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Priya on trip
07-16-2011, 11:20 PM
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Priya on trip
Hi readers, Thanks for your lovely mails. Your mails are truly encouraging. I can understand how badly you people want to see priya. Sometimes I feel you people are better writer as in few lines you express your desire so well that priya starts jumping whenever I show her your mails.

Anyway this is vishal male of mid 30, very artistic in bed. My biggest porn star is my wife priya, is a good fuck of 26, 5’2”. She looks most beautiful while lying on bed on her back pressing her boobs together, spreading her legs wide over the arms of someone while he thrust inside her cunt, rupturing her vaginal wall. She becomes restless to get deep inside. I haven’t seen anyone so furious in bed. Sometimes she says no one except me till now could take out his dick from her cunt before ejaculation. Kind of passion she creates during fuck. I could do it as I am her only licensed fucker. She is very active partner. Always appreciates good work. Her facial expression & body language is so positive you can’t leave her till you fall & pant like rabbit. I have narrated her looks in my all previous stories. She is gorgeous. Recently she puts on few pounds & trusts me she looks like angel. She is very smart & can easily carry any sorts of dresses, ornaments & make up. She changes her hair color very often. Her straight & silky hair looks wonderful. Her ass is perfect to absorb any sort of raw jerks between her thighs. Sucking her boobs could be someone’s greatest dream. I am sure even any 70 years old man can’t sleep if he gets a chance to peep her thighs. I like her strength of beauty. Very few people on this earth are fortunate to have a looks like her. Her cheerful face, jolly attitude can heal all depression.

Let’s come to the story. It happened last week when I was restless to see again priya’s live sex show with other guys. We went to a tourist spot located around 800 km far from our place. That was last Wednesday. I prefer weekdays to avoid crowd as we can do all sort of nasty things. My intention was to keep her nude as much as possible for next 48 hours in that place. I am sure the women who read how I die to get my wife fucked by all sorts of fucking dicks, would definitely love to kick my ass & they would never dream a husband like me. I am helpless. Priya is such a thing I can’t resist myself. Please forgive me if you can’t digest me. These are the facts darling. Trust me. We went by bus. That was A/C luxury sleeper coach. I think you have seen this kind of bus where both upper & lower berths are there. Someone can use it as seats like train. These are two by two. This company is Govt undertaking & launched very recently. We bought the tickets same day as due to off season busses were running with few passengers only. We reached there one hour before at stand. Finally driver started the bus. We were doing some final hour shopping so we had to get on in running condition. I forgot to say one thing that priya was stealing all the glances at the stand. She was looking gorgeous. Her dress wasn’t at all journey type. She slipped one knee length black dress, which was deep in her cleavage as priya’s usual cut. Even deep at back too. She put on one imported perfume. That was too seductive. Brown hair, orange lipstick, ponytail & white high heal. I don’t know about panty but she could be without bra. One good looks guy, as fair as priya in green T-shirt & black cotton trouser was standing near the bus. I caught him several times looking at priya. Finally I found that guy was the assistant of our bus. He holds her back with his full palm while she was boarding on running bus. Priya thanked him with smiling face. He didn’t bother to help me as lost in priya’s body. As I was tired I preferred to lie at the window side. Hardly 10-12 people were there in the bus. Three young guys were there who could be of their early twenties & they work for some call center. They were enjoying themselves. Teasing each other, Cracking jokes & all. One of them was trying to be over smart. He was behaving like he is the jack of all trade. I was not expecting them specially this over smart to be unaware of priya’s presence. To clear my doubt soon they indulged themselves in peeping her assets. Three of them were sitting on our next two berths.

