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Priya with Rahul
07-16-2011, 05:22 PM
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Priya with Rahul
Hi This is Vishal; m 30 My wife is Priya 26. Sorry for making you so upset with a unfortunate real story. After that I wrote her five encounter but didn’t posted. Thanks to you people who are still encouraging me to entertain you with priya’s encounter. Priya liked one guy. She might contact you at any time. Anyway, it’s a too long story. Read it when you have sufficient time.

Rahul is the son of our house owner, more than that he is a good time pass for Priya. He is 19only, doing his graduation from a reputed college in our city. He is quiet good looking too. He would be around 5’10, thin frame & fair enough. His sense of metro sexual fashion is remarkable. He is quiet emotional guy. Because of his obsessive nature he had to loose his girlfriend. Now I hope my wife Priya is healing his wound. Rahul too never loose any chance to impress my idiot sweet heart. I sometimes feel he speaks all bullshit love story just to win her heart. I caught him several times narrating his ex girlfriend’s worst character. Even he cries too talking about his ex girl friend. What does anyone need better than that to win a lady. But these aren’t sufficient to get her panty out. She knows very well what she wants. I was sure he must be having a real huge dick. As day by day their intimacy increased I noticed that Priya’s dress was getting smaller & smaller in front of him. I don’t know whether she didn’t mind taking out her cloths & posing nude in front of him during my absence. I can’t make any comment, as I didn’t know that. But this was sure they were liking each other.

Someday I noticed Priya was purchasing gift for him. She even didn’t bother to ask me when purchasing a tie for him. I thought it was for me but next morning my sweet heart gifted that nice tie to that asshole. That time I was thinking, Priya gave him because that tie would help her to pull him close to her body during their lovemaking. While thinking so I laughed sitting on couch. Why are you laughing? Priya asked. Yesterday I thought it was for me. Honey, don’t cry I will gift you another one. This one would look better on him not on you monkey. She teased me. He was very happy getting a gift from this wonderful fuck. At least he realized he was in right track. That day he hold priya’s hand first time in front of me. I was also happy seeing his progress, as I knew hardly anything about their relation. Neither Priya told me nor did I ask. If she can fuck her tailor & hotel staff, she easily can call this boy during afternoon & rupture his dick. The difference I see in this relation compare to her other fucks, is in her other encounter she just fucked them but now some romance was there I mean some emotional bondage was there. After that I found him number of times in my house whenever I was out. Priya went out few times with him, sometimes for shopping & sometimes for lunch.

They watched DON together. Now Priya doesn’t mind keeping her two button open from up & showing her cleavage to him in front of me. Priya touches his hand, shoulder, waist & his thighs very frequently. He too unconsciously touches her on her back, hand, and one day while coming up priya slipped on stair. He was at back. He hold her ass very firmly to get her straight. He almost hugged her back. They took much time to come in normal position. Someday I found Priya was stitching his trousers button kneeling down on the floor when He was standing straight. For a second I thought she was giving him blowjob. The way he made his facial expression. One Sunday we were watching TV in the afternoon. Priya & Rahul sat on the couch. They were sitting close. I then went to have bath. I found them sitting same way when came out. After few minutes when priya got up to go to kitchen, I saw her pallu got stuck between his zip of his trouser. Priya bent on him & was trying hard to pull out her pallu. I don’t know how a pallu can go inside zip. That time her pallu was totally fall from her boobs. After several attempt they succeeded in getting it out. One day we had one invitation of a marriage ceremony from our neighbor. Actually these people were staying in our building in the first floor. Now they shifted to other place. He invited us. Rahul & his family were invited too. We reached there little late. Priya was looking like a bride. Her blouse was zigzag type from back. Her fresh fair skin stole attentions like anything. After reaching there we found Rahul was chatting with his local friends who were invited. Seeing priya he came to us & shouted as he was expecting us earlier. Next five minutes he was busy appreciating Priya’s look. Priya too was thanking him with her naughty eyes. I mixed with neighbor bridal family as in few days we became close. I came out with one family member who is of my age, smoking & chatting with him. After around forty-five minutes I went back to reception party.

Marriage ceremony was going on that time. I found Rahul & Priya were not there. It was a big hall & crowdie too… I didn’t find them there. Then I asked Rahul’s father about them. He said they might be somewhere in the building. This was a hired premises & marriage was going on in the first floor. I thought to look for them in second floor. I went upstairs. People were sitting there also in different rooms. That floor was crowded too. I found them nowhere. While checking one by one room, I saw a window of a room. I peeped inside, found Rahul with his group of friends were sitting there. I saw their back. Yes Priya was there too. Priya was sitting next to Rahul. I could see Priya’s sexy back & shoulder. Priya’s body was pressed on Rahul where they were sitting. Rahul suddenly lifted his hand & placed it on her bare back. He was feeling her skin with his palm. He slowly started squeezing her back. Priya looked at him. He too looked at Priya & smiled. Priya first gave him a wicked look, then smiled & then licked her lips like giving flying kiss. Priya rearranged her sitting to give him sufficient room. Then his hand squeezed her back random. Priya’s naughty eyes were expressing how much she was liking his touch. It was a long sofa kind of seats where many people could sit. One more guy sat beside Rahul so he almost climbed on her. They were enjoying much when his other friends didn’t know anything. I stayed there for sometime then I came down. After some time again I went up, found they were not there. I peeped to stairs towards top floor, I heard Priya’s voice. I went up further. I saw Priya was leaning on the stair railing, kept her both hands on the railing. She pushed her arse close to him. Rahul darling was standing one case down & his one foot was progressed to between her thighs but not inside. His both hand was on air finding better place to keep. His hands were approaching towards her waist curve. They were exchanging some erotic discussion. Their facial expression said that. They didn’t see me as I tried to hide myself as much as possible. Let’s go to the roof. Priya said to her. Chalo. He said while giving her a firm push on her ass.

