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SExual perversion has its benefits
07-14-2011, 10:21 AM
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SExual perversion has its benefits
After an afternoon shopping spree at the mall one Friday, Terri and I planned to go to my house with our newly purchased sexy lingerie as usual. We often modeled sexy attire together to see what would we wanted to wear on a night out on the town with our men. Hell after all, they are the ones who got us enjoying dressing like little sluts for their sexual amusement. We liked to play around as we flaunted our stuff while sampling the newly purchased merchandise.

Pulling into the driveway, I noticed my husband was already home as we approached the garage. That's weird I thought to myself, wondering why he was come early, was he sick or something?

"Hmm I wonder what he is doing home at two o'clock in the afternoon" I remarked to Terri, noting that he is never home before five or six.

"Lets be real quite as we enter, maybe he's asleep" I told her as we entered the garage.

"Ok, sure" she replied in a whispered tone as we quietly eased the kitchen door shut behind us, leaving the packages on the floor.

"We better take off our shoes, as they will give us away on the hardwood floor" I whispered to Terri. She nodded as we slipped off our shoes and crept down the hallway. We heard faint obscure music coming from the living room but couldn't quite make it out.

Once at the living room doorway, I was shocked to see him naked on the couch. He was jacking off his oily erection while watching a porno flick, that he was obviously enjoying. His hand was gliding up and down the well lubricated meaty shaft, as he watched a white girl pleasuring two oversized black cocks at the same time. He was so into the action, that he hadn't heard us come into the house. Pounding his cock to the action, unaware that we were watching him.

I noticied that Terri was enjoying the free shot of my man whacking his cock as she looked on curiously. Her hand was stroking over her stiffened nipples as she gazed at his erect cock. Myself, I was outraged in one hand and overwhelingly turned on in the other.

Looking at my onlooking sexy friend, I motioned for her not to make a sound as I pressed my fingers to her lips. Nodding her up and down as I took her by the hand and eased up a bit closer, standing about a foot or so behind my self pleasuring man.

Wrapping my arms around her waist, I began groping both of her breasts as I pressed my crotch against her ass while we watched him jacking off. Terri responded by pressing her ass backwards against my grinding advances.

He almost blew his load watching the black cock spurting blast after blast of cum into the woman's mouth. His hand was racing up and down the shinning shaft as he watched her nastily take all the creamy love juice the black stallion delivered..

Her watchful eyes roamed from the screen, to his masturbating hand and back to the screen as we stepped a bit closer. His motion was increasing, as his fat knob was turning purple and precum was clearly flowing along the thick cut ridge.

I was not about to let him cum just yet, as I was hot as hell at this point. Watching Terri eye balling his cock was pretty exciting, but he wasn't about to know that we enjoyed it.

"Just what do you think you are doing" I announced as we walked beside him, jacking off to a porno flick? "And what kind of movie is this, it's not one of ours" I asked interroagatting?

"So what is it you like, the big black cock or the white girl on the big black cock you enjoy watching" I asked him in a rough voice as my hands were firmly planted on Terri's titties?

Immediately he searched unsuccessfully for something to cover up with as he looked at us standing there, with total embarrassment in his eyes. His erection seemed unchallenged with our sudden appearance, as the action continued on the screen.

Terri, caught off guard by the scene going on said "perhaps I should leave" in a weird kind of voice.

"Oh hell no, your not going anywhere right now" as my hands clung to her huge breasts. We remained in our tightly posted position directly in front of his naked body. His erection seemed to return once I announced that she was not leaving. Terri's eyes seemed glued on his erection, as he starred at my groping hands exploring every inch of her covered breasts.

"Go ahead dam it, stroke your cock because we are not going anywhere and neither are you" I blared out at him while feeling my pussy quivering inside. I was so turned on that in the fact that my best friend was watching him jack off his cock while I fondled her breasts. Looking at her expression, I knew that she was just as aroused as I was.

"So you like jacking off to fake as shit on a porno flick whenever I'm not home huh" I asked rudely as Terri pressed her ass up and down against my crotch.

"Ugh" he started to reply, noticing Terri's movement.

I interrupted and snapped "stroke your fucking cock for us" as I pulled her closer to me.

"That's right, stroke it like you were a few minutes ago" I ordered as my hands slipped underneath her top. Terri squirmed as I found an erect hard nipple and began to pull and tweak it between my fingers.