They were calling each other Rohan, manish & rishi. Their discussion was mostly about their office, female colleagues & how those girls like that smart chap (Rohan). Rohan among them was the best looking guy & I have to appreciate his sense of humor. No doubt he was a stress-reducing pill. This guy was trying hard to impress priya. Priya too was smiling sometimes listening to their jokes. I turned my face opposite while lying on my back & was trying badly to get sleep. I spread my legs to priya’s space. It was almost one hour bus started but those guys weren’t showing any indication to get slept. No body was objecting. Berths arrangement was as we get in the train. Those berths can be used as seats also. Two upper berths & two lower. Like this it was having four upper berths & four lower in each row. It looks like cabin in both sides. Enough privacy is there what we needed. Soon Rohan started talking to priya. Priya too was replying his queries. Priya rested her head on my shoulder & she kept her elbow just on my dick. Those guys could see it. Priya slowly started rubbing over my dick while talking to Rohan. That guy noticed it & started showing each other. Priya was doing it very deliberately. I looked at her. She smiled back. After some time all lights of the middle space were off. Priya switch on cabin light & they too switch on in their side. Vishal, why are you sleeping? She cried. Don’t disturb me. I replied keeping my eyes closed. I hate you. She shouted. I know but can’t help now. I remained as I was. Somehow I felt all my tiredness gone but still kept my eyes closed & started imagining how badly I could get this bitch fucked by these three dicks.

How long will you be there? Rohan asked. For two days only. Priya replied. Is that a holiday trip? He asked again. Yes .My hubby likes to enjoy holidays in different way. Priya replied. What is that? He asked. Priya & I laughed. She lifted her leg on my thigh. Priya I didn’t expect I would get the chance to get you naked so early. I whispered. Aaha, is that? You want me to go to their berths. She smiled. I can die to see this. I was excited enough thinking what could happen that night. I turned to her & placed my palm just on her boob. They noticed it too. Soon they started discussing about personal details. Rohan said he is a good singer. Priya requested him immediately to sing. He started. That was real headache for me. Two reasons were there first he doesn’t know the abcd of singing & secondly I was not at all in mood to listen to song that time. He continued singing one after one. Priya if you like his songs so much just go beside him & ask him to minimize his volume. I whispered. His voice is too good, isn’t vishal? Priya expressed. I thought to kick her ass. Yes Rohan you can try for Indian idol or something like that. I too teased him. Last time I tried. They didn’t select me. Next year too I will go. Rohan uttered with great hope. You know, Kal ho na ho?? Priya asked. He left no chance to impress my queen. He shouted like bull. Priya, I will commit suicide if he continues for another half an hour. I whispered. Priya too laughed listen to me. She slapped my arm. Now rohan understood I was passing comments on his art. He hesitated to sing any more. Rohan you are doing too well, come on carry on. Priya encouraged him. Rohan is master in dance also. Manish shouted. Is that? Show us something, rohan. I shouted. He needs bed for that. Oh god, then I am not there to see you. I laughed. Priya started laughing with high volume. But you can show it to Priya. I Cracked. Shut up. Priya warned. Priya too is a good dancer. May be rohan will like some of her.

We all laughed & I am sure they couldn’t believe their luck. In that case I can manage some good steps also. Manish said laughingly. Me too. Rishi too joined in fuckers group. Ek phool teen mali. I whispered. Priya you are in wrong berth. Go there. I helped the situation to become exactly as I wanted & in very short time. Yesssssss. Now all were free to say anything. You are a dog. Priya said. Ok spread your leg. That was my reaction. Why? Priya asked. Let me make you my bitch. I replied. We both laughed high. I was teasing priya like anything. After few minutes I shouted, hey guys wanna play card. Come here. Manish & rishi jumped on our berths instantly. Hey where will I sleep? That’s true. You do one thing, Go & enjoy his dance. Rohan show her some of your great steps. I whispered so that other passengers couldn’t hear that. Go priya. I said again. Priya looked at him. Rohan welcome her with his big drowsy eyes. The people with this kind of eyes can never stick to a single partner. Ha ha I am expert in face reading dear. It took me no time to understand that he would take very much care of priya. Priya’s eyes too are same. Anyway priya was ready to taste his dick; she sat on our berths facing him while her legs were hanging. She exposed her upper body well to him. She arranged her dress over her hips; chest then combed her hair with fingers. I was sitting at her back enjoying her round ass. It was looking huge. As her dress was very low cut her pinkish back was center of our attention. She looked at rohan seductively. He extended his hand to support her. No, I am ok here. Priya said. She uttered very seductively. She was continuously giving him very erotic look while Rohan having her assets with lustful eyes. Priya then looked down to her own cleavage while combing her hair with fingers. She might felt that her cleavage was too exposed.

