Sameera Reddy Sweating and Humiliated
Hi this is my thread where i am going to share some hot sweating and humiliation of celebs. To start with sameera reddy one of the hottest icon of bollywood,was tall and with big breasts.she was asked to lend her body to a famous producer's son, for that she was given surplus amount of money. She was on the way to the hotel where she was going to be fucked.she enters the room and could see the boy named david who is the son of the producer.sameera said to him "hai,your father sent me here to entertain you for a few days ". The boy replied "yes i know, wait for few minutes my friends are on the way" sameera exclaimed "what they are for ". David replied "they too going to make pleasure from your body with me". Sameera then told "your father did not utter a word regarding your friends,and after all i had been paid to slept with you only ". David then told "join them it will be more fun and it will not good for you to fuck a single girl for days " sameera didnt agree at all. As the conversation goes on his friends came.

They said hi to david and saw a lustful look on sameera. Sameera didnt want to do it and he demanded david to send his friends away. After a long discussion david asked sameera "ok i will fuck you and my friends will just watch us doing " sameera again regreted. David and his friends pleaded her for a long time. After some time sameera was convinced. David planted a kiss on her lips as soon as she agreed. David friends sat on the sofa enjoying sameera. David and sameera fighting their tongues out and david slowly stripped her top and her boobs were pooping out of her bra. David then licked her neck and her cleavage which made sameera hornier. Soon he undone himself and displayed his huge cock in front of sameera and she stripped her jean and stood there in bra and panties. David friends started masturbating seeing her body.

Sameera then caught his cock and started to shag a little bit which gave david immense pleasure. Suddenly she started to throb it harder and david guided his way to her private part and massaging her panties and inserting his finger. Both sameera and david started to moan "ah,sssssssssssah moremmmmmmfuck". David cummed now and sameera bent down and started to suck it. David on the time slowly removed her lace bra from behind and throw it away. Sameera slowly jerking off his cock. David friends also ejaculated. David caught sameera hair and lift her now he watched her hornier boobs and his cock lifts again. David took a rope and tied sameera's hands to at two corner of a cliff hanger. Sameera now exactly looking like a slave and david grabbed her boobs and squeezed it. Sameera was started enjoying this. David slowly kissed her hips and went down stripping her panties and placed a kiss on her pussy. Sameera moaned heavily. David then rose up and had a wild kiss on her lips and sameera too responded. Sameera then stopped and said "its enough come and screw me now". David now moved away from her and sat on the sofa along with his friends. Sameera told "why are you waiting for fuck me david ". David and his friends switched on the t.v. And started to watch a sex movie. After half an hour their cocks reached greater heights. Sameera was too full of lust as she too was watching the movie. Now one of david's friends asked can i fuck you now. Sameera agreed this time. Another asked what about me. Sameera shouted "all four of you fuck me like a bitch come on ". They closed all the doors and windows. Switched off the A.C. And fans. She started to sweat as they came near.
Then you must take some nice beating first said one of his friends.As said he took a whip and slashed hard over her body. She groaned in pain "ahnonoah......."then after the relentless punishment she was completely exhausted. Sameera's face was more sexy when she sweat.they liked the way she is.Everyone took their positions surrounding her . One caught her boobs and sucked caught her hair from behind and dragged her head back and kissed her lips. Sameera played vigorously as if she was in sex hunger for long days. One sucked and squeezed the entire body parts. David was the one slowly entering her pussy. Sameera could react only with her mouth to david's reaction by having a deep kiss to his friend enjoying her from back. David entire cock had gone in and david now started to taste the saliva of sameera as david' friend has now move to her ass hole licking. Sameera still cant sound heavily as her mouth is always busy. But sameera loves the way she had been both pain and pleasure. David on the verge of loading his cum as others have already finished squeezing her sweat flowing body waiting for their turn to come. David left her mouth and started moving fast. Sameera now screaming "ah ah ffffuck ah mmmmmmmmm" finally he had cummed in.they untied her now so as to take new positions. One of the friends grabbed her to the floor and sameera immediately reacted by kissing his tasted salty as everyone is sweating .sameera too like the bodies sweating out.sameera on seeing the sweating muscular body placed her pussy on his cock. Slowly rising up and down on that cock. While her back was not let free as a cock tried to enter her ass hole. Sameera didnt worry of taking two cocks at a time. But here comes the third of david instructed her to take his cock in her mouth. Sameera holes are all filled. Sameera jumping up and down suddenly he was asked to throb a cock in his hand and stroke it. She began to do it too. Her body is wet heavily due to monumental sweating. They throb even faster seeing her sweating face and body.

