Raveena Tandon Love Making Scene
Raveena Tandon, the famous Bollywood Actress and Mast Mast Girl of the 90's had been enjoying her married life, and being mother to her 2 kids. But she was thinking about making a come back and start working in films again. Her husband was also supportive of her idea. She was going through a few scripts but was not able to decide which film she should accept. Then she went to attend a high profile party at a five star hotel on a saturday night with her husband. Raveena and her husband were enjoying themselves at the party. After some time, Jaidev Shinde, a powerful politician came to the party. Raveena and her husband saw Jaidev Shinde from a distance, but continued talking with their friends. After a while, Jaidev Shinde came to Raveena and her husband and said," Raveena ji kaisi hai aap? " Raveena said," Main theek hoon, aap kaise hain?"Jaidev Shinde said," Main bhi theek hoon. Maine sunaa hai ki aap filmon mein comeback karnaa chaahti hain." Raveena said," haan soch rahi hoon us baare mein." Jaidev Shinde said," Kyaa aap Marathi film karnaa chaahengi? Main film ko produce kar rahaa hoon." Raveena said," Agar story aur role achcha ho toh zaroor karoongi.Main Punjabi hoon lekin Mumbai mein hi paidaa hui aur badi hui, Marathi bol sakti hoon." Jaidev Shinde said," Toh Kal Aap mere office mein aa jaaiye dopahar baarah baje. Main film ke director ko aane ke liye kahungaa.Film ki story bhi director ne hi likkhaa hai.Raveena said,"OK. Par ek sawaal poochoo?" Jaidev Shinde said," Haan poochhiye." Raveena said," Film Industry mein itni Marathi heroiney hai lekin aap mujhe lenaa chaahte hai film mein." Jaidev Shinde said," Aapka film mein honaa film ki USP hogi.Aap Punjabi hai lekin Marathi film mein kaam kar rahi hai, aur Marathi bol rahi hai, yeh baat Marathi audience ko bahut pasand aayegi."Raveena said, Theek hai main aapse kal baarah baje aapke office mein milti hoon." Jaidev Shinde gave her his mobile number and office address. Then Raveena left the party with her husband. In the car, she told her husband about the offer. Her husband said," Jaan agar tumhe story aur role pasand aaye toh karlo. It will be a good experience for you before doing a mainstream Bollywood film.Jaidev Shinde is a popular politician and he would certainly make a good film. will not spare expenses, as he has his goodwill and name. Then the car reached home. Raveena and her husband went to their bedroom and went off to sleep.
Once inside, Jaidev Shinde hugged Raveena tightly and said," Aap kya Item lag rahi hai.Bilkul phataaka." Raveena said,in a sexy and slutty tone," Itni bhi kya jaldi hai Shinde saab...thodaa to sabar kijiye. Aur haan mujhe aap mat boliye aur sirf Raveena boliye,Raveenaji nahin."Shinde was overwhelmed seeing Raveena was already in the mood and said,"Theek hai Raveena." He then asked her if she would like to have dinner. She said that she had her dinner.Shinde then told her to sit on the sofa in the sitting room, get comfortable and gave her a drink. Shinde went to the dining table to have a quick dinner, while Raveena was having her drink in the sitting room.After finishing his dinner, Shinde came back to Raveena. She had also finished her drink. Shinde then told Raveena to come with her. He took her to the dining table and showed her packets having a few clothes for her. Shinde said," Raveena tu is Kasta saree mein dance karegi-Helenji ke Hit gaana-Mungda Mungda mangta hai to aajaa. Main gaana lagaa doongaa. Phir tu is Pink nighty mein dance karegi-Kaanta lagaa gaane par. Phir tu in shirt, pant, jacket,tie,hat aur boots pehen ke dance karegi aur striptease karegi-tere hi gaane par-Yeh kaali zehreeli raat-Aks picture ka gaana."Raveena said,"Theek hai. abhi shuru ho jaau." Shinde said," Haan Ek minute main gaana lagaa detaa hoon. He then switched on the CD player, put on a CD and the song-Mungda started. Shinde sat on the sofa and started having his drink.Raveena started dancing. She moved her hips and body in a very sensuous and seductive way. She had a beer bottle too in her hand, and also sipped the drink a few times. She also winked and smiled at Shinde a few times and came near to him occasionally.Shinde grabbed her hips, pressed