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Ra-One Parody - Priyanka chopra Fucked
07-18-2012, 08:53 PM
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Ra-One Parody - Priyanka chopra Fucked
SRK-Shekher Subramaniya/G One
Kareena Kapoor- Soniya Subramaniya
Arjun Rampal- Ra one
Armaan Varma- Prateik (son of Shekher and Soniya)
Preity Zinta- Jenny Nayar(Shekher's co worker)
Sanjay Dutt- Khalnayak
Priyanka Chopra-Khalnayak's girlfriend
Rajnikanth- Chitti(Robot)
Tom Wu-Akaashi
Dilip tahil-Barren(Shekher's boss)
Satish shah- Mr. Iyer

A big plalace sorrounded by many gaurds in every corner. It looked so scary that even a mosquito will be affraid to get in. It was dark all outside. But from inside it has a different picture. It is so beautiful inside that you will fall in love with it and hot girls everywhere all around the plalace adds the charm. The owner of the plalace is none other than Khalnayak. The evil smile on his face is so scary. He was sitting in a big chair and ordering one of his servant girl to call Priyanka. Priyanka is his girlfriend but actually she loves Lucifer. As soon as Priyanka comes Khalnayak started rubbing his dick. She looks so hot . A sexy black gown in her body making her looked so hot. Khalnayak- welcome darling. I have been waiting for you.
Priyanka- why dear? There are so many girls with you.
Khalnayak- i have to many hot girls here but none of them satisfies me like you. You are different. Come close to me. Let me taste you. Priyanka- you can have me whenever you want. But not now i am too tierd .
Khalnayak gets angry and grabs Priyanka's hands and pulls her into his lap.
Khalnayak- didn't you know that i hate to hear no. You will now have to get punished for this.
By saying this he calls two of his servants and told them to took her to his punishment room. It was a big hall which has too many materials to punish someone. It has a lots of sex machienes everywhere. The two man throw Priyanka to a big wooden table. They then ties her hands and legs with the table. Then enters Khalnayak.
Khalnayak- saali aaj toh tera aisa haal hoga ki zindagi bhar bhool nahi payegi.

Khalnayak calls 6 black guys . All of them were nude and they all have a 8 to 10 inch big dick. Priyanka was crying to leave her, then suddenly a servant ties her mouth with a piece of cloth. After Khalnayak signalled two of the black guys started removing her clothes. One of them removed her bra and reavelled her lovely big tits. Then the other one removed her panty and started finger fucking her. One of the black guy started sucking Priyanka's boobs. One of them untied the cloth from her mouth and puts his dick into her mouth. Then one of them entered his dick into her pussy. He started fucking her so hard that she can't even able to breath properly.
Other three guys were standing eagerly waiting for their turn to fuck that hot lady. Khalnayak signalled one of them and he quickly came and untied her hands and legs. He took priyanka up grabbing her whole body. She started shouting to leave her.Then he slapped her hard and make her sit in his lap and laid on the table. He took his dick with his hand and put it in her ass hole. He then started banging her ass hard. Her ass was tight and as the guy entered his giant 9inch cook in her ass she started crying loudly and then one of the guy pulled her head and made her to suck his cock. Another guy who is standing there waiting for his chance took the oppurtunity and put his giant cook inside her pussy. Actually this guy has the biggest cock amongst them it may be more than 10 inch. As soon as he entered his huge meat inside her pussy she stopped sucking and tried to shout but she couldnot because the guy who had entered his cock inside her mouth took her hear head very tightly. She has not been able to took her mouth outside. The all 6 black giant fucked all her holes for more than two hours one by one.
Khalnayak was watching this whole scene and was enjoying it. He told all of them to stop and to took her near him. They as he said and brought Priyanka infront of him. She was now not been able to breath properly and left no energy in her body. Khalnayak then opened his not so big cock and started rubbing it. After 30 seconds he loaded a little bit of cum in her face. Priyank gave an insulting smile at this.
Priyanka- I know that you can't do anything urself. Shame on you.
Khalnayak became very angry at this and slapped her hard. He ordered all of the black guys to pee on her and all of them started peeing on her body.
Then suddenly someone comes break a window. It was Lucifer.
Lucifer- oh shit. I think i am late again.
Priyanka- yes u r very late Lucifer. But save me now.
Lucifer- ab save kya karo. Sab toh loot hi chuka hain.
Priyanka- What. I don't understand hindi. English please.
Lucifer- yaa i will save you.
Khalnayak stands up and shouts.
Khalnayak- welcome Lucifer. Toh tu marne aa hi gaya yahaan.
Lucifer- Tu kya mujhe marega. Tu toh ek namard hain. Aur meri kundli main likha hain ki meri maut ek mard ke haathoon hogi kisi namard ke haathoon nahi.
Khalnayak- OMG..yeh toh maine socha hi nahin. Yeh toh badi mushkil ho gayi.
Lucifer- haah haah..Kamine Priyanka ko chor de varna mein tujhe jaan se maar dalunga.
Khalnayak-Tu ise bachake kya karega . Isko toh chod chod ke bhosda bana diya in kaalo ne.
Lucifer- ye teri baat toh sach hain.
Khalnayak- mere saath ek deal kar le
Lucifer- kaisi deal
Khalnayak- maine ek hindi gaana dekha tha sheela ki jawani . Us gaane ki sheela bahut hot thi. Main use pakadke yahan le aya. Waise toh mere paas munni naam ki ek aur item hain but woh thodi badnaam hain tu Sheela ko hi leja aur mujhe baksh de.
Lucifer- oh Sheela wow. Thik hain deal. Lekin yaad rakh aaj to tu Sheela ki wajah se bas gaya lekin agli baar nahin bachega.
Khalnayak- agli baar usse bhi item dhondke rakhunga.
Lucifer- tab thik hain. Ab sheela ko leke chalta hoon.
Lucifer looked at Priyanka she is looking to him very angrily.
Prateek shockd up when his sexy teacher Priyanka shouted his name. Prateek is busy fantsizing about his teacher Priyanka getting fucked by the characters of a game which he played last night. In that game The villian kiddnapes the heroine the hero Lucifer have to save her. Lucifer is his user name when he plays any game.