He immediately sat on his berth facing her exactly. Same way priya was sitting. Come here. This time his tone was too seductive & he fully extended his hand to grab her but controlled himself. I am sure both of them weren’t ready as all happened quiet faster. They sat like that way for some time. Both of them were checking each others assets & might be planning how to get best out of those. Kya kar raha hai rohan itna der mein toh hum nanga kar dete. I was saying all rubbish to get them hot. All laughed. Priya didn’t like my cheap comment. I too felt I was behaving cheap. Priya seemed quiet hot for me in that situation. I grabbed her head & turned to me. I tried to kiss her. She took out her tongue to save her lipstick. I finally ended up sucking her tongue. That was too arousing. Priya looked at the front between the spaces in the middle. She checked for other passengers & turned to me. Vishal let’s go to the backside’s berths. She requested me. Rishi. Check with assistant whether they would get any more passengers on the way or not. I requested him. He went came along with that assistant. Sir, hum log raste mein koi passenger nehi lete hai. He informed. Toh hum log piche ja rehe hai, card khelenge, nehi toh baki sabko disturb hoga. I said. Haan thik hai. He said & went to driver’s cabin. He didn’t forget to peep her cleavage from her deep cut dress. I hope he hadn’t seen the bulges in our pant as we all were hard. We were still indecisive as that place was enough good too. Ok I am going to check at back. Rohan said & he pulled priya & asked her to join him. They took longer time than expected. When they came back they were holding each others hand. I looked at their hands & said jokingly, oh great development. Two differences were there. One rohan’s top few buttons were open & priya’s lipstick was gone. Manish is that hot at back. He said looking at his unbuttoned shirt. They looked at each other’s eyes quiet expressively. He released her hand & took that to on her ass & gave her a firm squeeze. With other hand he hold her boob. Still they were exchanging their needs with eyes. He then bent his head close to her neck & started licking, slowly came down on her chest & then licked her cleavage well. Priya pulled his waist to face her then pushed her arse on him. Priya was very much motivated. She then pulled his face from her cleavage & darted his mouth. She kissed all his face while he grabbed her butt well & squeezed. He played well with her butt. We were too attentive to them. Suddenly priya stopped & asked Rohan, are we going back? Don’t know about them but we are sure. He replied kissing her continuously. Hey we are also going. Manish shouted. We won’t mind if you wish to stay here. Priya said smilingly. Still rohan hugged her tightly & running his tongue on her neck, chicks, chin, ear etc. Priya threw her head back & started grinding her arse on him. Nnh nnh.

This kind of sound priya was doing. Let’s take our luggage. We came down from the berth & started taking out luggage. Rohan & priya didn’t bother us. They continued. That time his both hands were working on her boobs. Abe side toh de. Rishi shouted little annoyed. Priya then sat on the next berth. Her hand was on his crotch & his hand still on her boobs. He bent down & started kissing her lips again. We reached at second last row. I then came again to check whether anything left or not. My most valuable thing was still there was satisfying rohan’s dick. Hey don’t do anything in the middle. If anybody see, may create problem. I warned them. They parted & came back. She sat on the second last row’s berth & that too of rohan’s side. She went to the corner & sat leaning on window. She switched on the reading light. That place seemed complete private & safe & no doubt she was looking a whore. Her body language was like ‘come & fuck me’ type. Her hair fall on her face. Rohan see, Priya is ready to enjoy your dance. I shouted. Manish, Rishi & me sat on opposite berths while rohan was standing in the middle space. Rohan, don’t waste time, just jump. Manish suggested. Rohan bent & inserted his head in the cabin as due to upper berth’s height was very short of the cabin. We were looking at them very keenly. Rohan she needs good amount of warm up. I informed. Yes, I am doing that. Rohan said seeing her erotically. Vishal, You people are lovely.

