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Pakistani Wife Samina - Hot Pictures - Sex Story
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Pakistani Wife Samina - Hot Pictures - Sex Story
Authors Note: This is a story that is partially real, and partially copied from other stories we have read online over the years. Our goal was to select some stories around which we could build a larger story. So if you come across sections of this story that look familiar, its because they have in some cases been lifted word for word from other stories, or else modified from other stories to better fit with the larger story line we created.
The story is written from the husband's point of view, as between the two of us, it is the husband who has done most of the writing, the wife's main role was to provide critiques, and also to make sure that the female responses and reactions were genuinely believable
PS: A word of warning, this is a very long story.
Paki Couple

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RE: Pakistani Wife Samina - Hot Pictures - Sex Story
The dictionary defines 'Cuckold' as a man whose wife has committed adultery, often regarded as an object of scorn. I do not think that such a definition comes close to really capturing what a true cuckold is. A true cuckold is a man who accepts that he cannot on his own sexually please his wife, and happily allows her the freedom to find sexual pleasure with anyone she like. In addition, a cuckold also realized that since he is sexually inadequate, it is perfectly understandable that his wife does not have sexual congress with him too often. Finally, a cuckold comes to terms with the fact that sexually speaking he is a beta male, even though he may be a successful alpha male in all aspects of his life. But in the sexual aspect of his life, he accepts and indeed revels in his wife's activities, plus the direct and indirect humiliation the bring to him. In all other ways, they have a perfectly normal marriage. And no one should confuse their sexually aberrant lifestyle, with them being unhappy. In fact, when a couple willingly accepts it, their happiness and closeness actually increases by leaps and bounds.

This is my story. Well my wife's and mine. It shows our progression, from what would be considered mild or 'normal' cuckolding, to the relationship we have today.

My wife, Samina and I had an arranged marriage 5 years ago, when she was 20, and I was 25. I had just completed my MS in the US and my parents insisted, an put immense pressure on me to get married and settle down before starting my job with as a design engineer for an electronics firm in the US. Of course I was not entirely happy to be strong-armed into marrying someone I did not know, or had even met. But parental and family pressure left me with little choice. But don't worry, this is not a typical story of wife being slowly corrupted by her conniving husband.

At the time, I was dating Pushpa, a beautiful Indian girl, an only child, born in America to immigrant parents. To say that her ideas about sex, and what a relationship between a man and woman should be like, were quite unorthodox, would be an understatement. And in the time I was with her, she helped me discover new vista's of pleasure that I would never had known otherwise. Ours it was a purely physical relationship, both of us knew that neither one of us was in it for the long term.But still I felt a twinge of sadness as I broke up with her. I was convinced that Samina could not possibly be as adventurous and exciting as Pushpa, who was wild in bed and up for anything out of it. So much so, that she had me nearly convinced that only she would be a suitable wife or long-term partner for me.

Ever since I had come the US, 6 years earlier as an undergraduate, I had been attracted to slutty girls with colorful pasts. And certainly Pushpa had a real rainbow of a past, but that only served to attract me to her all the more. And she knew it, player upon it, and soon we were living together. In the 9 months that we lived together, Pushpa took me to new heights of sexual pleasure (physical, and mental!), and made me discover things I would have never thought possible. So convinced was I that no other woman could possibly come close to matching Pushpa, I seriously considered asking her to marry me, even though I knew full well that my family would never accept her and that I would be thought of as having betrayed and abandoned them and their dreams for me.

Alas, it was not to be, and with a heavy heart, I watched Pushpa move her things out of my apartment, and give me a last good bye romp in the bed before I caught a flight to Karachi. My thoughts on that long flight were completely focused on what arguments I could come up with to convince my parents and grand-parents that the arranged marriage was not a good idea. But I knew in my heart that no argument, no matter how strong would sway them, and by the time I landed I had resolved to face the music and put up a happy face, and hope for the best. Maybe Samina would not be all that bad for me. From that point on, I acted as the happiest man possible. And both my grand-mothers took every opportunity to tell me that the girl they had all chosen for me was peerless, and that I was wise to have to seen the light and accepted their choice. Somehow that did not make me feel any better, rather it had the opposite effect as I figured that any girl that had charmed my extremely conservative grand-mothers as much as Samina had, was bound to be extremely conservative herself. Not quite what I was hoping to find in a wife!

