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Satisfying Mom
06-15-2011, 09:35 AM
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Satisfying Mom
We lost our father when I and by younger brother were 15 and 14 years old. After a month, not able to bear loneliness, mom asked both of us to sleep in her room at night and we agreed. We share her bed, on her insistence. Ramesh (my younger brother) and I used to sleep on each side of mom. One day, Ramesh told me that mom is ill and something is hurting her. I asked him how did he know and that I did not notice that. He informed that last night, when he got up in middle of night to have water, he heard mom groaning and doing something in middle of her legs. He also told that she was pressing her breasts and that her face was strained. I decided to find out. That night, I went to sleep at usual time, but got up at around 11.00 pm to find out what mom was suffering from.

What Ramesh told was true. Mom was surely in agony. Her one hand was inserted in her pajamas and one hand was pressing her own breasts. She was groaning all the time. I decided to ask her the next day. Next day night, before sleeping, I asked mom, ‘Mom, are you alright? I feel you are ill and you are unable to bear the pain.’ Mom replied, ‘No, Rajesh. I am perfectly alright. Why do you feel I am ill?’ I said, ‘Mom, last night, when I got up to drink water, you were massaging your legs and chest. You were groaning all the time. Let us go to the doctor tomorrow and get this settled.’ Mom said, ‘No. I don’t need a doctor. I am suffering from something which I cannot tell you. You are too immature to handle such things. Now go to sleep’. Ramesh intervened and said, ‘Mom, we love you too much. We know your feelings after dad passed away. We can’t see you suffering. We want you to be happy. After all, you are only for us. So please tell us what is your illness’.

Mom released a huge sight and said, ‘Ok. I will try to explain. I am only 35 years old and I have needs which may not be emotional. One has to bear the loss of loved one. With prayers, filling up the time doing tireless work, I can keep my mind occupied. But during night, when there is nothing to do, my mind wanders. My physical needs crop up and then I suffer. Do you understand?’ We both replied, ‘No. If you have pain or something, we can press your legs, hands, back, etc. Do you want us to do this?’ Mom once again sighed and said, ‘You are already teens. I can be a bit frank with you. See, my physical need is sex. Your dad and me used to enjoy sex to a very great extent and practically 4 times a week. Suddenly he is gone. When such feeling comes, I become weary. But I have to bear this. You don’t bother yourself. This spell will also pass’. I thought for a minute and said, ‘Mom, why don’t you get re-married? At least I will not object.’ Ramesh nodded in agreement.

Mom said, ‘No. darlings. That I cannot do at any cost. I will never think of other man other than your dad.’ Now Ramesh asked her, ‘But mom, we don’t want you to be unhappy under any circumstances. You tell us what we should do. Shall we talk to you every night so that your mind remains occupied and such thoughts don’t disturb you?’ Mom said, ‘How long am I going to remain awake whole night? That will have adverse effect on my health. The only remedy is to satisfy this need of my body.’ What mom replied was correct. There was nothing for us to speak. Mom was thinking for a long time. Then, as if making up her mind, she asked, ‘I have one remedy to my problem. You are now old enough, though not matured enough. Instead of going to a third person, I would prefer you to be my bed partners.’ We both were aghast at her reply. I asked, ‘Mom, will this not be a sin. You are after all our mother.’ Mom replied confidently, ‘If I am willing, without force, that will not be a sin. In fact, this will remain within us and all can be happy. Fortunately, your dad has left enough for three of us. So money should not be a problem’.

