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Paula, Tina, and Mark
07-15-2011, 04:29 AM
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Paula, Tina, and Mark
Tina decides that it's finally time...but am I ready for her to loose her virginity?
I fought my way through the halls trying to make my way to Tina’s locker. I felt someone pinch my ass and I’m ready to give the son-of-a-bitch a once over. It’s Ian.
“You fag!” I chide.
“You skank!” He said.
Ian grabbed his books heaving them up so I can see his black painted nails. We talk a bit and then I tell him I want to find Tina. He wishes me good luck knowing all the shit we’ve been going through. I trust Ian. He’s a good guy.
“Paula!” Tina said when she saw me coming down the hall. I didn’t expect the warm welcome so I grinned half enthusiastically. Her friends she has been snubbing me for just ignore me, waiting for Tina to finish. Only someone as perfect and popular as Tina could force snotty little rich girls to stand around a locker and wait. This does make me secretly happy.
“Is your mother home?” Tina asked.
“She came back for a day but she split already. Off to fuck her boyfriend in Jacksonville.” I said ‘Jacksonville’ with a thick southern accent. Tina laughed but it’s obvious her mind isn’t on what’s been going on. I’m filled with the urge to tell her but she quickly asked, “Can Mark and I come to your house after school?”
“No way! Is this it?” I ask.
She looked from side to side and put a finger to her lips to shush me. Tina smiled and closed her lids together tightly as she squeezed my hands. We both jump up and down holding hands and laughing.
“See you after school. Wait for me out front!” She said as she bounced down the hall. I watch her join back up with her tight little cheerleader friends and I head off to class. GOD! Why am I such a ‘tard? I’m helping Tina loose her cherry to a guy! But seeing Tina so happy I can’t help it. I just want her to be happy even if I lose her.

Mark and Tina can barely keep it together long enough for me to get the door open. You have to jiggle the key in the lock and shove with your shoulder to get our front door open when it’s locked. When it’s unlocked it will practically open by itself. Tina and Mark pushing against me as they wrap around each other like snakes in heat didn’t help. Mark! What a sport-o jock piece of shit! Sure he is gorgeous! Sure he has tanned skin, pierced ears, messy dark hair, and drives a mustang but Tina could do better. I don’t know what she saw in him. I hated him already.
"Hey, I've seen you around." Mark said. Apparently he just noticed I was there.
"Isn't he cute?!" Tina said.
"Sure, if you like clones." I said and gave the door one last hard shove. Maybe a little too hard because something cracked, fucking piece of shit door! Inside it smells. Someone needs to take the garbage out. Tina grabbed my hand pulling me to the kitchen.
“Don’t leave me!” Tina said.
“What? I thought you guys were going to go at it.” I said.
“Paula! Ohhhhhh…Paula! I’m…you know?”
“You are scared?” I asked.
“Shhh…just don’t leave me ok? I don’t care what happens.”
“Isn’t that gonna be like, you know, a little weird if you guys like, you know, start?”
Tina pouted. God how I love her!
“Hey, I didn’t say I would leave. I just said it was gonna be weird. Mark seems like a rapist!” I said.
“Oh shut up, you are just jealous.”
I didn’t reply.
“Invite us to your room.” Tina said.
“I don’t want to have my first time on your couch!”
“I don’t want you to have your first time in my bed…well not with a guy!”
“Why not?” She said pouting again.
“You know?”
“Come on Paula, pllleeeassseee!” She begged.
“Hey, I never said you couldn’t do it.”

We walked back into the living room and with my head held low I said, “Come on.”, and motioned for Mark to follow me to the bedroom. Tina rolled her eyes and hugged onto me down the hallway instead of Mark. I wrapped my fingers into hers and turned to Mark smiling.
Tina and I sat on the bed, Mark on my desk chair and no one spoke. God these two were little pathetic loser virgins! But this was one case where I was NOT going to be the one to start the show. Hell no! I wasn’t going to help him fuck my girlfriend!
“So, I saw you talking with Ian again.” Tina said. Her tone of voice suggested that Ian meant more than just a friend.
“Yeah, Ian’s cool.”
“Just cool?” She asked.
“Yeah, just cool.” I said.
"I know Ian." Mark said.
I looked back at him like I'm just noticing that he is still here and I said, "Huh?"
