Retribution Part 5
Zoe continued to be quite the disciplinarian whilst my wife Susie was away, and I was spanked regularly together with Jeff, and now also 21-year-old Hannah. We would each have to go bare bottomed across my daughter’s lap to be spanked by her very firm hand and then with the strap, and occasionally with the dreaded cane. It was something to hear three adults gasping and crying as my daughter Zoe soundly spanked each of us in turn, the other two watching, either glad our own punishment was already over or waiting for our turn with trepidation.
One noticeable transition did occur. I certainly was far better behaved than I had ever been before. The thought of going across my daughter’s lap had certainly made me think more about how I conducted myself. I said please and thank you far more, actually thought about how Zoe might feel about whatever I was doing, not just because I knew of the potential of a sore bottom, but more because I was realising that when better behaved that Zoe was nicer towards me, naturally so. In fact I was enjoying my time alone with her. We bonded, had a good time together, and laughed a lot. Then, when I overstepped the mark I would see the glare in Zoe’s eye, know I had been naughty and accepted the inevitable trip across my daughter’s lap, understanding why she was cross and why I deserved to be disciplined. I even heard her tell Susie one time when she called from abroad just how better behaved I had become, and how much she enjoyed my company when I was well behaved, at the same time she told her she was now having to discipline Jeff and Hannah. She laughed a lot, presumably with whatever comments Susie was making, and I remember Zoe saying “well it looks like things will change when you get home but in the meantime I will make sure they all behave as best as I can. It’s hard work though.” Then the day came when the women came home. We all sat down in our lounge for tea. Susie had put on quite a spread, and she and Madge told us all about their trip, the places they had seen, and what they had done. Then the conversation inevitably turned to discipline. Susie said “so Marty, I understand your behaviour has improved.” I was really happy my wife made that comment. “Yes Susie, I certainly have a high opinion of Zoe. She might only be 21 years old, and she might well be my daughter, but I have a healthy respect for her. I know where I stand, and accept her decision when she tells me I have earned a spanking.” I smiled at Zoe and added “I even know when that is most times” “That’s good. So what went wrong this morning?” Susie said sharply. I looked at Zoe who was shaking her head in disapproval. I hadn’t cleaned up the breakfast things. I was going to but the match started on TV and I didn’t want to miss it. “I just forgot Susie” I said, knowing what that meant. Nice tea or not, well I was going to be disciplined. Madge turned to Jeff and said “and you Jeff, the bedroom was in a mess. How come?” Jeff blushed, and said “I needed to watch the TV. The recorder is broken and if I missed it then I wouldn’t know what happened until next week.” “Well, I am surprised with you, and you know what that means don’t you.” Madge was cross. “Yes” he said reluctantly. Madge said to Zoe “so, you used the cane a few times I understand.” “Yes, I had to. It was the best way to keep control. You were right there Mum,” she added, smiling at Susie. Susie said to me “Well, Marty, please go upstairs and bring the cane down, and a strap. Hurry please.” I didn’t argue. There was no use, and even less use when I knew the cane was going to be in easy reach. When I got back there had obviously been a further discussion. Jeff was standing facing the wall and he was naked. Not just below the waist but completely naked. My mouth dropped open. I looked at Susie but she didn’t say anything. Madge did. “OK Marty give me that cane, then get undressed and stand by Jeff” she said strictly. I handed the cane to Madge who hung it on a picture hook on the wall, no doubt as a constant reminder it was there. Then I said “but Madge, why completely naked?” “You know Marty, I don’t think we need to answer to you. In fact what I reckon is that if you are naughty you just have to accept what we tell you, including how you will be disciplined. May be even being caned if you continue to argue. Is that clear?” I didn’t say anything else, not with that strict tone, like I seem to remember she used with Jeff in the early days but not for a long time. Not with the cane hanging on the wall and within easy reach. I quickly stripped off and stood facing the wall, not daring to peek around nor even glance at Jeff. I just listened intently to the conversation going on between the four women. Madge said to Zoe “OK, now we have a modicum of order, I will be spanking Jeff and you will spank your father.” “OK, presumably full discipline spankings” replied Zoe with that authoritative tone of voice I found quite scary but almost sexy at the same time. I realised I was getting a hard on and bent away from the wall. “Of course Zoe. Do you still use the strap on your father?” “I do Madge. I tried the hairbrush once and it was good, but I like the sound the strap makes.” “That’s fine, but I have found the hairbrush to be rather more rewarding so I will be using this on Jeff.” Madge sounded almost ecstatic, I could hear the rustle of someone looking in a bag for something and then Madge said “this really does sting I can tell you.” She stood behind Jeff and whispered “as you will be finding out very soon my lad.” I heard Jeff gasp and realised Madge had grabbed him by the balls and led him over to the spanking chair. Zoe came up behind me, grabbed my penis and balls and yanked, making me turn, and she led me over to the other spanking chair. I looked across at Jeff and saw he was already being guided across his wife’s lap and positioned. She seemed more daunting than I remembered. I realised that Madge had removed her skirt, and when Zoe sat down I saw she had removed hers already. They really didn’t like us to stain their skirts so I wasn’t surprised. “You still get those erections before a spanking Dad, why can’t you be more like Jeff? “Sorry Zoe” is all I could ever say when she spoke about my erections. My 21-year-old daughter discussing my penis. It was bad enough when she grabbed it and forced me to follow her. One fact was for certain. Madge had taken over responsibility for spanking Jeff from Hannah. Now I had to focus on what