They went to the roof. I couldn’t decide whether I should follow them there or not. The roof was dark. I went to the roof in a minute. They were looking for proper place to hide themselves. Priya, I shouted. She got nervous. Vishal sorry, I kept you alone. We came here to check whether anything is going on. Rahul, let’s go down. Priya hold his hand & came down few staircases like that way. While coming down to first floor, the staircases were too crowdie. Rahul was pressed on wall. Priya got good opportunity to heat his dick. She pushed her ass on his dick hard. She was giving him real pleasure. I stuck to opposite side of the stair. I could see how priya was leaning on him. Situation happened like that no body was able to move, as entrance got jammed. Somehow a group of two three young boys managed to come close to her. One stood facing him & his chest was pressed on her mounts. Now no one could move. Suddenly one hand found its way to her boobs. Priya shouted Rahul. Rahul immediately turned her & placed her facing him. They hugged each other tightly. All happened in very short time they hugged each other in reflection. Then things became normal. Rahul left priya & went upstairs & punch the guy who squeezed her mount. I immediately went up & tried to stop them. Other people were there too to stop Rahul. Rahul became very furious. He was almost killing him. Seeing no option I slapped him & scolded him. Finally we came to first floor. Rahul seemed not happy. He was there with us but not mentally. Priya was making fun with him to make him normal. Rahul suddenly shouted on her, stop this nonsense. Then he went away. Hey come on. He might got tempered for some reason, let’s have dinner & go. I said to Priya. We had our dinner along with Rahul’s parents. Rahul too had it but was far from us. We went to the floor where party was going on.

Rahul’s parents were there with us. Soon Rahul came & said to his parents that he is leaving. He said, you come with Vishal bhaiya. He started walking immediately. Rahul take me with you. Priya shouted. Vishal, I am not well. Can I go with him? Priya asked me. Sure. I obeyed. She ran following him. They came down. I went to balcony, which was not lighted much. I saw Priya sat beside him. They went away. After around half an hour we too started. I drove very slowly. I was aware what was going on in my room. So I blew horn number of times when entered inside the compound so they get time to arrange themselves. I looked at the top floor & found no lights were on in Rahul’s flat. I intentionally took longer time & kept his parents down. Finally I found one light became on in his flat. We went upstairs. His parents went up to their flat. I knocked on my door. Priya opened after a minute. Hi honey, how are you now? I asked. She was only in her petticoat. She pressed her both arm on her boobs to hold her petticoat, was still wearing her high heals. Is that a new style? I asked. As you think. She turned & started walking. I stared her bare back & covered ass. The movement of her ass makes me mad. She went to toilet after taking out her heels & locked from inside. When she came out I noticed her petticoat was wet on her ass & pussy mount. She cleaned her pussy inside. She went to kitchen then. I too followed her. I hugged her back & kissed her shoulder. You were looking killer today. I said. I know it. She turned & said hugging me. Is it? Has any one told you before me? Yes. Rahul has already told me. She said with clear voice. Mmmmm. I will kill that bustard. I joked. We came to hall & found one baniyan fall on the couch. Hey what is this? I asked. Oh Rahul left it here. She tried to arrange it in proper place. Oh I see. I teased. Vishal he went to toilet so removed his cloths. She shouted, tried to show some anger but laughed. Ha ha. I laughed too. I went to bedroom. I found everything was organized in the bedroom except her bra was on dressing table. I went & took it in my hand. Its hook was broken. I smiled myself & placed it there only. Priya came inside. We lied on bed. Priya climbed on me & started licking my ear, neck then she kissed me wild. She was moaning nnn oooo nnnn. She was grinding her arse on my dick. Soon she found it responding. My dick slipped in her mouth soon. Next two hours she took me to heaven.

Next morning while I was getting ready Priya told me she would go along with Vishal for his college fest. She asked me to select a dress for her. I selected a short skirt & a top in which she looks like a bomb. That skirt was not too short, few inches high from her knee but her curves revealed much & top was too deep cut. If you don’t feel awkward you can go in it. Priya was in red bra & panty that time. She stood seductively, ran her finger from her ear to boob. Pressing her boobs she said, I don’t feel awkward in anything honey, I am sorry for you that you would miss how those young dicks will be pointed to get into between my thighs. That’s true. I would love to see this. I said cracking my voice. Sorry you aren’t invited. She hugged me. I left for office.

That evening I thought to purchase some dress for us. I went into a shopping mall. It would be around 7.30pm. I was at cloth section. Saw in a distance Priya & Rahul were sorting some jeans. Priya was in that dress. Rahul was in T-shirt & jeans. I got hidden immediately. Priya took one & went to trial room. Rahul was waiting outside holding her purse. Rahul was checking out other ass there. After two three minutes Priya opened the door of trial room slightly & took out her head. Rahul this is too tight even my thighs are not getting in, can you get one bigger size. She asked. Rahul looked at here & there & in fraction he slipped into the trial room. I hope no body except me saw them. They took around ten minutes in trial room. Then both came out. Her jean, which she took inside for trial was hanging on his shoulder. They passed beside me. They were laughing. Rahul I need you every time whenever I put on this jean. She said while going back to cloth section. I will be happy to help you. He shouted. Priya stopped & turned to him. Tum toh pehenaoge nehi, ulta khol doge. She whispered. Tumko nanga karne mein hi maja hai. Socho kaisa laagega tumhara gnaar se ise nikal ne mein. He narrated squeezing her ass hard. She gave a expression like shying & started walking again. They were still unaware of my presence. Then they went to lingerie section. One salesgirl was present there. They looked for few seconds then Priya asked, could you show us underwear for him. Sure madam, what is the size? She asked. I forgot. Rahul said. Ok what kind of underwear you want? Salesgirl again asked. I do put on hip cut. Rahul said. No show us something G-string. Priya shouted. Ok mam, She smiled looking at Priya’s face. She took out few & showed them. Priya was leading in choosing the color & material. I think this size will be okay. Salesgirl suggested. Priya took the underwear, hanged it with her hand, looked at Rahul & whispered laughingly, I think this is small. He will have pain if he sees me while wearing it. Salesgirl was blunt hearing this, she ran her eyes on his crotch to check his size. You don’t need to check, I measure his size thrice a day putting in everywhere. Priya became nasty. Salesgirl was ashamed & immediately started searching for bigger size while smiling. They stood close to each other & their body was touching number of times. They were free like anything. Seeing them anyone could understand they were happy sex partner. Number of times I found they were squeezing each other’s private part. Now get some panty for her. Rahul asked to salesgirl.