"He's a pretty nice guy but you know, I always thought you wouldn't go for a guy like that."
"What? Cause he's not sport-o jock asshole!" I said.
Mark calmly said, "No, I just always thought you were too good-looking for a guy like that."
"See? Isn't he sweet?" Tina said, hugging him.
Wow, a compliment from a jock! One of the popular people takes notice of one of the little people. I keep my best poker face but inside I can’t help but bubble.
Tina had her hands pulled in tight between her legs. She was so scared! I poke her side in just the right spot and she jumped! She still looked uptight so I pinch her sides a little harder and she hits me. I hit her back and next thing you know we’re rolling around on the floor laughing. She pinned me under her and tickles my sides.
“I’m going for a boob!” I scream. Tina laughed and said, “I would if you had any boobs!”
“Oh you Bitch!”
“I know it, I show it, if you think you man enough then grow it!” Tina said. We both laugh and suddenly she remembers that Mark is watching and jumped up. She sat back on the bed but laughing she said, “You slut!”
Mark extends his hand to help me up. I give his hand a long look before accepting and allowing him to help me up. After this it is just like old times. Mark is very quiet but that's ok because Tina and I talk so much I don't think he would be able to get a word in. I put on some Lords of Acid. Tina and I loved the Lords. The beat is really fast, really hard. I pull Tina up and force her to jump around and do our crazy Voodoo dance! Mark sat back with one hand in a pocket trying to look cool.
Tina pulled him up but he was too cool. He wouldn’t dance. Tina and I get kinda nasty with it, if you know the Lords of Acid you know why. We bump and grind and rub all over each other. Mark looks on. For some reason this gets me excited. I don’t know why but we’ve never had anyone watch us before and now it turns me on.
"Darling come here, fuck me up the.." the lyrics said and this heavy beat comes in. Tina and I laugh and she bends me over acting like she is fucking me in the ass. Mark turns away like he is offended. Tina stops and the mood is lost.
With the moment gone I turn the music down and Tina and I lay on the floor. Minutes pass before I just blurt out, "So Mark? Would you ever pierce your cock?"
"Paula!!" Tina exclaimed shocked. She hit me hard but I ignore her and said, "Well? Would you?"
Mark laughed and said, "That is one place I don't want anyone putting anything sharp into."
"So, I guess you haven't heard about Tina's affection for knives?" I said.
Tina said, "He doesn't have to worry, I'm not gonna loose my favorite toy."
"Ohhh, hooo! So you are no stranger to the Mark meat?” I ask.
Tina and Mark smile and she crawled up his legs pushing her face closer to his crotch. Mark opened his legs a little and allowed Tina to hold onto his thighs while she bit at his dick through his baggy jeans. I saw the shape of it as she bit it. He was already hard. Tina moved up and kneeling between his open legs they kissed. I watched them go at this for what seemed like forever. Tina moaned as he kissed her. She moaned like that for me once! Mark’s hands wrapped around Tina’s ass! God damn it! His hands were on her tight little ass. Nothing but booty shorts between him and a full grope of her ass. I mean I’m not stupid enough to think they hadn’t done this before but…but now I’m watching it! While he groped her ass her hand moved between her and him.
Tina’s arm moved around and even though I couldn’t see I knew she was pulling out his cock. Then the two were moaning as her hand moved up and down.
Tina turned to me and asked, "Umm..can you go get drinks or something?"
"Go get your own damn drinks, what do I look like, your maid?!"
"Yep, where is your cute little maid outfit?" Tina asked.
I wasn’t in much of a playful mood when some guy had his hard-on shoved into my girlfriend's crotch! I sat up and Tina tried to move in the way so I couldn’t see his cock. "Paula, come on!”
Tina turned back to Mark obviously frustrated. Mark slipped his hand up her shirt and caressed her tight teenage breasts like I've done so many times. I wonder how he would have felt if he knew that I had just been doing the same thing with her only a week before. Despite my jealousy, I couldn’t help but get turned on watching his hand moving over her nearly grown breasts. She had been growing daily! He pushed up her bra and her hard nipple was clearly poking against her top. I hated this!
