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Ragging in college murga, Ear holding punishment and total dominance by girls
02-20-2013, 04:55 PM
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Ragging in college murga, Ear holding punishment and total dominance by girls
I got admitted in medical college in 1999. In our times it was really very hard to crack the All India PreMedical Exam which was necessary to study MBBS in India. But I was always a very serious student. My aim in life was to be a doctor. So when I Got admitted in medical college i was the happiest person in the world. At that time I had heard about ragging though, but i never thought it can bother me that much.

chapter 1: 1st Day at college

After clearing all the formalities, my parents left the town. We, the students of 1st yr were to assemble in the auditorium. The principal gave a long speech. In the speech he said that he was very happy because the college was a all girls medical college before. It was the 1st time boys have been admitted. I looked around the auditorium, except for our batch there was no senior male student. I thought it was good, ragging would be less.
When the program was over all of us were going towards the hostel. A girl from our batch came to me and said senior girls have called me. I saw 5 girls in jeans and top standing near the girls hostel and staring at us. All the 1st year girls were wearing salwar. So I understood those were the seniors I have to face now. Another boy was called with me. we slowly went near them. A short , slim fair girl seemed to be there leader. her name was anjali.

Anjali: What happend what made you two so late to come?
Me: Actually didi we were confused where to go.

"SMASSH" "SMASSH" ...I could not finish my words and suddenly two big slaps stoned my cheeks. Anjali screamed out of anger, "You fool, who gives you permission to address us didi? From today onwards you will call us maam. And those seniors who are in final year, you will address them as 'your highness', got it?"

I was still rubbing my cheeks. The slaps were delivered by a punjabi girl, later I found out she was Amrita. I said "yes maam, please forgive me this time"

Anjali: see kid, there is no scope for any forgiveness around here, for every mistake you will be punished. Tomorrow we will take your intro. Be prepared for that, if u do anything silly or oversmart you will be brutally punished. Just like those 3 of your batch mate girls."

Anjali pointed out towards The veranda , I saw 3 girls holding each others ears and kneeling down in a circular fashion. Their hairs were cut like boys and they were wearing Aprons (the lab coat which we wear during class). All the people passing by the girls hostel could see them.

"Yes maam, we will take care of that And you will not be given any chance of complain" I said as politely as I could.

"That's very good. But you too must be punished for todays guilt. Both of u take out your shoes and place them on your head, and kneeldown"

We did as she said. Now leave the shoes in head and hold your ears,but dont let them fall , and thank us for wasting our precious time with you."

We did as we were told to do. Anjali and friends broke out in laughter. "Now get back to your hostel in your knees and holding your ears, and dont let the shoes fall. "

We started the journy. My knees were burning as hell. Sounds of laughter was coming from behind. This was the worst day of my life untill then. I thought nothing could be worse than this. Well I soon found out how wrong I was.

Chapter 2 : The Intro in Girls Hostel

In the morning we got up early. There was a enthusiasm in all of us - we were going to attend our 1st lecture in medical college. Class started at 8 a.m and ended at 4 pm. In the class I noticed all the girls were looking very nervous and exhausted. There eyes were sunken, it was clear they could not sleep last night. I was feeling pity for the girls. Atleast in boys hostel there were no seniors to make us stay awake in night.

After the end of college I went to the library. There were 10-15 senior girls in the library at that time. When I took a book and sat down in a corner table. Though my eyes were in the lines of the book I could feel the seniors talking and staring at me. After five minutes 4 senior girls came to my table and sat around me. I was so much afraid that I did not know what to say or what to do. They started to rebuke me because I did not wish them. Then one of them reminded the group that our "intro" was not taken and rules were not taught to us. One of them said, "Remember to wish your seniors as "good morning maam" or "good afternoon maam", and always stand up whenever seniors are near you." I stood up and wished them good afternoon. Suddenly a girl got up from her seat and pulled my ears. "Dont you see there are 4 of us here? why did you wish once? Wish all four of us separately. " She pulled my ears so hard that for a moment I thought my ear will tear apart. I wished them all separately. Then a tall girl in the group ordered me to take all their books . I did not say any thing and started to gather their books. Suddenly my left ear was caught again, this time with more force: "Whenever You are asked to do something in reply say 'yes maam' , is that understood ?" At that time some of the girls from my batch were there . They were watching me getting my ear pulled. It was so insulting. I replied "Yes maam, I will remember this". She left my ear. " Now take all our books and bags and follow us to the girls hostel." I followed them with atleast 10 kg of books and bags. ". In the gate of girls hostel I they took their things. "Ok you can go now. But remember to be present in Girls hostel assembly hall tonite at 10 .m. We will take your intro."

INTRO IN GIRLS HOSTEL? The news spread like tsunami in our batch. We all started to shiver .