Rahul tum mujhe pehen ne dete ho? Kyun paisa barbad kar rehe ho. Priya said smilingly. One more couple were passing by that time. They heard the discussion & laughed. You people are really funny. Salesgirl said. Can we try our underwear? Priya asked the girl. Underwear can’t be tried. Salesgirl informed to them. Then Priya purchased few cosmetics also & they left the mall. I immediately started planning how to tap them. I think Rahul didn’t want to fuck her in front of me otherwise at least ones priya would have arranged their sex show for me. I immediately followed them & came out of the mall. Thank god my car was parked in distance. I heard Rahul was talking to someone over phone. Parking space was little dark. I need your flat for two hours. Haan priya hai mere saath haan, abhi bhi wo mere saath hai. Tu ghar pauch gaya? I was standing behind of a car so they couldn’t see me. Rahul it’s already late. Vishal will be waiting. Please aaj chor do. She was crying but it seemed to me she was also in fire. She almost hugged her while saying this. Abe naakhra kar rahi hai. Tu chabi dega toh bol humlok aake lete hai. He came close to my side while talking over phone. Again he said, aaj tu maat aa, sirf do ghanta hai ismein tu chodega ki hum chode. Hum pata lenge usko tere liye aur kisi din. Aaj late ho jaye ga. I was shocked. His friend didn’t agree so he again went back to her & said, Priya roni bhi aayega bol raha hai aapne saath kuch problem hai. Oh .she got disturbed. Must hai ek baar dekh sakti ho. He suggested. I saw him today. Priya said. Bolo kya bolu.

He shouted. One couple passed them. Tumhe jo accha laage karo lekin tumlok aaj mujhe phansaoge, koi mujhe chorne wale nehi ho. Kya bolu main vishal ko? She was crying. Bol dena college mein time laga. Rahul advised. Wo samajh jayega. Priya cried again. Tab bol dena raat bhar tum mera danda mein baithi thi. He hugged her saying this. Rahul you don’t know how I do manage for you. She cried again. Kuch bhi karo aaj tumhari chut mein dalna hai. He uttered in aggression. Let’s do in the car. She suggested. He kissed her their only when number of people were passing or standing in that place. All understood something was going on there. Sab dekh raha hai. Priya warned. Kaun? He asked & turned to check out people over there. He saw number of people were there. Immediately he hugged her ,then holding her head & he pushed his tongue inside her mouth. Priya showed no resistance but she was shocked for first few seconds. Then she too responded darting his mouth, sucking his tongue. They enjoyed their exhibition. He sucked her for good time when he left her almost all the eyes were on them. He wiped his face with his tongue & smiled. Naughty. She scolded him. He tried to grab her again noo. Priya shouted. He dialed Roni again & said, Roni you missed one scene ha ha priya se puch. He handed over the phone to priya. tell me. Priya said over phone. Nothing happened nothing happened. He is joking. Priya told roni. Tumhara dost bahut badmash. Sabke saamne mujhe pakarke kiss kiya. She handed over phone again to him. Tum usko bulao nehi toh wo sochega hum ditch denge. He rquested him. Kya bolu main? Priya asked taking the phone in her hand. Bolo tumhe maar ne ke liye aa jaye, sale ko aaj hi chod na hai. Rahul was bit angry. Phone was on. His friend could hear their discussion well. Priya took the phone near her ear & started talking to him, (sign given when she was listening.)

Roni, will you mind if we go to your flat? nothing, I bought a jeans so I thought to show him how I will look in it, ha, ha. Nothing more, trust me. Actually he wants to see me only in that jeans that’s the problem. My hubby will be there at home so he is saying to go to your flat. He hasn’t said anything about underwear but clearly said only in jeans. Us mein nayi kya hai. Har din hi dekhta hai tumhara dost itna accha nehi ke sirf dekhega. Bharpur istemaal karta hai. She kissed rahul’s lips while talking over phone. Haan,upar, niche, piche kuch bhi nehi chorta hai, sab chahiye tumhare dost ko piche? kafi baar usko side B jada pasand hai… Aisa karo ek din aake dekh lena main phone pe itna nahi bol sakti haan haan bol rahi hoon na utna hosh naa humen reheti hai naa uuse, jahan girta hai gir ne dete hai, kuch hoga toh baad mein dekhenge. She was talking all nasty things over phone. You join us some other day, you know it’s already late.

Oh my god. You know you can’t take it out. it’s too tight ha ha nooooo, it’s a new one. Don’t damage this please. Ok get ready. we are coming. She disconnected. They drove away. I wanted to see some more fire in them. After five minutes I called Priya’s cell & said I will be two three hours late. IS it? She jumped. I think. I replied. Where are you? I have come to see Abhi. I am not carrying key, will give you a call reaching there. I lied. Fucking manami? I will kick your ass? What time will you come? She asked so many questions. No yaar. I will be back by 1.30-2am. Oh my god. She sounded happy hearing me. Still she was showing some annoyance. I cut the phone. My plan was successful. They reached home as early as possible. I gave them only twenty minutes. I reached home & started blowing horn. I thought tonight I would see them in action or disturb them. I parked my car. In just 7-8 minutes I rang the bell. No light was on in the stair. I heard someone ran on the staircases. Priya unlocked the door. Ohhhhhhh great, she was in that jeans & one churni she wrapped on her boobs. Yes, they were about to begin. Rahul had already unbuttoned her. Her zip was half down. No panty could be seen. He sucked her all make up, Her hairs need combing very badly. Her lipstick was stuck to her cheeks & chin. I reached in very prime time. He was about to take out her jeans just then. What a look. Any photographer would die to get her photo in that look. Hey you are ready for me. I teased. She looked bluntly at me. I pulled her & bite her lips. She lost her strength & just fall on me. Hey, hey this one is new, let me see how you are looking. I said taking out her dupatta from her boobs, making her completely topless. She was looking an angel. Her heavy ass, strong thighs, deep navel, huge boobs were appealing me to tear her. Everyday I find her sexier. Nowadays her looks became little vulgar. Her every expression seems saying fuck me hard.