Fortunately I had a 2 month break, before having to report to my new employer in Silicon Valley, although I had been told that I would be sent to their new fabrication facility in Florida, once that was up and running in about a years time. That excited me no end, as having spent the past 6 years in frigid Boston, I was more than ready to move to summer, warmer climes. But that was still months away, for the moment I had a pressing problem that needed addressing.
Being at home with my family helped a lot, and my sister, Usra, regaled me with stories about Samina. Usra and Samina had met often, before my parents had taken the official proposal. The purpose of those meetings was to have Usra determine Samina's suitability as a bride for me. In that time Usra had grown to like Samina a lot, and had no qualms about insisting that our parents propose immediately.

“And you know bhai, I have some friends who go to college with her, and they all swear that Samina is a very uncomplicated girl, respected by all, and has no hidden past.” Usra told me one evening as we sat on the terrace having tea. By that she meant that Samina was 'pure', a huge deal in the patriarchical Pakistani society, where feminine virginity is a prized commodity, but one which was becoming harder to to find, as more and more females got educated and entered the work force.

Easy exposure to western influences offered more attractive alternatives to the stringent demands placed by religion and society, still governed by ancient feudal norms and etiquettes. In the city dwelling upper classes it was become almost impossible to confirm if a suitable girl was still a virgin, my mother had once complained a couple of years earlier, when she tried to defend herself on why she had not as yet been able to find me a bride, even though I had not once asked her do so. So clearly, now that Samina's 'purity' had been confirmed by multiple sources, there really was no reason not to proceed, of course my own feelings to the contrary did not count, and nor was my opinion sought.

About a week after my arrival in Karachi, my entire family (younger brother and sister, parents, and grand-mothers) boarded an evening flight, bound for Lahore to visit Samina and her family. You see Samina is a Lahori, born and raised in that old city. While in Lahore we stayed with some family there, so it was natural that they too would accompany us when we went to Samina's house the next day. So a party of nearly 20 people ascended on my soon-to-be-in-laws house. I could only imagine just how much trouble they would have had to go through to prepare for the evening, well at least I would get some good food out of it, if nothing else.

For about an hour after we reached there, Samina's father basically interviewed me thoroughly, and then once satisfied the subject changed to more congenial and lighter matters. Finally, a little later Samina was brought out.

My heart was beating hard as I braced myself for the worst. And then in she walked... and I felt my jaw drop open, and a snicker escape from my sister, who was looking at me just to see my reaction! I cannot find words to adequately describe that moment. All my doubts and uncertainties departed instantaneously. I was incapable of doing anything, but stare at the vision of beauty as she walked towards her father and took a seat next to him on the sofa across my own.

By any standard, Samina was a classic sub-continental beauty. Dressed in a loosely fitted shalwar-kameez, I guessed she was about 5'4” tall, with a perfectly proportioned face, had long, flowing jet black hair, a light natural tan (the result of a mixture of Kashmiri and Perisian blood lines), dark brown, piercing eyes, flawless skin, and an easy confident smile as her father formally introduced us. Even under her loose, but smart kameez, I could tell that she was quite well endowed. And what I found more encouraging was that her head was not covered, in fact she had no dupatta at all. So at least she was not as conservative as I had worried she might have been.

Chaperoned by Samina's 3 sisters, and my own, we went out a couple of times for dinner. The sisters, discretely taking a table away from us, leaving Samina and myself at a two-person table so we could take freely. I told Samina about my past, education, experiences etc. I was completely open and honest and told her that I enjoyed drinking, had slept with a few girls, and had even lived with Pushpa, whom for a brief while I considered marrying.