Terri looked at me with a puzzled look in her eyes as he slowly palmed his cock up and down as he looked at both of us, then at the action on the screen.

"You would rather jack off alone while watching some actress being manhandled by two huge black cocks, rather than jack off watching two real women huh" I asked him viciously?

"You stay right there and keep jacking your fucking dick" I snapped at him as I took Terri by the hand towards the kitchen.

"What's up" she asked, remarking "that he looked so embarrassed we caught him jacking off?'

"We are going to have some fun, just like we always do when we finish shopping. The only difference is that there will be someone will be watching" I replied with a full grin on my face.

We took the bags into the bedroom and placed the items on the bed so we could easily choose the items to model by category.

"Tai, his big cock looked really good" she giggled as we began to undress. Her nipples were extremely hard and dark I noticed as her top lifted over her head.

"I was shocked, I didn't know he watched porno flicks or jacked off alone" I remarked, adding "that we are going to have some fun with it though"

"Are you game Terri" I asked, "ready to get sluttish and have fun like we always do?"

"Sure" she replied with that ready to fuck look in her eyes as she stood there totally naked. Her body was hot, and I was hot to play.

"Good, then just follow my lead at first" I laughed nastily, advising " that we will model the nasty club ware clothing we just bought just like we always do, and see how he likes our performance."

"Cool" she answered as she picked up the micro skimpy black skirt and wrap around halter top. I picked up the tiny jean skirt and an even skimpier push up bra top. Neither one of us had any desire to wear panties or a thong, as we enjoy flashing a sneak peak.

Terri emerged from the changing room, looking like she was ready for a hot night on the town. Her tiny skirt clung to her rounded ass cheeks, while her full cleavage emerged from the center cut halter top. The straps were just wide enough to conceal her thick dark nipples, but the sheerness of the material allowed her huge dark areolas to shine through.

She was hot, there was no dening that fact as my pussy was raging in anticipation as I watched her get dressed.

"Terri, your hot as hell girl" I told her as I noticed her ass cheeks peering from beneath the skirt hem, and her massive breasts swaying as she stepped gracefully in her spiked heels. Standing behind her, I wrapped my arms around her petite waist as I kissed her passionately on the neck.

"Mmm" she responded as I felt her ass cheeks pressing backwards against my hungry naked pussy while my hand roamed underneath the revealing hem line.

Taking my outfit to get dressed, I hollered out to him "you better be jacking that cock, it better be nice and hard when we get out there".

She looked and me and smiled fully as I went into the changing area. Before getting dressed, I had to touch my aching for attention pussy. It was saturated, my clit was fully hard and erect as a finger eased inside. My inner walls were hot, wet and sticky as I fingered myself and thumbed my budding clit. It only took a few minutes to work myself in a frenzy, before unleashing quite moans of relief.

"Ah" I moaned just loud enough for him to hear me, after all we wanted to tease him, not please him.

Coming from the changing room, Terri announced "dam Tai, you are fucking nasty hot". " I love the way your pushup bra top reveals all your cleavage, and allows those thick dark nipples to be seen". "And fuck, that skirt, shows off your ass so well" she remarked as I strutted around for her viewing pleasure.

I grinned "So you like it huh?" I asked as I bent over and gave her a real look at my hand slapping a ready to be satisfied pussy.

"Oh hell yeah I like it, dam, I could even see your exposed clit when you bent over" she exclaimed

"Good, lets go model for Mr. Jack off" I announced as I pulled her from the room. "Lets give him something to jack off to".

Terri just giggled as she looked at me and grinned in approvial with the suggestion.

Entering the room, we noticed that he maintained a full erection while we were gone. We stood beside the big screen so he could watch whatever he wanted to, a flick or live action.

Untying her wrap around halter as we softly kissed each other on the lips, I fondled her protruding nipples from behind their narrow restraint. I began to caress and suck them tenderly, making Terri moan in delight.

"Mmm Tai, suck them harder, it feels so good" Terri moaned softly.

Releasing her large areola from my lips, I asked "wouldn't you rather jack your meat off to this kind of action"?

"Sure I would" he replied as Terri's mouth quickly found my exposed erect nipples. Her warm wet mouth molded around my bronzed areola and sucked it into her mouth.