We have never seen couples enjoy like this without feeling any insecurity. Rishi passed comments. You will see a lot more. I uttered expecting my priya kept some something stored for us. .Vishal give me one condom. Priya asked me. That was surely high dose for them. Rohan was sitting at the corner of the berth leaving his legs hanging. I asked what? I couldn’t get you? She understood I wanted her to say again. Give a condom to rohan, in no time he will be in your wife’s cunt. She whispered looking at rohan. Priya was sitting leaning on window & rohan was near her legs. He looked at her. She folded her leg & spread a little to show her panty. Rohan slipped back beside her & pulled her back on his chest. Priya eased her body for him then fall on his chest. Priya’s elbow was on his dick. He started kissing her ear, neck & back. Priya bent her head & kissed his lips. Guys let’s start our game. I suggested. Are you sure? Priya asked & started unzipping his trouser. We are here to play card. Rishi asked. You people do that. We will see your game too, isn’t it? Priya rohan asked. Sure. She replied & started sucking chest while her one hand was still on his dick. Bus will stop now for dinner. Don’t start now. I ordered. After some minutes bus stopped near a dhaba. I looked from the window. Priya, let’s have coffee. Manish asked. Rohan & priya parted. They came down along with us. All were looking at priya. She was looking drowsy. Rohan had cover his erection with his shirt. Priya & rohan were with each other. Even he followed her to the gate of bathroom. Dekh sala bathroom mein ghoos jayega jaisa kar raha hai. Rishi said. Usse bardast nehi ho raha hai. We all washed our face & hands then. Five of us forgot about rest of the world. In ten minutes we got on to the bus as we didn’t want to miss so erotic situation though bus stopped there for an hour… Priya sat beside me on my berth. Rohan was next to priya. Manish & rishi were on same berths but facing us. Space was small for five but we managed. Four dicks were rock hard to jerk. Priya was gazing it thoroughly. How long they will stop here. Priya was impatient to get one by one in her pussy. Rohan do something yaar. See how bad she wants. I whispered. Vishall, behave yourself or I will show you. Please, please I said pulling her cloth up from knee. Manish & rishi saw her panty clearly. Vishal. Priya slapped my hand. What a thigh. Iski dono thigh se apni lund maar loon aur kya chahiye. Manish said. Abe thigh dekha be? Le aur ek baar dekh. I did that again. Mmmmm. Priya groaned. Ab chut dekha? I asked. I haven’t seen. Show me. Rohan said as he sat next to her.