To my relief, Samina did not storm off, rather she told me that she appreciated and respected my candor. She said that she had no problem with my drinking, provided I did not do it to excess, and as far as being with women was concerned, she had guessed that after having lived in the US for so long, it was inevitable. Her main concern was Pushpa, and I assured her that while I had enjoyed living with Pushpa, she and I both knew that it was a temporary arrangement, and not something lifelong.

On her part, Samina, told me that she was dying to get out of Pakistan's stifling environment, and that if I was looking for demure, religious woman as wife, she was not it. In fact she said, she was not religious at all. I told her that was fine, as I had actually feared that she might be some conservative fundamentalist, which thankfully she clearly was not. She the told me that while she was a virgin, and had not even kissed a guy before, she did not think that pre-marital sex was such a big deal, and that the only reason she had not indulged in was that she was afraid of hurting her parents, if they ever found out that she was sleeping around. A lot of her friends were no longer virgins, and in a way she envied them, but in another way, she felt that loosing ones virginity to one's spouse would be very special.

In my mind, I had many questions, and I wondered just how irreligious, and unconservative Samina was. My guess was that by local standards she was probably a lot of each, but by western standards she would probably be considered quite conservative. Only time would tell, but I was not worried any more, for now, what she had told me was enough.

So, with my reservations and doubts dissipated to a large extent a grand wedding was held in Lahore, just a 2 weeks later, followed by a grander reception in Karachi upon our return.

Actually, Samina surprised me in many ways, and not so much in others. For instance, while on our wedding night she had no problem with us being naked together in bed and making out, she was not comfortable having sex, in fact it would be a month before we got around to that doing that. Blood on the sheets confirmed her virginity. In a way I felt like a hypocrite, having been with several women in my college years, yet here I was deflowering a woman. On the other hand she was exceptionally confident and not once did I feel that she would be a liability as a wife. And once we started to have sex, there was no stopping her, clearly after having held out for so long, she was ready to go at it, and was soon a tigress in bed. Another pleasant surprise, at least in bed she was totally unrestrained, although giving and receiving oral sex was still a few months down the road.

I felt that once she was out of Pakistan, she would grow and blossom even more, and I was determined to do whatever it took for her to emulate Pushpa. But even if I failed, I now knew that I had made the right decision in marrying Samina, she was indeed peerless. And in hindsight, it is hardly surprising that things developed the way they did. Samina was like a caged bird longing to be set free, all I did was open the cage, the rest came to her completely naturally.

Our time in California was generally uneventful, as we adjusted to living together. Samina joined the local university and took some courses in management and marketing, with the goal of either getting into an MBA program, or better yet finding a job. In this she had my full support as fully believed that not only would the education do her good professionally, but it would also build her confidence.

A few things out of the ordinary happened while we were in Silicon Valley, firstly Samina tried alcohol. When I had first told her that I enjoyed alcohol, I was not sure how she would take it, but her reaction was a pleasant surprise as she told me that she would not mind trying it out once, just to see what all the fuss was about. So I had her try beer. Big mistake! She hated it, and nearly threw up after just the one sip, and swore it would never touch her lips again. But a few weeks later, she tried Champagne, offered by my boss's wife, and loved it. From then on a whole new world opened to her and she enjoyed wines and Champagne immensely, and once her palate had grown really accustomed to them, she wondered how she had ever gotten along without them.

The other big change or development came about not because I asked for it, but because of a simple conversation we had. At the time I thought nothing of it, but later I realized that my nonchalant manner is probably what gave her the courage to go for it before asking me if I agreed.

You see, shortly after our arrival in the US, we agreed that we had to stay fit and trim. Samina and I were both used to active lifestyles, and she did not like people who let themselves get out of shape, so it was agreed that we would join a gym not too far from where we lived.

