Pleasing a stranger
Leaving work you're heading for your car on the third floor of the parking garage. It's late, and the garage is dimly lit, with only a few remaining cars left. You've been flirting with a guy at work, and you're kinda feeling giggly as you rummage through your purse for your keys. Not paying any attention to the darkness, as if in your own little world. Nearing your car you notice that a few spots down there's a gentleman sitting in his car with his head back on the head rest. You naturally become concerned and walk toward the vehicle. You can tell it's someone that works in your building, but don't know his name. The only thing you do know, is that you've seen him before, he's married, and you find him very attractive. So you want to help out if he's in trouble. Seconds before you reach the car you notice a dirty magazine laying in the seat next to him. You see that he's got his eyes shut while he's pleasuring himself, and you step back away from the car hoping that he didn't see you. Knowing that he's ok, you decided to go on home. Walking back to your car, that image keeps playing through your mind, and it's exciting to you. Knowing that you caught him, and he didn't even know it. After you've been flirting all day, seeing this just makes you grin even more. You think to yourself...Maybe he does need some help. It's late. No one's around. Yea, you should definitely help him out. And it'll satisfy some of your cravings as well.

Walking back to his car you stand next to the passenger window and watch for a minute or two. The excitement building inside you while you stare at him with more and more desire. You unbutton your shirt to make sure he gets a good cleavage shot when you tap on the window. Seeing that the door is unlocked you drab the handle. He nearly jumps from his seat as the door opens, and scrambles to hide himself. Leaning in the car, you comfort him with your soothing voice and tell him that you've been watching anyway, so there's no need to stop. He's still fidgeting in his seat as you sit down and close the door. Hitting the lock button makes him catch his breath. Leaning over, you remove his hand and replace it with yours. You can feel his shaft is so hot from where he's been squeezing it. You reach across his lap, and ease his seat back. He's still unsure what's going on, but doesn't resist in the least, and lets you just take over. Kneeling on your knees in the seat and leaning over him, you place your lips around the head. Still with your hand around the base, you make circles around the tip with your tongue. Touching the hole, and tasting the sweetness that was already forming. Sealing your lips around the ridge you stroke your hand up and down. Holding your mouth still as you slowly stroke him. Eventually moving your mouth down a little more with each stroke, until you're taking in about half of him. He's pushing on the floorboard from the desire for more. You take you hand away and take his cock to the base. Your hair tickling his belly on each down stroke. Your tongue searching every bit of him. Moments later you can feel his body tensing, and his shaft swelling. Knowing that he's going to cum soon. Your tongue can feel his veins down the length of him, and his heart pounding through his body. You can't wait to taste him. This is such a turn on for you both. While he's touching the back of your throat you can feel his juice flowing out, and down his shaft. Your tongue rubbing it all around as you try to collect it all. Waiting until you think he's finished before pulling back and swallowing all he's given you. Reaching for the door handle you don't even look him in the eye as you quietly exit the car. Leaving him there to fix himself, with a satisfied look drawn across his face.

With a nearly as satisfied look on your face you find your way back to your own car. Very pleased with yourself by helping out someone in need. Sitting in your car, you're can't help but think how good that made you feel, but you'd like just a little more. Noticing that still, no one is around you reach down and pull your skirt up over you knees, and feel for your panties. Yep, they're wet. Almost soaked through. This shouldn't go to waste you think as you lean your seat back. Pulling you panties down your legs, and throwing them in the back seat. You close your eyes, and think of how good you made him feel. You can still taste him on your breath as you bite your lip, and begin to rub yourself. Your first, and third finger holding your lips apart as you middle finger slowly strokes your opening. Not inside yet. just teasing yourself for now. Liking your finger you can taste your own excitement now as you reach back down, and plunge one inside yourself. A few minutes later you give yourself two. Your thumb playing with your clit at the same time. You can feel yourself on the edge as you grip the door handle and explode. Your hand fills with your juice, and runs through your fingers onto the seat. In the middle of cumming, you drop one finger down, and slip it slightly into your ass hoping to prolong the effect of your orgasm. It works. Minutes go by as you feel like you're going to rip the steering wheel from the car. Finally calming down you remove your fingers, and slowly lick the two middle ones clean. Mmmmm....... Now you're ready to go home. It's been a very good day.....

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