and squeezed them, and also made her sit on his lap and tried to kiss her. She escaped from his arms, and continued her dance, maintaining eye contact with Shinde. Shinde was getting aroused. Finally the song came to an end.Then Shinde gave her the pink nighty and told her to go inside and wear it. After a few minutes, Raveena came . She was now wearing the pink nighty. Shinde took out the first CD and inserted another CD. He again took his place on the sofa. The song-Kaanta lagaa started.Raveena again started dancing. She made sexy gestures towards Shinde, winked at him, blew flying kisses, played with her h***. Shinde also came up,danced with her at times. He was really enjoying himself. Finally the song came to an end.Then Shinde gave her a packet having the shirt,tie, pant,jacket,boots and hat, and told her to go in and change. After a few minutes, Raveena came wearing the Hat, Jacket, Shirt, Tie, Pant and Boots.Shinde took out the CD and inserted another CD. He took his place on the sofa and started to have his drink. The song-Yeh Raat started. Raveena started dancing,first slowly, then increasing her speed and rhythm. Shinde was now in awe of Raveena. Raveena slowly started removing one item after another.First she took off the Hat. Then she took off the jacket. She danced like that for a while, then she took off the tie. After a while, she unbuttoned her shirt and then took off the shirt. She was now wearing her bra, and her boobs were exposed to Shinde. He was feeling the heat. He opened a few buttons of his shirt. Raveena then took off the pant. She was now wearing only bra and panty.Her fat ass and thunder thighs were making Shinde more wild.She danced like that for a while.Then she took off her bra and panty, and danced naked. Finally the song came to an end.Raveena had done striptease for Shinde and Raveena was now totally nude.Seeing her like that, Shinde unzipped his pant, his cock had become big in his underwear.Shinde slowly got up, came to Raveena and said,"Tu kya Mast Item hai Raveena.Tu International Maal hai.Raveena mere kapde utaar de. Main chaahtaa hoon ki tu mere kapde utaar de aur mujhe nangaa kar de." Raveena felt proud and a sense of sexual power and authority now.Raveena then opened his buttons and took off his shirt. Then she took off his ganjee. Shinde was now bare chested. He had a good,broad chest and his chest was h***y too.Raveena then opened his belt and took off his pant. She then took off his underwear too. Raveena was really impressed seeing his big cock. Now Shinde was also nude. Now both Raveena and Shinde were nude and completely exposed to each other.Shinde said,"Tu Moti bhi hai aur Sexy bhi." Shinde then took Raveena in his arms. Shinde held her face in both his hands and turned it towards his face. Raveena's lips parted and her hands came to rest on his hips as Shinde bent down to kiss her honey sweet lips. Her hands soon grabbed him from behind in tight embrace. Shinde held her from her back and tightened his grip on her,crushing her beautiful breats hard on his chest. A soft sigh escaped from her mouth.
after that she entered the theatre the movie started ..the movie was loaded with erotic songs and sequences..Raveena was feeling very happy that after few days she would be doing such songs with his film hero and may be horny song with with her dewar too in absence of his husband in the film.... the movie was making her too horny ...over time her pallu totally fell down uncovering her entire blouse which was hardly covering her breast...then while watching the movie she started pressing her own boobs as she got very excited.. a young Bhojpuri hero was sitting just a row infront of her..accidentally he saw Raveena doing such an act....he was not able to remove his eyes from her..and started thinking about her ..but as he is a young actor she cant be her heroine but then he thought 'lekin isko apni bhabhi bana ke enjoy kari sakte he...atleast ek hot song iske saath shoot ho jayee...then the movie got over everybody came out of the theatre.. the producer then came down to Raveena and told her ëk grand dinner ki arrange kia gaya he aur aapko Anahi parega...she replied sure abhi to mai Bhojpuri heroine hu...
