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I didn’t mind so much being spanked by my wife when it started all those years ago. Susie was annoyed, claimed I was acting childishly, one thing led to another and I ended up across her lap and had my bare butt turned bright red, not to mention sore and that I was unable to sit for a while. After that being spanked became the norm. When she decided I deserved to be that is, which I have to admit was fairly regularly. I never did grow up I guess.

We moved in to our present house several years ago. Susie got on well with Madge and Jeff next door, and we often went out together as a foursome. We both have daughters, both now aged 21, and both are good friends.

Over the years Susie kept on spanking me, and I discovered that Madge liked the idea and imposed it on Jeff. Jeff and I were great mates and often went out together to watch football or just go the pub. In fact we were very similar in character, and he too didn’t object when Madge started spanking him.

Susie often told me she enjoyed spanking me, and whilst when I was naughty Susie gave me a discipline spanking and that was it, there were many occasions when she used spanking as a foreplay for sex.

Discipline spankings were exactly that though. I would have to undress below the waist and stand with my hands on my head whilst she scolded me, and boy could she find the words to really let me know what she thought about my behaviour. The ritual was then that she would take my penis and balls in her hand and lead me to the spanking chair. If I argued she would squeeze my balls and I would cave in. I knew if I attempted to remove her hand I would get an additional few dozen with the strap or hairbrush and a second spanking two hours after the first. I did argue once. Just once, and the second spanking was the hardest and longest she ever gave me.

So after she led me literally by the balls to the spanking chair it was then over her lap, bare bottom, stinging hand spanks followed by the strap or hairbrush, lots of crying, from me, and lots of scolding, from Susie. Afterwards I always had to apologise, and stand facing the wall with my red bare bottom showing, before she relented and I was back in her good books.

As time went on and my behaviour really didn’t improve Susie suggested that to help me learn my lesson I needed to be spanked in front of our daughter. At first it was a threat, then one day Susie ordered me to get across her lap just as Zoe entered the room. There was no way out then. I went across Susie’s lap and Zoe watched ogle eyed but approving.

Zoe has now watched me being spanked literally dozens of times. Often Susie would discuss with Zoe whether I deserved to be spanked or not, inevitably though deciding the spanking was earned and necessary, supposedly to show how unimportant I was when I was naughty. It worked initially as I dreaded having Zoe watch me being disciplined but that passed.

I heard Zoe ask once that maybe she should be allowed to spank me, maybe to give Mum a break. Luckily Susie refused saying it just wasn’t right for a daughter to spank her father. The two women had a laugh, and once or twice Susie threatened me with being spanked by Zoe, but it never happened.

It turned out Jeff had the same experience though confided in me he was sure Madge was going to let Hannah spank him. I told him not to be so silly.

Both Zoe and Hannah went away to University and I have to say when they came back home they were both far more adult, and less tolerant of our, let’s just say, less than adult behaviour. What seemed like joking about before they went to university was rather more tiresome now they have come home again. We had rows, Zoe was telling Susie more and more often how she thought I deserved to be spanked for one reason or another, and Susie was agreeing with her too often for comfort, almost as though if Zoe said I needed to be spanked then Susie spanked me. It seemed my discipline was being decided more and more by my daughter rather than my wife.

That brings me to just three days ago when Jeff and I were once again facing the wall waiting to be disciplined and just thinking about what happened.

Jeff and I had been to the pub. We both completely forgot we had to pick the girls up. To be fair Zoe did try to phone me first, but my phone was switched off. So she phoned her Mother. Susie phoned my cell and also found it switched off, so she went and picked up the two girls, who by now were too late to go to a concert they had bought tickets for.

Susie and Madge were waiting for us when we got home. Jeff and I were going to watch the match on TV and we were completely unaware of the uproar we had caused until we got an ear bashing as soon as I opened the door. Instead 5 minutes later we were both facing the wall of our lounge, our hands on our heads, our bare bottoms showing. I could hear the two Mothers and two daughters arguing. Hannah started it. “I am the one wronged so surely I should be allowed to spank him. Please Mum, I’ve watched you do it so many times after all. I know what to do don’t I.”

