Preeti ki Jawani 1961 ki Sex Kahani
I decided that I will go ahead and get this secret out from my chest.
Currently, my wife and I live in United States and are US Citizens. But this incidence dates back to 1961, the time when I was working in a suburb of Bombay, known as Vikhroli. I (Chitamani) was 22, and my wife, Preeti was 19, and we had a year old daughter, Kamala. Preeti was having her periods regularly and had her period on December 4, 1961. When she finished her period on December 9 then on Sunday, December 10, 1961, Preeti and I made love at laest six times in the day and three times in the night! Preeti in those days used to wear just a petticoat, a blouse, and a saree – no bra and no panty. Many times, in our love making, Preeti didn’t remove her clothes, I simply raised her saree and petticoat above her waist and had a fantastic chudai session. Only sad part was that her saree and petticoat used to become very wet under her hips and had to be washed. She didn’t even know about panties at that time. Saturdays used to be my days off, and to get the most for our money every Saturday at 9 AM sharp, Preeti, Kamala and I used to go by local train from Vikhroli to Bhyculla (another famous suburb of Bombay) to shop in the wholesale market for vegetables and fruits. I used to carry Kamala in my lap throughout our journey and shopping, except when Preeti decided to breast feed Kamala. The local train used to be terribly too full, it used to be extremely difficult to get in and there used to be hardly any room to stand up. Invariably every time, Preeti and I ended up entering the same compartment from two different doors, and we ended up at the two ends of the same compartment.
I cannot forget the incidence that happened on Saturday, December 17, 1961. It was terribly cold and Preeti had forgotten to wear a sweater or take a long coat and she was shivering on the platform. But when the train arrived, she got in on one end of the train’s compartment, and I with Kamala ended up on the other end of the compartment. Preeti was surrounded by a lot of people and behind her I could see a handsome young boy who may have been 18 or 19, about 6’6” tall with broad chest and athletic build. Because the compartment had more people in it than there was room for, people had their bodies in close contact, but I could see this young man’s hands in Preeti’s shoulders and his body totally hugging Preeti’s body. My eyes went to this young man’s pants and I saw a bit horizontal tent. Clearly, his lund had become fully erect being so close to an extremely beautiful woman, Preeti. From the horizontal width of the tent in his pants, I became convinced that his fully erect lund was no less than 10”, and from the area at the head of the tent, I could see that his lund was at least 3.5” thick! Suddenly I saw that young man bend down a little on his knees, and it looked like he was rubbing his erect lund on Preeti’s hips. His hands went to Preeti’s blouse, opened the zipper at the back of the blouse and moved his hands to the front to Preeti’s breast and began massaging it. Because of the crowd, I couldn’t move at all and I had to just reluctantly watch what I thought was crualty to Preeti. To my utmost shock, I saw Preeti moaning very faintly and from her body language, I guesssed her moaning : “Aah.. Ohhh.. Shhh.. .” Then I saw that youn man opened the zipper of his pant, and dropped the top of the pant down to his knees and then bent down and lifted Preeti’s saree and petticoat’s part behind her from near the floor of the compartment, all the way up above her waist. I could clearly see his lund was fully erect and as I thought full 10” and 3.5” thick and it went under Preeti’s gaand and touched her choot. I could also see drops of liquid dripping down from Preeti’s choot. To my utmost surprise, next I saw this young man’s lund freely entering Preeti’s choot, and again I saw Preeti was moaning, but this time she was louder and making hand movements. I guessed her moaning based on my reading of her body language: “Aahhh.. Aah.. Ohhh.. Shhh.. Are Mein mar gayi Ye kya gazab kar rahe ho. Are Raam re haaai .. Aahhh.. Aah.. Ohhh.. Shhh.. Shhh.. Shhh.. Shhh.. Aah.. Ohhh.. Shhh.. Shhh.. Maa ree chhhh.. shhhh…" and I saw not only that young man was pumping towards Preeti, Preeti too was pumping back towards him. She was hiding her eyes from me, and so was I. The train stopped at Daadar, but their pumping continued, and more people entered in the compartment and my view got blocked. However, I could still hear parts of their voices. It looks like that both of them ejaculated 10 minutes before Bhyculla station came. Her saree and petticoat fell down towards the floor and his pants got up and zipped up. Because some room had become available, I was able to move a lot closer to Preeti and I overheard Preeti’s voice: “Yes. We return back at 2:30 PM from Bhyculla.” His voice: “Do you travel every Saturday same time to Bhyculla?” Her voice: “Yes. Every Saturday, same time.” His voice, “Where do you live?” Her voice: “Vikhrolli’s railway staff’s ( ) apartment number 7 A.”
When we got down at Bhyculla, I asked Preeti: “Is everything OK? Are you alright.” She replied: “Yes, but it was very crowded and and I am heavily perspiring even in this winter!” I knew that she was perspiring from that heavy duty fucking by that handsome young man. I asked: “That young man who was standing near you, was he well behaved?” Her reply: “Yes, ofcourse, he was a thorough gentleman. His name is Tejram. He wanted to be our friend and wanted to know where we live? I told him. Is it OK that if we see Tejram again, may I invite him for lunch?”