That time her thick lips were shivering to get suck. I took out my digicam & captured her looks from every angel. Soon she forgot about him & became my lover. She did everything to get my dick erected most. We became animal that night. We fucked on dining table mostly. She ruptured my dick that night. She fucked me till 3.00am. Might be that was my punishment. We woke up late next morning & I reached one hour late to my office. That day Priya’s Parent’s were coming from Kolkata. I was happy as rahul would have to wait some more days to get between her legs. I was afraid of one thing, they might go to Rahul’s friend’s house for their valid purpose. Anyway after reaching home in the evening I found Rahul was at our flat. Priya’s father was sitting on a chair of dining table, having tea. Rahul & Priya were sitting on the couch at the corner, watching TV. They were sitting close & their thighs were touching. Her father sat facing opposite to them & watching TV. He deliberately pulled her skirt up & his fingers were caressing fair skin of her inner thigh. Priya kept her one boob pressed in his arm. Seeing me he left her thigh. Priya got up from there to make tea. Rahul, come here. She called him from the kitchen. He was with her till she made tea. Suddenly something took away my attention. Priya went inside the bedroom & she put on her panty. I saw it very clearly from sofa. Rahul was beside me he too saw her taking her panty over her ass. Oh god. That means Rahul was fingering her cunt that time. After having tea Rahul decided to leave. Rahul, Let’s take them somewhere, priya get ready. I said. He accepted my proposal. I found Rahul became friend of priya’s father. They were enjoying their company. Priya put on sari with back less blouse.

Priya’s father sat beside me. Rahul, Priya & her mother sat in the back. Rahul was in the middle. As it was dark already, they did have no problem enjoying each other. They sat close. Rahul lifted his hand on the headrest, slowly brought down over her back. Her mother was talking to them, not aware of all this. Priya leaned forward to feel his hand better. I was talking to her father. As she sat just behind of her father so it was impossible for him to notice. When I was turning my face I was getting good view. We reached one spot. After having dinner outside, at 11.00pm we decided to come back. Priya sat in between this time. She kept her elbow on his dick. This time his elbow was squeezing her boob very well. Then after sometime he crossed his hands over his chest & inserted his hand inside her pallu & gave her squeeze of life. Priya spread her pallu on his thighs too so that she could hide it from me. When Rahul came out his bulge seemed half meter long ha ha. Her father noticed it. Priya tried to cover his erection with her pallu. We all came inside still priya was talking to him standing on dark staircase. They were standing on a corner. It would be almost half an hour she was talking to him. I went out to call her, saw priya was on the wall side, completely guard by Rahul’s body.

I couldn’t see her, only some part of her sari & her elbows which were busy between them. It was very dark. I heard Rohan’s groan. Aaahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. As I opened the door some poor view I had. It seemed to me he zipped his trouser when I came out. He went up then fast. Priya came inside with smiling face. She didn’t talk to me anything straight went to toilet & washed her hands with soap then she changed into bra & panty. Usually priya wears bra & panty at home even in front of her parents too. Next day in the afternoon I called her mobile. It was switched off. Then I called landline. Her mother picked up & said, Rahul ke parent nehi hai, isi lie priya usko khana dene geye hai. I understood what khana she was feeding him. Sala itna jaldi toh nehi hoga lag raha hai. I felt depressed seeing my plan getting delayed. I called after an hour. This time her mother said she was sleeping in his flat. She didn’t have any doubt as Rahul calls Priya didi in front of her father & mother. I reached home earlier found still priya was there in his flat. After getting fresh up I went to his flat. They were well dressed, watching movie on TV. They were sure I had come by then. Seeing me Priya jumped on me. She darted my mouth. That evening too we went for outing. Rahul took very much care of her boobs that day too. Next day too same things happened. Priya went to his flat. I don’t know why the hell his parents went out of station those days. That evening also I went to call her from his flat & found them decent. Rahul is intelligent. Priya too was playing with me. I changed my plan next day. I went out for office but by 2.30pm I landed at home. As usual Priya went to feed him. She went around at 1.00pm, her mother told me. That day I didn’t take my car to office so no sound they got. I stood near his door. Suddenly it cam to my mind that flat design is same in all floor & there must be one window of his room towards balcony. I went there. Shit, It was closed. I stopped there to listen to their voice. Yes, Priya was groaning mad. Rrrrrraahuulllllll, yes fuck me, yes, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tear my pussy yesssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh you are so darling.

Rahul too was groaning,aaaaaaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahh Tumhara bur toh bur nehi jannat hai. Yeah chut maarne mein jitna maja hai oohhhhh god. Maaaro maaro mujhe. Pura ghooosa do. Chir dalo mujheeeee hhnhn hn yeah yeah yeah yes honey fuck me fuck me. Priya was shouting. They slowed down their speed to lust longer as their moaning became slow. Rahul you made my cunt loose, you fuck me so much. EvenVishal doesn’t fuck me so frequently. She was arousing him. Tumko phaar denge hum. Yehh yehh. He started thirsting faster. Aaaannnnn aaaaann yes yes. I will suck it. I will suck it. Yes Yes. she was saying. Tujhe jitna chodta hoon utna aur chodne ki maan karta hai. Tera ek photo dena mereko. He appreciated her. Photo leke kya karoge jab asli maal tumhare saamne nangi ho jati hai. Par Rahul aaj mera papa dekh leta toh kya hota? Your semen was running down from my legs when I came out. Thore der rok nehi paaye, kitchen mein hi bhar diya mujhe. Patch patch awaz ho raha tha kaisi ha ha. Priya complained. Bahut der se mera jhnaat jala rahi thi. Humen dikha dikha ke kitne baar jhuk rahi thi. Gnaar kya bur tak dikha rahi thi. Ohhh kitna maja aaya tha tumhara taang ko shelf mein charake pichese chod ne mein.He was slapping her while saying this. Ha ha ha ha .Priya laughed in high volume. Tum hi toh isara kiya dining se dikhane keliye. Priya was lauging very high. Isi liye poora utha degi rand Sali. Hum bhi jaake bhar diye.