Frankly going together to the gym did wonders for our already active sex life. Folks for those of you looking for an activity to do with your partner, one which not only will help you become and stay healthy, but also bring you two closer together physically, try working out together. Many an evening we returned home together, not caring about how tired we might be, and proceed to tear off each others clothes and proceed to make hot, passionate, love. Trust me on this!

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RE: Pakistani Wife's Snaps
It was after one of these torrid love-making sessions, as we lay naked and sweaty on our living room floor, making small talk and cuddling that the subject came up. Both of us had noticed that extremely fit and attractive woman in our gym. We estimated her age to be somewhere around 40 – 45 years, but her physique was amazing. She out ran us on the treadmill, out-stretched us on the floor mats, and out-biked us on the bikes. There was no question that this woman was fit, and set out goals to be as fit as she was. And not only was she fit, she clearly loved showing off her toned abs, fit arms, hard legs, and tight abs, in her regular gym attire, which was a pair of tight hot pants, and a training bra, which if any more revealing would probably have run afoul of the gym nudity rules.
I remember mentioning to Samina how sexy the woman looked, and how not a single male present could keep his eyes off her. It was at that point Samina asked me how I would feel if she dressed like that, and I said I would love. But the conversation was so matter-of-fact that I did not give it a second thought, and just assumed that Samina was being facetious.
Well, guys never ever underestimate a woman's ability to surprise you. The following Monday we were at the gym again. I had had just exited the mens locker room after changing and was walking towards the treadmills, when I had to do a double take. At first I saw a very sexily dressed woman emerge from the women's locker room, and it did not initially register that the woman in question was Samina. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, and a look of utter disbelief must have come over my face, as a laughing Samina walked over and kissed me before modelling her new outfit.
“Like what you see lover? I bought it at the mall yesterday.” Samina turned around.
“I....I...I.... love it.” I stammered, noticing that quite a few male eyes around were glued to my sexy wife. I had a thousand and one questions to ask her, but realized this was not the place. Besides, I was hard pressed enough as it was, trying to keep my throbbing penis from tearing out my jock strap and shorts.
“C'mon lets to running before all the treadmills are taken.” Samina took my hand, led me away.
I don't think I have every enjoyed working out as much as I did that day. Samina reminded me so much of Pushpa, as this was exactly the sort of thing Pushpa would have done, although for Pushpa it was pretty tame, but for Samina it was hugely bold! And for me it was huge relief that Samina was so bold. Still, I could not help but wonder how she had got the courage to do it.
That question was answered just a few hours later, as we lay on the carpeted floor, after another hot, love-making session upon our return from the gym. I could barely wait to get her home and fuck her blue. Which is what we proceeded to do together.
“So how did you.... I mean why.... I mean... well you know?” I tried to phrase my question delicately so as not to let her think that I objected, but nothing close to understandable came out.
Samina laughed. “Darling when I asked you about that woman and how you would feel if I dressed like her, your answer, the way you said it told me everything. And you don't know how happy and relieved I was.”
“What? Why?” I was surprised.
“Well, I can tell you know, I have always envied these western women and the freedom they enjoyed to dress sexy. And I always wanted to try that myself. But I never knew where you stood, and was afraid to bring up the subject, but when you answered the way you did, I was sure that you were not just saying that you would love it, as a joke, but actually I meant it, I got the courage to go for it!” Samina squeezed my hand.
“But why didn't you tell me first?”
“Hmm, well I thought about that and nearly did, but then decided not to. Because I felt that presenting you with a fait accompli would be a better way to go, as it would force you accept it even if you were on the border of whether or not you agreed. If I had told you first, and you were not sure, then there was a possibility you try to talk me out of it, and I did not want that to happen. So I just did it and gave you no choice.” Samina explained her flawless logic.
I was in awe of her. “What a smart wife I have!” I laughed and kissed her hard, Samina was fast approaching the point where I felt I could confide my greatest secret desire to her, but I was not sure if she was there yet. I could not have even imagined just how much she knew and understood me, and how her every step was ahead of me, and took place before I could ask her to do so.