"Ah Terri, yes suck my titty into your mouth. Ah shit that feels so good" I screamed as her mouth was pulling on it.

"Well then, what about this" I panted as he watched Terri tongue my nipples to a full erection before inserting them into her mouth. My hands slithered down her side, clutching her curved ass firmly as she continued the sucking action on my tits.

"Yes, that's so hot" as he continued stroking his cock in anticipation of our actions.

Placing my hand under her tiny skirt, I slipped a finger inside her burning oven as I dropped onto my knees. Slowly I pushed a second finger inside, and pumped them in and out.

I asked him "if he really liked watching us playing with each other, or if he would rather watch the movie?"

"Oh Tai, that feels so good" Terri moaned as he stroked his cock harder, watching me lower her tiny black skirt to the floor. Terri raised one heel at a time, nastily stepping out of her skirt.

I spread her hairless lips, showing off her wet inner pink meat before allowing my tongue to penetrate it. It tasted so sweet as she pressed it to my face.

Flicking my poker tongue skillfully into her moist pussy she began moaning "Yes Tai, you really know how to lick my nasty pussy" as his fist man handled his cock .

With my tongue licking her fully opened snatch, I asked him "do you really like seeing this"?

"Oh yes baby" he replied while working the knob in and out of his fist as he watched my tongue going in and out of her tiny hole. He watched as I spat my salvia bewteen her lips, and tongued it out in strands.

"You better not cum" I scolded loudly as Terri reached down, pulled my bra top off and tossed it aside.

Her hands felt great on my aching breasts, pulling and tugging on my aching nipples while I licked her clit into a violent orgasm. She cum all over my face, saturating my hair so that it was left matted against my face.

Standing up, I looked at him and said, "so you would rather jack off top a porno flick than to us"

"Oh hell no, no way" he responded still stroking his stiff prick with a frazzled look on his face.

He looked on as Terri joined me on the floor. Nuzzling into a sixty nine position with me, we began licking and sucking each others womanhood as if he wasn't even there. Fingers probed openings as our tongues found their marks on hardened clits.

We both were moaning and screaming as we got each other off for the first time, not caring that he was only feet away. This time he would not be joining in, nor would he be getting his dick sucked by either of us. Too bad I thought, but oh well he deserves to be punished for what he did.

We locked our knees around each others head as we licked and sucked each other off into a fantastic joint orgasm. We thrashed around on the floor, lapping each others cunt like dogs in heat. Within moments we were screaming in pleasure, "begging each other not to stop" even though neither one us was about to stop.

His cock looked like it was about to explode, pre cum had covered the majority of his swollen purple colored knob.

Removing my mouth from her juicy pussy just long enough to state "So you would rather watch a fake ass porno flick of a white girl fucking and sucking black cock than watching us would you"

"No way" he argued, "I'd rather watch you two" as he looked at the screen, then down at us still in the sixty-nine position.

"What do you think Terri, he says that he would rather watch us" I asked as I pulled Terri towards the couch.

"I guess he likes watching us, I don't know" she replied as we knelt on the floor before him watching him casually stroked his dick

"Yes girls, I'd rather watch you two than a porno flick" he rebutted

"Watch the two of us what" I inquired

"What you two are doing" he answered as we moved closer towards his wanting to be relieved cock.

"Oh" I replied "you like watching what we are doing, but you would rather watch the bitch suck those black cocks on the screen"

"No, that's not what I meant" he replied in a twisted voice

"So what do you mean" I asked him while flicking my tongue teasingly at his cock?

"I meant, Id rather watch you two doing anything you would like to do" he said insistently

I whispered to Terri, "tease his fucking cock, take his cock like your going to suck him off, but just tease him for a little while".

Smiling and nodding her head in approval, she traced the underside of his meaty shaft with her tongue and softly nibbled on his swollen nut sack.

"Ah yes, that's feels so good Terri" he whimpered as his hand was griping the swollen knob tightly. Terri's tongue sampled the pre cum as her poker like tongue invaded the tiny one eyed slit, driving him crazy.

"What's a matter, you don't think we could handle a big black cock like your little bitch on the screen" I snarled at him "What we are not good enough, or what?" "Here we are naked, sucking each others pussy and titty while you jack off, isn't that better than a flick?