“I know you do Hannah” Madge said “but I don’t know many daughters who spank their own fathers.”

“That’s all very well Mum” Hannah argued” but what happens when you and Susie go off on your “one month holiday of a lifetime” you have planned, What will happen when Dad goes all funny but there is no discipline? What do we do then?”

Madge looked at Susie, and it was clear that had thrown them. They had planed their Far East trip for ages and were so looking forward to it. Hannah had made an important point though. The girls would have to take care of the house and their fathers whilst their mothers were away.

Madge said “but Hannah dear, you can’t spank your own father can you?” It was nearly a question rather than a statement.

Zoe reckoned their Mothers resolve was breaking so she simply said “but I could spank Jeff and Hannah could spank Dad. That’s ok surely.”

I wanted to scream no it wasn’t ok but I was confident Susie wouldn’t allow it anyway. Confident that is until Madge said “you know Susie, that isn’t the same thing at all. That would just be a woman spanking a man, albeit a 21 year old spanking a 45 year old, but there’s no actual relationship. What do you think?”

“Isn’t it almost the same?”

Madge replied “I don’t think so? You know I threatened Jeff with Hannah spanking him a while ago and he went white. What colour would he go if he knew Zoe was going to spank him?” There was lots of laughter after that.

Zoe asked “so is that agreed you guys? I spank Jeff and Hannah spanks Dad. We are the ones who have been affected. We missed the concert. Surely it’s right that we get to discipline the people who are to blame.”

Silence. I wanted to scream out my objections but knew if I did I would only buy myself a second spanking. I stayed silent hoping I wouldn’t find myself in a few minutes across the lap of my 21 year old neighbour, gorgeous looking as she might be.

Then the bombshell as Susie said “do you think so Madge? I guess that’s OK.”

“Why not” Madge snapped. It will serve them both right. Come on, let’s give them the news.”

I heard the footsteps. I was sure Jeff will have heard the conversation. I glanced sideways and saw the blush on his face. Yes he had heard.

Madge walked over to Jeff and stood with her face inches from the back of his head. “Right, we have made a decision. Zoe is going to spank you Jeff, and you better not argue.”

She didn’t wait for a response, and Jeff stayed silent anyway.

Susie called from across the room “and you Marty will be spanked by Hannah.” I lost my nerve and also stayed silent. The die was cast.

Hannah walked across the room and stood behind me. “I am going to teach you such a lesson for making me miss the concert. You won’t forget this in a hurry.” With that she put her hand in front of me and took the whole of my ball sac and the lower half of my penis in her hand. I caught Susie’s eye and I silently begged her to say Hannah must not grab my penis, but she didn’t. She let the moment pass. She just looked annoyed.

I realised why when Hannah said to Madge “My goodness Mum, he is erect. This must be turning him on.” She sounded incredulous.

Susie said “not really Hannah, he is normally erect when I start. It goes after a couple of minutes.”

“Oh, right.”

I felt Hannah tug and I was forced to turn around. I saw the two Mothers, standing with their arms crossed, looking livid but also looking as though they were enjoying my embarrassment. They smiled when Hannah tugged again and I had no choice but to have her lead me by my balls towards the spanking chair, already set out in the middle of the room, opposite the second chair which no doubt was for Zoe to sit on and have Jeff across her lap.

I followed Hannah obediently. Her long flowing light brown hair spread across her shoulders which were bare under her vest top. She wore the miniest of skirts and had bare legs. The concert was going to be a hot affair so clothes had to be to a minimum it seemed.

I looked across at Zoe and saw she was dressed similarly sparsely. Jeff looked pleadingly at Madge. There was a moments silence before Madge gave the slightest shake of her head, and Zoe quickly squeezed Jeff’s balls and he gasped in pain before walking behind Zoe, and what else could he do?

Zoe got to her chair before Hannah and I did. She sat down and guided Jeff to stand to her side, still holding his balls.