Then I hold her back with my one hand & pulled towards me. She fall on me. I darted her mouth. She slapped my chest repeatedly while her mouth was in mine. Then instantly I hugged her & planted few kisses her face. Let’s play one round. Rohan said till bus start & we started distributing cards. We started game. Priya leaned on rohan to see his cards. Her boobs were touching his arm & her elbow no doubted on his dick. Priya was cheering for rohan very much. Even she fought with in excitement. I wondered how fine priya play this love game with strangers. She was cheering him like we see in Hindi movies where heroines do for heroes. Finally rohan won that game. The first thing he did was hugged her & kissed her lips. Priya responded very well. She pulled his face on her chest. He didn’t miss the opportunity, took her erect nipple in his mouth. He placed it between his teeth & licked. We were getting very intense erection seeing them. Anybody could think seeing them that priya was his wife as their body languages were so perfect. Her nipples were hard & pushing her dress out. In one gentle push to her dress could uncover her nipples. Almost half of the mounts we could see because of hugging & rubbing. Then one more game, This time too priya was cheering for him. Priya in excitement sat in kneel down position just leaning on him & he could feel all her assets. Priya say, which is going to win now? I asked. No doubt, rohan. Priya shouted. By that time bus started. Manish said to assistant that we were all in taking out his face from the room when the assistant asked whether everybody has come or not from the glass gate of driver’s cabin. Rohan was happy being the favorite of that bitch. Priya was behaving simply like his slut as he own her. See vishal He will definitely win. She said. Ok then? I asked. I will show him my all dancing steps & that too without cap. She said laughingly. Wao, If he loses. Rishi said. Then I will ask him to show his step. Priya laughed again. What about cap? Rishi asked again. You put on that. Priya teased him. Rohan pulled her ear to his mouth & whispered something. No. Priya said seductively. Please. He requested. No. She said again. He pulled her face & bite her lips. She said moaning, I won’t do it, rohan. She kissed him passionately. Don’t worry she does everything. I said. One thing I couldn’t understand why that bloody rohan was still wasting time when priya was ready to throw her panty instantly. But that was truly arousing. This time too rohan won. Priya was so happy that she threw herself on me. Rohan left game, he got up, and then he turned to priya & signaled her to climb him. Priya crossed her hand on his shoulder, crossed her legs on his hips & jumped. She hugged him tightly while her palms were gripping her wide ass. He turned to opposite berths, kept her on it while kissing her mouth. She pulled him tightly on her chest & licking his face. As priya crossed her legs on his hips, Her thighs were clearly visible for us. Her G string panty was transparent enough to show her wet pink thick pussy.

His dick was tightly pressed on her arse. They kissed for while. Wao what a view. Manish couldn’t resist him passing comments. He was grinding his ass on her ass. Priya then said something in his ear as they stopped for a while then He left her & stood straight facing us. Priya too got up & stood beside him. Her little tight dress stuck to her wide hips leaving her fucking thighs bare. He grabbed her waist & said, Friend we are going to other berth. Rohan said. Why? Do it here. We all shouted. Rohan looked at her. Priya squeezed his finger immediately. We will be back soon .They went. They went to three rows front. Let’s see them. Rishi suggested. Wait; let them settle for some time. We couldn’t see them from where we sat as they were in different compartment. We lost interest from game as we all were very much crazy to know how many varieties of movement her ass we will see. Vishal, You are god for us. They were very much thankful to me as you all understood why. Anyway we three lied on those two berths. After ten minutes rohan came back & said, priya sent it for you. We shocked seeing him as he was complete bottom less, His dick was straight & was in it’s biggest size. It came out between the gap of his shirt. He handed me her golden chain. His dick was wet enough, I am sure priya was sucking it. We all looked at his tool. Actually priya intentionally sent him like that way to show me what she was having. Hey rohan where is she? Rishi asked. Go & see, come back quickly. Rohan said to him. In no time he jumped & went there. He came back fast. Abey poora khol diya toh. Rishi whispered. Hey I want to see. I said & went. I stood in distance saw priya was on her knee facing window. Window curtain was folded. Moonlight was doing our favor as they switched off cabin light. With her both hand she was squeezing her nipples. She was topless as her dress fall on her hips. That was one of the most memorable scenes of my life. I hold her boobs from back. Where is vishal? She asked while facing window.