I wanted to avoid this at any cost. So I gave a try. I said, ‘Mom, but we do not have any experience in these matters. How can we satisfy you needs?’ Mom smiled and said, ‘You have to gain experience by acting. Not reading. I will teach you.’ I turned to Ramesh to know his views. After a long pause, I said, ‘OK, mom. We agree. We want to see you happy.’ Mom got up from bed and removed her removed her clothes. She stood naked in front of us. Then she asked us to shed our clothes. With a lot of embarrassment, we removed everything except the undergarment. Mom asked me to stand behind her and Ramesh to sit in front of her. We obeyed. Mom said, ‘Rajesh, please press my breasts with your both hands. Ramesh, I have parted my legs. You kiss me on the crack of my….’ I held her breasts from beneath her armpits and started pressing them. Ramesh started kissing her private part. Mom started swaying her body. She started letting out groans, the type which we heard last night. Mom asked me to press he nipples. I pressed her nipples. Mom held Ramesh’s head firmly held it near her private part. She said, ‘Ramesh, lick everything you find there. Open the lips and move your tongue and fingers inside the lips.’ Ramesh started licking mom’s private part.

I had a strange feeling. My cock was becoming hard. I pressed my cock on mom’s buttocks and started pressing breasts harder. Mom was moving her head from left to right and right to left. Expressions of her face showed she was thorough enjoying. Mom took her hand behind and held my cock and started massaging it. With one jerk, she pulled down my undergarment and took my rod in her soft palm. Her hand moved softly over the length of my cock. Ramesh also seemed to enjoy. His hand went down and started massaging his cock. After some time, mom said, ‘You both exchange your places’. Ramesh got up. I could see tend of his undergarment. Mom pulled down his undergarment. We all were naked now. Mom asked Ramesh to sit on bed. She then rested her head in his lap and asked me to do what Ramesh had done for her. I parted her legs and started kissing her vulva. I parted the lips and moved my tongue in the crack. Mom located her love button and asked me to massage it with my fingers. I was thoroughly enjoying this brand new sexy experience. Ramesh was massaging mom’s breasts wildly. His erect cock was touching her back. Mom asked Ramesh to move his hands all over her body. Ramesh started exploring every part of her body. She pulled him down and kissed him passionately on his lips.

After fifteen minutes or so, I said, ‘Mom, I also want to kiss you.’ Mom said, ‘Why not darling? Come and sit with me.’ Mom got up. Ramesh and I sat on her each side. Mom turned her face towards me and took my lips in her mouth. Her tongue darted in my mouth and I started sucking her tongue. She then started caressing our cocks with her soft hands. Our pre-cum was already drooping. Now mom was ready. Mom slid down and asked me to take a seat in front of her legs. I sat in front of her and she raised her legs. I stood on my knees. She took my dick in her hand. Suddenly I said, ‘Mom, Ramesh is my younger brother. Let he be first.’ Mom nodded. I got up and Ramesh took my place. Mom guided her cock inside her cunt. I sat beside mom and explored her body, while mom caressed my body. Ramesh started banging her with mild strokes. Mom was enjoying every bit of our play. While Ramesh was fucking her, mom pulled my head down and started kissing me madly. Within a short time, Ramesh said, ‘Mom, I think something is going to come out from my cock.’ Mom said, ‘OK. Just pull your cock out and come near me. Rajesh, now take your turn’. Ramesh hurriedly sat on knees beside mom and entered her already wet, hot and slippery cunt. When I started banging her, Ramesh started shooting out. His semen was all over mom’s face and breasts. Then mom took Ramesh’s cock in her mouth and sucked over it, till last drop of his semen was pulled out.

My speed was fast right from the beginning. It was a great fucking experience. After giving unknown maddening strokes, I declared that I was going to come. She asked me to follow Ramesh. I got up and stood on my knees near mom. My semen sputtered over her face and body. Like Ramesh, mom took my cock in her mouth and sucked. She pulled out every drop of my semen. Within moments, out cocks went limp. Ramesh and I started dressing, when mom asked us to wait. We stopped. I asked, ‘Mom, are you happy now? Have we satisfied you?’ Mom kissed both of us and said, ‘Yes, my darlings. I am very happy and satisfied. I have been without sex for a month and want it more. That’s why I told you not to dress. Let us now sleep naked.’ Mom lay on bed and we lay on her each side. We put of the lights and slept.

