Pyaari Mother in Law
My wife name is charulata, when we got married in india and then afterwards charu came to U.S. charu and i have good marriage life .
charu is so sexy and beutiful and nice and gorgeous boobs (dhayla) and her ass
(gand) lokks like nice water melons and her sexy boobs (stans) are always ready to come out from her sexy silky blouse,. Chraru's size is 38c-30-36. she looks like
Rambha, when charu wears sari and silk sleevless blouse and trasparent light blue color sari on black sleevless blouse she looks like actress. & charu's big lips are always red with lipstick and her eyebrow looks black and eyelids color silver and blue . she looks like very very sexy and beutiful.
But after few months charu became pregnent and i need to help some body tofor household works and other things. so we decided to call charu's mother mangla devi to help her in housework.
When mangladevi came to airport , me and charu went to receive her at airport and mangladevi is not that old but age of 52 still she lokks sexy and little plump but also beautiful , Mangladevi wears sari and silk low cut blouse , that any body can see her big titts, (Dhaylas) clevage her blouse is so tight that i can see her big eracted nipples form her tarnsparent sari, which comming out from herblouse and sari, ,To look at that my lund (Cock) is standing up in my pants . mangladevi look at me and smile , i asked her about her an , my father in law who is travelling in urope, for some business purpose .
When we came home from airport ,and came to the house, charu hug my mother in law mangladevi, while doing this mangla's face was front of mee and charu 's face was at other side of me , so huged for while kiss each other at chicks, while mangla is smiling at me and then Mangla blink her eyes at me
and smile with passion. then charu said to me that Jamiraj (SON In LAW) Maheshkumar meet your SASU (mother in law), then charu went to kitchen to make some tea for everybody ,Then mangladevi turn around talked to me and she (Mangla) spread her hands to hug me , so I also open my hands and hug her ,Mangla was lightley huging me , but i already squeezed her tightly and my hands are rubbing her back on her silky blouse and her waist(Kamer) then i moved my hands on her blouseand bra's straps from outside , then mangla was telling me maheshkumar that is enough now , i am not leaving for few years, but she was saying that , meanwhile i rubbed my hands on her Big ASS (GAND,)
and her CHutted ASs , rubbing, squeezing and presiing hards from both hands , my eract COCK (LODO) was tuching in her sexy thigs(JANGO)and her PUSSY (BHOSDI) and also she did not said any thing but mangla smiled and said jamairaj Chodo, charu will come any second , HAMNA NAHI ,(not now) so i knew that my sasu (M I L) will let me fuck her any day. BUT my lund (COCK) is so hard , mangla devi laughed and look at my pant and said that I will have to take care of your eract pol(lodo). and i also laugh.
Mangladevi will let me fuck her choot easily any time. mean while Charu came , we drink tea and eat some snacks, Then charu says that iam going to take bath & freshen up ,i said ok, she went to bathroom, mean while me and mangladevi put her bags in her room, Mangla devi opening her bags and taking her saris , clothes and everything , then she told me that i brought for you silk shirts and pants and silk kurta &surval etc. i was watching her TITTS (dhaylas) because her sexy sarees paloo fall down from her soldier and her big boobs try push out from her silky sleeveless blouse &i was staring at her BOOBS, dhaylas and mangladevi look at me &said kya dekh reha ho, jamairaj,mahesh, ( what r u looking son in law mahesh,) Maine jawab dia , mangladevi tumare big Mangos(keri) coming out from your silky blouse, and i am thinking of drinking of mamgo pulp (Ras) ,& thinking of pulp may be thin or thick ? And then mangla said maheshkumar ,jamairaj, (S.I.L.) abhi to nazers pilo, (Drink by eyes only,)
After dinner u can taste it. But my Cock is already stood up in my pants, so i
can resist my self and i walk to near her, wher mangla is sitting and i go back to her , Before she reliazed , i sat behind her and put my hands under her armpits,and put my hands on her big BOOBS(mangos), rubbing my hands on her big titts and nipples from silky sexy blouse, squeezing, pressing, rubbing all over balls (DHAYLAS),and also circleing on her poke out NIPPLES (ditdee), then i put my lips on her sexy big ears , and biting her ears, then i put my lips on hersexy silky red big lips and sucking her sexy lips, and putting my toung in her mouth and kissing all over her face and neck, & Mangla also responding me kissing (CHUMMA)in my mouth and also mangla is pulling my toung in her mouth
and doing french kissing (CHUMBANS) and mangla was so excited that She was loudly saying that ," Maheshkumar, mane chhodi nakho, mane tamaro lodo (LUND) mari choot ma nakhi do,mari choot (PUSSY) fadi nakho, mara jamiraj maheshkumar mane masli nakho.aah---- aaaa hh aaaahaaa maro bhosdo uchhala mare chhe" (majeshkumar fuck me hard,Give me your cock( LUND)
Put your big cock (LODO)in my pussy (BHOSDI) put your cock in my big pussy and tear my pussy aprt,my son in law mahesh.,my pussy is going up and down wildly.