On your back. I whispered. Hey vishal. She turned. He is doing well. Thanks for this lovely night, vishal. Only thanks. I said, I don’t think you will get chance till we come back to our place. Oh god, ok but…. I whispered. What? She asked. Mmmm sangita. I whispered. Vishal, no he is my brother’s wife, Ok I will try. She assured. Till that time rohan reached there. She released herself from me & hold his dick. In no time she started having that. I was standing there. Rohan was too on his knee on the berth facing her when she was in doggy style to give him blowjob. Her well developed & curved body was looking too good. He bent to squeeze her ass. Then he pulled her dress out from her head. No underwear was there. He had already taken out that. Priya released his dick for a while to get his job smooth. He fingered her ass hard. Priya continued sucking him while moaning, mm mm mm. Yes priya you are fucking good, Yes take it full inside your mouth. He was giving some hard stroke in her mouth simultaneously rubbing her ass hole & cunt hard. Both of them started moaning. Aah mm nn aaahaaaa ah aha aha .He was trying to insert his finger in her ass. Finally succeeded. Ouch. Priya felt pain. She sucked him well. He leaned on her back & licked that while fingering her ass. Priya I will fuck your ass first. He said. Pour wherever you like. Priya said & did straight her body but still on her knee. She kissed her lips then he pour two three fingers in her mouth, open it wide & sucked. Priya moaned aaha. Priya looked at me & said erotically, You enjoying vishal. Rohan I am very lucky to have a hubby like vishal. I can drop my underwear in front of anyone. He doesn’t mind. You look better without that, How can I hide your beauty from others. I know why you do that saying this priya pressed his dick between her thighs & started grinding. She was moaning wild throwing her head. Aah aan aaah. He sucked her boobs, neck hugging her tightly. Priya’s hand was on his hips pulling him inside.

Then she whispered something to him. Vishal we will finish soon. You may take rest with them. He said, then hold her thighs & pulled up. Priya fall on the berth on her back. He rubbed her inner thighs. He was still on his knee. He pulled her ass on his thigh holding her thighs then he bent & started sucking her clit. Priya lifted her ass little up pushing her toes on the berth. From her shoulder her lower body made 45 degree angle. He supported her butt. He was getting good access then. His both hands were much active on her hips, near pussy, boobs while sucking her like expert. He licked it, sucked her clit, pour his tongue inside her cunt. Priya lost in ecstasy. He gave her good tongue fuck. He then passed his both hands between her thighs so that her thighs were on his shoulder. He hugged her hips from that position. It became a typical kamasutra ad pose. In that ad they were in underwear but my wife with her fucker was naked. That was the difference. Her total upper part was lied on his one thigh. Priya was moaning like mad. Aaaha yes, iiiiiiiiiiiii rohan rohan yes eat me, yes eat my fucking pussy, eat me dry, She hide her face in her arm & hair in sensation as she was close to come. Aaaaahh aaah nnn ….OUCH… She pushed her cunt (grinded) hard on his mouth as he might bite her cunt lips. He had her thoroughly with great care. Priya is so fair that she was more clearly visible in that dark. Priya was pumping her own mounts in excitement. He tried to give her the best oral fuck. It took for half an hour.

Then they parted. You are still standing vishal. Priya asked me. Yes, I don’t want to miss this lovely session. Priya came close to me & hugged me. She whispered in my ear, please leave. In no time rohan snatched her from me. He threw her on the berth & she lied on her back. He pulled her one leg hold it pointed to the ceiling & was slapping her ass hard. Priya was moaning pumping her own boobs. She was licking her lips. Fuck me. Give this fucking dick to me. I will cut it today, she whispered while extending her hand to hold it. She hold it & gave some firm stroke then lifted her own hips & tried pour it inside her cunt. Her ass was fall on the berth. It missed. He ten bent his body & suck his tongue. He brought his arse close to him. His erect dick was lying on her cunt. In no time priya lifted her hips again & his huge thick dick went inside her cunt extending her cunt wall. Aaaahhh. Priya released a deep breath. Kya mast chut hai be teri. He appreciated. Aaah aah priya was moaning with smiling face showing some satisfaction after getting his huge tool inside. Your dick is mast honey not my chut koi aur hota toh mere andar kho jata, She said crossed her legs on his back once then released. Ismein toh koi sak nehi saali tu rand hai nehi toh apni pati ke saamne koi …. He uttered may be in pleasure. Tumko aam khane se matlab hai ke gutli, ab chodo mujhe. Saying this priya started grinding under him. Chor naa tere pati se toh accha chodenge. He became bit frustrated. I don’t know why all her fuckers compare themselves with me. She then put her hands between the gap of her folded legs & pulled her thighs tightly on her side chest. With the pressure of her thigh her huge meaty boobs pointed to rohan. He took one by one &licked it. So goooood. He was not moving his ass till that time.

