt with her hand over her breast & her one high heel with other hand as bhaskar took it out to get her properly seated on his lap .after coming out she threw her shoe on the road tried to put on but did not succeeded.

Then she bent in front of the policeman to take it in her hand, after taking it she lifted her left leg, pressed her thigh to her chest to put on it finally succeeded in wearing it as well as showing her cunt to him haa haa . Her skirt was enough high .I am sure the policeman saw her pussy well enough as he never switched off his torch. She displayed herself to him properly, showed her naked body to him .he too patiently having her with his eyes .priya smiled, looking at her bent slightly, ran her finger over her pussy mount ,then hold the skirt just over her pussy & pulled it down .while doing so she never missed eye contact with that young policeman. But her skin tight skirt did not go down much as got several fold over her ass chicks. That police was funny too. He said ‘usko rehene dijiye sahi jaga par toh hai’. He focuses his torch from her top to bottom. Then she turned back showing him her naked back. She took out the shirt from her breast placed it over her shoulder & arms, pulled the sleeves over her boobs & tied a knot. After that we could not see her nipples from the front because of knot, but it is sure police saw her whole mount with erect pink nipples from her side .then she turned to face the policeman & asked kidhar entry karna hai? She lifted her both hand at a time to organize her hair again. Her knot went up leaving her hanging breast visible to him. Police focused his torch over her breast again.

She did not bother to hide her balls as she was showing off with high pride. She crossed her finger & rested it over her own head .her boobs were very much clear even from the car we could clearly see finger marks over her boobs .so you can imagine how powerful his torch was & up to what level she can tease people. I could not even imagine in my dream that priya could do all this on highway in a deep forest & in front of two strangers .if they start fucking her brain out except moaning she can’t do anything even we can’t help her too. That policeman was handsome ,may be younger than me .he had good erection by then seeing her nude & I was sure she won’t mind taking his cock inside any of her three hole there only. A number of times she glanced on his crotch. To spend some more time there she requested him, aap entry kar lo naa? Aapko dikha deti hoon jo jo aapko chahiye. Policeman laughed this time .dikhane keliye aap dikha sakti ho…par hum nahin kar sakte .aapko hi karna hai. He replied. Hum kare yaa aap kare baat toh ek hi huyi naaa? she whispered seductively keeping her one leg on front bumper of the car .baat toh sahi hai maja dono kohi aayega par madam,udhar bharna toh aap ko hi hai aur kahin hota toh hum poore bhar dete .he said again . Poora nahi jayega sayad. She moaned looking at his erect dick aage nahin toh piche daal denge par poora hi bharenge. He cracked.

Now they both laughed even us too. Situation became little normal as we all were enjoying her nakedness & their sex chat. Ok main hi bhartihoon .dikhao kya bharna parega. Saying this she spread her legs a little. He placed his light instantly between her thighs & said naughtily idhar nahi udhar. It was around 15-20 meter ahead of our car. She started walking towards there. She was walking slowly, shaking her hips enough. She was walking in a way that with her every step her hips were bouncing enough. Only her shoulder, neck & ass chicks were covered from back. You can imagine how sexy that bitch was looking. Police man did not forget to place the light on her ass .her skirt was far up & we saw her ass chicks were rubbing with each other; her thigh muscles were getting stiff with her every step. Her high heals were making sound much. Her milky white huge thighs, round calves all were shaking in a motion .I felt torch was not sufficient .I switched on head lights. Now she was completely visible .she understood why I did do so. she looked back at me & smiled appreciating my job .she reached the table where the other policeman sat with a notebook. Keeping her back facing us she leaned on the table on her elbow, spreading her legs, gave us a good view of her cunt& ass hole .she slowly grinded her ass in air .her high heals & skirt helped her to do so very prominently. Although her cunt was not very much clear because of the distance but that was good enough to understand she shaved her cunt that day .I can bet she will end up filling her cunt with his cum here. I said to bhaskar. No doubt. She is damn sexy man. I think this bitch can take three of us at a time. .bhaskar said.