He too laughed this time. haan main tumhara rand hoon. Jahan bhi tumhare lund dekhungi wohipe apni chut marwaungi. Her voice became romantic though the languages they were using not at all gentle, still I was enjoying. Kabhi aapne baap ke saamne marwa, dekh ta hoon humse kitna pyaar hai. He shouted while fucking her. Vishal ke saamne toh kabhi danda khara nehi hota hai meri baap ke saamne kya karoge tum. She said naughtily. I thought to put fingers on ear so nasty they were talking. But my parents are leaving tonight, how can you show my father how badly you tears me. Saying this she bite his dick. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Randi kaat legi kya. He shouted slapping her.haan kaat khaungi tumhara lund. Main aagar gabbar hoti toh tumhe bolti, yeah lund mujhe dede thakur. She laughed like a whore. Rahul you are fucking me almost every day, what will happen if I get pregnant by you. Mujhe tumhara tarah ek baccha chahiye. Wao sunke khush ho geye laag raha hai,mera taang pura phaar diya. Ha ha She was kidding. Now fuck me give your fucking dick plz Yyyyyyyyyeeeeesssssssss. Again he inserted. Sahi mein teri boor dhila ho gaya. Pehele is tarah nehi jata tha. He said. Itna patak patak ke chodoge toh dhila toh hoga mmmmmm.She sucked his mouth after saying this. Then they were seriously thristing. Aaahhhh aaahhh chodo mujhe yes yes yes rahul aaahh yes fuck me ooohhhhh I am coming aaah . She started groaning again. Aaaaahhh aaaah bolkahan legi, chut mein daloon ke teri moo pe daloon. He wanted to know. Bhitar girao, pura nehelado mere chut ko aaaannnn aaaaaaaaaan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. She gave him green signal. This was the right time to stop them. I ran to his door & knocked hard. I knocked continuously. Rahul opened the door after five minutes.

He came out in shorts. His erect dick had ejaculated in his shorts. His bulge was huge, trust me it was huge. I understood why she die to ride him. Rahul, is Priya here? I asked casually not looking at his dick. He was shocked seeing me & stammering, haan she is , is here. He kept his door half open to stop me at the gate. She went to bathroom. He replied. Call her. Priya heard my sound. She was ready in another few minutes. You can imagine how tempted they were. Priya came out & uttered, bustard. She ran down & went into our flat. Then Priya & I went out for some shopping for her parents. We came back by 6.30pm. Priya was in a T-shirt & a skirt. After coming home she took out her skirt but didn’t put on anything. She was only in T-shirt & a red panty. Whenever she was bending her panty was out. I had one invitation to a colleague’s house so I wasn’t going to airport to see them off. Her parents were doing final packing. After few minutes Rahul came still priya didn’t bother to cover her. She was there keeping her thighs exposed. Rahul was in shorts & a T-shirt, little gentle than Priya. Her parents too little shocked due to this & they were coming very close to each other & touching each other while packing. Rahul deliberately touched her ass number of times in front of her father. Rahul was making fun also with priya. Papa, you take my few cloths, I don’t wear these here. She said & went into a room. We have one rack in a room which is high almost close to ceiling. We keep all unnecessary goods there & put a curtain. Usually these kind of racks are available in old houses but our house owner kept it in his new house. Priya took a chair & stood on it. Rahul come & hold it. She ordered. Her slave followed her in no time. He grabbed her ass with both hands instead of chair.

Not to me gadha, hold the chair. She shouted laughingly. Priya lifted her both hands with all effort. Her T-shirt too went up to her hips. Her ass was open just in front of him. I was there too in that room, even her parents too. Rack was in too high Priya couldn’t reach. Hey nati tum niche aao. Humen utarne do. He said laughingly. Priya turned towards him still keeping her hands up. Even we could see her navel. Tum Rahul ko utarne do. Her father said. Mujhe niche utaro. Priya extended her hands towards her shoulder & hold. Rahul desperately holding her upper thighs from sides lifted her & brought her close to him. priya pushed her ass inside, leaving his nose rubbed by her pussy mount. he still kept her body like that way. Mujhe niche utaro. Priya was laughing while keeping her body straight. Kyun aisa kiya? He asked laughingly. Late ho raha hai. She shouted. Rahul took her down. Her mother looked at me to see my expression & said, yeah ladki bahut badmaish hai. I smiled & said, din bhar masti karegi. Then Rahul stood on the chair & priya hold that. Ab tumhara pant kholu. Priya said holding his shorts. Finally they were ready. I was ready too to go to my colleague’s house. Priya, tum kapra change kar lo. Her mother said, this is ok, mama. I won’t get down from car. Rahul bhi jayega. She replied. Both of them didn’t change their dress. It was 9.00pm. priya called me from airport & said, I called you to ask one question. Ok, ask me. I replied. Are you enjoying? Not yet. It seems, I am watching any Hindi adult movie. Accha? Can you take us somewhere? She asked.

I thought for a while & asked, where is Rahul? He went to get trolley. She replied. Ok let me know what are you wearing tonight. I said naughtily. What do you want me to wear? She asked in return. May be, fully covered. I replied. Done. She said. Get ready I will be back by one & half hour. My boss was there so I informed him. While coming back I informed sunny that we would be reaching his resort & asked him to arrange for jungle safari. I came home on time. Oh god, is it a nightdress? I asked her seeing in a white shirt & a black trouser. She was in perfect official uniform. But her make up was really huge. She seemed painted her face. Thick layer of red lipstick gave her typical porn looks. She knows how to seduce. She turned to me & licked her lips. You asked me to cover so I did. I slapped her ass, took out my tie & wrapped it on her neck. Ohhhh. She was happy seeing her in mirror. Rahul stumbled seeing her. Oh my god. Who is it? He passed. Rahul was in same shorts & T-shirt. We put our luggage & started. Priya sat beside me & Rahul was alone at back. Priya was turning her head back & talking to Rahul. Rahul was very free with me then. Rahul & I were enjoying her beauty. It’s hot Vishal. I am taking this out. Priya said, holding her tie. No. I said & on the AC. Then Priya pushed her seat back & lied. It seemed she was teasing Rahul. We left the city & were on highway. Do you remember that check post? Priya asked. I smiled. Then she lied on her seat & whispering something to Rahul. She was laughing frequently making high sound. She took her hand back. Then she was looking frequently to check whether I was seeing them or not.