The man from her back got her arousal higher and higher by kissing her sweaty neck and penetrating the ass. Whereas sameera's hands full of cum where the one she holds in her hand. David took her cock out from her mouth after she had drink all his juices and he settles in the sofa. The man who was beneath her was taking the dripping sweat from her body was had his cum in her pussy. As soon as he cum he left her and went away. At last the man at the ass finally gained some momentum. Sameera at her last stage of finishing things off moaned "ah noo mmmmm fuck fuck ah ah no mmno ".he loaded her all his cum. He then felt over her and sameera was breathing heavily after a tired and sweaty workout. The man who screwed her ass stood up tired and leaned over a chair. Suddenly a long whip shot through her back sameera turned suddenly. It was the man whom didnt fuck her. Sameera knowing his demand went crawling towards him due to tiredness. Soon she caught his waist and rose up and said "sorry dear didnt notice you,fuck me fuck me baby i am your slave come on ". Sameera was asked to kneel down she did.

The man then showed his foot near his face sameera licked it with pleasure.sameera then slowly reaches his cock and takes to her mouth and slowly throb it. The man was overwhelmed and was on high five and he want to treat his slave as just. After sameera taking loads of cum to her mouth. A large moan from her mouth "ah nono mmmmah nono please fuck ah ah ah" the man was licking her pussy lips and teasing her. Sameera holding his head strong in his pussy. She want raw sex now. She took his mouth and said "come baby fuck me fuck me like shit ". Everyone came near her and surrounded her .sameera said "oh everyone cum on me fast ah " as she gasped her breasts. They then tied her again to the clamp and two licked her pussy and rest licking her ass. Sameera was bizarre of the situation and shouted "what happened bastards fuck this bitch up come on". They continued teasing her by licking . Sameera was strobing up and down "please fuck me,Serve your cocks to me ah". Everyone continued their job without noticing her. Sameera was groaning "uh ammmum ah ". A huge sweats guide her body.droplets of sweats running entire sameera like a rain. This sweat running sameera was about to cum.

Sameera sex hunger was growing violently. She was shouting as if she wants two cocks in each of her hole. Then she splashed her cum with a scream over the face near her pussy. Sameera then took a long breath and she was holed down by adjusting the clamp in the way she was kneeling. Everyone kept their cocks near her face and splashed their cum juices in return. Sameera's face was sticky and oily due to the sperm mess and their cum reaches till her breasts. Sameera then asked lustfully "now what you going to do with this bitch " as said she licked the cum near her mouth. Then they whispered within themselves for a time. Sameera was waiting lustfully. The man who still want to fuck her came near her. Others went near the sofa and started to take the video of this scandal. Sameera without noticing their shooting said loud "ah yeah man come on take this bitch ". He guided her cock straightly towards her pussy and letting in and out. Sameera trapped her legs around his waist strongly and taking all his cock. By the time they shared their saliva by vigorous kissing. Soon after some time their body shaking has been violent and he started scratching her sweating back and getting her closer. Everything is recorded. A loud gasp from both of their mouth as if they could not take more. They have cummed now. He took his cock out and felt to the floor. Sameera was too tired now and entirely wet from heat. She slowly closed her eyes.

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