To get better view policeman too walked towards her .she finished there & while coming back she untied her knot both the sleeves were hanging over her each boobs .again she tied. She said to this police man smilingly, bhar diye, aur kuch bhar naa hai?? Tell me we are getting late. She stood just near the head light to display herself .policeman went close to her. Bahrna toh bahut kuch hai, aab unko bharne dijiye. He said smilingly indicating us .oh kya bharenge? She asked smilingly. You get back to car they know what to fill. He replied. She laughed .her naked skin was shining in light. He asked keeping his finger pointed towards the mark on her breast. Yeh kaisi nisan?? Where?? She said looking at her own boobs. No I can’t see. She finished. Yeh toh hai .he said taking his one finger close to her boob’s .I can’t see .again she said. This time policeman touched her boob with his one finger first, then rubbed his two fingers over the mark on her boobs & said yeah toh hai. Aaah mm mm m don’t touch it, my dog did it last night… She said looking at his eyes seductively. Your dog also got the taste of it how lucky he is. He cracked. Yeees, he loves to suck it. .she replied .I wishes if I would be your dog. He smiled. I too wish that .she whispered. What?? He cried?? Yes .then only you could be merciful otherwise I find people become more dangerous than dog while fucking me. She explained .how do you compare that means you got from your…….anyway which one you like more .he whispered bringing his lips close to her. I don’t mind either. She murmured .she was being great flirt.

She took her that boob in her hand, pressed with her fingers .as she pressed her mount her erect nipple came forward she was too horny then .he hold side of her ass chick & pulled her closer to him. She stepped forward, slightly arched her crotch to touch his erect dick. Just in front of my headlight his erect dick is tightly pressed with her crotch, quiet sure his cock was very much ready to dig into her .she too intentionally touching him in different place. You are so strong. She praised.
he rested his palm over her bare waist & said” toh abhi hum bhar de??”
.no .I will die .you are too big .she cried. She did not bother to get into the car as she almost lost in him. They were having good erotic chat. What’s your name .he asked? Priya & yours?? Akash .he introduced him. Show me your tits. He ordered. No. She cried. Take out this fucking shirt. He again uttered with assertion.
They became silent for few second exchanging their erotic glance. He kept other hand too on her bare waist from other side. Priya lifted her both hand to her hair & started arranging .he got the opportunity & slowly rubbing her sides he raised his both hands up to her side lower chest. It seemed to me that her boobs were just hanging over his wrists.
So are you showing me?? He again asked. If you want to see do it yourself .she begged.
He pulled it in a fraction. Ouch she moaned. Waao, what a size .he shocked seeing her full length breast. Her breasts were hanging on her petite abs. Her both nipples were pointed towards him. Her crotch still stuck to his dick .now she was only in her skirt which was far up to her arse. She was breathing heavily as we could see her boobs moving with her breath.

You are gorgeous. He praised pulled her far close to him. She left her hair, kept her palm over his shoulders. it was great view. I was just wondering whether I could see a good live fuck there. She released her one hand from his shoulder & took it to her boobs .pressed it hard till got redden. He bent to kiss her nipple. She holds her boob & guided inside his mouth. He kept it inside for few second. She moaned in excitement & sa mmmmm, I can’t control myself, pls leave me otherwise tomorrow you will have a nice story to tell your friend how you tore my pussy all night. I couldn’t believe my luck .my wife wearing only a skirt, helping someone to get her boobs in his mouth & having all sort of nasty talks. You don’t need to control baby just do what I am saying .he said slapping her boobs. Then he pressed her boobs few more time looking at her eyes .she too appreciated his move by moaning & keeping eye contact with him. Mmm aa aa.
You are a bitch .saying this he brought his finger in front of his mouth. .
Yes I am. She took out her tongue as much as possible, sucked the tip of his finger, and then started mouth fucking it.