But i knew that charu will come out from bathroom any minute, so i gave her last kiss on her lips & sexy mouth and we sat in diffrent side .
I will be watching to fuck my sexy manglarani ,sasu( MIL ) and after few days
I got good cance , one evening charu complained that she didn't feel well,
so , after dinner, she want to go to bed early 7.30pm , and i gave her Some tylonal and sleeping pills. she took it &went to bedroom and go to sleep fast.
Iwas watching T.V. in living room ,and mangladevi cleaning in kitchen, after 20 minuets she came in livingroom and asked me What r u watching jamairaj? I
purposley put some sexy, romantic & hot movie on tv . i said that iam watching movie, then Mangladevi said Can i watch movie wth you ? i said of course, why not you will enjoy it, because before i saw that movie that one was
with hot and some nude presentation. Mangla came ,near me sit on same sofa
few inches away, in my mind i was happy,thati will fuck her this evening .

But i want to make sure that charu is really sleeping,so i
i can't be disturbed by charu on my love making operation,with her mother and my sasu (MIL). so i checked her ,that charu was sleeping peacefully in deep slleep.
It was about 8.00 pm ,me & mangla are watching sexy movie, in one scene sexy song hero was touching her bodyand putting his hand all over her body rubbing on her ass and tiits and cheeks and navel and sexy belly.Me &Mangladevi watching that scene,and I moved my hand on sofa and slightly put on her soldier
and caressing my hand on her arm slowly i moved my hand on her breast (TITTS<BOOBS)gently i was moving my hand on her boobs(DHAYLA), i can feel her sexy SILKY BRA'scups and padding and straps .by watching the movie mangla also came very closer to me and mangla put her one hand on my thigh (JANG),
and runbbing on my from knee to upper part of nearby COCK(LUND) , doing this my giant cock lodo starting to earact &comming out out from pant .and my hands get roughly squezed her boobs and nipple, and i put my mouth on her sexy red lips and biting her sexy lower lip as well as upper lip and putting my toung in her mouth , then manglarani my mother in law so excited that she was saying anything, fuck me haaaaard ------- fu---ck my pu--ssy,fadi nakh my pussy (TEAR MY PUSSY Apart) mane chhodi nakh, madar chhod, GIve me your big cock lund,aaaha--- aiiiiaaai then i slept mangla,, on my lap and i opened her silky blouse and sucking her big mangos (TITTS) and big brown earacted nipples(DITTEDI) , and she got so excited she pulled my shirt and suck my musculine chest and give me so pleasure, mangla was so aroused that one hand was rubbing on my pant and saying that maheshkumar you got big lund-----COCK ,u fuck my daughter charu everyday, tonight you fuck me hard , muze chhdke meri bur ko fad dal sala jamai, jamai hua to kya hua ,teri sans(MIL) ko aje chhd de mera bhosda ko fad de,
Then i took out my pant &nicker ,mangla surprised looking at my big COCk LUND and sala LODO to moto ghoda (HORSE) jevo rakhyo chhe(SALA u have big dick like horse) muze chhod chood--ker mari bhosdi (BUR)ko BHOsdo banivi de , i took my lund & put on her choot and pressed hard on her pussy mangla screamed and I started to go up and down I fucked her all night then mangla rani suck my bog cock also,

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