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Please Kiss Me
07-14-2011, 09:30 AM
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Please Kiss Me
In upper state Maine, there is a small village not very far from Bangor. It is a very picturesque little community, hidden back in the mountains, where the residents pass their peaceful and happy lives, lights years away from the maddening rush of the big cities. Here the winters are bitterly cold with relentless snow storms and biting north winds, in which one must dress accordingly to protect themselves against frost bite when venturing out, but in the late spring, the warm winds melt the snow,and the trees are all abloom with freshly budding leaves, and flowers, that send a fresh aroma through the air, to remind one that summer is near. In these mountains, summers can sometimes get as hot the winters are cold. It was on such a hot summer evening that the event I am about to relate took place.

That August day, as the little village stood sweltering under the hot summer sun , Mrs. Johnson decided to lay down for a nap in her room. She usually did this on hot days, just to make the time go by a little quicker. She would let the fan blow on her, just to provide a little relief. Mrs. Johnson's husband was working and would not be back until 5:00 PM and her son was out at the lake fishing. Her only daughter Brenda had been watching television when she laid down, and up until now, it looked like a typical evening at the Johnsons. Brenda's mind was busy though. She was really very hot and she thought about how nice it would be to go outside and turn the hose on herself and feel the coolness of the water flowing down her skin. She could put on her string bikini that she had not had a chance to wear all summer and it would really be wonderful to be so nearly naked as the cool drops of liquid rolled along her skin, immersing her in wet coolness. Immediately she went to her room, undressed, and slipped into her bikini.

She then stood there admiring herself in the large wall mirror. She was a beautiful girl, and she had bloomed a lot in the last few years. Her breast had now increased to a size 37, and she was pleased at the way they bulged over the top of her bikini strap that barely contained them. Her eyes then moved down to her narrow waist and firm abdomen, that so well accentuated her firm round ass, so well revealed by the thin strip around her thighs. As she turned, she was delighted
to see how much of her lush cheeks were exposed on both sides of the narrow strip that clung lovingly along her ass. She could not help but do a little wiggle dance as her voluptuous lips worked into a smile. She then took a brush and combed her blonde lots down over her shoulders, so much admiring the sexy woman that was looking back at her rather than the little girl she ounce saw. She then headed for the yard and the water hose.

That same evening Larry Thomas was in his back yard washing his boat. Larry and his wife lived right next the Johnsons. Larry worked at a local plant and his wife was a school teacher. They had four children. That evening, Larry's wife had taken the kids to a local amusement park in Bangor, while her husband had stayed at home to finish some chores around the house. The next evening they planned to go boat riding and do some fishing at the lake as a family activity. That is why
Larry was cleaning the boat. Larry had taken his shirt off to get some relief from the intense heat, that he could feel coming up in waves as his hands moved the soapy rag across the metal surface of the boat. The heat was so oppressive that he felt like going inside, but his desire to finish the job made him continue. Larry was a powerfully built man with the kind of physique that you would find on the cover of women's magazine and with his dark hair and handsome features, he often
got a lot of attention from women, but he loved his wife and he was a committed family man, or at least he had never given his wife a reason to doubt him, and their marriage was said to be a happy one.

As Larry went about his chore, he happened to notice the young girl in his neighbor's yard spraying herself with a water hose. He had known this girl and her family since he and his wife had moved in five years before. He had watched her bloom and develop into a young woman, but he had never seen her like this. His eyes became riveted on her as she stood there in her bikini, with the hose turned up in the air, and a spray of water droplets falling on and dripping down her lush skin. her golden hair slick and shinny, her head turned upward toward the sky, and her eyes closed as the water splashed on her lovely face and down over her shoulders. To him, she appeared as Venus, having just rose out of the water, mostly naked, except for the two thin strips of fabric, designed to reveal her assets, rather cover them, and display the glistening flesh of her upturned breast, and down along her thin waist, to her well rounded ass cheeks and lush thighs, so well enhanced by the micro thin strip that stretched around them. At times she would bend over, so as to allow him to look right down her pleasure box only half covered by the fabric, and with her public hairs sticking out from underneath. At one point she seemed aware that he was looking at her as she turned and sent a sweet smile in his direction. Larry felt his mouth going dry and he tried to fight the feeling of lust consuming him as he watched her.

Brenda knew that Larry was watching her. This did not bother her at all. In fact she loved knowing that his eyes were on her and that his mind was filled with lust for her. It also did not bother her that he was a married man, and it even gave her a sense of pride to know that a man so committed to his wife and family would be interested in her, and she could not think of a more handsome man. As she glanced at him, her eyes roved over his lean muscular form, and she begin to think of how wonderful it would be for him to make love to her. Even thinking about it made her go weak, and she begin to imagine his strong hands caressing her and holding her body next to his. The more she thought of this, the more she wanted him, until the desire became a consuming passion to her. She begin to think of a way that she might be able to get close to him and start some kind of talk that might led to something. She came up with a plan. She would tell him that her mother needed to borrow some sugar and then she would start a conversation him. She then went into the house, got a cup out of the cabinet, then walked through the garage and into the yard toward Mr. Johnson's gate.

Larry had seen the young girl suddenly disappear from the yard. He was just thinking that she had gone in the house, when suddenly the gate opened and she stood right in front of him, with a sweet smile her face. Her sudden appearance in his yard was a surprise, but a very pleasant one indeed. It was really hard for Larry to control himself as his eyes wondered over the young girl as she stood there, clad only in her bikini and with water still dripping down her lush skin, her prominent breast rising over her bikini top. It took all he could do to smile and casually ask the young girl what she wanted. "Mr. Johnson, I.... you know I really.... really don't like to disturb you at a time when.... well when you are so busy sir.... but my mother.... well she needs some sugar." "Could you please lend us some sir."