Priya started shaking from down. He then started fucking her slowly. Aah aah he gradually increased his speed. his I slipped in the berth of opposite back side. It was dark. Curtain was down so none of them noticed it. I was bit confused as this was the first time priya was asking me not to see her fuck. Then I found rohan gave a miss call to someone’s mobile. Then one more shock for me, One guy from the first row was coming towards the berth where priya was feeding her cunt to rohan. I couldn’t recognize the guy as I could hardly see anything apart from his shadow. I checked back to see whether manish & rishi were there or not. I saw no one. They must have slept. That guy stood just in front of them. Hey, priya how is your fucking pussy? That was a known voice for me though I couldn’t recognize exactly. I was sweating even in ac. I am trying my best to get him satisfied. Priya replied. Rohan tried to switch on the cabin light. Wait rohan. She took her dress to put that on. He switched on immediately. It was that fucking sunny who fucked her brain out in one resort. I have already wrote that story. I was breathing heavily, trembling, didn’t know how to react. Wao I get instant reaction seeing you. Sunny passed comments. She was nude, holding her black dress on her ab. She was on her knee. Her boobs & pussy are visible clearly.

She was looking sexy like hell. Her face got redden, some spots of rohan’s vigorous rub were there on her whole body, specially on her boobs & thighs. Kya kiya be thora pyar se kar. Usko toh nichor liya be. She is my darling. Aram se haan. Sunny said to Rohan. Abe tu aisa maal fit kar raha agar malum hota tere ko 10,000 aur jada dete. Rohan said & started squeezing her nipples. I was getting sense by then. I didn’t expect it from priya. Sunny sat on the same berth. Priya crossed her hands on her shoulder then planted a kiss on his lip then one by one she fed her boobs to him. Rohan maja aaraha hai na? Sunny asked. Bahut yaar. Aisa maal maine nahi khaya kabhi. Rohan replied. Chod is rand ko jitna choda sakta hai, yeah kabhi naa nahi bolega. While saying this sunny bite her navel. Then he hold her ass & squeezed for some time. Dekh kya gnaar hai. Sunny again said. Wohi toh sabse mast hai. Rohan expressed his feelings. Sunny we had deal for rohan only not for his two friends. Priya whispered. You tell me whether you are enjoying or not. Sunny asked priya. No doubt he is the best fuck. Priya replied looking at rohan’s eye while her hand grabbed his dick. I told you this morning I am sending the best one, I know teri chut mein kya fit hoga. He immediately took out some money from his pocket & counted. It was 25,000 rupees. Dekh paisa bhi mila, mast chodai bhi mila, ab uska dost ko dekh le. Sunny requested her. Stop this sunny. Priya shouted. I was shocked seeing all this. She became real whore. Hey sunny tomorrow morning we will see. I don’t think she would get time tonight. Pehele hum toh khali kare baad mein woh dono ke liye sochenge. Rohan suggested. Throughout their discussion rohan &priya were naked. Is that what I wanted from priya? Am I enjoying this scene? Is that only money priya wanted? This entire question was coming in my mind but not getting any reply. Trust me I lost my erection few minutes back but found slowly my dick was getting straight. Chal thik hai. Main aage jata hoon.