Knowing well that on weekdays the young man must go to school, I said: “We will see. May be Tejram can come on a weekday.” She said: “But you are not home at lunch time on weekdays.” I said: “Its OK. Tejram can come in my absence.” She querried: “But he also wants to meet you.” I said, “Fine, if he comes for lunch, keep him talking after lunch and ask him to wait till I come home at 5PM.
When we returned back from our shopping at the the wholesale market for vegetables and fruits, I saw the same young man at Bhyculla station. I was badly overloaded like a donkey, holding Kamala in my one arm, and a huge load of one paati of bananas, a 40 kilo sac on my back containing five fruits and a lot of vegetables, so I somehow got inside the train, and Preeti got in through the other door of the same compartment, and I saw that young man also jump in right behind Preeti. And then on the way back to Vikhroli, I saw and heard the same drama as I saw and heard in the morning, except this time, I also saw Preeti turn around and kiss that young man on the lip, probably their tongues sucked each other too! I knew that Preeti had developed a very strong crush on Tejram and they probably will do each other’s chudai many times. But, I said to myself, “May be Preeti needs this change for a while, and then she will realize that she loves only me, no one else. And she will return back to being totally faithful to me.”
At home, as we were separating vegetables and fruits for storage in the refrigerator, I told Preeti: “I love you very much.” She replied quickly: “Chintamani, I love you with all my heart. You are my Prince charming, no one else! If I slide in mud, I hope that you will rescue me because of your love and clean me from mud.” I became sure that she was regretting her encounter with Tejram, and I was satisfied that that was the end of that affair.
That week, I came home early at 3:00 PM on Wednesday December 20, 1961to surprise Preeti that I wanted to take her to a movie. I opened the door to my apartment with my keys silently, so as not to wake Preeti up from her afternoon nap. But to my surprise, she and Tejram were lying in our bed without any clothes on and Tejram was on top of Preeti. I angrily said: “So you were enjoying each other to the fullest, while Tejram is waiting for me to come home? Did you have good lunch?”
Tej ram immediately got up, fell in my feet, and said: “I am very very sorry, sir. I had become totally mad and I don’t know, what came over me that when I came here for lunch at your wife’s invitation, when I was complimenting her about how delicious the food was, I must have in my excitement kissed her and then forced her into the bed and raped her. She did not do this of her free will. If you want to report this to police, I am willing to go to jail.” I asked Preeti: “Is this correct?” She replied “Yes. But he is like your younger brother. Because of his youth, he raped his Bhabhi. Will you send your younger brother to jail in such a case?”
I became satisfied that that matter was dead at that point and I had nothing more to worry about. Preeti and I were having sexual intercourse every night and one certain days, even when we woke up. On Sundays, we fucked each other four to five times in the day and twice in the night. So, I was sure that Preeti will not get pregnant with Tejram’s child. If she gets pregnant it will be my child.
Our life went on, and to the best of my knowledge Tejram had no more contact with Preeti. On Saturday, September 15, 1962, our son Davendra was born. Preeti and my love continue to grow and resulted on the birth of a daughter, Anita, on Sunday, August 30, 1964, and in 1965 she got pregnant again (expecting delivery in the third week of November). But I got an offer of a scholarship to do Ph.D. in 4 years from U.S.A. and since I didn’t have enough money, I asked Preeti, if she could stay alone for four years until I finished Ph.D. with my step-mother in Raya, Uttar Pradesh. She said: “No. Not at any price with your step mother. She will be so crual to me and my children, I would rather die.” I aked, “How about my very dear and extremely trusted friend Mohan?” She said, “Why don’t you ask Mohan first?” I took it as a yes. I will tell you Mohan and Preeti’s affairs for four years in a later write up. Let me just complete this tru incidence in full.
On Wednesday, Sptember 1, 1965, I left by Pan Am flight to USA, after seeing off Preeti at Mohan’s house. In December, I got a letter from Mohan, Congratulating me on the birth of my then youngest son, Pratap on Friday, November 26, 1965. I was extremely delighted. In 1969 I got my Ph.D. and at Diwali in 1969 I went back to India to bring Preeti and my children to U.S.A. I had saved enough money for their air fare and had a job paying me very well in U.S.A. When I reached Mohan’s house, Mohan took me aside and told me: "When I wrote to you in December 1965 about the birth of your youngest son, I should have waited for two more days. After that birth in the hospital, next day the doctor told me that she will give birth to two more children within a day or two. And she did. These two sons were less developed, so they look much younger than Pratap. They were named Mohan and Mohit. But then I got too busy, and forgot about updating you. But when I talked with you over the phone in 1967, I told you about it, do you remember?" I had to believe a story coming from my best and extremely trusted friend, although while Pratap looked like a 4 year old, Mohan looked like 3 and Mohit looked like 2. But I believed Mohan’s story. Probably, Mohan didn't know that Preeti had also told me the same story over the phone when I had talked with her two years ago. . Some gentleman friend of Mohan also came to his house that evening and Mohan introduced him as the doctor who gave birth to my three sons. And that man reconfirmed Mohan’s story.