Our time in California came to an end soon. We packed and moved to a small city in Florida, with a population of less than 100,000, and very few Indian/Pakistanis there. In fact I am sure that in our first years there we did not see a single desi. It was here that Samina really came into her own.
You see, back in California she had one again pre-empted my question, and told me that while felt perfectly comfortable dressing sexy at the gym, she was not too keen on doing so outside, even thought she really wanted to. Her reason being that outside she did not want to risk being seen by desi's, many of whom belonged to the genus homo-judgementalus, and would no doubt pronounce her to be a whore and slut immediately, particularly the senior ladies collectively referred to as desi aunties! In that group she included both Indian and Pakistani women, particularly since our circle of friends included both nationalities, and though most of them were quite open-minded, we were not sure if they were open-minded enough!
But once we moved to Florida, there was nothing to hold Samina back. Within a week of our move she had completely re-designed her wardrobe. Jeans, capris's,long skirts gave way to shorts, hot pants, mini-skirts. Full sleeved and sleeveless tops were packed away, to be replaced with spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops, and tank tops. And with warm weather all year round, Samina had plenty of opportunity to express herself like she had always fantasized about. Of course, I supported her whole-heartedly! But I still wondered if the time was right for me take that one critical step and truly open up to her. As much as I wanted to, something always seemed to hold me back, a nagging feeling that maybe Samina, despite everything, may not be there yet. But then how could I have guessed that Samina was already working on it?
We have been in Florida about a year, when one Saturday afternoon, Samina sashayed into the living room wearing nothing but a grin and a pair of high heels. Samina just turned 25 and she is without a doubt the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world.
"Hey, baby," she cooed as she snuggled up to me on the couch. "I've got a surprise for you." Samina started stroking my bulging cock through my pants. I stood up and was out of my clothes in record time. I sat down again and kissed my wife deeply on the lips. Her hands found my cock and I groaned as I hardened in her hands.
"Do you want your surprise now, honey?" she whispered as she slowly pumped my shaft.
"Oh yeah, pleaseee." I replied, wondering what my sexy wife had in store for me.
Samina turned around and retrieved an envelope from her handbag on the side table. "Now I'm going to hand these to you one by one," she said. "And I don't want you jacking off too quickly, so you have to slow down when I tell you too or we'll stop and I won't show you the next one. Okay, lover?"
"Okay!" I hollered, nearly cumming at the thought of what I was about to see.
Samina handed me a photograph. She was standing in our living room, the room we were in right now, and she was naked except for her heels (she loves that look) and smiling at the photographer.
"When did you take these?" I asked astounded that she would even do such a thing, but she just smiled at me and handed me another one.
I had my cock in my hand and Samina gently cupped my balls and blew gently in my ear. Over the past months she had grown bolder and bolder sexually, and as a person too. Now I was sure that the moment of truth, where I could truly open up to her was at hand, but first I had to see what she wanted to show me. I tried to imagine what it could be, but could not come up with a single idea.
The second photograph showed Samina bending over the couch, reaching behind her to spread apart her luscious ass cheeks. Samina shaves her privates, except for a little black tuft at the front, and her puckered little white asshole is always exciting to look at, as I had discovered a few months ago. Samina put her free arm around me and I enjoyed looking at the hot photo of my wife while rubbing up against the real thing.
Samina handed me the third photograph and she quickly squeezed the base of my cock when I saw it. Samina was on her knees in front of the photographer struggling to undo his belt.
"Oh baby this is hot," I whispered to her and then I leaned in to kiss her again. My mind was abuzz with all sorts of thoughts, how could she have known that I would be OK with this? And when did she actually have the desire to go through with it? And many others, but for now I just wanted to see more photographs.
The fourth photograph showed my beautiful wife smiling up at the camera from behind the photographers huge hard cock. She had both hands wrapped around the shaft and there was still a good couple of inches of cock to go. I looked at the photo for a long time as Samina whispered filthy things in my ear and stroked my balls.