"Yes Baby, its really better. You two are great" he replied.

I whispered in Terri's ear "suck his cock good, but don't let him cum!"

Acknowledging my instructions, Terri happily lowered her opened mouth over his swollen knob and pressed down over it. Leaning forward, I started tonguing the salvia coated shaft, swapping salvia and tongues as proceeded to suck his cock.

"You like sucking his cock Terri" I asked joking, knowing how much she loves giving head.

"Mmmhmm" she replied with a mouthful of cock.

"But he doesn't think were good enough to suck a big black cock" I restated out loud, watching the girl sucking a huge black cock on the screen.

He replied, "girls, I know your good enough. This situation got flipped around somehow, but yes your good enough. I'd rather jack watching you guys in action anytime" he reinserted.

"Ha, you better prove it" because I'm not having someone thinking I'm not able to handle business. "Call Frankie and invite him over, tell him the action is hot. Have him come directly in through the sliding door in the living room" as I threw the cell phone at him.

Frankie is a friend of my husband, who is extremely tall and lanky. In addition to his beautiful ebony color, the girlie club says that he has a monster cock to die for and knows how to use it. He has been to some of our parties, bit I have never had any alone time with Frankie.

"Ok cool, I'll see you then" my husband responded in the phone before hanging it up. "It's all arranged, Frankie will be here in about an hour" he stated.

"Come on Terri we have things to do" as we headed towards the bedroom. "You just sit right there and keep your cock hard for the action that is about to happen" I giggled.

"What's the plan" Terri asked in a mysterious voice

"Well if he likes to watch girls working on monstrous black cocks, then I figured he should get to watch what he likes "We are going to let Frankie have his way with us, and he is going to watch our smutty asses fuck and suck his big black cock" I replied.

My pussy was creaming just thinking about it, as we had to change into some real nasty clothes. My nipples were aching to be touched as I thought about how big his cock might be.

"Tai, we better get ready, it's almost time for monster cock to arrive" Terri announced laughingly as I realized that she had found my large black double headed didlo.

We toyed around with the fake cock, but realized the real deal was about to cum over.

I picked out a red bustle that simply cradled my breasts while pushing them up completely. It laced tightly in the front and had a little black lace trim that sat just above my ass crack. It left both my ass cheeks and shaven pussy totally exposed while sporting a pair of six inch stiletto heels.

"That is so hot" Terri remarked as I looked into the floor length mirror adjusting the appearance of my makeup.

Terri had chosen a shear black ass length piece of lingerie, which showed off her huge breasts, nipples and ass. She was fucking hot, and I was horny as hell.

"He's here" Terri announced hearing the car door close. We both peeked out the windowed and admired the tall black muscle bound man that was about to do whatever he wanted to us.

Ducking down as he entered the living room, he said "hello"

"Hey Frankie" Terri and I responded in the same breath. He was wearing a pair of athletic shorts that showed off his muscular legs and a tank top that revealed his deeply cut chest and arms. Dam is so sexy, what a fucking hunk of a man I thought to myself.

We walked over to him and I introduced him to Terri. We hugged and kissed hello as our hands began to roam all over his muscular body.

"So what's going on" Frankie asked, noticing my husband naked on the couch griping his cock.

"Well he was a bad boy and is being punished for what he did" I explained as I looked over at him. "We walked in on him jacking off to a porno flick of a chick being taken by a monstrous black cock. I figured why should he have to masturbate to a flick, when he can watch us doing the real thing" I continued.

"Wow, too bad he will have to sit this one out" Frankie said, "hell I love doing other men's women, and making them do whatever I tell them to do.

"Yeah too bad" I replied as Frankie held us tightly against his torso as Terri looked at me and grinned.

"Hey stud, turn off the flick, you might want to watch what we are going to do" I told my husband

Teri and I slowly raised the tank top over his head, and was shocked at the actual size of his chest. His muscle defination was incredible as we began kissing and nibbling it all over. Looking down, I could see that Terri wasted no time in finding his cock. Her hand was stroking the length on top of his shorts and it looked so inviting.

"You girls ready for some fun" Frankie asked

"Mmmhmm" we both replied as we both had our hands all over his growing cock. Damn it was big, and getting bigger as we stroked it. My pussy juices were flowing, my body was full of electricity in anticipation.