Jeff then snapped. “Please Madge” he begged. “Not Zoe please please please.” I knew that Zoe had had a crush on Jeff. Not so unusual really. A young girl then in her teens fancying a neighbour. She blushed whenever he spoke to her. It was clear to me anyway. Now at 21 I guessed the crush was over, but Jeff remembered it. It made him feel bad I reckoned.

Madge’s face hardened. “Zoe, bring him over here please.”

Zoe stood up and without releasing Jeff’s balls led him across the room again. Hannah stood there holding my balls, gently but firmly, making sure I didn’t go anywhere, but watched Zoe lead her father back across the room to her Mother.

“OK Jeff, what’s the problem?” Madge asked, clearly unsympathetic.

“Please Madge, you do it. Not Zoe.” There was something pathetic about the scene. The 21 year old girl holding the 45 year man by his balls, the man naked below the waist and standing facing his wife with his hands on his head. It was difficult to take him seriously.

“Is it because Zoe used to have a crush on you? Is that it?”

Jeff blushed. He had discussed Zoe’s crush on him when just us adults were around but never in front of the girls. He looked at the floor. Zoe laughed and so did Hannah.

Zoe said “don’t worry Jeff, my crush passed, when I saw through the curtains once and you were across Madge’s lap having your bottom tanned. I didn’t fancy you after that. I still like you, that won’t change, but I don’t fancy you. Is that OK now?” she ended with, sarcastically I thought.

“Yes” Jeff answered, deflated.

“Good” Madge said. “Anyway you know the penalty for objecting. You want me to spank you, well I will. Two hours after Zoe has finished with you. I hope you are satisfied.” She looked away from Jeff and said to Zoe “thank you Zoe, you can deal with him now.”

Zoe beamed a smile, looking victorious. She hissed at Jeff “right matey, that’s the last appeal settled, so now I am going to thrash your backside like you won’t ever forget.”

Zoe tugged Jeff’s balls and Jeff spun around, again following behind my 21 year old daughter. This time when he stood by the chair and Zoe was about to sit down Madge said “I tell you what Zoe he tends to drip when he is spanked. You may want to take your skirt off.”

That’s crazy I thought. That means Jeff goes across my daughters bare thighs. Her bare 21 year old thighs.

It was crazy, but I forgot about Hannah until she tugged my balls and I had to look at her. “Don’t move” she said sternly as she whipped off her skirt, sat down, grabbed my balls again and tugged until I eased myself across her bare legs. My penis hit her thighs and I knew immediately I had a hard erection. I no longer thought about Zoe or Jeff or Susie or Madge. I was just madly trying to get rid of my erection. I concentrated and concentrated, and thought it was going down until Hannah put her hand on my bottom and started to rub it as Susie had done each time at the beginning of the spankings she gave me. It warmed up my bottom but also enforced our relative positions. Me with my bare bottom strewn across her lap, her making ready to tan my bottom, long and hard. My erection got stiffer. All the time I knew my penis was pressing down on Hannah’s thighs and Hannah felt it. She kept rubbing my bottom, even pushing her hands down the inside of my thighs. It must be on purpose. She must know what she was doing. I was scared I would explode all over her thighs.

There was a motion by the door. Susie came in holding two straps. I hadn’t noticed her leave the room but could not miss her coming over and putting one on the floor in front of me, giving me a wink, before putting the other in front of Jeff.

All was ready. Two grown men, best buddies, 45 years old, across the laps of two 21 year old girls, each the daughter of the other, and both were ready to give us a spanking.

I heard the unmistakable sound of a hand spank on a bare bottom and glanced across at Zoe who had Jeff squarely across her lap and had started to spank him. I knew they were firm spanks. I was almost impressed at how severe Zoe looked, how firm she kept her hand, how stern she looked, how unforgiving.

My attention was diverted by Hannah who said “now, about you forgetting to pick us up” followed by her first spank. The first spank from 21 year old Hannah on my 45 year old butt. Then another half a dozen, a short rub, then the spanking again, harder than Susie I felt, and I quickly felt uncomfortable. Whenever Hannah rubbed my bottom I glanced across at Zoe and Jeff, and knew Jeff was struggling under the onslaught from Zoe who didn’t seem to rest as much as Hannah. I could make out tears running down Jeff’s face.