was going to happen to me as Zoe was now guiding me across her bare thighs and the carpet came up to meet my face, as it had done so often. I just thought how I shouldn’t have watched the football. It was a rotten game, my team lost, and I was going to get spanked to boot. A lousy outcome all around in fact. I heard the steady spank of hand on bottom and knew Madge had started spanking Jeff, and I heard Jeff moan as each spank hit home. A few moments later and Zoe was spanking my bottom and I was joining Jeff with moans of my own as my bottom started to get sore as Zoe landed spank after spank, all over my bottom and tops of legs. My erection soon disappeared, as usual. Zoe stopped now and again and although my eyes were filled with tears I looked up, mainly at Madge and Jeff because her gaps were taken at different times and I could see Madge’s hand strike Jeff’s bottom, register just how red his bottom was already, how the skin wobbled as Madge struck him, how his back arched slightly, and then as her hand rose and the same pattern was followed time and again. One such time I saw that Madge had taken up the hairbrush, and as I followed the arc of her arm and saw the hairbrush sink into Jeff’s bottom I realised two things. First the sound of the wooden backed hairbrush was quite different to the strap. It was almost a thwack, and the whole of Jeff’s bottom wobbled as a direct reaction to the flat head of the hairbrush covering so much more of his bottom than the strap. The second, even more noticeable, was the way Jeff’s back arched, his mouth flew open, and he shrieked, maybe more than with the cane. Somehow Madge looked so sexy as she wielded that hairbrush, so much so I felt my penis stiffen and force itself against Zoe’s thigh. My daughter’s thigh. No matter how I tried to get rid of it, so it got longer. I closed my eyes and thought about Madge spanking me with that brush but I just got stiffer. I heard Zoe say “nice one Madge, that looks effective.” “It is Zoe.” I felt Zoe rub my bottom and knew we were both looking across at Madge as she spanked Jeff several times with the hairbrush. Jeff was crying freely whilst Madge was just focussing on where she was going to spank Jeff next. Zoe then said “Guess what Madge, you are so effective Dad has got a hard on, against my leg.” She sounded cross. Zoe then gave me spank after spank until my erection had gone. It stung like crazy but at least I wasn’t rubbing myself against my daughter’s thigh any more. Zoe rested for a bit and I recovered. She was talking to Madge about the hairbrush again, and then I realised Susie and Hannah were talking as well. I heard their voices to my other side and squirmed around. I double took with what I saw. Somehow I wasn’t at all surprised to see Hannah standing there, her hands on her head, looking at Madge and Jeff. Expressionless. What did surprise me though was Susie was standing next to her, also stark naked and with her hands on her head. How come I wondered? Susie wasn’t expressionless. She lent across to Hannah and said “it really hurts Hannah, and Madge knows how to use it with great effect. The last time she spanked me with it I watched as she slowly took it out of her handbag and thwacked it in to the palm of her hand. I nearly wet myself there and then.” Hannah’s face scrunched up but she looked as though this was something she knew would happen to her. I felt myself start to become erect as I watched first the spanking Madge was giving Jeff, and then got even stiffer as I gawked at Hannah and Susie standing naked, their hands on their heads their breasts standing so proud, their hair mounds somehow glistening, maybe already wet with anticipation, but why I didn’t know. Madge said to them “ok girls, keep it down, we need some quiet here whilst these two are disciplined.” Then Madge said to Zoe “do you want to try this on your father?” “I’ll try it sometime” I heard Zoe say, “but for now I’ll use the strap” and it was my turn to gasp as the first stroke with the two pronged leather strap hit me fully across my bottom. I didn’t have time to recover before the second stroke hit me, and then it was just a constant stream of spanks which I was finding harder and harder to cope with. I knew the tears were dripping down my face, I was sobbing madly, The spanking stopped suddenly, and Zoe said “OK Dad, I hope that teaches you chores come before TV. Does it Dad?” I squirmed around to look at my daughter and through tear filled eyes said “yes Zoe, I know.” “Good boy” she said, gave me a couple of hand spanks, and ordered “now go stand next to Jeff. Face the wall, and keep your hands on your head. No talking either.” I got up and only then realised that Jeff was already standing. As I walked towards him I saw how red his bottom was and my mouth dropped open, and as I got to him I saw his tear stained face heard him sobbing. I stood next to him and as I put my hands above my head Zoe said “you are right Madge, look at the difference between their two bottoms.” “Exactly Zoe. You should try it, maybe not to use every time, but a good alternative when an extra hard spanking is needed but he hasn’t earned the cane.” “I will try it Madge. I know you and Mum used it before but I don’t remember it being quite so awesome.” “I think you and Hannah liked the feel of the strap so never used it, but times do change, don’t they.” “They sure do Madge, not to mention the two bottoms that are about to be spanked.” Madge laughed. “It was a bit of a turn up for the books. A bit like Hannah deciding she liked to be on the receiving end.” “That was cool when it happened Madge, I just didn’t think Mum would be the same.” I couldn’t help it. I just turned and looked at Susie, still standing there, naked, with her hands on her head. “Susie?” I asked. Zoe screamed “how dare you Dad.” She took the cane off the wall, came straight over to me and spun me back around so I was facing the wall and the next thing I heard was the whoosh splat and my yelp.” “Sorry Zoe” I said just as I heard the second whoosh splat and scream. “Not good enough Dad. You were warned weren’t you.” I whimpered as I heard the third whoosh splat and I yelped slightly louder and was sure the stroke was landed with more strength than normal. “Now face the wall and just listen Dad. You’ll hear soon enough.” I let out a sob I just couldn’t stop, nodded, and kept as still as I could, looking at my black spot on the wall, and waited.

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