Retribution Part 4
I looked at Zoe and said “I’ve had seven already Zoe, isn’t that enough?”

Zoe came over to me, grabbed my penis and balls, turned me around, and felt my bottom. “It is striped and marked, but Mum said twelve strokes didn’t she?” “Well she does normally give me twelve but after a warm up. You didn’t warm me up did you?” I know it sounded like a moan, but I was hurting. Then she gave me the body blow. “I tell you what Dad, treat those first seven as the warm up, so you have twelve left, or if you argue I can always make it eighteen left. What do you say Dad? Twelve or eighteen, and add a nice big please.” I looked at my daughter and wondered how come she was so tough, and realised she got it all from her Mother of course. I took a deep breath and said “twelve please.” She came up, again grabbed my balls and penis, spun me around, let go, and I heard the whoosh splat and my next yelp after what was the eighth stroke. “Say it properly. Say twelve more please Zoe, hard ones.” I looked at her, realising immediately she hadn’t even counted this last one, and I had to ask for them to be hard. How embarrassing but what choice did I have? “Please give me twelve more hard strokes with the cane Zoe,” I said, scrunching my face up as I knew just how painful they would be. “And you Hannah, do you want twelve as well, or eighteen?” Hannah licked her lips and said quietly “please give me twelve Zoe, also hard ones please.” “Of course I will Hannah.” “Zoe” Hannah said “you will tell Mum I caned Dad won’t you?” “Yes Hannah” she answered and added in a harsher tone “but only if you take your punishment without arguing.” “Yes Zoe, of course I will” Hannah said. “Good. Go on then, skirt and knickers off, and bend over the chair.” Zoe came up to me and as usual grabbed me by my penis and balls and led me over to my spanking chair. “Dad, you bend over your chair.” “Zoe” Hannah asked, “can’t you do me in another room, so your Dad doesn’t watch?” Zoe laughed out loud. “Too late my girl. I rather think you are now on his side of the road.” “Pardon?” Hannah asked quietly. “Hannah, you’ve been naughty and now you will be spanked for it. No special treatment. Understand?” “Oh, I see” she said, downcast. I was quite excited by the prospect. I might be 45 years old and about to be given the cane by my own daughter, but at least I will have someone crying out next to me as I am caned, and a half naked 21-year-old Hannah, so not all bad. I looked across just as Zoe went across to Hannah, put her hand between her legs and gently yanked her, causing Hannah to gasp, Wow, now that was a turn on, for me at least. Hannah gasped again, grabbed Zoe’s hand, but let it fall away when she saw the look on her friend’s face, and accepted she must bow to Zoe’s will. Zoe said smiling “nice to see you are wet down there Hannah,” who was blushing deeply as Zoe led her 21-year-old friend to her spanking chair. Zoe added “let’s see how wet you are when I have finished with.” We both bent over and Zoe took up her position behind us. I looked sideways and saw Hannah, who looked back at me and smiled. Was it two naughty adults, about to be seriously disciplined, trying to buck each other up? Then I realised that wasn’t it. She winked at me. She was looking forward to this and it was then I realised that I wasn’t looking forward to it. I hated being caned. I didn’t mind being so close to a half naked Hannah, but that was it. Hannah though was actually looking forward to the pain. Then it happened. I got an erection as I was looking at Hannah. Zoe saw it and said “nice to see you are looking forward to this as well Dad.” Yet another put down by my authoritative daughter. I wanted to object, to tell her I hated being disciplined and in particular hated being caned, that is until she came up behind me, edged the cane between my legs, and tapped my balls a few times, very lightly but fast, and it did give me a sensation that caused me to stiffen even further. She then stood behind Hannah and did the same to her, between her legs, and Hannah gasped in a very sexy way. Had she done that for her friend? Had she wanted to put me down again? These questions flitted through my mind, until that is Zoe snapped “Ok kids, the fun stops here. Alternate strokes, OK?” We both answered “right” as our grips on the chairs hardened, knowing she had been teasing us. “Hannah, you first.” I felt her tense as the whoosh sounded, then the splat, then her yelp. Not as loud as I had expected though. Maybe Zoe was going soft on her for the first couple of strokes. “Well taken Hannah. I guess this isn’t your first caning is it?” she asked directly. Hannah looked around but held on to the seat. “No” she answered. Wow, that took me by surprise. “How come?” Zoe