He immediately holds her chicks with his total palm through her chin & pressed over her gum. She opened her mouth full in pain .he bent & sucked all inside her mouth. Even he did not left her nose, chicks, neck. She moaned aa uuuu mm aaa
Then he hold her hair, with other hand he turned her round .she immediately turned & pressed her ass to his crotch. He holds her waist from front & pushed her head. as a result upper part became 90 degree with her feet. we were having their side view. to get support she rested her one hand on car. he sat behind her, took his tongue out ,with his tip he first licked her asshole, then slowly came down to her cunt lips ,took her each thick pussy lips in his mouth .she started stroking his face. She took her other hand back to her ass & kept it over his shoulder .they eat me lot .now I need a dick please, she urged.
He slapped hard on her ass chick pour one finger inside her ass hole & said I am going tear this one first .he bite her one chick. Mmmm hhh .she threw her head back .her hair covered one side of her face. She was looking gorgeous. We were more excited holding our tools in hand.
Hey you, want to see her ass hole saying this he turned her ass so that we could get front view of her both pussy & ass. he pressed his chest on her back so that she could not straight her body & started eating her ass, cunt all. She was getting wet & wet.
Now he released her .she stood straight. Her skirt over her waist asked, how was the test. She enquired.

Great .he replied sucking his own lips.
Come with me .saying this he hold her hand & pulled her hand. She followed him with out any objection. He turned & asked me to park our car side. They went down from the road side & entered into jungle.

Bhaskar shouted laughingly priya we are seated here holding our tools .will you please come in?? Coming darling .priya replied looking at his eyes only. Suddenly one truck came & stop near my car. The helper jumped immediately & went near to priya. I immediately got out of the car to take her in, saw policeman was too worried for her safety. He holds her arm pulled her to the car. She came close to the door. Police helped her to open it she came inside. Police bent to say her bye .still both of them were holding each others hand tightly. They needed themselves badly. She gave peck on his lips. He also warned us as the road we were passing through was not safe enough.
I wondered how priya could do all this .sometimes I feel if I would get married to some other girl. I would not feel sex so intense. Not even any porn star can make the situation so hot. Priya took her head out of window to throw him a kiss.
He will be almost 10 inch long. Priya claimed with joy.

He is so hot .I came just seeing him. Again priya expressed with full smile…
Bhaskar hold her head & pulled him to his dick. She was much horny then, she had his dick like chewing gum. I was sure priya was giving blowjob to the policeman in her imagination. He came in her mouth in a minute as we were much aroused seeing them for so long. She sucked him high & dry. Till then we went around 2km far.
I asked, priya I think you should thank akash. He helped you to get into the car fast while the truck came .he could leave you for the truck driver & helper after fucking your brain out.

I too think so. She shined listened to this. Ok .I asked bhaskar to come beside me leaving priya alone in the back. then I turned back to police check post. We found the truck left the place .those police were having discussion of course about priya only. I stopped near their table. Akash saw our car. He just jumped on our car in pleasure. Priya immediately got out. she did not mind her topless this time too as she born to show him & feed him her all. What happened? he asked. I came back to thank you akash .saying this she hold his chick & kissed his lips, dirtied his mouth. You are welcome. He said & immediately pulled her skirt up & took out it from her head. She is naked completely. She too didn’t waist time torn all the buttons of his uniform, unfasten his belt & unhook his trouser. In no time they were completely naked except priya‘s high heal. she heard from her all admirers that she looks sex god in her heals. She remembered that.
He too did not waist time by getting his shoe off.
He pressed her shoulder down .she kneel down on the road, keeping her skirt under her knees. akash hold her head & chin with his both hand, took her mouth close to his dick. Priya could be right as his tool could be of 10 inch & it was so thick that her mouth was stretched enough to get it adjusted inside. She licked its tip, sides all. she was having it like she had been waiting to eat for long. he too hold her head strongly, fucked her mouth hard. Her mouth was looking just like a pussy. His balls touching her chin with his every stroke, her lips is almost as pink as her pussy lips & thickness also almost same. Her bubbles of saliva was coming out with his cock .it seemed that he released his load inside her mouth. It could be as she never mind sucking cock while ejaculating. He fucked her mouth full .I feel each corner of her mouth felt his skin. He was being harder & harder in every stroke. she kept her mouth fully open to get him inside. sometimes he was taking it out & jerking over her nose, chicks, chin, forehead making all wet with his cum.