Her shirt went over her head and she had on a little black lace bra that I helped her pick out! I get a flash of her dark little nipple pinched between his fingers before they press into each other kissing again. They stay like that for several minutes, just kissing, his hand massaging her breast her hand jerking his cock when she could remember to do so. Her little cheerleader ass wiggled rhythmically against his crotch and her beautiful black bra slipped off her shoulders.
Is this all they were going to do? This was pathetic! Oh my god! I could just see the two of them going at it like this for hours! Wanting so badly to fuck but both of them too scared to make the first move. I couldn’t take it anymore! I decided I had to do something to help this loser even if he was trying to fuck MY girlfriend!
Tina’s hand rested on Mark’s cock, she was too caught up in kissing him to move it. I kelt behind Tina and helped her completely out of her bra. They didn’t stop kissing, like their kissing wrapped them in a world where what I was doing wasn’t real. I pulled his pants down as much as I could but since he was sitting down, they didn’t go far. I put Tina’s hand back on his cock and helped her stroke him again. Mark’s thick cock sprung back to attention as only teenage boys can.
I felt like the little sex fairy!
I think they were enjoying having me push them to go further and further. Tina was nude from the waist up. Her firm round tits were so cute I wanted to push him away and kiss them myself! Instead I took his hand and moved it to her tight muscular tummy. He didn’t miss my intention and his hand slipped down the front of her shorts. The two now masturbated each other as they kissed, his hand on her little crotch and her hand stroking his bare cock.
Being the good sex fairy that I am, I grab Tina’s shorts by the sides and tug them down. Tina is wearing the sexy little matching black panties. Oh my god! Her sweet little round ass looks delicately tasty in those tiny black panties. Tina’s tiny little cheerleader body screamed sex and so it was good that she had the sex fairy to help her out!
Mark’s hand was over her panties! God! Children! Geeshh!
Finally catching on, Mark slipped his hand down her panties. I watched to make sure he was actually going to do something. I waved my little magic libido wand and in slipped his finger! Good boy! I had to go back to Tina and keep her hand moving up and down her cock because she was far too distracted from being fingered. Tina’s hand moves up and down but she can’t keep her concentration on his cock, kissing and having her tiny little golden flower fingered. For the first time in like the past twenty minutes, Mark and Tina stop kissing. Tina leans against Mark’s legs and opens herself to him holding on while he fingers her. He’s clumsy like a boy. It’s obvious he has no idea what he is supposed to be doing. He’s shoving inside her like he is digging for buried treasure. I put my hand over his and pull his wrist back some so that his fingers aren’t going to separate her hips from her body and help him lightly tease her clit and rub slowly in and up.
I was certainly earning my wings.
I couldn’t just hang back and be the good fairy any more, I leaned in and lightly kissed Tina's nipple. If Mark or Tina cared, they didn’t say anything. Her little nipple was so hard and I sucked and licked it with abandon. I cupped my hand around her tight breast. She was so firm and pert. Mark was so stupid not to already be licking and sucking them.
I helped Tina stand up and with Mark watching I pulled down her panties. Tina didn’t look at either of us. She kept her eyes closed. I felt her shivering. She was so afraid.
“Don’t be scared.” I whispered.
“I love you.” She whispered.
“God, I love you too.” I said.
“You guys should kiss.” Mark said.
Tina and I looked at him. I think Tina was surprised and I had almost forgotten he was there again. I took Tina’s beautiful face in my hands and pulled her lips to mine. I covered her soft lips with kisses and then our tongues touched. Tina put her arms around me and I pulled her tight against me. We kissed for what seemed like eternity before Mark’s voice broke us apart by saying, “That’s amazing!”
“Boys.” I said.
“Mark!” Tina said when she noticed he was stroking himself.
“You still gonna do this?” I whispered.
“I don’t know.” Tina said.
I knew. I knew she wanted to fuck Mark and that she wanted me there. She was in love with me even if she wouldn’t let everyone know it. She was already completely naked and Mark had his jeans oddly pulled down just enough that his ass was exposed and his really hard cock stood straight up. They were ready. Tina’s virginity was about to be lost.

