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Pleasent holiday trip to Goa
07-18-2011, 01:33 AM
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Pleasent holiday trip to Goa
Hi O9L readers, I am very much thankful to you for the wide response you have given me for the 1st story submitted by me on my wife in this site. Encouraged by this now I am describing the 2nd story about how we both enjoyed threesome in our last holiday trip to Goa. Let me first describe my wife Tinker, She has a very very sexy figure. She is a very pretty young slut of 27, 5’4″ and 120lb with 34c inch firm breasts with big sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, her complexion was whitish and had a long black hair. She kept herself fitted and was very slim with a normal height, and God has given to her unique breast and hips. Her breast and hip were too big and on the other hand she has thin waist she has a big black eyes which were fitted on her white colored. Her lips were rosy and were just like a wine cup. She looks so sexy that looking at her no man can control his hard on. I also love to see people glare at her especially at her well shaped boobs and heavy hips. Even frankly speaking I love to see her being fucked by another man. This is my hottest fantasy.

When at our last trip to Goa, we stayed in a hotel. We enjoyed the beach there much and found every where couples making fun themselves. Really Goa is a very romantic place. We also wanted to enjoy the Goa tour fully and wanted to make it a memorable one. Hence at the night we wanted to attend a night club there. I have heard too much about them from my friends. Hence I induced my wife to wear her most sexy dress for that night and enjoy. Tinker wears a knee-length blue dress. She had a short black jacket on top tied in a knot right around her bust line. The dress was really tight around her waist, and had flair beneath the waist. I asked her not to wear bra under her top. She was looking damn beautiful in that dress and it was sufficient to kill any man present there. While we reached there, we saw couples dancing there at the dance floor to a light music and there was an environment of shadow and light in the show. After making us comfortable there we joined them at the dance floor. While dancing we get closed to each other and danced with the music. My hand was on her waist and I slowly pulled her closer to me so that my crotch touches her bosom. She responded positively and while dancing her heavy boobs were heaving during each of her step. This makes my cock hard on. She feels the hard on and gently took her hand to my crotch and gave a quick squeeze to that and smiled looking at me. To answer her I planted a kiss on her chick. At that time a good looking handsome guy dancing at the floor came closer to us and gave a smile at us. And looking at Tinker he said your partner looking so sexy, will you mind if I dance with her for some time. My wife was some what hesitant and said she won’t dance with that man. But I see there is an opportunity to fulfill my long fantasy of seeing my wife being fucked by a stranger So I said her, “You came here to enjoy so you should dance with him” so she agreed. Then I asked him for a drink and invited him to a table situated at a corner and order for drink. We sat at the table and were enjoying the music and talking ourselves. His name was Saurabh and was a smart guy and had impressed Tinker in his talking. At that time I asked Tinker to take off the black jacket she was wearing and as she does it Saurabh was amazed to see at the deep cleavage of her outfit. Her boobs were looking great and I know she caught Saurabh staring at her and smiled with a twinkle in her eye. After finishing drink Saurabh begged my permission to take my wife to the dance floor to which I readily agreed.

Then Saurabh took one of his hands of Tinker in his hand and took her to the dance floor and they started dancing there. I found she had beautiful rhythm and she was really moving to the music, her braless tits were jiggling with her movements. Since the room was packed it was hard not to keep from bumping into those around. They found themselves uncontrollably bumping into each other. I didn’t mind. Instead I was aroused to see this. Suddenly, someone pushed and Tinker lost her step and she fell into Saurabh. I saw Saurabh caught her by the waist and pulled her back to her feet. At this movement Saurabh could feel her full breast against his palms. Her breasts were in his palms for few seconds. Tinker quickly recovered and stood strait and giving a smiling at Saurabh started dancing to the music. This has electrified Saurabh. Now there was no hiding Saurabh’s bulging over his pant. Now Saurabh has started moving his hands on softer parts of my wife during dance. Tinker looked at me and I nodded as if I am permitting her to go further with Saurabh. Now I am very much aroused to see my wife Tinker dancing and enjoying with another man. I could tell by the look in Tinki’s eye that she knew exactly what was pressing on to her back. Then a slow song started being played. Saurabh held Tinker in his arms and her soft body was pressing with him. Now Tinker is pressing her bosom against Saurabh’s crotch. I could make out her hard nipples trying to pop out through the dress. Saurabh started moving his hand on her back. He gently put his hand on her heavy hips and feeling the outline of her panty he said to her “Amit is so lucky to have a wife like you.” She just looked at him and smiled. He kissed on her neck while dancing she looked at me but did not say any thing. Her hair brushed against Saurabh’s face. He put his lips on her left ear and gives a little lick.

She pushed against Saurabh’s dick and said, “Looks like you enjoy dancing with your friend’s wife.” I saw Amit was looking at us and he seemed to be smiling and not minding that I was enjoying the dance with his wife.