I took some snap of that blowjob. I feel it was best of her life. Both of them were wild enough & it seemed they became animal. priya sucked his each ball, licked it fully. He lifted her, & brought her near the front bumper of my car, again pushed her to kneel down, put his one leg on the bumper, pressed her head between his muscular thighs. He pressed his asshole in her mouth. she licked it passionately. She sucked all .then he pulled her as got enough blowjob. Akash looked at us & asked to switch off the head light & come out of the car. We did exactly as we were much hypnotize. He holds her ass chick tightly & went towards the back seat. They were looking perfect porn couple. We came out after switching of the light. it was complete dark outside .we lighted cigarette & drinking beer leaning on the car. He opened the back door, pushed her inside & he got in too. Within some minute priya took out her head from opposite window & asked, vishal are you having condom. No I replied. bhaskar shouted I do have in the side pocket of my bag. Take it out. Priya switched on the room light & got it .she kept the light on so we could see what they were doing inside. Priya got the tip of the condom in her mouth slowly placed it over his dick & moved it down. he pulled her thighs up to his shoulder .priya was on her back .he pressed her both boobs hard. we could not see much of them as they were in the back seat. Only between the gaps of front seats we could see her boobs, abs, hands .we saw his shoulder jerked as he penetrated & heard priya’s cry. Ouch .soon they became animal again. After few minutes akash switched off the light. We could hear their moan & groan. they were doing so vigorously that I thought they would damage the shock absorber. Akash was roaring while poisoning her cunt. He fucked her sorry they fucked each other for more than half an hour. They came out hugging each other. They were so exhausted that they sat on the road. They were completely nude.
Priya started laughing pinching his chest & said how could you do this akash?
I asked what happened. They both started laughing with high volume.
Priya said, akash damaged the condom while fucking me. I used more than hundred akash but never found my pussy & asshole filled with cum.
I asked really? How? I don’t know I though we were doing safe ,even I spread my thighs wide open & was shouting to cum inside me but when you came I felt all his warm ,thick semen in my cunt & he filled in my ass hole too. she said slapping his arm.
I don’t believe. I said. Trust me vishal .priya said. Yes she is right. Akash assured.
When he took out he condom was only protecting his base. He took it out & pours it in my mouth. Priya explained. Don’t worry priya I just fuck my girlfriend, I am not infected. Akash uttered. I won’t mind if I become infected from the dick like you have. I would love to be fucking your dick till we die. Trust me akash no body fucked me like this before not even my husband. She praised his manhood & hugged him tightly. Priya knows how to get a dick hard again after fucking it wild. Thanks. Akash said taking her on his lap.
She started grinding on his crotch again. Akash asked me to hand him over the bottle. I gave him. he took one sip, and then rest poured over her body. he started sucking from her back, boobs .priya guided him keeping her everything in front of his tongue. Some still there in my asshole. Wanna suck it. She asked.

No let me use it as lubricant. Saying this he pour his dick into her asshole. she spread her legs, kept over his thighs, kept her both hand on his shoulder. Lifted her ass to make room for him .both of their crotch grinded for sometime then they started hard action. He fucked her from down & his full 10 inch was going inside fully. She was moaning again & again. Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Every time her moan was getting high & after some times she was shouting aaa aa hh yeah yeah akash give me give me I need u everyday. Please tear me. please leave me with no wish. Slowly her sound getting low, she was breathing heavy after around 100 full length strokes she could not hold her anymore. She lied on his chest with her back. Raised both her hand over her head. He was pumping, nailing her boobs from back her. he was pressing very hard. she moaned aaaaa aaaa akash aaaa.he increased his speed. I was shocked seeing akash he must be having pain on his back as he lied naked on the road & lifting his ass to pour her asshole. Then priya got up, turned around & again sat on his crotch keeping her legs in his both side. She took his erect dick in her mouth & guided in her ass hole again. Her asshole was stretched enough. She was crying in pain. now both of them started stroking .priya leaned on him pressing her boobs with his chest. Sucked his tongue hard. He felt pain as priya does it very hard. He started stroking like mad to give her pain too & of course getting his tongue released. In this moment priya becomes highly selfish.