In the next shot Samina was struggling to take as much of the photographer's cock in her mouth as she could. She was stretching her jaw open as much as possible and her cheeks bulged obscenely. I groaned and Samina shifted position. I held the photo of my wife fellating another man in one hand while I stroked her big boobs with the other. Now I should mention here, that it was only very recently that she had started giving me blow jobs, so this photograph was erotic as hell and I nearly shot my load right there, just barely stopping myself.
"Tell me you let him fuck your titties, baby?" I moaned hoarsely. My cock was throbbing, my mind was ecstatic and my eyes could barely leave the photograph.
Samina giggled and finally handed me the next photograph which showed her doing just that.
Now my wife's not a petite woman, and her 34C breasts are fairly large for her 5'4” frame, but this guy's cock easily filled Samina's sexy cleavage and poked up into her chin. I started jacking off again while staring at the photo and Samina tickled my balls and stroked my thighs.
The next shot was taken with the photographer sitting on the couch where I was now sitting. He was now completely naked, and Samina was next to him with her head in his lap. I could only see the back of Samina's head, but it was pretty obvious she was going down on him. Samina shifted on the couch again and gently lowered her head into my lap. I looked at the thick pile of photographs still in the envelope and wondered how I would hold out. And all the while my mind was screaming out, “how could she know?”
"I'm not going to blow you, honey," drawled Samina, blowing on my cock gently and handing me the next photo.
This photo showed Samina looking up at the camera sexily while she licked the underside of that great big horsecock. She was holding the shaft in one hand and there was a huge drop of pre-cum dripping out of the tip. The guy's cock was wet with my wife's saliva and I was amazed at how much she must have been able to fit into her mouth. Samina was still stroking my balls while she blew on my cock and I longed to grab a handful of her lovely hair and start fucking her hot wet mouth with reckless abandon.
"Ready for the next one, my darling hubby?" she asked sweetly, almost as if she was reading my mind yet again, something she seemed to be quite good at.
The next shot showed Samina straddling her lover. She was reaching down between them, guiding his big cock into her girl private. My cock jerked involuntarily and Samina quickly sat up and backed up a little.
"C'mon, baby," she said firmly. "You can do it. Now do you have it under control? You know you're not supposed to cum anywhere near my face now don't you?"
I nodded dumbly, not daring to touch my cock or even look at my gorgeous naked wife.
After a while Samina handed me the next photo. It showed their two groins locked together. Samina straddled me without touching my cock at all. She started kissing my face and I played with her tits while looking at the photo over her shoulder.
"Was he inside you?" I asked quietly, my voice a hoarse whisper and my body shaking with excitement and arousal. I could not help it, and I said, “it's the most arousing, erotic sight I have ever seen.”
"Oh baby," said Samina, as she giggled at my condition. "He went up me deeper and harder than you ever had. It was intense! And are you sure you have not seen anything more arousing that this?”
The reality of what my sexy wife was saying to me hit me and I looked her sharply in the eye, and nodded a NO, while looking at her with questioning eyes.
"C'mon baby," she said. "You know I love only you, right?"
I nodded and she continued, "but you saw how big his dick was, right? There's no way you could compete with that."
"Was it good?" I asked.
"I never felt so full of cock. I don't think I ever stopped cumming once he was inside me." She handed me the next few photos quickly, and in each of them Samina's cunt was being stretched to the limit by her lover's big cock. Samina was grinding against me now and I kissed and licked her titties while struggling to look at the photos. The sensitive underside of my cock was rubbing against Samina's mound and it took all of my will power not to cum.
Samina took the next photo out of the envelope and stood up while she looked at it. She turned around and lowered herself carefully down onto my lap. My cock was rock hard and begging to be fucked but she reached back and made sure it was nestled in between her ass cheeks and not inside her before she handed me the next photo.
Samina was in the same position in the photo except that her cunt was wrapped around her lover's big cock. He was reaching down and spreading her ass so I could see he was deeply embedded in her. I thrust my hips forward a little and I could feel Samina's wet vagine rubbing against the base of my cock.
"Oh that's good, baby," she whispered back to me, "keep doing that."
I kept jerking my hips and I felt Samina reaching down between her legs to finger her clit. Occasionally she would touch my balls or grab my cock to make sure I wasn't going to penetrate her. We kept rubbing against each other for some time while I stared at the photo of my wife getting fucked and my wife brought herself off with a a scream.

