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Safe as the bank
07-14-2011, 07:40 AM
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Safe as the bank
John worked as an advisor in a bank and enjoyed his time there. He got to see and talk to a lot of different people, while also playing with numbers which he liked so much. John was a rather open and friendly guy, though some may say he´s kind of nerdy sometimes. He didn´t care, as long as he got to do what he liked no one could put a cloud over his head.

It was a Friday and all employees were enjoying the outlook of an up and coming weekend. John had planned to take an early one to go home and watch the Olympics on the television. He was walking down the corridor, humming his tune which quite a lot of people find annoying when he bumped into his boss´ boss. Now you´d think that anyone senior in a bank corporation would be a man of 60+, but in this case you´re mistaken. This woman, Jodie, was the daughter of the owner of the company and had been put into the managerial team to learn and spy.

"How are those reports on the discrepancy between fiscal years of 07 and 08 doing" she asked. John was taken aback, for one by how the hell did she know that he was working on that? And why the hell did she care? Those reports didn´t matter anyhow. He managed to studder a yes thank you, they´re in good shape. Jodie first seemed annoyed by the answer, not giving her the details she wanted, but she then changed her look and rather smiled. There was something inviting about this quirky guy. "come into my office at closing hours" she said and walked off.

John muttered a " fuck shits and pieces!" to himself, well knowing that he would have to watch the women's diskos throwing on tape which he hated. He sat and fumed for himself for a while when he suddenly had a strange feeling; why in the lords name had Jodie told him to come to her office after working hours? She could well have gotten the report from the intranet. John started getting worried, worried that she might fire him. On the other side, from all the porn movies he´d watched it was also quite apparent that he was summoned to her office to please her sexually. John chuckled to himself when thinking about "pleasing sexually". On the other hand he was starting to feel a bit aroused by the thought. Jodie was known to be a bit of a bitch sometimes, but she sure didn´t look like a bitch. Well, he could picture her in some crazy sex games but at work she looked like someone he could easily get it on with if he had to.

Venturing into the fantasy of fucking Jodie, John noticed that he was getting a bit hot. The women´s diskos were long gone from his mind and he started to feel that his dick was making moves. He didn´t have a complete boner, but it was certainly moving. John knew that if anyone cared to look at his crotch walking in the corridor, they´d either think that he was about to get a boner or just had an exceptionally large penis. He didn´t care. John actually walked valiantly over to the copy machine where one of his female colleagues stood. They talked a bit about the coming weekend when his colleague noticed his pants. John was waiting for it; "what about it?" he said. He knew that his colleague here had been keeping a keen eye on him and he wanted to test the waters. She said nothing but smiled. He took her hand and put it on his thigh, well out of sight from other colleagues. He left her hand there and put his arms behind his back. She looked down and started to squeeze his thigh, John was growing. She moved her hand over and found his cock. She stroked it for a while, then made an attempt to unzip his pants. John broke off, saving the momentum for the meeting with Jodie. "Lets meet Saturday, my place" was all he said before walking off.

With a full pitched tent John was a bit more cautious with where he went. It was only 5 minutes until the meeting and he had to go to the toilet in order to get control over his raging erection. He was just about ok when the time had come. He knocked on the door and walked in when Jodie answered. They moved over to the conference table and he sat down in anticipation. John was disappointed to see that Jodie sat opposite him and that the pages of the report was spread over the table. So much for dirty fantasies he thought. Jodie started questioning him about the report and John answered. There was a particular case in the report where Jodie didn´t quite understand, she moved over next to him and showed him. John was starting to feel tense again, smelling the perfume of Jodie, he couldn´t help stealing a look into her blouse. No bra he noticed.

Jodie caught John looking, but didn´t let him know that she saw him staring. Jodie had been waiting for this meeting since they ran into each other in the corridor. She did need to get some questions answered about the report, but surely it was not necessary to call him into his office for it. She´d just taken interest in this strange guy, he seemed like he would be able to do anything without hesitating. She also caught a glimpse of him walking around in the office with a semi erection. Instantly her interest had turned into passion. She had been thinking how it would be to have him between her legs, play with her nipples and pussy. She hadn´t gotten much done the afternoon and now she just hoped she would see John making a move with her. She´d moved over to him already and now he was eying her tits. Still he didn´t make a move.

John caught himself looking a bit too long and asked Jodie to repeat her last. She got up from the chair and said "let me show you" while bending over the table to fetch the page she was talking about. John pretty much had his face right next to her ass when she bent over. Was she doing this on purpose? She moved slow enough to have it seem so. John started wondering again. He thought about placing his hand on the inside of Jodie´s leg under her skirt.

Jodie bent over and pretended not to find the page she was looking for. "Please, please make a move" she thought to herself. Now or never. She was still looking when she heard that John started breathing heavier. She smiled knowing that he was horny. She was flapping through the different pages when she felt a soft touch on the inside of her thigh. It was gone in an instant, she looked back and found John´s red and apologetic face. "I can´t find it, i´ll keep looking" She said.

John wasn´t able to help himself, it was an impulsive action. Jodie did not go insane fortunately. When she turned back again to look further for the page he understood. He placed the hand back, rubbing her thigh gently. He ran his hand all the way down to her feet. She had very nice legs. He pulled his chair back a bit so that he could easier access her. He now used both hands, tickling her a bit. He moved over to massaging her ass on top of her skirt. Jodie was now moaning and making noises. He lifted the skirt and saw that she wasn´t wearing any underwear either.

Jodie was no longer looking for the "missing" pages. She was just taking in the joy. She had problems standing almost, but resting her elbows on the table made it manageable. John had now lifted her skirt. She was dying to feel anything touch her pussy. She´d removed her panties just before John entered. He now ran his fingers up and down her ass crack, not going as far down as to her pussy. She heard him unzip himself. She heard the pants falling down on the floor, leaving his shirt on.

John bent down on his knees now. He wanted to smell and taste Jodie before taking her. He spread her ass cheeks and had a look at her pussy. It was gorgeous. He ran a finger along it and slowly inserted it into her. Jodie was twitching. He leaned forward and gave her the tongue. Licking from behind, John could both play with her clitoris and put his tongue inside her. She was dripping wet and all sound inhibitions had gone. John got to his feet again and got his cock in his hands, ready to insert them into Jodie.

"yeah come on big boy, fuck me, fuck me hard" Jodie said when John got back on his knees. Seconds later she felt his cock making its way into her. He took it slow, a few gentle thrusts. Then he picked up the pace steadily. Jodie knew that this was going to be quick and brutal. John had full speed now and were banging Jodie viciously. Jodie was sprawled out on the table, having to reach for the far end to hold on. As John pumped his dick in and out she was noticing that he was getting close. With a big yell, John pulled out and shot his load all over Jodie´s back. Jodie was still lying there, literally totally fucked.

John was resting on the table over Jodie. He was delirious and felt great. He turned around Jodie so that she was on her back now. He got a chair, sat down in front of her and started licking her. Jodie started twitching already. He worked her clit with his tongue feverishly, sliding two fingers into her. Jodie screamed that it was coming. She thrust her hips into Johns face when she came and came and came.

Jodie took a piece of random paper and said "I found it, thank you John that will be all" John didn´t protest, he pulled up his pants and went home to see the recording of the women's diskos. What a start of the weekend.

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