You have to fuck her hard otherwise she won’t take out your tongue. He understood her intention. He lifted her with her hand still keeping his dick inside, he too got up. took her to their fucking table. Threw her on it. She falls on it on her back spreading her legs. Akash spread her legs holding her inner thigh spread her asshole with his finger & poured his dick full in singe stroke. He leaned on her to feed his tongue. Priya took it in her mouth. Akash started pumping hard & hard. With every stroke he was bring out his full length & getting it completely inside in next moment. They dirtied their lips .akash slide his both hand from her armpit, hold her head on his palms & pinned her. after getting enough she left his tongue. started kissing him all over .both was moaning high aa mm aah you tore me akash. Hearing their sound almost all trees were filled with birds. So it was very mixed notorious sound. He left her head, hold her thighs, pressed it with her chest he fucked her ass. Priya came almost three times under him. He was taking long time to cum. Finally he released inside her naked asswall, we could understand he took out his dick from her. We were just breathless after seeing & feeling this damn fuck. bhaskar got into the car, switched on headlight again. We saw priya was completely showered with his semen. it seemed he ejaculated like a lt. They collapsed in each other. After around 5 minutes he released her .priya came near to me .her face, neck chest, breast, navel thighs, arse all were sticky as she applied soap all over her body. akash followed her, took his own shirt & wiped her. He with great care dried her. even he rubbed his shirt in her pussy, inner thighs, and ass chicks. priya was just standing holding his shoulder. After few minutes we decided to leave. Akash smooched her lips & said I will remember it till the last day of my life. Such a good fuck you are. She seemed coming out of his addiction as she behaved very artificially last few minutes. He helped her to put on her skirt. He then brought her shirt & asked her to put on. She whispered, I love you akash. I will fantasize this moment always. Me too. Giving her a peck he uttered put it on akash I don’t need this shirt now. you know are two dicks are still rock hard for me. Hope I will get the chance to dress next morning only. Saying this she kissed his chick & got into the car. We all became silent for next 15 minutes as might we were truly thinking of the events happened.

So priya, are you ready?? Bhaskar asked. Me always .priya replied. I was foulest enough that I left you without doing anything. He said. So does it now, priya spread her thighs again. Her cunt hole & asshole were still stretch. you don’t need to warm me up just fuck me you bastard. Priya again started licking my dick bhaskar too licking her cunt. Again it was high time for us as we became animal inside. Priya fucked his tongue while giving me blow job. Her master lips did not allow me to lust any longer .I came inside her mouth .she took most in her hand & rub it over her face breast, chest all over. Then she went back to her seat & spread her leg so that bhaskar can continue fingering her .bhaskar it is sticky. Why don’t you suck it from me .priya asked. Bhaskar look at her shockingly. He might not like her desire. Don’t worry vishal will have your cum from my cunt tonight. Do it, saying this she pour her mouth in his & fed my cum, then pulled her face towards her boobs .he sucked all as she guided.