Only ten years ago (1996), when I had my first heart attack, all my six adult children flew back. My friend Mohan and my wife’s former friend Tejram also flew to U.S.A. because Preeti had informed them about my heart attack. My cardiologist had asked for blood donation by those who had matching blood for my open heart surgery. All six of my children, and my wife were tested for their blood type. Tejram and Mohan also volunteered to give blood, if there was a match. My blood type was found to be A+. Preeti’s blood type was found to be B+. But my children’s blood type came to be Kamala AB+, Davendra O-, Anita A+, Pratap A+, Mohan O+, and Mohit O+. Friend Mohan’s blood type was O+ and Tejram’s was O-.
You can easily check with biology textbooks. Children get their blood type from their father and mother. When the father is A+, and mother is B+, the child could have blood type A+, or B+, or AB+, and in very rare cases AB-. So, obviously, Davendra, Mohan and Mohit could not be the children of Chitamani and Preeti together, but they were definitely the children of Preeti. So compare their blood type to that of Tejram’s and Mohan’s. So, obviously what happened in the train between Vikhroli and Bhyculla, as well as at my apartment when I caught Tejram with Preeti on a bed making love had actually resulted in Preeti’s pregnancy by Tejram. Also, when Preeti stayed at Mohan’s house, obviously the two enjoyed each other a lot and that resulted in Preeti giving birth in 1966, and again in 1967. When I saw her in 1969, she was on birth-control pills. Obviously, Preeti and Mohan decided that it will be very dangerous to have any more births after 1967, because they will have to reveal themselves as the true parents of an infant of one year or so.
I recall the ending of Lamba’s superb story entitled: “Bus Journey With My Wife,” in which he said: “I pulled up her petticoat. The two brutes had obviously taken her panty away. I could see her cunt. Just to put her at ease, I embraced and kissed her, to make her believe that even after seeing her semen filled cunt, I could not recognise that she had been fucked by some other men. I again turned my attention to her cunt. Her hairy cunt was thoroughly soaking wet. It was completely messy and sloshy with the semen of her two lovers. Her thick pubic hair was matted with semen. Even her buttocks had wet patches. I touched her cunt with my fingers. I could feel the semen of both the men mixed-up deep into her cunt. Without further waiting, I simply thrust my hard cock into her messy cunt. My cock had an amazing feeling. For the first time in my married life, I could feel my cock slide into a pool of semen. Other men's semen filled fully into my Nimmi's cunt ! There was so much of it. I suddenly remembered that my Nirmala was in her fertile period. I wondered if one of them had even made my lovely wife pregnant with her fourth baby, in the bus ! It was highly possible, as both of them seemed to have pumped an enormous quantity of their seed into her. Was my wife going to get pregnant again with a total stranger's baby ? That thought excited me all the more. I ejaculated my own semen into the semen of both the men, that had been pumped into her cunt.” Well, lucky Shri Jeevan Lamba. At least, he did not have to go through the said discovery that I had to!
Well, Preeti and I still love each other and extremely faithful to each other now. Except, I don’t know about the period when I was in the hospital and Tejram and Mohan both stayed at my house, although my children had decided to stay at a hotel very near my hospital to be near me and also because they felt that the house would be too crowded. May be they too knew about Mohan and Tejram, or may be Preeti shared the secret with them! But, I have a feeling that both Tejram and Mohan had a very delightful and delicious stay with my wife Preeti. When I reached home and was about to sleep in the bed, I decided to rearrange the bedsheet and I saw a male underwear of extra-large size (the type that would fit Tejram) lying under that bedsheet. I took it to Tejram and as soon as he saw it, he said: “Where did you find it, I had lost it somewhere.” I lied to him: “It was lying next to the washing machine.” When I returned back to the bedroom, I took the pillow in my hand and there was an underwear of a small size, the type that would fit Mohan. I took it to Mohan, and he exclaimed: “Wow, you found it! Where was it?” I lied again: “Next to our washing machine.”
That night, at the dinner table our six children, Mohan, Tejram, Preeti and I were all present. Both Mohan and Tejram told us that they would be leaving next morning to go back to India. First Mohan said: “If one or two of your children could stay in the guest room assigned to me for the night to talk to me to help me pass the night easily and remember them better in India, I would be very grateful.” My youngest sons Mohan and Mohit immediately volunteered and expressed that they want Mohan uncle to not leave tomorrow, but stay for another day or two and talk to them more. Then Tejram said: “Can I ask the same thing that friend Mohan has asked. Since Mohan and Mohit have already made a commitment, and probably because Kamala and Anita are with their husbands in the hotel, this leaves only Davendra and Pratap.” Pratap immediately said: “No uncle, I have to call my wife and it will be a very long phone call. May be Davendra can come to your room.” Davendra immediately added: “Sure, I will be happy to. After all, you are my favorite uncle Tejram ji.”
May be, Preeti had told Davendra, Mohan and Mohit about who their real fathers were. But doesn’t matter. Everyone has left, and Preeti and I are alone, and enjoying each other very much. Everything else is forgiven. And since I have poured out this secret which was eating me away, now it is almost forgotten also.

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