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07-18-2012, 08:54 PM
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RE: Ra-One Parody - Priyanka chopra Fucked
Prateek******lives in canada with his father Shekher and mother Soniy. His father works in an international animation and gaming company. He is a very simple and honest man. His mother sonia is a housewife who is originally punjabi but married to south indian Shekher. She is a very sexy lady who loves his husband very much. They are a very happy family. Praateek loves his mother and father very much but feels that his father is very weak and his mother is not very much happy with him. Actually he came to know about something one night. He was sleeping in his bed but he found some sounds from the room where his mom and dad are sleeping. He saw his father removing his mothers dress. First he opend her top and reavelled her bra. Prateek could see his mothers lovely cleavage. He never thought about his mother in any dirty manner but today he is started feeling the heat. His father then removed her pant and Prateek saw his mother in bra and panty. He felt that his mother is the most beautifull woman in the world. His father Shekher is very lucky to have her. Shekher then removed her bra and reavelled her lovely tits. He grabbed one in his hand and started sucking it. Prateek started sweating he couldn't belive what he is seeing.

After the untimely death of Mr.Subramanium (SRK),
Sonia (Kareena Kapoor)'s lust and passion grows bigger and bigger each day.

She tries to have lesbo-sex with her elder sister Karishma Kapoor but Karishma is only interested in Govinda's lund.
Hence Unable to find any outlet, Kareena is forced to take her own son Prateek's virgin lund!!

Prateek is virgin only physically, otherwise in his brain fantasies he has fucked everyone from school-teacher to neighbourhood aunty in every possible hole!
Prateek started rubbing his 6 inch dick seeing his parents sexy act. Shekher started kiss all over Soniya's body. After that he slowly opened her panty and reavealled her beautiful pussy. He then started rubbing it. Soniya started moaning. Shekher made Soniya lay on the bed and started licking her pussy. Prateek was enjoying all these. Shekher licked Soniya's pussy for some time and then stood up opened his zip and pulled out his dick. It was about 4 inch big. He inserted it slowly in Soniya's pussy and started fucking her. After 9-1
strokes he loaded all his cum inside her. But it left Soniya uncomplete.
Soniya- i know u r going to do this. How can you always leave me unsatisfied.
Shekher- srry Soniya but i can't hold it for long.
Soniya stood up and went to the bathroom.
Prateek was very much shocked to se all these. He thought is his father is so weak that he can't even fuck his wife properly. Then how did he born. Is Shekher is not his original father. Did anyone else fucked his mother. No his mother can't cheat his father. She loves him very much. Many questions raised in Prateek's mind that night but he is unable to find an answer till now.

prateek was very fond of playing video games and because his father works in a gaming company he gets to play all the latest games.

prateek was getting ready for his school when his mother called him for breakfast.
Soniya- good morning sweetheart
prateek-morning mom
Soniya- u r looking tensed son.. what happened?
Prateek-Nothing mom..just a little bit tired..
Soniya-that's because you play games till midnight..u should sleep early..
Prateek-where's dad he gone?
Soniya-he went to office. u know he is busy making a new game and he told me that he is making it specially for you..
Prateek-he told u like this.but his games are all same.a strong villian who defaets a weak villian very easily.but u know mom i like villians. i think they are cool.
Soniya-but beta villian means evil the bad one. the good should always win.
Prateek-i know mom but villians should be more stronger than the heros. then it will be amazing
Soniya- then tell ur dad to make a powerfull villian
Prateek- yaa mom i will. but mom it's getting late for school
Soniya-then get ready soon. i will drop u at school

Soniya dropped Prateek in school and was droving back to her home. she was on her way but stoped thecar seeing Akaashi.
Akaashi is Shekher's friend who works with him in the same company. he is a handsome chineese man. he loves Jenny who also works with Shekher.
Soniya- hey Akaashi..nice to see u.what r u doing here. u didn't went to office today.
Akaashi-i am coming from office. actually i am going to ur house. shekher left some importent document in home. he asked me to collect them. but my car's tyre flatted and i am waiting for a taxi now
Soniya- oh..u can go with me
Akaashi-yeah sure..
Akaashi got inside Soniya's car and sat beside her.
Soniya-you know Shekher is very careless. he always forgets something and comes back to collect them. but why did he sent u instead of coming himself.