I pulled my shirt over my head and exposed my padded little bra. Tina looked just slightly uncomfortable having me undress in front of her boyfriend. I smiled and reached behind me to unhook my needless bra and let it fall to the floor. Tina moved back over to Mark and pulled his jeans and underwear down. She brushed her hair out of her face and took his cock in her mouth. That moment, watching Tina take that stiff long rod into her little mouth, remains one of the single most erotic moments of my entire life. Her long lashes close over her big sweet eyes and she covers his cock with her mouth. I drop my shorts and underwear to the floor and stand naked before Mark. He watches me as she sucks him. His eyes never leave the little nubs poking from my chest. I walked over next to him and ran my fingers through his hair. He tilted his head back and his hand moved around to my butt. I pushed my naked little crotch into his face but Mark didn’t respond.
Tina looked up and I held my hand out to help her up. She took it and I pulled her toward us. Standing next to Mark he looked just slightly confused. It was only a moment because Tina was ready. She took his face in her hands and kissed him and her leg slipped over his. She lowered her tiny little hips over him and she moved up and down.
I watched. It didn’t look right. He wasn’t inside her.
I knelt down and sure enough she was just rocking up and down his hard on. The poor boy would shoot his load in seconds if she didn’t stop! I was pretty amazed he hadn’t already. I moved my hand up and down her ass before slipping under her and raising his thick hard cock so she could try to lower onto him. I leaned in close so I could see. Her thin little pink flower was closed tight but very wet. I grabbed Mark’s cock and moved his head into place. Tina’s little labia pressed in as Mark’s cock sank into her flesh.
I watched him thrust forward and back a few times before his full length sank down.
“OH GOD!” Tina said.
“What?” Mark said.
“N..nothing.” Tina said. I could tell she didn’t want to tell him she was a virgin but honestly I think Mark was too. I knelt down and watched as Tina tried her hardest to continue to fuck him through the stinging pain.
I cried.
I turned away so they couldn’t see me crying. Hell, I don't think I really even knew why I was crying at the time, I just knew that I was both happy and sad. My little Tina had finally grown up. But it wasn’t just that. It was complicated. She had lost her innocence and not to me. She wasn’t a virgin and I couldn’t be the one to love her like that. But I was happy for her too. As I said, complicated.
Mark thrust forward several times and Tina’s arms went out to the side, her fists clinched tightly in pain. Mark groaned and shot his cum inside my little baby girl. He jerked forward several times but before he was even finished Tina jumped off him and ran to my bathroom.
Mark looked really confused and then looked down to see his dick covered in a sweet little pink globs of cum. He jumped up and held his hands around his dick like he was afraid to touch it!
“What’s wrong! Oh God!” Mark said.
I heard Tina in the bathroom crying.
“God Mark! She was a virgin you idiot!”
“Mark! You broke her cherry!”
“Oh…” Mark sat back down but still seemed afraid to touch his softening cock.
I ran into the bathroom and Tina was sitting on the toilet with her hands covering her face.
“Oh baby, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“I don’t…I don’t know.” She said.
“Are you scared because he came inside you?” I asked.
“OH GOD! Should I be?” She asked.
“No, you are on the pill right?” I asked.
“Then don’t worry. Mark was a virgin too.”
“How do you know?”
“Trust me, I know.”
“God. Is he still out there?” She asked.
“Yeah, so go out there. He is your boyfriend.”
“But I’m…but I’m all…” and she opened her little legs to show me the smears and stains of lost maidenhood.
“Here.” I said and ran some hot water. I gave her the cloth and she cleaned herself. I grabbed another one and went back to my bedroom. Mark still sat there unable to touch his dick. I leaned over him and roughly cleaned his cock for him. I grabbed it with the washcloth and while I pulled at it and cleaned it I said, “I love Tina.”
“I know.” He said.
“No, I mean I really love Tina.” I said.
“Oh.” He said.
“So when she comes back out here you take her into my bed and you hold her. I’m going to leave you guys and before you guys leave you better make love to her again and do it right.” I said.
“Ummm…ok.” He said.
I looked down and my washcloth was now pink. I finished wiping his dick off. He was hard again.
“Hold that for her.” I said.
“God, you are amazing.” Mark said.
I stopped, looked at him oddly and we both knew what was happening. Mark was hard for me. I was dripping wet. But hell if I was going to fuck my best friend’s boyfriend, I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. His tongue extended into my mouth and then we stopped.
“Later.” I said.
He smiled and I got Tina.
I left them as they crawled into my bed. I was angry, confused, horny and crying. On top of that, I had no where to go. I sat on the porch and waited.

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