Finally she reached Benaras..the producer was standing outside. They saw each other and waved each of them.Then raveena went forward to meet him. while she was moving forward, the producer was scanning her from top to down, Raveena realized it so she kept walking in such a way that her saree got removed from her belly automatically exposing her big round navel. Raveena was smiling looking at him, but the producer kept grazing at her deep navel till she reached in front of him. A Innova was waiting for them, there were few person sitting on it, two side actress were sitting at the rear sit and a local leader was sitting in the front seat along with driver. Everybody greeted Raveena.. Namashkar Raveenaji..app se milkar bahut khush hua..She replied Thank you to everybody..the driver started the car but he adjusted his view glass in such away to get full frontal view of her.Though initially she was totally covered but over time her saree got removed to expose her well oiled navel, it captured everybody's attention, the producer kept grazing at her, the local leader was trying to befriend her by looking back and talking to her telling that she should join politics and she would be a good resource for his party, and while speaking he was oogling at her deep navel..the driver was also looking at her milky belly through well adjusted view glass, so over very short time she captured everybody's attention. Raveena thought it would be a good idea to build a relationship with the leader. After some time they were about to cross ganga and Raveena noticed number of ghats just acroos the bridge.. Raveena replied main bahut dino se ghat dehna cha raha tha.. then the driver and the local leader replied ha Raveenaji aapko ghat le chalte he balki aapko woha pe snaan bhi karna chaie.. the side actress from back replied nahii hum ko ghat nahi jana he aur snaan bhi nahi karna he.. both driver and the leader shouted at them hum aaplogo ko bolnahi rahe he. hum Raveenaji ko bol rahehe..aur aaplogo ko anekki koi jarurat nahi he.. then the two actress sitting at the back moved away their face.. the driver replied ha Raveenaji aapko jana he ghat....Raveena replied nahi baki logo ko late ho jayega..he replied baki logo ko chorie aap sirf ekbar ha bolie.. then the producer and the leader said kuch late naho hoga"..aap sirf ekbar ha boile..Raveena then replied thik he..every body was very happy as they would get a chance to see Raveena totally wet.Then they reached the ghat and told the two other actress to wait in the car or they can go for shopping.The leader and driver took Raveena to the ghat but they didn't asked the producer but actually even he wanted to come ..He asked Raveena kya Mai bhi ajau..Raveen replied ha aap bhi ajaie.. he then just kept following them.
then suddenly the producer saw raveena and told her to join the crowd ..she was interested to join but just wanted somebody to tell it to her..by then the center stage was quite crowded..raveena joined the crowd shaking her hips both way clapping her hands..pawan just followed her not looking anywhere just kept following her big gyrating butt ..pawan already got a hard erection..and started dancing just behind her.. but was just dying to touch her from behind..he went further close to her..and just got set his huge erected gun in her buttcrack..he didn't have to do anything..he was just getting masturbated by fast movement of raveenas butt.. and he started cumming inside his pant..after some time Raveena noticed him and just looked behind and asked نap hi pawan singh hai ..pawan replied ha raveenaji..by then Raveena got into real mood..she was looking at him with her big eyes giving full signal for entry...Pawan replied aap iss party ka shaan he sab lok aapiko notice kar rahe he..Raveena looked behind.. took out her tounge .. started tickling her nose ring with her tounge .. giving pawan full mood...pawan then just touched her nose ring, while she was tickling it with her tounge. The producer was noticing them from slightly faraway looking at them he started moving closer to them..then Raveena noticed him and told him to join them..aap bhi ajaiye..the producer started dancing in front of her..and slowly he just came very close to her...rubbing his chest with Raveenas boobs..she was really enjoying the entire act..as she got sandwiched between them and was everybody's attention in the party even the young heroines were getting jealous to see her..after some time every body went for the dinner and the party got ended..but pawan was sure that he really need to do some erotic song with her..
So Finally she reached in front of the producer Manoj introduced her to the producer.. the producer replied نap ko kaun nahi Janta he"..Manoj then left from that place to attend other guest.. the producer was having a nice time pass with other actresses wearing typical western clothes ..most of them were B grade actresses trying out their luck in industry..to impress the producer they stood very close to him rubbing their boob in his chest up and down as he was supposed to finalize an actress for a final promotional item song of one his film to be released soon.. but even though the producer was talking to other heroines he was not able to remove her eyes from raveena.. Raveena though claded in a saree but it was just for name sake...as her saree was very thin her cleavage was totally visible showing off almost her entire boobs..and then her back was totally visible along with a very nice view of belly just flashing out her deep navel from her saree..the producer then wanted too get rid off those heroines and wanted to be close to raveena..she understood the fact and started seducing him further by taking a deep breadth moving her boobs front and back slowly.... over the process her navel was following the same rhythm by becoming bigger with her each deep breadth..After some time the producer noticed that one of her blouse hook got unbuttoned revealing more of her cleavage then the producer was not able to resist him and came to meet her... the other heroines got disappointed as they thought their effort may become useless in front of 40 year old bombshell.who is still ******* them out of money... the producer was almost 50 years old but well built and a good match for her..

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