Sunny said & poured his finger in her cunt & darted her mouth. Sunny, stay here. Priya smiled & requested. Degi kya? He asked. Priya nodded. Sunny looked at rohan. Chal dono milke laga yenge. Rohan agreed. I was speechless just looked at her beautiful face & body. I wondered how she was enjoying her beauty. Priya took sunny’s dick out & started licking while rohan went back & bent to suck her ass. Priya was in doggy style. Fucked her ass rohan? Ab chodega. Priya replied. Now his dick was completely inside of her mouth. She was eating his flesh like banana. Rohan poured his dick in her cunt & started stroking. Sunny was squeezing her nipples while lying on his back. Priya sucked his dick for long time while rohan fucked her ass. He slapped her ass several times. She was moaning with every stroke & slap. Ooo anha anha yeah nha oooooooo hmm hmm hmm yes fuck my fucking pussy aaah aaahh aaah she started crying. Her ass got red I hope so. Then priya rode sunny. She kept her palm on his shoulder. Sunny hold her huge white ass. He was pushing her ass on his dick. Priya increased her speed with each stroke. Yes sunny. You people know how to fuck me yes. They made her wild for next one hour. I couldn’t see anymore, as I felt I was sick & might fall at any time, came back & lied on empty berth. After some time priya too came back, she lied beside me. I pretended to be deep asleep. I heard some unusual sound found priya was weeping. She burst in tears. Everything was going beyond my head what was happening? I didn’t say anything. She cried for all night. None of us slept last night but that was unknown to each other next morning. Suddenly I felt I was getting some clue. Immediately I checked her purse. I got my breath back. There was no money in her purse. In priya’s dress it was next to impossible to keep 25,000 rupees.

Then I tried to recall again their all activities. Yes, yes I saw that. Sunny took that money in his pocket again. But why? Did he cheat her? Or this was something different. After checked in the hotel & leaving priya there, I immediately called sunny’s cell & asked where he was. He told me that he was in that place & in next hotel. I came back to my room saw she was changing dress. We weren’t talking to each other since that situation. I didn’t asked for any explanation. She wasn’t having any money. I went to the balcony & called sunny again & asked him to come to our hotel. He refused me instantly & cut the phone. I immediately went to his hotel & reached his room. The very first thing I did, I punched his face. He fall on the floor. Tell me why you did so. Vishal. He shouted. Then one kick on his face when he lied on the floor. He started bleeding. Vishal listen to me. You don’t think I can’t beat you. He warned me. One more kick. Saala tu mere biwi se dhanda karwa raha hai. I shouted. Mujhe laga Agar tumhe dhande wali pasand hai toh humen dhande wali banna chahiye. Priya shouted from the back. I didn’t know when she came. But I got back my coolness listen to her. What do you mean? I asked. Can you remember your Mumbai tour? Your conference was over in the afternoon. Where did you go then? I remained speechless. You spend 20,000 on pros. Last night I earned more than you. Priya was crying. I looked at her face. She was looking truly helpless that time. Priya don’t say all this bulshit. He shouted on her & said to me It’s your money which priya earned. Check it in your bank statement. You don’t know she couldn’t sleep since last Sunday when your colleague called her & told about Mumbai incident. Sunny too cried. She asked me to help so we did all this. He described in trembling voice. We became speechless for few minutes, no body left the room. I felt their urgency to know what happened in Mumbai. I saw a call girl but not for me you know my bank is not located in business area so we do have few business clients. I do have very good relation one of them so I gave him company till that call girl came to hotel. If you don’t trust me talk to my other colleagues where I was in the afternoon. I described them all what happened in that time, if anybody wants to pull my leg. I can’t help it. Trust me. I begged for pardon. She didn’t checked me twice just ran towards me & hugged me tightly. She was crying like 8 years old girl. The only thing she was saying repeatedly, I don’t want to loose you. I made her calm then hugged sunny. I want to salute this chap. This guy can die for my wife. I like that. Someone of you may feel it is simply a masala story. My friend trust me. Mera lund sar pe char gaya tha jab yeh ho raha tha.

So friends. I thought twice to write this true incident but felt I must write this incident, how small miscommunication can ruin your relation.

If you feel this is a truly fucking (erotic) story, Please let me know & if you feel I fucked your time please let me that too. So that from next time I can choose my fucking wife’s better fucks for your greater fuck (enjoyment). I don’t check my grammatical mistakes as I know my knowledge on this language is not up to the mark. If meaning is clear then okay. We will be waiting for your mail. If any couples or single wants to enjoy us please mail.

Mail me at: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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