Hannah pushed her hand down my inner thighs which stiffened my penis once more before saying “Mum, Marty still has his erection, what shall I do?” The cow I thought. She was doing things to me that she knew caused my erection, yet she was acting all innocent.

“Hit him harder Hannah that should work.”

And spank me harder Hannah did, for a while, but it seemed she couldn’t spank as hard as she wanted. A few minutes later and Hannah said “time for the strap Marty” and I felt her bend down and the strap disappeared from my sight. Next moment there was a loud slap and a burning sensation on my bottom. I knew the strap from old, and Hannah apparently knew how to use it. Now I struggled and before long the tears started and once they started they flowed freely, together with louder and louder sobs. Even through the pain I realised it now didn’t matter how old Hannah was. I was being disciplined and felt every spank, every lash. I had earned a spanking and was receiving one. When will I learn I wondered? When?

“His erection has gone Mum” Hannah said. I knew that. Caressing had turned to discipline and the erection gave way to pain as she now thrashed me with the strap.

After what seemed forever the spanking stopped. Hannah was rubbing my bottom telling me it was over, I had been disciplined, punished, and now it was done. She cooed just like Susie did when a discipline spanking was over. I enjoyed her soothing words, and the rubbing of my bottom. The problem, as always, was the erection which returned. I could feel it again on Hannah’s bare legs and the more I thought about her thighs the more my erection stiffened. By the time I stood up I was fully erect.

“Look Mum, it’s returned” Hannah said sounding innocent. She was a good actress I decided.

Susie commanded “stand facing the wall Marty, 15 minutes, think about how naughty you have been.”

When I turned to face the wall I realised the sound of spanking still filled the air and that Zoe was still spanking Jeff. I looked over and saw Zoe had on that same stern face and compressed lips showing her intent to continue the spanking. I faced the wall and put my hands on my head and still Zoe spanked Jeff. On and on. I reckoned it was another 10 minutes before she stopped. Jeff was sobbing but there was no soothing words from my daughter. Just “well you deserved that Jeff and I hope you learned your lesson. Now get up and join Dad facing the wall.”

I felt more than saw Jeff join me, and heard his sobs. He was hurting I knew. Maybe I was lucky Zoe didn’t spank me, and not just because she was my daughter.

After what seemed like an age Susie said “ok you two, you can come and join us.”

I let my hands fall. I was tired, and my bottom hurt. I looked at Jeff who was rubbing his bottom like mad. I guess he got the worse of it.

“Sit down boys” Madge said, and I noticed thick cushions on the chairs. I sat down, and Jeff followed after a few moments.

“Let’s discuss the future” Madge said. “Very soon Susie and I go on holiday for a month, remember?”

Jeff and I nodded. We were looking forward to it. A whole month when our wives won’t threaten us with being spanked, or so we had thought.

Madge said “Jeff, just so you know, Hannah will be allowed to spank you whilst we are away. She has shown she knows how to spank.”

“But Madge, she is only 21.” Jeff said the words but without conviction. He knew Madge meant it and what she said happened. I supposed he felt he needed to at least put up an argument.

Madge knew the game Jeff was playing and replied shortly “Yes, but what’s the problem? She is old enough to vote, old enough to drink, and old enough to have sex. So how come she isn’t old enough to spank you?”

“She just isn’t.”

“What about that girl at your office. 22 isn’t she? You keep talking about her as though you fancy her. I bet you would have sex with her if you could.”

“Of course not Madge, I wouldn’t.” Jeff was still half hearted about his responses.

“I don’t believe you Jeff. Anyway, how come 22 is old enough and 21 isn’t? There’s no logic there is there?”

I listened and could see the reasoning. The age didn’t matter, Hannah had proved that when spanking me, but I could see Susie would quickly take the same tack so thought I should throw in my lot with Jeff.

“Madge, surely the thing is she is Jeff’s daughter. That’s not right is it?” I sounded sincere I thought.