"You really want him to watch everything" Frankie asked laughing

"Oh hell yes" I replied, "and he will jack his cock as he watches"

Moving the coffee table backwards a bit, Frankie told us "to get onto out hands and knees facing each other so that he has a good view of what is going on"

Quickly Terri and I were in position, face to face on the coffee table as Frankie stood between us.

"Kiss each other passionately" he said while pressing our heads against each others. Lips touching lips, tongues touching tongues as our mouths molded to each others. Tongues darted in and out as we passed salvia back and forth. I felt my pussy raging as my man looked on, only able to watch.

Pulling us apart, he instructed us to undress each other one at a time, and told me to go first. Getting up onto the floor, I stood behind Terri and softly caressed her neck while my hands slipped underneath her shear covering. Groping her ass cheeks momentarily before raising her negligee to her rounded breasts then over her head.

"That's good Tai, now what else do you want to do to her" Frankie asked with a massive erection visible

Standing behind her, I inserted two fingers into her begging to get fucked pussy, and one into her tight asshole. Slowly I fingered both of her tiny openings until she responded by pressing against my intrusive fingers.

"Ahh Tai, ahh that feels so good" Terri moaned out loud as I increased the speed and depth of my invading fingers. She was ready for action, noticing the stickiness of her pussy as I withdrew my fingers.

"Ok Tai, get back on the table" Frankie ordered

Totally naked, Frankie commented "Terri, your a beautiful looking woman, now go to Tai and help her undress"

I felt her hot hands untying the lace, and freeing my big breast. My nipples were hard as a rock, as my breasts swayed freely.

"Terri, look at her nasty pussy, its leaking love juices already. Taste her, bury your mouth in her saturated pussy then get back on the table.

"Ahh shit" I moaned when I felt Terries lips and tongue between my inner lips. It felt so good, I bucked my ass up against her face as her tongue invaded my honey pot.

Back on the table, "Frankie told Terri to kiss me again, to share my succulent juices. Terries lips met mine, the taste of pussy was fresh as her tongue entered my mouth. I began to suck softly, wanting every drop of that flavor in my mouth.

"You girls are good, but l want to see how good you really are, are you ready?"

"Mmmhmm" we replied as the same time looking at his growing cock.

I unhooked the snap to his shorts while Terri fumbled with the zipper. Peeling the waistband back, we both placed our hands inside his shorts and found his huge cock waiting for us. Terri was messaging his nut sack while my hand worked the massive length from the base to the knob. His shorts dropped around his ankles and his beautiful black boa was fully exposed.

Terri and I looked at each other in awe, the thickness, the veined texture, the color, but most of all the abnormal length. His cock was huge, just what we had hoped for. A big fucking black cock I thought, as I stroked it while looking at my man. I had a smile from ear to ear as his cock felt so good in my hand .

"Terri, put your hand around the base and Tai open your cock sucking mouth" which we did so eagerly. Terries hand barely reached around the thick girth of the base.

"Place the head at Tai' s mouth Terri" Frankie instructed as I felt the warmth of his oversized helmet at my lips. "Lick it Tai" Frankie said, as my tongue obediently obeyed his command.

My tongue was swirling around his swollen cock head as my husband looked on. I stretched my tongue to lick the heavy veined underside of his meaty black shaft, while keeping my mouth fully opened. Drool was running down my chin as Frankie told Terri "to stroke his cock from tip to base".

"You want to suck this big black cock Tai" he asked

"Yes Frankie, I want your big fucking black dick in my mouth" I answered as I looked at my man

"That's right, stroke my big black cock" Frankie snapped at Terri. His cock was growing even bigger as I felt the big knob slowly pushing between my opened lips. Terri was stroking his cock, and his swollen knob was popping in and out of my wanting mouth.

"Close your mouth around it Tai, and pump up and down on it slowly", Frankie instructed.

Following his instructions, my head began to bob up and down his fully erect black snake. I saw my husband stroking his cock as I took a little more of his black snake into my mouth. The thickness of his cock filled my tiny mouth, but I wanted it. I wanted my man to watch his black cock have his way with my mouth.

"Oh yes Tai, suck my big black dick, you know you want it in your mouth" Frankie exclaimed.