We finished our dinner at 8.00 pm. Then we all started to get ready. We were asked to be in plane black coloured trousers and full sleeve shirts and black shoes. We left our hostel at 9:30 . Although girls hostel was not even 5 mins away from ours, none of us was ready to take any risk. We all gathered outside the gate of girls hostel. Every minute was like passing like an hour to me. Suddenly we saw a boy and a girl approaching in a bike . We understood it was one of our senior being escorted to hostel by her boyfriend. When they got down from bike we all wished in chorus "Good evening maam". They both started to laugh, but the girl kept a strict look. The boyfriend said, " Ohhh, come on Nandini, This time you have got boys in your class does not mean you will rag them in your girls hostel. I mean it is so funny. haha" . The girl smiled and then looked at us and ordered, "Don't you fools know its a rule to wish your senior's boyfriends too?" . She could not finish her sentence and we wished him "good evening sir!" The boy started to get back to the girl after giving his girlfriend a good bye kiss. we all bowed our head down in fear. Suddenly the girl stopped infront of the hostel gate and turned towards the boy. He was about to start the the bike. "Oh my God Ranvir I think I have forgot my room keys in the coffe shop." she told her bf. "Dont worry sweat heart, the coffe shop is just outside your campus, I will go and bring those back" . The senior girl took 2 seconds to think, " I don't think that's necessary, it's all ready too late. You go home, I will make one of these worthless juniors bring it". Ranbir seemed relieved, he did not insist any more on it and went away" . Nandini (the senior) looked at us. We all were in a row like millitary ppl in court marshal. I was in the 1st row. And for my bad luck Nandini choosed me for the job. All the other students felt a shy of relief. Nandini came towards me and said in a commanding voice, " you, yes you, go to the coffe shop outside the college main gate and bring my room keys." I replied ina stammering voice , " But maam, We are scheduled for an intro at 10.00 pm." "What? How can you reply your senior in negative ? Dont you know it's a punishable offence here? Do you want to be punished?" I got scared, I did not want to be punished again , " Sorry maam , please forgive me. I am going to obey your orders." . Nandini replied in a cruel voice, " That's better, but you need to be punished for your misbehaviour. Now you will go there holding your ears and in one feet. I can see the road from my room so dont try to do any smart thing. When you will reach the coffe shop you will find the owner . We call him raju chacha. you will inform raju chacha that you have been punished and you will beg him and all those present in the coffe shop to twist your ears untill they become red. Then you will grab my keys and return to the hostel holding your ears and in one foot. I will ask raju chacha about you in the morning. He is very friendly to all of us. So dont try to be smart there also. Now, why are you looking at me, JUST LEAVE!!". I hold my ears and started running, rather jumping towards the college main gate. It was only 5 minutes to 10 pm. When I got in the coffe shop I saw it was empty. Only one middle aged man was sitting in the chair. I knew it was raju chacha. When he saw me he gave a wicked smile and said "You must be 1st yr? I have heard this time boys have been admitted. I think you have been given punishment by your madams, how can I help you in it?" I thought he was a good person and I explained him everything. He gave me the key rings, I was hoping that he will not atleast want to pull my ear. And to my good luck I could not see any one around. So I said, "Thank you chacha, You are so nice. Please manage Nandini maam tomorrow and tell her you have done as told." Raju in reply-" See boy, I am a man of my words, I cant lie to anyone. Tomorrow I will tell your senior only what is truth. ". I got afraid. Now I started to request him to twist my ears. He said he will not do it untill i beg for it. I knelt down infront of him and begged. He then twisted my ear. It was so embarrassing- a future doctor was getting ear twisting from a chaiwala. When I was about to leave Raju said, "/nandini maam ordered you to get ear twisted by everybody in the shop, is not it kid?" I said, "yes, and I think you are the only one present at your shop at the moment. I dont see any customers around." Raju said, "There is no customer but I have a worker who makes tea here and works as part time". "Laxmiiii, ohhh Laxmiiii.. "he shouted and a 14-15 year old girl came out. "Laxmi go and twist his ears hard so that it becomes red". Laxmi stood there like a fool. She could not understand what was going on.She said to Raju, "chacha, last year it was a girl so I did it, but how can I do it with a boy?". I checked my watch, it was twenty minutes past ten in my watch. I said , "please laxmi, twist my ears,I don't have much time. " She came forward and pulled my left ear with her right hand." Raju said, " Hold this position Laxmi, Let me take a picture for Nandini maam, in case she wants a proove,he he" . After the humiliating photo session I rushed back to girls hostel. I gave the key to the guard and told him to give it to Nandini maam. It was 10.30 in the clock-I was 30 minutes late. My heart started to palpitate as I going towards the door of the assembly hall in girls hostel (the guard showed me the way to it).

When I entered the hall my heart stopped.I saw a line of girls , all from our semester kneeling down holding there ears. Infront of them were all the boys of our semester, all completely nude and in murga position. All the boys were in such a position so that there face could be seen by the girls through their legs. When I entered all the focus of attention fell on me. A group of girls got up from their chairs and came to me. "See everybody our MR. Busy has finally got time to visit us. May we humbly ask you sir what made you So late ?" As I was starting to explain the incidence one of them started slapping me very rapidly. After a bunch of quick slap she asked me how many slaps I was given. She had slapt me so rapidly I could not count them. I tried a wild guess and answered 30. Well, it was the wrong answer. A senior said, " see, this fucking idiot is trying to play smart with me. Come on girls lets show him what we are. " Then she turned at me, "Tonight we will start our intro with you, but before that you will be punished for your late coming. Now beg us for your punishment and explain why and how you should be punished." I was about to cry but I tried my level best to keep my tears intact. I started, "Respected senior madams, I have been disobedient and have come late in a very important introduction ceremony of my batch. I, there fore you that you would be kind enough to punish me in the most proper way as you consider. " Girls seemed happy with my submissive statement. "All right , before punishing you we would like to give you the rules that you must follow through out your 1st semester." She gave me a piece of paper and told me to read out loudly so that every one can hear."

I started reading-

Rules: 1. All the seniors should be addressed as "respected madam" , 1st year students must wish the seniors individually every time they will face each other.
2. There will be dress code for all of us. Boys will wear white full sleeve shirt with black trousers. Girls will wear white coloured churidar. girls also have to keep their hair soaked in oil everytime they leave their room.
3. we should always speak to our seniors with our head down
4. we must follow every order of a senior without questioning or objecting.
5. We are not allowed to remove hair from any part of our body including armpit or pubic hair
6. we have to be like slaves or our seniors.
7. we must also seek the permission for wearing any dress any day along with the choice of underwear also.

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Wink RE: Ragging in college murga, Ear holding punishment and total dominance by girls
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