It continued for few minutes. It seemed to me her hand was shaking something but very slowly but her attention was on me. Intentionally I was not looking at them. I was driving very fast. Almost one & half hour past by then. No vehicle nothing on the way. Only trees & trees. Priya are you sleeping? I asked. No, I am hungry. She replied. I saw one two shops were open while passing through a small village. I stopped the car on highway. They sat properly. It seemed Rahul zipped his shorts. Priya wiped her hand on her trouser. Rahul bring some chips & biscuit. No good dhaba is there nearby. When he was out priya leaned on me & took out her tongue to lick mine. I too took out & licked her. Then I immediately unfasten her belt & took out her pant. I did it very fast. Oh you changed your panty. I said seeing her black G-string. She spread her thighs & ran her fingers on her pussy. She was looking awesome in shirt & tie without trouser. You want to fuck me? She asked erotically making slut like expression. Not tonight. I replied smilingly. Well I feel sleepy. Can I go back? She asked. No darling, be here. I replied teasing her. Rahul was coming back. I shouted, Rahul will you drive? I want to sleep. He agreed before I finish. I looked at Priya. Her eyes became bigger in excitement. I went back & Rahul sat on driving seat. Rahul switch on the room light. I requested him. NO. priya objected. He switched on immediately. He saw her bare legs. Oh fuck. He delighted. Vishal took it out. She was shy. You don’t look at me, just concentrate on driving. She shouted. He moved the car. Priya lied on seat as her body arched back her shirt pulled up & he could see her pussy mount between the middle gaps of her shirt. He was looking several times.

She got up & switched off light. She again lied. She started rubbing her hand on my thighs & grabbed my erect dick. Her thighs were enough spread. She hold the chips packet between her inner thighs, too close to her cunt. She was having with other hand taking it out. She was also offering me & Rahul with other hand. Then she stopped taking chips out from packet for Rahul, was only giving me. Rahul lo na. She said to her. Rahul looked at the packet & saw where the packet was. He immediately inserted his left hand completely in the packet. He felt her pussy. Aaaaaaahhh. Priya moaned. He took out few & pour it in his mouth. Priya was feeding me one by one & having herself too. Rahul khao na. She said lifting her ass slightly. I smiled. Priya too gave a smile seeing me. Rahul extended his hand looking towards road. He missed target rubbed her pussy mount, thigh to search for hole. Of course of the packet ha ha. He poured his hand in the packet number of time. Once he left his hand on packet for almost a minute feeling her pussy. Every time Priya moaned. She was continuously squeezing my dick. I enjoyed her squeeze then I slowly extended my hand to her neck & made her knot loose, then I unbutton her neck button & then one more. Priya started squeezing hard my long erected dick. Priya, I am sleeping. Saying this I pushed her hand. Rahul good night, call me if needed. I said. After ten minutes Rahul looked back to check me. He can’t awake long. Priya lied him as she knew night after night I can go sleepless. Then Rahul looked at her eyes for few seconds while driving. Seeing what? She whispered. You are looking a great fuck. He whispered too. He extended his hand to take chips again. priya took the packet out faster between her thighs. His hand rubbed her cunt. She laughed.

He started squeezing her pussy priya started moaning. Hey stop. He shouted. Take your seat front. He ordered. Priya straightened the backrest. Priya took a chip to feed him. He sucked her finger too then priya put her that finger into her mouth. I like your test. She moaned. Now Rahul was no more concentrating on driving. He inserted his one finger in her mouth. Priya sucked it looking at his eyes. Then Priya with her both hand unzipped his shorts & took out his dick. After giving few stroke she leaned on him & started licking that. He made the car very slow. Rahul looked back at me found me slept. He then grabbed her hanging boob over her shirt & started squeezing. Priya was giving him good blowjob. His thick erect dick was big enough for her hands. Holding it with both hand she took him to the world of ecstasy. She was trying to have his full length. This was first time I saw them in action. My dick was rock hard then. Dekha, mere hubby kitna accha hai, afternoon mein girane nehi diya abhi kaise chor diya. She whispered naugthily. Tum agar mera bibi hoti main toh sahar ke saare ladke se tumhe chudwati aur CD banake bechte. Mujhe becho maat, jitna chodna hai chodo, mujhe bikne se nafrat hai. She complained. He grabbed her hair & pulled her head & darted her lips.

He sucked her mouth hard. mm mmm mmmmmm Priya felt pain. She released herself. Then priya hugged her. Rahul tum aur Roni mera ek CD banaye the wo kahan hai. She asked. Bech diya. He replied. What? She said in afraid tone. I started wondering the very next day her parents came when she talked to Roni over phone, then when they made CD. That means one afternoon Roni was there in Rahul’s flat when she went to give her food. Rahul, I will suicide, tell me the truth. She cried. Saying naa, bech diya. He said laughingly. Priya hugged him tightly & said, why? Her one hand was still holding his dick. You can’t do this. She said & leaving him sat on her own seat properly. I can do it honey. He leaned on her & sucked her neck while driving. He then bite her lips. Mmm mmmm Priya was moaning being restless. Take out your boobs. He ordered. Priya in no time unhooked few buttons & pulled out one mount from the white bra. Rahul again bent & licked the nipple. Her pink nipple was hard. He bent number of time to suck her nipples & squeezed it with his hands. Aage check post hai. Priya said & organized herself. Rahul was lucky as no one stopped us there. Priya was searching for his fucker at the check post taking her head out. But he was not there. Rahul speeded his car. He took out her other boob too & squeezing it. He then pulled her head on his dick again. Priya sucked him hard & hard. Rahul moaned aaah aaah & pushed her head hard on cock. Again he slowed the car.