"Mmmhmm" I moaned with a mouthful of his king sized cock, "Mmmhmm"

"Terri, Tai I want you two to share that cock head, feed it to each other. Allow your lips to work the shaft together, flick tongues together, and then swap tongues and salvia after you come off the knob" he ordered.

Obediently we tongued the shaft, flicking our tongues at each other occasionally before penetrating each others mouth with our salvia coated lickers. I resumed stroking the shaft while Terri prepared to take the knob it her tiny mouth. My pussy was raging when I wrapped my slender fingers around the mammoth shaft as Terri took the fat knob between her lips and sucked.

I was happy to suck Frankies big cock, and more happier to have my husband watching me. I loved sucking cock and this cock was something special I thought as I took it into my throat.

Again, we shared the fruit of his massive cock when he told Terri to stroke entire shaft while I retook the knob into my mouth.

I could feel the pulsating action deep inside his shaft as he told me "to go down on it". I pressed my lips down the shaft and began the process of swallowing the monster, inch by inch. I wanted his cum to lubricate my throat. I sucked harder and harder.

"Mmm" I moaned as I felt the first spurt of his thick seed hit the back of my throat, then another landing on my tongue. My mouth was full of his thick creamy spunk as he withdrew from it, sending a final spurt onto my face.

"Give it to Terri" he said. Leaning over, I spat a long thick strand of his thick seed to drip into her open mouth, then another. We swapped the salvia mixed mixture back and forth until it was all gone. His seedy taste was still strong in our mouths, just as his erection was still strong. My pussy was creaming and all I wanted to do was cum like never before.

"Ok Girls, lets take this into the bedroom and really get things going" Frankie said as I lead eagerly the way.

"Come on in and watch me honey, you know you like to watch your sluttish wife in action" I told my husband as he stood in the door way.

Frankie layed across the bed with his rigid cock in his hand and told "Terri to get in to sixty nine position with him".

She straddled him, taking his cock into her mouth while his tongue began to lap her vulva and inner lips. She was moaning in delight, and looked as though she enjoyed his black cock in her mouth as well.

"Ah yes, lick it" she screamed.

Frankie instructed me to squat over his cock facing him. My short statue allowed his cock head to rest between my lips naturally. I was scared and intrigued at the same time, feeling his fat cock head between my wanting lips. It felt great nuzzled against my love opening as Terries tongue found my clit exposed and hard. Her hand was wrapped around the base and was pumping it up and down.

I could feel her pressing the head forward. It was pushing against my tiny opening, stretching it apart.

"Ahh god" was all I could muster from my lips, as I concentrated on his cock slowly penetrating me.

I saw my husband watching as my tiny entry was being penetrated by something far bigger than any dildo we have ever used.

Oh God I thought, will it fit, can I take it, it didn't matter because I wanted that big black cock to fuck me. I wanted to know how it felt to take a cock so big, when I'm so small. I wanted my man to see me work that black cock to satisfaction.

Frankie bucked his hips forward, pushing a little more inside my cavity. It was thick, filling my opening, stretching it apart as Terri licked my swollen outer lips.

Frankie was easing that black snake inside my fuck pit, inch by inch as Terri stroked it up and down.

Frankie told me "to lift off until I felt his knob at my lips"

Lifting off I hollered "Oh my god, I feel it" as I felt his massive fat knob pop out of the hole and push back in.

"That's right Tai, now push your fucking pussy down on that big dick" he instructed

Pushing down, I screamed "ah yes, give me that fucking cock Frankie, fuck me". Lifting up a bit, I quickly pushed back down the lengthy shaft, feeling it stretching my lips even further than before.

"I screamed out " Frankie, ah I'm going to ah..I'm cummming" as he pushed his cock in and out of my pussy. He continued to work his super sized cock into my tiny pussy as he thrust his hips forward. I looked over as my man saw me taking the black boa deeply inside my much smaller canal.

"Ahhh" I screamed out repeatedly as he allowed the snake to make its own path in my uncharted canal. "Its so big Frankie" I screamed as I felt every inch of my pussy filled with his cock.

His cock snaked its way into my inner cavity, bumping my cervix randomly with force. His manhood sent me into a wrenching cock delivered orgasm that pushed me over the edge as I thrashed around. Now I was primed and ready for the fuck of my life as his ebony prod stick had forged it's trail inside of me while my man saw what I could do.