All this went on till midnight and after that we all returned to that corner table and sit together ordered more drink and some snacks. Saurabh was praising Tinki’s beauty as an ardent lover and was saying me that he has enjoyed the dance with her as never before. Both Saurabh and Tinker were talking more frankly now. The atmosphere there has been hot there and sensing the situation and to have more fun at that night I at once proposed Saurabh whether he would mind coming to our room in the hotel so that all of us can enjoy till late night. To this he agreed at once as if I have said the words of his mouth. Hearing this wife’s face became red in shy in anticipation of what is going to happen in the room next. We all came to our room. By then every thing has been cleared and all of us have been mentally prepared for the game of exchange. All of us sit at the Sofa and started talking but gradually our talking turned towards sex related topics. Tinker was sitting near me. I pulled her on my lap and put my lips on hers and simultaneously my hand moved around her breast. Gently messaging her breast I looked at Saurabh and asked whether he liked my girl. Saurabh said oh God she is so beautiful and sexy. Then he stood from his sit and came near us and took her in his arm and pulled her towards his lap and was now kissing her on her lips. Tinker became shy as I was there and tried to free her from Saurabh’s grip. Sensing this he said come on darling don’t be shy, you are looking so sexy that I can not control myself. His hand was moving on her waist while she was clung to him tight. He put his lips on her rosy lips and she responded eagerly starving. As she was already clung to him, her breast was pressing against Saurabh’s chest very tightly. It was really so soft like silk. His arms were also around her waist taking her. They were kissing each other with warmth of affection. He was rubbing gently her waist. And then his hand came to her breast under her armpit. Tinker slipped away little to give way to his hand as she pressed very tight to him. And it was a signal from her that she is ready for anything. Then he rubbed her tits from over her tops. She moaned when he squeezed her boob and showed her response to bitten his lips. Her tits were so cute and firm and he was rubbing and squeezing it. She was kissing him passionately. She gave her tongue in his mouth. He was now kissing her mouth parted and his tongue entered into her cavity. His hand moved down towards her belly. He tried to enter his hand in her top but couldn’t found space there because of its tightness; she took her hand behind to lose her top and unzipped it. He entered his hand in under her top and caresses her belly up and down. Gently Tinker took his hand to her bare breast under the top and placed his hand on it. Now his hand reached to my wife’s well shaped breast. Now her hot breast was in his hand .He pressing it softly. At last he removed her top all over up. Her alluring navel and breast were now visible totally to me. She has a full size milky white breast with a brownish areola, which gave her tit a charming touching. He put his mouth first on it naval and inserted his tongue in it and licked it then his mouth went to her breast. He kissed, licked and sucked them one by one. By this they became so hard and her nipples became erected. She was moaning deeply. She was kissing and licking his neck. His hand was moving on her belly and reached to her pussy over her skirt. He was creasing it. He pulled down her top and drags it little down. Oh what a ravishing thigh she had. She spread her thighs little wide. He kissed it very soft. Saurabh’s cock was now in its full erection. He took her hand and put it on his prick. She massaged it gentile, than she opened the zip of his jeans and rubbed his cock from over the underwear. She was creasing it. Touching of her soft hand made his cock throb all the more. I was looking how eagerly my wife is doing with him all this. I could observe a sign of pleasure ness on her face she is deriving out of this act. Seeing all this I got a tremendous erection of my cock.

Then I saw Saurabh taking my wife Tinker in his hand and taking her to the bed. At that time she was at panty only. After placing her on the bed he gently pulled her panty down making her completely naked and threw that to a corner. Then he planted a kiss on her hairy and beautiful pussy and told her be ready that I am going to fuck you. And he started undressing himself and became completely naked. He has got a tremendous cock of 7 inch size. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her soggy clit before breaking into her cavity. He swiftly spun around her and leaped forward to let his mouth revive the taste of her juicy boobs and hard nipples. His fingers soon followed suite to press the globes for the umpteenth time and encircled her hard nipples. Tinker spreading her legs so wide so as to let his hungry dick inside her moist hole. His hands held her waist with ruthless strength and positioned himself moving his hips sufficient enough to let his huge dick aiming at her pussy. Simultaneously his both hand have cupped her fleshy boobs and he was moving his hips between her thighs gently. Being impatient she said “What are you waiting for?” Tinker murmured gently. Then he began thrusting the dick fiercely to let it dive the whole depth of her pussy, so much so that his balls were now pressing against her ass. After repeating the withdrawal and insertion for a while, soon He was gathering momentum in letting his cock move in and out in amazing pace. Tinker was moaning intermittently as his pumping got faster and faster with his dick ravaging her pussy. He was holding her tits and his fingers were nibbling her hard nipples as she moaned as if she was chanting while He kept going at her pussy. Her legs were feverishly wrapping around his waist as his pumping faster prompting her to get closer to her orgasm. Her moans seemed to do know no bounds as she kept chattering. The whole room was filled with her sexy moans as his dick was jolting in and out of her pussy with every thrust hitting like thunder. Once in a while, He leaned forward to take her lips for a brief chewing and every time her hands held his head with all her strength. Tinki’s moans got rhythmic with more frequent ‘Yes’ and occasional ‘Ohh” as she approached very close to her orgasm. He could realize his cum about to unload while she quivered. As loads of his thick cum splashed into her pussy, his dick soon felt submerged in fluid as she exploded into her orgasm. Their bodies soon became still after the hectic activities as her legs pulled his waist hard at her one last time before hanging loose.

He lay over her in exhaustion for a few seconds kissing her and saying I love you Tinker and she also giving a similar response to him out of the extreme pleasure he has given to her and after laying there for few more minutes they regained and stood up when they realized there is some one else also in that room.

Write back to me how you liked this story in my email address xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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