Early morning next day, I woke up, only because mom was fondling with my cock. I opened eyes and smiled at her. Then she fondled with cock of Ramesh. He also woke up. With utmost love and lust, she started sucking our cocks one by one. Within seconds, our cocks became hard as iron rod and hot. Mom watched our cocks admiringly and said, ‘Can we have one more round? It will be together now, not one by one.’ We could not imagine what was in offing. Mom got up and went to bathroom. She returned after over five minutes. We saw some liquid dripping over her thighs. She once again sat between us and sucked our cocks thoroughly. She then told me to lay on bed, flat on my back. She got up and slowly came down over my cock. Her back was to my side. She held my cock in her hand at base firmly. She lowered her body more. Her asshole was over my cock. Mom said, ‘I have oiled my asshole. I want you to fuck me in my ass. It will be a bit painful for both of us, but it will be extremely pleasurable. Now when I try to push down, you give a thrust from below. It is going to take time.’ Mom lowered further and gave a thrust. After struggle of almost five minutes, my cock penetrated into mom’s ass. Once inside, it was smooth all the way. Her asshole was much tighter than her cunt.

Mom slowly bent backwards and opened her legs from front. She asked me to support her body, so that she will not fall. I held her tightly. She said, ‘Ramesh, not be on our knees and push you cock inside my other hole.’ Ramesh sat on his knees in from of mom and pointed his cock at mom’s cunt. Mom only guided him to the right place. In one go, Ramesh was fully inside her cunt. Ramesh started giving mom mild strokes. His movement gave momentum and mom started moving up and down. I was getting a great fiction. Her asshole was really tight. I could hold on only for ten minutes. I pushed my cock deep inside her asshole and let me semen go. My semen started gushing out like liquid comes out from the nozzle. This time, mom did not pull my cock out. I emptied my semen entirely in her asshole. Ramesh was still banging her. When I remained still, my limp cock still inside mom’s asshole, Ramesh asked, ‘Mom, can I fuck you there, like Rajesh?’ Mom pushed him back and got up. She said, ‘Sure, honey. Come.’ Now she faced Ramesh and took him inside her asshole. Her asshole was already lubricated with oil and my semen. Ramesh’s cock easily slid inside mom’s asshole. Ramesh gave her wild maddening strokes and within five minutes, released his load inside mom’s asshole. Mom got up and when he was finished.

Mom got up and told us to prepare for our colleges. Within half our, we got ready. But we were not willing to go. We wanted to fuck mom more. I dared to say, ‘Mom, we are taking off today. We both want to enjoy more. Now.’ Mom said, ‘Darlings, we can enjoy anytime. We have whole afternoon and the night.’ But we insisted. Mom gave up. She said, ‘Honey, I am tired to the hilt. I cannot take it any more. But don’t worry. I will eat you out. But on one condition. After we are through, you must go to the college. We nodded vigorously. Mom removed her upper garments and made us sit on sofa. Once we were comfortably seated, she sat in front of us. She gave us a sweet smile and started sucking our cocks one by one. This time, she sucked even our balls. This was heavenly sensation for both of us. While sucking me, she caressed cock of Ramesh and while sucking Ramesh, she fondled with my cock. She sucked us for over fifteen minutes. She said, ‘You must shoot in my mouth. I want to taste your thick milk.’ We were overjoyed. It was Ramesh to shoot first. Mom held his cock firmly in her mouth and sucked out every drop of his semen. The load was huge and his come started dripping from sides of our lips.

After Ramesh was empty, she took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard. It took some more time before I started to unload my cum in mom’s warm mouth. I moved my hips back and forth while I started shooting. Tip of my cock almost touched her throat. My load was also huge and her mouth started dipping. After my dick went limp, mom got up and said, ‘Now you must go to college. Education is important. We will continue to enjoy our little fun more often now. Wash yourselves and get on with the job’. We both cleaned ourselves and went to college.

On return from college, we had fucking sessions before and after lunch and then through the night. We kept on our sexy relationship with mom till the time we got our engineering graduates and left for abroad for higher studies.

In later part of life, Ramesh and I swapped our wives, which we also enjoyed the most.

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