Akaashi-ohh..he wanted to come himself..but i said i will take them because i was free that today not a lot of work for me to do and also...
Soniya- also what??
Akaashi- also because i will be able to met his beautiful and sweet wife
Soniya- thank u..thats so sweet of u
Akaashi- i must say Shekher is very lucky to have a wife like u
Soniya- ohh..that's too much Akaashi..stop the's Jenny?
Akaashi- she's all right. but she never let others to be fine
Soniya(laughing)-ha ha..i know she is a little bossy type.
Soniya was wearing a black sleeveless top which is revealling a lots of cleavage of her lovely tits. Akaashi who is sitting beside her staring them lustfully.
soniya saw Akaashi staring lustfully to her cleavage.

Soon they reached home. Soniya parked the car in the garage and they both went inside the house.
Soniya- sit Akaashi i will make a cup of coffe for u
Akaashi- sure
Soniya went in and came back after sometimes with a cup of coffee in her hand
Akaashi-where are the files. I should go taking them.
Soniya- they might be in Shekher's room. I will bring them. But you should sit here for some time. By the way how's the coffee.
Akaashi- its very nice
Soniya don't know why she stopped Akaashi and asked him to sit for some time. It's maybe because she feels lonely and want someone to talk with her.
Akaashi- Soniya can i ask u something. If u don't mind.
Soniya- yeah sure..ask
Akaashi- is everything all right between u and shekher
Soniya- yes. Bt why did u asked it?
Akashi- actually Shekher told me about his problem.
Soniya- which problem?
Akaashi- that he has problem having sex..
Soniya- he told u about that?
Akaashi- yes he shares everything with me.
Soniya- yaa..we r having a little problem in our ..
Soniya was hesitant to complete the word.
Akaashi-sex life
Soniya- yes

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07-18-2012, 08:54 PM
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RE: Ra-One Parody - Priyanka chopra Fucked
Soniya was very embassed talking all these with Akaashi. she is a woman who living abroad for almost 12 years but talking about her sexual life with her husband's
friend made her very uncomfortable.
Akaashi-it must be very difficult for u..u r a beautiful and very young..
Soniya- no nothing like that. shekher is not like this from begining.he is having this problem from past 2-3 years.
Akaashi-2-3 yars without sex and you are saying it's not difficult.
Soniya-Who told you that we don't have sex from 2-3 years. we do have sex.
Akaashi-but everytime he leaves u unsatisfied
Soniya-Nooo..please stop this conversation..tell me how's ur relationship with Jennny now? i didn't met her from a long time..
Akaashi-not happening the way please bring those documents m getting late already..
Soniya-Yaa sure..wait a minute
Soniya went in to take the files. after some time she called Akaashi inside and Akaashi went in.
Soniya-please look which are the documents
Akaashi went near Soniya who was sitting in a chair near the table and started searching the files.
Soniya-look how he keeps them.he is very careless.
Akaashi smiled. he was standing beside soniya so when he moves his hands his elbow touches Soniya tits. Soniya was very un aware of the situation. Akaashi started pressing his elbow on Soniya's tits. He was enoying
her soft tits with his elbow. Soniya suddenly realised that he is pressing her tits with his elbow intentionally. she tried to move a bit but unable to move because the chair on which she is sitting is very close to a cubbard and on the other side Akaashi was standing.
Ther's no way that she can move the chair. Akaashi started moving his elbow all over Soniya's tits. Soniya also started enjoying his act. Akaashi realised that Soniya is not reacting he moved more close to her . his body was completly touching Soniya's body.
He moved his right hand which is touching Soniya's tits with the elbow and put it on Soniya' back.
He started rubbing her back. Akaashi's erect dick was in complete view of Soniya. She was feling very uncomfortable but also enjoying what he is doing. He moved his hand little up and started rubbing her neck. then he went a step a further and put his hand on her tits and started pressing them. soniya decided to to stop him and stood up from the chair. when she stood up her face went to close to Akaashi's face. Akaashi can feel her warm breaths. His puts lips on her lips. Then he started kissing her lips. Soniya tried to stop him but he grabbed her very tightly. He started kissing her very passionately. Soniya also started responding him. Akaashi brooked the kiss and started kissing her cheeks and necks. Soniya became too aroused but she realised that she is doing a mistake. Akaashi tried to pull out her top but Soniya pushed him back.

Akaashi- Soniya what happend? Please don't stop me.
Soniya- no Akaashi i can't do this. Its wrong.
Akaashi- but i like u Soniya. I am dying to feel ur body.
Soniya- no Akaashi. I m a married woman. I can't cheat Shekher. I love him.
Akaashi- come on Soniya. I know u r not happy with ur married life.
Soniya- please go Akaashi. Please
Akaashi left out. Soniya was very shocked about what had happend. How can she let someone touch her body. What's happening to her? Did she want someone else to satisfy her sexual life..she thought.

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