I wanted more of that massive cock, no longer fearing it but wanting it. It gave me a feeling inside that I have never felt before. Ah shit, it was fucking great I thought as i felt the beads of sweat running down my body.

"Ah Fuck my pussy Frankie, please give me that big cock Frankie, Yes, thats it, please fuck me harder"I begged him.

"Watch that big black cock fuck me hard" I sneared at my husband

My man stood there jerking his cock as Frankie again seeded my pussy with his long snake like cock. He watched as the massive cock bore its own path into the depths of my pussy, while I screamed to be fucked harder and deeper.

Frankie held me by the hips and pounded my pussy like its never fucked before. My lips were spread so far apart by the thickest part of his shaft going inside of me deeply. My cervix was the recipient of an unrelentless attack as Frankie showed no mercy. Arching my hips to receive every inch of his magnificent fuck pole, he looked at me and smiled as I took his gift to the hilt

"Ah fuck, yes Frankie, yes" I moaned out, unable to scream as my body gave way to the deepest orgasm I have ever felt. I trembled and shook, my soul spiraling like a plane out of control as I cum again, releasing all over Terries pinned face.

"Ok girls, get into a sixty nine with Tai on the bottom" he ordered as we followed his instructions.

Frankie positioned my head at the edge of the bed, with Terries kneed lodged firmly on each side.

The scent of her arousal was heavy as she planted her pussy against my face. My tongue immediately began thrashing her inner lips as my hands spread them apart. Her inner lips were swollen and wet as I savored the sweet taste in my mouth while allowing my fore fingers to probe her exposed openings.

"That's right Tai, lick that pussy. Make it nice and wet for my big cock" he laughed.

"Mmmhmm" I moaned as I nibbled on her saturated inner labia, again tasting her sweetness.

Her vaginal droplets were flowing onto my tongue as Frankie stood over me stroking his black pole to yet another monstrous erection. He lowered the helmet shaped monster head, placing it at her tiny wet opening. It looked far too big to gain entrance as he told me to "wet the head"

My tongue licked her wet trail, then spat it onto his knob into my mouth, coating it with the mixture of my salvia and her juices. Her tiny opening, still spread apart by my fingers glistened with moisture of her desire.

Frankie pressed his knob forward, until the tip was pushing its way inside as I continued to coat the shaft with my salvia

"Ahh" she shrieked as the swollen head disappeared and the thick shaft followed suit. I could see her hole puckering inwards and spreading as he continued to press forward.

"Ahhh shit" she bellowed out loud as watched his ebony tool invading her inner pink opening.

Frankie's balls were hanging in my face as he lunged his remaing cock forward into her in a single thrust.

I took his giant nut into my mouth as he began to slowly pump back and forth, unwilling to release it. My head bobbed back and forth, as he pulled me forward with every thrust into her well opened pussy. His cock, shinning from heat to base as he pressed it deeper and deeper.

"Ah fuck Frankie, it's so big" she screamed as I saw me deliver the final thrust, burying his cock to the base.

"Ahhhh" she screamed as I watched her bucking like a wild bronco to take his large offering. "Yes Frankie, fuck me with that big cock, yes harder, yes I'm cummminggg" she wailed loudly.

Her fresh juices rolled out of her opened pussy onto my face as Frankie pulled his cock backwards and delivered a massive spurt of his seed inside of her. She was so wet, its flowed out as a milky liquid as Frankie continued to pump his cock faster and deeper.

Frankie withdrew his fully erect snake and spurted several blasts of creamy goo against her outer pussy lips. Her pussy was covered in his goo, slowly trickling down and onto my waiting tongue as I pressed my face into her. I licked and sucked every trace of his manhood I could find, it was smeared all over my face as I enjoyed licking all his cum from her pussy.

With a face full of cream pie, I was ready to let my man cum. I asked, "so did you enjoy the live performance"

My man now crazied to get off, walked over and jacked off in my face as well, delivering a load of cum from hell, saying "Baby I will watch you whenever you want..the hell with the flicks" "You can suck big black cock anytime you want, just aslong as I get to watch" he announced.

"Good" I replied, taking his semi hard cock in my mouth while stroking Frankie's cock to another erection.

"Mmmm" I moaned, as I rotated cocks in and out of my mouth until they both discharged another series of cum filled spurts in my cock loving mouth.

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