It was Susie’s turn to reply. “Really Marty. I think it is up to family to deal with discipline. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Susie, that must be right.”

“Good. Well, I am family and Zoe is family. There’s no difference there is there?”

Again I had to answer. “I guess.”

Then she hit me with it. “I am three years younger than you, Zoe is younger as well, so just being younger isn’t a problem for you is it?

“I guess” I conceded yet again, realising where this was going.

Susie continued. “Tell me, is Zoe ever naughty enough to earn a spanking?”

I was getting cornered but then Susie was always faster in an argument than me. “Well no, not really.” I was on the defensive now.

“Not really or not at all?” Susie was being sharp with me. Not a good sign.

“OK, not at all” I conceded.

“And you, do you earn a spanking.”

“Well yes, I suppose I do.”

“Yes you most certainly do. Do you think Zoe can discipline you properly?”

I remembered how hard she spanked Jeff. “I guess” I said timidly.

“Most definitely” Susie said. “No question Marty. If Zoe spanked you then you would know about it.” Susie stared at me, letting the comment sink in.

Susie continued “Anyway, that’s enough for now Marty, I’m just planting the thought, but we need to get home. We will discuss it later though.”

Good I thought, maybe I can persuade Susie when we were alone that allowing Zoe to spank me wasn’t a good idea.

Madge added smartly “Hannah still gets to spank you Jeff, and there’s no discussion.”

I looked at Hannah and Zoe. Hannah was beaming, Zoe wasn’t, but Zoe sure looked like she wanted the same spanking rights Hannah has just been given.

Susie and I went home. Zoe stayed with Hannah, and I reckoned they would hatch a plan. I supposed I hadn’t heard the last of it.

When we got home Susie asked kindly “how’s your bottom?”

“Sore” I replied.

“Go on, get undressed and I’ll put some cream on it.”

“Thanks” I said as I took my clothes off. She stood behind me and gently rubbed the cool cream on to my bottom. It was so relaxing.

“Nice erection” Susie said. I looked down, and there it was again. Susie added “I guess Hannah knew how to embarrass you eh?”

“She’s 21 and touched me up like a veteran.”

“What like this?” Susie asked as she grabbed my balls in her hand and squeezed. She turned and led me to the bedroom, and snapped “undo my blouse and take it off.” I followed her instructions and then she told me to remove her bra and take down her skirt and knickers, all the time squeezing my balls, making my eyes water.

When she was undressed she forced me to sit on the bed before releasing my balls, forced my head between her legs and held me firmly between her thighs.

“Lick you naughty boy,” she said, and as I nuzzled my face closer to her hair mound I smelt her sex and saw she already wet.

I looked up and said “you are already turned on aren’t you.”

Susie smiled. “Watching Zoe and Hannah spank you two was, well, arousing to say the least. Madge and I went to the kitchen twice and masturbated just watching them discipline you so thoroughly.”

“Did you?” I asked, amazed.

“Yup we sure did but first things first. You better see to me properly or I am going to plaster your backside. Get going before I decide to anyway.”

I literally dived back between her legs and quickly eased my tongue around her vaginal lips. They were moist and my tongue quickly made them even more moist. She was so far gone she reached orgasm within a few minutes, and I waited whilst her fast breathing subsided and she relaxed.

Without speaking she steered me up on to the bed, kissed my stomach, and thighs, before taking my penis into her mouth. I too was already aroused by today’s events. Susie sucked and licked me and I gladly released my full load into her mouth. She smiled and looked me in the eye as she swallowed it all, even making a point of wiping her mouth afterwards.

“Anymore?” she asked.

I laughed. She then pushed me up the bed and again kissed me. She wasn’t exhausted. She was just starting, and we made the kind of love we hadn’t made for years. We stayed cuddling up for ages, and didn’t want it to end.

Susie suddenly said “we need to discuss what happens when I am away for the month. Zoe and her spanking rights over you.”

I looked at Susie. I was still in a reverie of love making but shook myself out of it soon enough. I reckoned I wasn’t going to enjoy the conversation at all.

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