He was driving in 20km /hour speed. He saw one dhaba on a side. That would be around 2.30am. Only two three truck drivers & two staffs were there. Rahul stopped the car. I was lying on back seat. Vishal ko nehi bulao wo khana khake aaya party se. priya said looking back at me. You bring food I am waiting here. Priya said. Tumko wo khatia mein chod ne mein maja aayega. He indicated some khatia( bed made of coconut rope & Wood) kept in dhaba. You are mad. She smiled. He went inside where people were sitting. No food was ready so dhabawala said it would take time. He placed order & came towards car. Hey come out. He forced her. dhabawala shouted then, madam ko bhi bulake bahar baithiye. Madam nangi baithi hai. Rahul replied. Toh kya hua yahan pe hum lok bhi toh adha nanga baitha hai. One truck driver passed comment. Nehi tum jao. Priya said to him. He went & stood near those drivers. Dhaba was lighted well inside. He parked the car very close to dhaba. So I could hear their discussion. Aaj kal toh jamana badal gaya. Bahut sara sir lok nangi ladki leke aaten hai aur khoob thokte hai. Dhaba wala said. Aisa hai? Rahul asked. Rahul then signaled her to come out. NO. She refused. Aa jaiye madam hum lok bhi mast jawani dekhke khush ho jate hai. Sir, yahan baithiye, yahan iccha ho toh yahan nehito bhitar le jaake khoob karke thokiye. Dhaba wala was a bihari guy. Priya looked back & found me sleeping deep. I know you are awake. She said. I didn’t reply. She thought I was truly sleeping. She slowly opened the door & got down. She closed the door & tried making least noise. Windows of the backdoors were covered & it is double layered so they couldn’t see me even if I got up & sat.

Priya ran towards rahl & hugged him. She hide her face over her shoulder. She was in high heel. Aare, yeah toh aangrejee(English) madam hai. As priya hugged him, her ass became a great view for the rest. She was standing very shamelessly, pressed her pussy mount tightly to his thigh. Bari mast gnaar hai sir, chod ne mein maja aata hoga aapko. Dhaba wala complimented again in his typical voice. Yeah toh hai. Rahul agreed on his comments. He hold her chicks with his both hand & kissed her lips. Aap ko toh maja aata hoga, lekin madam ko kahan aap se maja aayega? Madam kotoh balbinder jaise lund chahiye. Kya ho balbinder? Dhabawala was making progress for balbinder. Haan thakur saab madam ko toh hamare jaise lund se hi shaant rakha ja sakta hai. Kya naam hai madamjee ki? Balbinder asked. Priya turned her face immediately to balbinder & replied Priya. Priya,kya naam hai, chalet chalet mein Rani kabhi naam priya thi. Yeah bangali ladki ki gnaar bari jabardast hoti hai. Balbinder was fucking her ass with his lustful eyes. Dekhna hai? While saying Rahul pulled her shirt up & exposed her ass for them. Then he released her shirt. Aaaaa. Thakur saab dekhe hai kya? Balbinder asked. Nehi.

Thakur replied. He pulled Priya to face him & bent to suck her mouth. He started sucking her mouth.priya too wrapped her hands over his neck & enjoying his tongue. Rahul suddenly lifted her shirt again. This time almost above her waist & squeezing her ass hard. They were seeing their dream ass getting squeeze & lick. Whenever his hands were coming down to her lower cheeks her shirt to was getting down covering her ass, again getting exposed when his hands were moving up. Pura makkhan hai. Aur acche se dikhao. Thakur requested in ordering tone. He pulled her shirt holding two bottom end & made a knot on her belly. Then he inserted his hands inside the waist band of her G-string panty. He made her ass red in few squeeze. Priya was moaning mmm mmm mmmm . Still her mouth was inside him. I was enjoying very much. I thought to thank Rahul for this lovely view. I might not be so confident as she is my wife. From bottom of my heart I was not interested to get my wife fucked by any truck driver to get her satisfied as Rahul & me individually can satisfy her ten times better than that balbinder. Still I remain silent. Rahul & Priya was exiting themselves very well. All became silent & enjoying their lustful, passionate lovemaking. Priya was not very active; she just surrendered herself to Rahul. Still her shirt was over her waist & Rahul was squeezing her very badly. His all fingers including palms were active in pinching & licking. When she was pulling out her ass chick, her G-string was not sufficient to cover her asshole & pussy lips. He then started kissing her all over face. In every few seconds he was pushing his tongue in her mouth. Her tie was still hanging on her neck. He then left prya’s ass & pushed her little far. Priya stood beside him facing those people. Priya stood holding his hand.

They all were having priya. Khana bana hamara? Rahul asked. Ban jayega, itna jaldi baaji kya hai. Aap lok wo khatia pe llet jayiye. Thakur said, while others were looking at her like she was the only woman on earth. Rahul sat. Still Priya was standing leaning on rahul’s chest, I mean she pressed her ass on rahul’s chest. Madam ko godi mein baitha lijiye, sir. Thakur said again while cooking nearby. Rahul pulled her on his lap. Priya fall on his lap. He Pulled her hard so her legs were lifted being spread in air. They got a good view of her cuntlips covered by red panty. She immediately tighten her legs then. Bari mast boor hai. Balbinder shouted. You can understand how erotic that time was for all of us. In the midnight Priya & Rahul were getting all the dicks straight. Rahul then turned her, put her both thighs on his one thigh & hips on another thigh. Priya slipped her one hand over his shoulder. He too wrapped his one hand on her back. This time Priya started licking his tongue with her tongue. They sucked each other hard. Thakur left cooking & sat opposite to them. Priya turned to Thakur with her drenched mouth & said, khana bana dijiye bhook laga. Their saliva was coming out from her mouth. Aisa maal pehele kabhi nehi dekha maa kasam. Thakur Said & went to cook again. Abhi bhi adha ghanta laagega thora apna bhi toh bhuk mita dijiye madam. Thakur requested. Priya looked at Rahul with little doubtful eyes. Rahul just nodded his head. Priya smiled a little & threw her head back & kept her face parallel to ceiling. Rahul Hold her chin with other hand.