asked. “Mum borrowed the cane because I wanted to try it one time when I asked her to spank me.” “And you have come back for more?” “Yes” she said softly. “The cane hurts like crazy but makes me feel so alive.” “OK Hannah, good to know. At least I won’t need to go easy with you now” Zoe said sharply. Hannah looked back down at the seat. Next moment Zoe had moved across to me, whoosh, splat, oowww. She moved back to Hannah, drawing a louder gasp from her second stroke, and an even louder one from me. I realised Hannah was actually taking the cane far better than me. I watched as Zoe drew her arm back and arced it down towards Hannah’s bottom. She wasn‘t holding back. After six strokes each Zoe rested. “Nice bottom Dad, with all those lovely stripes.” Then she moved over to Hannah. I glanced around and saw Zoe stroke her bottom, gently, round and round. Hannah started to breath deeply as Zoe moved her hand down the back of her legs and up her inner thighs. I saw Hannah move her legs apart as Zoe’s hand went between them and up high, so she must have felt Hannah’s hair mound. I realised how much this was turning me on. A 45-year-old man watching my 21-year-old daughter touch up her 21-year friend. As Hannah moaned more and more I realised I was getting an erection. Hannah gave a gasp and I exploded. My cum spurted up and over the chair seat. Hannah gasped out loud and I knew she had come as well. I knew the two of us were breathing deeply, but both held on to the seat of our chairs. “Nice one Dad” I heard Zoe say, and I could not have been more humiliated. I had come in front of my daughter even though she hadn’t touched me. That humiliation was extended when Zoe stood behind me and said “right Dad, you get all six now” and one after the other there was the whoosh splat and yelp, with maybe only 10 or 20 seconds between strokes, one leg lifting higher and higher as the pain became intolerable, and when it was over I collapsed in a crying snivelling heap, beaten, ashamed. “Go and stand facing the wall Dad whilst I deal with Hannah” Zoe snapped, not showing me any sympathy. I walked over to the wall and looked at that same black spot trying to recover my composure, although wondered how I would ever be able to look at my daughter again. I heard six more whooshes, six splats and six loud gasps, from Hannah. They were more spaced out and I got the feeling Zoe was rubbing her bottom between strokes, but from the sound of the whoosh I reckoned they were good hard strokes and Hannah’s gasp was real. When it was over there was a period of silence broken only by shallow sobs from Hannah. I knew Zoe was rubbing her bottom again. I just heard my daughter say “still wet huh?” My penis stiffened again, touching the wall and I bent back. “Go and face the wall Hannah.” Hannah came and stood by me, her hands on her head, and I could see tears running down her face. Zoe said “better get used to it Hannah, as I guess you want to continue like this, being spanked.” “Yes please Zoe, would you?” “No problem. But Jeff has to be brought back in to line. I think your Mum will want me to get him back to heel before she gets home don’t you think?” “I guess.” “I tell you what, why don’t you ring him on my mobile.” Hannah rang the number and handed the phone back to Zoe who put her phone on loudspeaker and put her finger to her lips to make sure neither Hannah nor I made a noise. Jeff answered. “Hullo” he said. “It’s Zoe.” “Zoe? Hi.” “Hi Jeff. You OK?” “Erm, yes fine, and you?” “Feeling great. Anyway Jeff, get back here will you, I have a friend who wants to make your acquaintance.” “Oh yes, who?” “Can anyone hear me Jeff?” “No, erm, no one.” “Good. It’s Mr Cane.” There was silence from the other end. “Can you hear me Jeff?” “Have you seen Hannah?” he asked “I sure have Jeff, she’s standing in our lounge, hands on her head, and twelve stripes across her bare butt.” “Oh” Jeff said. “I see.” “So Jeff, Madge wants you to have twelve stripes as well, so can you come over now?” she said, her voice now much firmer. “I’m with friends.” Jeff replied, but his tone told her he was breaking. “Where?” “The White Horse.” “I know it. I tell you what Jeff, you be a good boy and come straight over or I’ll bring my cane and come to you. Which way do you want it?” Jeff immediately said “no problem Zoe, I’m on my way.” “Good. It should only take you 10 minutes, so let’s just say one stroke for every extra minute you take. Understood?” “Yes Zoe” he said flatly. “And now I have your mobile in my phone I’ll be able to talk to you whenever I need to, that’s good isn’t it Jeff?” Zoe said as she rang off and laughed. “So, he is on his way. I think you two have had enough. Why don’t you go to a bedroom each and sort yourselves out.” I turned and looked at