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RE: Pakistani Wife's Snaps
Samina stood up again as she came down. She knelt between my legs and smiled up at me while she gently rubbed my blue balls.
"Please, baby, can I fuck those beautiful titties?" I begged.
"Do you want to see some more photos?" she asked coyly as she backed away a little. She took the next couple out and flicked through them intently. I was aching to get off but there was still a lot of photos to look at.
Finally, Samina took pity on me. She moved closer, put the photos down next to me and started jerking me off slowly. My cock had been oozing pre-cum for the better part of an hour now and somehow having Samina wrap her cool hands around it while she smiled up at made me even harder and hornier for my slut wife.
I picked up the photos and leafed through them as Samina continued to rub my cock. There were several more shots of Samina getting fucked in various positions interspersed between shots of Samina sucking the guy's cock. Finally, I got to some shots of Samina on her knees on the floor looking back at the camera and I knew that she was taking it from behind. Samina had to stop and squeeze my cock several times to stop me from cumming.
It took forever for me to get back under control but I knew from the look on Samina's face that she'd be mad if I came. Samina tugged on my cock a few times and blew on my balls gently. "Don't even think about cumming while I'm down here," she warned.
"I won't!" I promised. I was now up to the last few shots and I knew I had to make it. I looked at the next one and it was almost identical to the last one. It was taken from behind and Samina was on her knees smouldering back at the camera. The next shot showed was the same again except that Samina had her eyes closed like she was concentrating on something.
"Did he..." I started.
"What?" asked Samina, standing up again and straddling me.
My aching cock pressed up against her stomach and she kissed me tenderly on the lips.
"Did he cum in you?" I asked, my voice quivering.
"Would you be mad if he did?" she asked, looking into my eyes searchingly. She took the last two polaroids out of my hands while she looked at me.
"No," I stammered, "I guess not."
"Do you want to see another man cum inside me or not?" she asked and I was acutely aware of my rock hard cock rubbing against the soft skin of her belly.
"I want to see it," I said finally.
"Are you sure?" she asked.
I would have agreed to anything at that point I was so horny, but Samina was determined to know if I really wanted to see another man cum in my sexy wife's precious girl private. "I love you," I said and kissed her hard on the lips. "And I want to see another guy fill your girl private with his cum."
She smiled at me tenderly and handed me the last two photos. The first one showed from the guy's waist down and there were still a few inches of his cock lodged in Samina's girl private from behind. "Look closely, honey," said Samina as she kissed my neck and shoulders.
She reached down and rubbed my cock gently as I looked at the photo. The guy's cock looked like it was still fully hard, and it was all wet with Samina's juices. Samina's pussy lips were wrapped tightly around it and then I saw what Samina was talking about. Just barely, because it was mostly hidden from view, there was a drop of creamy liquid dripping out of her girl private.
"Do you see it?" asked Samina, still watching me closely.
Her hand tightened around the shaft of my cock, poised to squeeze me off if I started cumming.
"I see it, baby," I moaned.
Samina looked down at my cock which was still twitching slightly in her grip.
"Have a look at the last one," she said.
I looked at the last photo. Samina was still on all fours and her lover had pulled out. The big bulbous head of his cock was nestled in her girl private lips. And his cum was every where. His cock was coated in it, and Samina's girl private lips were dripping with it. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life.
I looked up into my wife's big blue eyes.
"I love you, baby," she said and I started cumming, spurting the biggest load of my life onto my wife's belly while she held me tightly. "I can't believe we made it through the all of them this time."