They kissed again to exchange the cum. Priya hold his dick, stroked it & asked can we finish our pending job now .my father is not here to stop you saying this she put his dick in her mouth to lubricate it. .you is huge bhaskar. so you are afraid .he asked .no I am happy. She replied .is it bigger than vishal. He cracked .may be, give it to me fast then I will confirm you. She begged spreading her legs far wide. He immediately hold her inner thighs, spreading wide he pulled up. she falls on the seat as her legs pointed up. He pressed her legs over her breast. He inserted his full dick in one stroke & started pumping. Aaaa aah aaah mmmmm yes yeah fuck me fuck me hmm mmmm they were wet enough as they were making high noise with their every stroke .she too was lifting her hips to get him full inside. His cocked slipped out twice .priya showed her annoyance for that .he fucked her for near about 20 min in that position. While doing so he asked her hey if your father catch us in doing this what will you do this time .I will make a tape & gift him. She laughed. a ha ha aaaahh ooooohh .she placed her hand over his hip taking it in between her thighs. He definitely nails his ass chick to get harder. Bhaskar too was giving her hard to match her desire. She kept her chin up while bhaskar sucking her neck. She was moaning high… aaahh yeah yeah tear me tear me you aaah .now bhaskar pressed her both hand on the seat looking at her eyes giving long stroke & taking out completely .priya never forgets to appreciate good fuck. She was giving it looking at his eyes. She was so wet that his huge dick going inside like pencil. She too looking at his eyes seductively calling him you bahenchod doesn’t know how to fuck. Yeah I am bahenchod take my dick. you bitch .I will tear your cunt tonight… Hey you don’t know how to fuck just go & take a pipe & practice with it saying this she bite his nipples very hard .he cried in pain aaaaaaaa. then priya laughed with high volume. Ok now check it saying this he took out his dick , lifted her holding her thigh ,put her shirt under her ass to not to spoil seat .holding her two legs by his one hand he lifted her hips again placed her on his thigh, rearranged the shirt then he spread her legs in that position .now her hips were in air hanging from his hand .her pussy hole was wide open in front of his dick because of the fuck it got .then he pushed her legs towards her head ,her cunt & & ass hole was just high enough .he took a sip from her cunt. His mouth was filled with her juice. he inserted his tool & was fucking in that position .as bhaskar was too tall, to get his tool in her hole her upper shoulder & head was just on the seat, rest were hanging. He was giving her too hard. She too taking it fully .now tells me how it is. Yeahh do it do it I want more please .my cunt was wet number of times thinking about your tool. Now give me real fuck.

Listening all these I too was hard then. I stopped the car, got out, again lighten a cigarette, leaving them alone inside. I sat on the engine cover .the car was shaking with their pace. I could not seat on it any more because of jerk .I opened the door, switch on the light & again came out. They hugged themselves tightly. His tongue is deep inside her mouth as she was sucking it hard .as their mouth was closed by each other, they both sounding like mmmm mmmmm with every hard pump priya making noise mmm mmmm mmm mmm bhaskar fucked her like bull, continued pumping her for another 20minutes with that speed .finally they both came together. they were sweating like animal. Finally priya left his tongue & shouted aaaaaaaa aa aahnnnn with each stroke her volume getting high as she was getting beaten .the seat was much soft .it was looking wonderful when they were bouncing back .her hips were coming high along with his dick. they pressed themselves in each others body tightly .now priya‘s mouth was wide open as panting. aaa hhh aaaoooo oooooo .then bhaskar shouting aahh aah priya I am cumin .she immediately put his tongue again inside her mouth. Pressed her chest with him bhaskar took out his dick from her ,with his dick a huge quantity of his load came out of her cunt hole.& dripped from her ass .still his load coming out .he sprayed it over her .he released his full load for 5 minutes . Her face, eyes, nose, boobs filled with her cum. Then they collapsed on each other stayed for another five minutes like that. He took his cum from her body with her finger & fed her .she sucked it happily .some got stuck to bhaskar’s chest. She cleaned it with her tongue. they both came out of the car naked bhaskar immediately put on his dress. Priya came close to me .she was smelling as she tried new perfume, I mean his semen .I asked her to put on her dress. Priya did not bother to do so .he unzipped me took my cock out, lifted her one leg on the car took me inside her cunt .stroking me from that position. I too started stroking her cunt as I was too aroused seeing them .I took her hands back to her & tightly hold it with one hand .so her spine got straight leaving her boobs pointed to me .I sucked each very hard .she laughed & said now you are sucking his semen .I did not bother. He fucks well. I will keep my thighs wide open throughout this week for him. She whispered .hearing this I pumped her hard .she started laughing & asked became jealous?? Don’t worry .you can manage with my mouth .that was enough tease for me. I did not reply just increased speed. Soon her laugh became moan aaah aah yeas aaah she too started stroking us both stroking hard looking at each others eyes with tiredness .then we pumped alternatively. She rested her head on my shoulder, still stroking.