He licked her chin with his finger first then ran his tongue & licked it. He then slowly bringing his tongue to her neck, licking & sucking her neck well he started sucking her upper chest. He planted kiss on her neck & chest very well. He took her tie out. Priya eased her head to get knotted tie out of her head. He unbuttoned her one button & licked the bare skin & sucked her flesh well. He was making her drenched. Yes he is master of priya’s body. Priya’s one hand on his head guiding him to right place & holding for right amount of time. I thought to masturbate. Priya unhooked her one more button keeping her hand out from his head. Her this action seemed told me don’t be in hurry. I have lot more to show you. Balbinder with his two friends took out their dick & started stroking. He now got good flesh to suck. He was doing far good job. He then unbuttoned her two more hooks. Now her white transparent bra came out. Her bra strap left mark on her fair chest. he started sucking her boobs passionately over her bra. Soon her bra too got wet with his saliva & her nipples became prominent. Aaaahh aaaahhh nnnnnnn yes Rahul aaa aaa aaaahhhhhhhhh. She cried when he bite. Kaat do uski chuchi. Balbinder shouted. He pulled her shirt hard, it was hanging from her both side, leaving her chest uncovered. Khol do usko.Thakur shouted. Her shirt was hanging like no use. Her shirt was covering her back only from front she was in bra & pantyonly. Priya turned her face & gazed everyone’s naked dick which they were shaking. Again Priya closed her eyes & moaning, yes suck me suckme hard. Priya pulled one cup of her bra & took out her that boob. Immediately Rahul took inside his mouth. Priya with her hand was squeezing the base of her naked boobs & pushing that hard into his mouth. In no time her full size disappeared in his mouth. He became breathless. He then took out other boobs out & started chewing her nipples. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh , iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yes yes haaaan haaaan .

She was making different noises in excitement. Then he slipped his hand under her ass & lifted high near to his face. Now Priya’supper & lower portions were hanging & her abs was near his face. He licked her navel with his master tongue. He then released priya. Priya stood facing her viewers. Her erected boobs & nipples seemed need more sucking from all of them. rahul in one strong force kept her facing him. He pulled down her panty in one shot. He got up from Khatia. Holding her waist he pushed her on it. Priya lied on her back. She lifted her legs & spread her legs as much as possible. Her legs were looking as sexy as hell & her heels were still on. Her cunt was in front of their eyes. Priya immediately pulled her pussy lips out with her both hand & groaned, suck me. One friend of balbinder ejaculated by then. Rahul knelt down between her legs . She placed her one thigh on his shoulder & pressed other one over khatia. He sucked her pussy. I can say he had her pussy. He took her cunt in his mouth number of times, squeezed it. He sucked each pussy lips for good time. Then he gave her tongue fuck for ten minutes. E inserted his tongue as much as possible Priya groaned like anything. Ooooooooooooooo yes kill me yes teach them how to fuck me Rahul yes Rahul nn yes suck mee yeeeeeeeeeehh aaah. Now thakur too started shaking his dick.

He licked her ass & fucked with his tongue. Then he got straight & pushed his shorts. It fall on her legs.priya sat on the khatia. She hold his tool with his both hand & started giving him blowjob. It would be not less than eight inch & almost 2 & half inch thick. She took his dicks between her boobs & jerked it. Then final shot. He pushed her upper body & pulled her ass to corner lifting it with both hand. He then He bent his legs keeping it as wide as possible & tried to insert. He couldn’t as height was not matching. He then again pushed her in the middle of khatia & he too lied on her. He locked her one folded thigh over his folded thigh & their other legs were straight. Priya inserted his dick in her chut. He fucked her very hard, almost broke the legs of the khatia. He continued fucking for 30 minutes. They changed leg position number of times. Priya moaned like crying on mike. Aaahh aaahhh chodo mujhe haan haan yeah, nnnn nnnn nnnnnnnnn.

She came thrice in 30 minutes. It seemed she was panting for last breath. Finally he ejaculated deep into her cunt. His semen was coming out with his strokes & stored surrounding her pussy lips. The scene was truly dick killing. His huge dick covered with thick semen thirsting deep into her wet pussy. Then he lifted her over his hands & holding her hips he thirsted inside her while standing. Their cum was falling from their organs. Priya came again on his lap. She tightly hugged him & sucked his tongue hard. He gave a fuck of her life. Ohhhh Priya got so many fuck on this road & to that resort. Rahul was having pain. His muscles got tighten while keeping her weight. Finally he came again. He threw her on khatia. & sprayed his semen on her body. Priya cleaned his dick with her tongue. When she left her it was dry almost. They fall on khatia. When they looked at those guys they all ejaculated by then even balbinder too. Kya chod naa hai humen , priya shouted spreading her thighs to show her cunt them properly. Rahul was lying beside her. Balbinder’s dick was erect enough to tear her cunt. He immediately went towards her. His dick too was huge & thicker than Rahul. Ballu immediately left his khatia & threw his shirt after taking it out. Priya keeping her legs wide pointed towards ceiling hold his dick over his lungi. She shook his dick keeping it few centimeter far from her chut. Oh my god. She was rubbing it’s tip on her cunt.

When it was erected completely she pushed him. She got up & took out one condom from rahul’s shorts pocket. She went to a nearby empty khatia & ordered, idhar aao. Balbinder understood He lied on his back on the khatia. He even forgot to take out his lungi. Priya pulled his lungi & it tore. Other guys lost their words. They mightn’t trust their eyes. Priya licked her lips with tongue & pulled the dick of his skin down. It was in it’s full size. Priya put on condom first then she spitted on his dick & she then gave a hard squeeze with her hand. He ejaculated. aaah aaahhh aaammm, his body got stiffen. Ha ha ha Priya laughed. She came to Rahul’s khatia & put on her dress properly. Then she came into the car. Please write to me if you want rest part Thanks for your encouragement. Write me at xxxxxxxxxxx

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