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Past experiences - First love 2
07-15-2011, 01:16 AM
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Past experiences - First love 2
Two days day passed since I had talked to either Tanya or Sarah. My anger turned into sadness as I wept thinking of the event at the jazz bar. Tanya was ignoring my phone calls and I was ignoring Sarah’s.

My phone rang once more and as I picked it up to switch it off thinking it was Sarah, the screen said Tanya, “hello?” I answered very anxiously.

“I’ve been thinking about what happened, I don’t blame you for anything”

“…really?” I was still very nervous.

“Yeah we cant help how we feel about her, that’s what sucks about being human. But I guess your feelings for her are a lot stronger than mine.”

“yeah being human sucks” we both laughed about it and carried talking about the feelings we had both been hiding for Sarah. It was nice being able to share it with my best friend.

“So what are you going to do next?” Tanya asked me,

“To be honest I don’t even want to see her right now, I don’t think there is anyway she can charm her way out of stringing both of us along like that” as I said that the doorbell rang and I told Tanya I would call her the next day. My mum was expecting visitors later on that day so I assumed her guests were early.

I opened the door to find Sarah’s piercing blue eyes looking at me, my heart melted. She wrapped her arms around me and buried her head on my shoulder before I could say anything. “I’m sorry” she whispered in my ear after sometime. In those few moments my heart took over any common sense I had. I didn’t want to allow her in so she could hurt me again but I loved her. I loved her so much that i blocked out all the things my brain was telling.

We went up to my room to have some privacy. I sat on the edge of my bed with my arms crossed and she came and sat next to me and put her hand on my lap. She gave me a soft kiss on the lips. As she was pulling away with my eyes still closed I muttered, “ I love you”.

I didn’t realise I had said it until she kissed me again. “I know”.

With that we kissed again only this time it was much deeper and longer. Our tongues swam in the others mouth. So many feeling were running through me at that point but she made me forget them all in those few moments. Sarah then got up and sat on my lap facing me without braking the kiss. My hands naturally ran down her back to her hips, she let out a light moan as I signed and gently rubbed them.

Light moans escaped both of us. There was no trace left in me of the hurt and anger I had for her earlier, that had been taken over by lust and passion. As our hands explored one another, our breathing got heavier and I could feel my excitement building up. I briefly lifted her top and let my hands slip under it while heading for her luscious breasts.

Before I knew it, we were both naked laying on the bed, I was half on top of Sarah with my leg over her. Our hands were caressing and discovering the others body. Her warm hands sent chills through me as she squeezed my breasts, arse and rubbed on my hips every no and then. We moaned into each other mouths as we kissed, we rocked our bodies in response to each other. I never wanted this feeling to end, her naked body felt so good upon mine.

I eventually rolled her fully on to her back and dived into her neck and slowly moved my way down to heaven. Even though I had only been with two girls before her, I still had a bit of confidence in being able to please. I took a moment to adore her beautiful wet pussy before I wrapped my tongue around her clit, with that she began humping against my mouth. She tasted so good and the way she moaned sent electric shocks down my spine. I then slipped one finger in her and built a steady pace going in and out of her, I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed, she then opened them and looked at me and smiled at me before running her fingers through my hair. I slipped in another finger and watched her reaction, she asked me to go faster, so I picked up the pace. The louder she got the more turned on I got, I was so wet. “Oh god that feels so good” she managed to get out. Her grip on my hair got tighter, I knew she was close, I slightly curled my fingers knowing she will enjoy it and went back to licking her clit. She was humping against my mouth faster and faster and she got very loud.

“Aaah god, I’m coming, I’m coming, oh fuck!” with that her body shacked and quivered. I love it when women come it is better than me receiving anything, just the sight and sound of a woman climaxing is enough to satisfy me.

I let her rest as I worshiped her body with my mouth, I slowly moved my way back up to meet her sensual lips. I lay on top of her as we kissed, I felt like we were the only two people on the planet. She then returned the favour and we kissed some more after that for what seemed like hours.

While we cuddled reality started to come back to me, “why did you do that? At the jazz bar.”

“Can we just enjoy this moment and not think about anything”, she looked deep into my eyes and stroked my hair with her fingers.

“Why were you trying to make me jealous? And why did you have to use Tanya in the process, she’s not a toy you can play with and then toss away.. Nether am I.”

I surprised myself with those words, for once I was standing up for myself. Though it would have been more useful if I had said all this when I answered the door about 2 hours before.

“I called Tanya and apologised for using her” Tanya didn’t mention this in or phone conversation earlier, “I guess I just wanted to see how you would react, I knew you had feelings for me but I didn’t know how strong your feelings for me were, I am really sorry if I hurt you.”

I still didn’t fully understand her explanation but we talked about our feeling for the next hour while we cuddled up in bed.

We dated for 6 months after that day, Tanya was very happy for us. I broke up with Sarah after she confessed she had been sleeping with other people. The part were all my friends say; I told she was bad news.

Hope you liked the story, will write more of my adventures in time.

Kisses x

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