Zoe. She was smiling and looking at my erection. I blushed. Zoe walked over to Hannah and cool as anything put her hand between her legs. Hannah accepted it, as though she knew Zoe was going to control her and she had to obey. Mind you Hannah was smiling. I guess if she enjoyed being disciplined that was very different to me. For me it just hurt. The only reason I got aroused was the thought of the closeness to a woman, not the pain. But I supposed it’s whatever turns you on. Zoe said after a few moments of feeling between Hannah’s legs and after Hannah gasped a bit “Still wet Hannah. Go on, use my room.” We both went upstairs. I thought I couldn’t be any more humiliated but I was. I had just been sent to my bedroom by my 21-year-old daughter to masturbate. And what is worse I was going to do just that. I lay on my bed and pictured Hannah being caned by Zoe, and slowly rubbed myself, getting more erect the more I pictured her, until I exploded and my cum flew out all over my chest and I groaned the groan that was so fulfilling, before collapsing back on to the bed. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Zoe opened the door and I heard her say “Hullo Jeff. Late I see.” “Sorry Zoe” he replied. “No problem. Three minutes late, so that will be fifteen strokes instead twelve. Anyway, go into the lounge. Hannah may have agreed certain things with you but I can tell you the deal is broken. I am going to be a very different kettle of fish to Hannah. You are going to suffer for the way you manipulated her. I mean really pay. Take your trousers and underpants off. You are gong across my knee for a spanking, will then get the strap, and twelve with the cane. I think that’s what Madge gives you? Plus the three for being late of course.” I hadn’t heard Zoe use this tone of voice for a long time, speaking as though she had every intention of thrashing Jeff until he was really suffering. She showed no respect whatsoever for the 45 year old father of her friend. 21 years old and in such unquestionable control. Just like her Mother again. So like her Mother. “Yes Zoe” Jeff replied and I heard him go in to the lounge. A few moments later I heard the spanking start and as it went on and on so my erection returned, yet again. I was picturing Hannah again in my mind, as though it was her being spanked downstairs, and as I pictured her beautiful bare bottom and legs I wondered if I was becoming fixated by the 21 year old, just as I knew she went through years of having a crush on me as she grew up. I knew it would be very silly, as Susie will be back in a few days, but reckoned dreaming never did any harm. I heard groans from the next room and realised Hannah was having another orgasm and I wondered who she was thinking about as she lay there, her fingers between her legs, listening to her father being spanked by her 21-year-old friend. I almost laughed when I suddenly realised that Hannah was a couple of months older than Zoe. I thought how apt, a 45 year old man and a 21 year old woman, two adults, listening to my daughter spanking a man 45 years of age, both of us masturbating on it or at least because of it. And not for the last time I reckoned, not by any means. It wasn’t going to be long before the two of us, maybe all three, will be spanked and even caned again together, by Zoe, my daughter, the youngest out of the four of us, still the one very much in charge. I heard Zoe scold Jeff and tell him finally to go home. I could tell from his voice he had been crying and no doubt regretting his manipulation of his daughter. Then I heard Zoe come upstairs. She opened my door and I feigned sleep. She went next door and I listened to her conversation with Hannah. “He looks like he’s asleep. Maybe the pain took its toll. Anyway, lets keep it quiet.” “OK” I heard Hannah reply “That was quite a turn on Hannah.” “What, spanking my Dad?” she asked laughing. “No, and well you know it. I mean touching you when I spanked you.” “Yes, it turned me on as well Zoe.” “Good” I heard Zoe say, but then there was silence for a couple of minutes before there were some giggles. I could make out Zoe saying “that’s nice Hannah, very nice”, and then heavy breathing that got heavier, and I realised what they were doing, just as I got the hardest erection all day. Great, my daughter and her 21-year-old friend, the friend I had just fantasised over, were actually making out together now, in the next room. Suddenly my bottom seemed to sting more as I remembered Zoe’s spanking and as I tried to blot out the noise of the lovemaking coming from the next room, and as my erection got harder I almost wished Zoe would spank and cane me again, just to get rid of it. Almost. To be continued ….

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