She came soon aaah aaahh ahhhhhh oooo .she became stiff for some time as having orgasm .then eased herself. You know well how to handle me .she expressed. So tell me how many times you are going to fuck him. I asked as much as he can give me. .she said looking at him .bhaskar came close to her. gave her a peck on her chin & hugged her back. I said. Ok fuck a stranger now. She cried, again?? No I can’t they may kidnap me. Ok if you find any single then only. No I am afraid. Give a try naa .we will be nearby .saying this I filled her cunt with my load. Then she put on her skirt still top less. We frequently gave her, pumped her to keep her nipple erect. We sat on the side of the road. Priya brought beers from car. We sat quiet relaxed way. Me & bhaskar were having beer again but this time from her mouth or pouring it over her boob’s navel & sucking it from there. .she was taking sip from bottle & pouring in our mouth .that was nine pm then .we left hope of getting any body there to fuck her that time .after spending an hour there we left & it was 3.00 pm when we reached there as we both fucked her all hole alternatively with great energy. At least one of her three holes was filled during this time. . She too with her full desire kept her thighs spread to welcome us inside.
After reaching there I immediately called sunny‘s mobile. He might jump from his bed in excitement. I asked him to cool down & not to come in front, just open the key of the room sit inside. Don’t worry I am naked .he replied. He already booked two rooms for us for his convenient. We checked in .it was situated in huge area having all luxury inside .it seemed good place to stay. actually this is a bang low of a rich man. He felt it would be better if he arrange it for tourist as sight seeing is truly beautiful. people can enjoy view as well as peace there. I enquired about the number of rooms, guest etc. the guy at reception said, it opened newly.

We have good number of guest in holidays as it is weekdays we are having only few guest. We do have few numbers of staffs right now but all well trained .as he explained they were three guys & two ladies who managing total hotel including room service, house keeping restaurant etc. He explained a lot about the resort. Our room was at first floor & he informed that we can have good view of nature from there as swimming pool is also at that side. they are also having basket ball court. I asked the bell boy to take our luggage to room. We sat at lobby for some time & recalling the incidents happened in our journey. Bhaskar asked her hey priya let’s go to room & have another round .she naughtily replied I am ready bhaiya but don’t think you people can get your erection tonight anymore. That’s true. He laughed. Ok priya do one thing you go to room let us enjoy the night view this village. I said. Some drop me in the room & go. She said. I called the bell boy again & said take her too the room. she was little tired too. They went inside the lift saying I am going to sleep. Bhaskar seemed little worried as we were first time to this place. Then I explained him all .he was excited listen to me & said really? We got out of the building, went to swimming pool sat there. We were having chat about our past & all. after few minutes my mobile rang, priya called me…………..


If you people like my story please don’t be miser appreciating me. If you don’t like it please let me know that too. I will tell priya to try different as she is the woman who is actually performing all these. Trust me I never ever wrote any fantasy.
These stories are truth, happened in front of me.
I wish some couples will invite us for swapping .I can assure you people that your wives will get best treatment of their lives provided they should be equal horny as I never like nuns in bed . They must be proud of their sex drive. I have seen number of women including priya can be awake to complete night under me. If you feel we can do it please mail me the cell number of your wife. Priya will call her & get the time & venue fixed.
We will maintain your privacy .if possible send your pic too. I did not checked it again what I wrote .I hope you will pardon my grammatical or spelling mistake.

My e mail id is: xxxxxxxxxxxx

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