As she said this she held out the cup him. He could see that she was trembling as she coaxed a coy smile for him. "Of course," he said with a smile, as he took the cup from the girl. He was hoping that she did not notice the bulge in his pants, as his cock was now rock hard and totally erect. He quickly turned around, went into the house, and then returned shortly with the cup of sugar that he handed to the young girl. For a while she just stood their looking at him, as she smiled and bit her lips trying to think of something to say. No words were coming to her and she was starting to feel that her planned had failed. She then came up with a last resort. "Mr. Thomas," she said smiling, "could you do something for me?" "What is that young lady," said Mr. Thomas with a smile, as he tried to act composed and casual. "Mr. Thomas, I was just wondering.... well I was just wondering.... well Mr. Thomas would you kiss me?" "Kiss you," he said smiling. As he said this, his cock was completely erect creating a bulge in his pants, that he knew the girl could probably see. This was most embarrassing to him, and now this request was not helping the matter.
"Yes Mr. Thomas, I would just like for you to kiss me." "You see I have been seeing all these boys around here, and they have kissed me you know, and really.... well you know, I just wanted to know what it would be like to kiss a man, and you know Mr. Thomas your a real man, and I bet you...." "Mr. Thomas I want you to kiss me." "Please kiss me." Without any more argument on the this point, Mr. Thomas walked up to the young girl and kiss her firmly on the mouth. She then melted into him, her arms encircling his neck, as she deepened the kiss. Mr. Thomas put his arms around the young girl and pressed her close to him. It felt wonderful to hold her in his arms, with the length of her lush body squeezed firmly against him. She was so responsive and yielding to him. He pulled her even closer to him, as she stood up on her tiptoes to reach his lips. He pushed his exploring tongue into her mouth, and heard her moan in response as she pushed her own tongue into his mouth to explore and tangle with his tongue. As they kissed Mr. Thomas noticed that they were in an open area in his back yard and that someone might see them and this could get back to his wife. He then broke the kiss and told the girl that they should go into the garage.

Once the door was shut they resumed their deep kiss. As their tongues explored each others mouths, their hands were all over each other, feeling and caressing the contours of each others bodies. Larry's hands undid the strap of the girl's bikini top, as she grabbed it and tossed it on the floor, exposing her big melon breast. As they kissed, one of his hands squeezed her breast, while the other slid her bikini bottom down her legs. When it reached her feet she kicked it off. She was now completely naked and plastered against him, big breast crushed flat against his chest. They were kissing furiously and ramming their tongues repeatedly down each other's throats. As they kissed she reached down between them, unzipped Larry's pants, and pulled his cock out in her fist.
"Oh God." "Baby I am so hot." "Please fuck me." "Please get that big beautiful cock in me baby." "Come on fuck me." "Fuck me
baby." "Oh I have to have you baby!" fuck me!" "Fuck me! she implored."

Larry was more then glad to oblige the young girl. He lifted her up and placed her on his car hood. As she spread her legs out, he leaned forward so that the head of his cock was placed right at the opening of her pink pussy lips, and then with one hard thrust he was halfway inside her, and with another, he was inside her to his balls. He was surprised at how easy it was to enter her and he was now thinking that most likely, she was not a virgin. The young girl then cried out. "Oh my God," "Mr. Thomas your all the way in me." "Oh my God." He then begin to fuck the girl with long slow thrust, then increasing the pace until he was pounding her relentlessly with quick deep strokes. The young girl's sighs and moans begin to turn to yells as her orgasm approached. Larry then pulled the girl's legs up over his shoulders, and begin to ramrod her with powerful thrust, as her yells
became screams. "Oh my God." "Oh my God." "Your making me feel so good!" "Give it to me." "Give it to baby." "UH, UH, UH, UH,....AHHHHHHH....!" Larry was fucking her like a mad man, pulling his cock all the way out of her, and then thrusting it back in repeatedly. She placed her hands behind her to brace herself against his thrust, as she countered with her own thrust. Larry loved the way she was fucking him back and he had to amid that this little whore was damn good. She kept writhing and squirming and trying to get him deeper inside her, dispite the fact the he was already most likely hitting her cervix with each thrust. As she came, her screams became so loud that he was afraid someone would hear her. She arched her body upward and threw her head back and from side to side, as her entire body convulsed against him, as he released his load into her, and both their bodies stiffened and jerked violently against each other until their orgasm subsided. But it still wasn't over.

The young girl then slid off the hood of the car and onto the floor."Please fuck me again Mr. Thomas," she implored as she spread her legs out. Mr. Thomas did not waist any time complying with the girl's request. He quickly removed his clothes, climbed down between her legs, and begin fucking her for all he was worth. It wasn't long before she was having another very intense orgasm as she writhed and rotated her ass beneath him. Just before he climaxed he pulled out of her and sprayed semen all over her beast and stomach, then slammed back into her and shot the rest of his load inside her, as she screamed out her pleasure. He fucked her for more than an hour, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. He might have fucked her even longer had he not started to fear that his wife would be returning soon.

When she returned home she spent at least twenty minutes at the water hose cleaning all the semen off from around her stomach, thighs and pussy. Her mom having just woke up from her nap begin to call her daughter's name. "Brenda!" "Where are you Brenda?" I am out here at the water hose, just cleaning up and cooling off mom. Mrs. Johnson looked at her daughter with pride, and
was thinking how beautiful she was, and with such an innocence about her. From that day, no one in the neighborhood ever knew about the magnificent fuck Mrs. Johnson's daughter received from Larry Thomas, a married man.

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