I was still shaking from my orgasm and Samina was stroking my softening cock, milking every last drop out of me.
"So are there more photos like that?" I asked finally.
"Baby, I took those over a month ago," said Samina. "I've got a stack of photos three feet high waiting for you now!"
My eyes bugged open. “What? But how could you know, or even guess?”
“What?” Samina said gently squeezing my softening cock.
“That I would be OK with this.... this stuff?” I said, my voice and body having recovered a fair bit.
Samina laughed. “Oh that is simple. Pushpa told me!” She said simply.
“WHAT?” I was flabbergasted. How could she and Pushpa have gotten in touch? “But how......?” I let my question hang, making Samina laugh again.
“It's simple darling, remember how, a few days before our wedding you took me out to dinner, and confessed all your past sins?” She asked.
“Of course, I do. I did not want there to be any secrets, or for you to feel later that I was hiding things from you, I felt, you had a right to know about my past, in case you wanted to change you mind.” I explained.
“I know that darling, and it made me want you even more. Honesty is a quality I greatly admire, and you had it in spades. Well at that time you also confessed that you had lived with Pushpa and had nearly proposed to her, indeed would have, had there not been so much pressure from your parents and family.” Said Samina, and I nodded.
“So?” I asked.
“Well when you said that, I was determined to find out as much as I could about Pushpa, and what made her so special to you. So after you shared your email password, I just dug through your old emails and contacted her. She was quite happy to talk to me.” Samina cleared up a lot questions that I had.
“I see, and she told you.... everything?” I looked at my lovely wife.
“Yes darling, everything. And it was all very interesting. Why do you think I asked you about the most erotic sight comment you made. Pushpa told me you loved seeing her have sex with men who had bigger cocks than you, how it drove you mad with desire. So that is what I have happily done as well. Aren't you glad I did?”
I nodded an affirmative. “But how could you be sure that I would accept it in you? I mean Pushpa was just a passing girlfriend, while you are my wife. Many, in fact most men would prefer their wives to be more conservative than any girlfriends they might have had.”
“Oh I just took a calculated risk. Based on what Pushpa had told me and my own understanding of you, I figured that there was a good chance you would not only be OK with it, but would love it. I love it when I am right!” Samina laughed.
“I...I...I. Don't know what to say darling.” I stammered, my mind still buzzing from all of Samina's revelations. Had Pushpa really shared everything with my darling wife? And boy was I happy that she not the religious, conservative type at all. Finally, I had my dream wife!
“So what did Pushpa tell you?” I could not stop myself from asking.
Samina laughed. “She told me everything darling!” She played with my semi-hard cock. “And oh boy are we now going to have some fun.” She said with a devilish smile as we cuddled and snickered.
I held her tight, not knowing what say to her, but I was certain that she knew I was happy. Still I was a little concerned wondering just how much Pushpa had told her, and I was a bit doubtful if I really wanted Samina to have Pushpa as a guide, as some of the activities I did with Pushpa were not exactly the kind of things I felt I would be 100% comfortable doing with my wife. But what if Samina took things in that direction? That question nagged me. Samina's habit of pre-emptively doing things scared me a bit. She seemed determined to act first and inform me later, quite positive that I would approve. But, for the moment I put it all out of my mind, thinking that I would deal with things as and when they happened. And I looked forward to seeing what more she had up her sleeve.
Things seem to calm down after that amazing evening. I was desperate to find out if Samina had indulged herself some more, but felt that it would better to let her decide when to share with me. She had opened up a whole new world for herself, and indeed both of us or her won volition, and I did not want to barge in and start pestering her, or calling the shots, when she seemed to be coming along so well on her own. Experience with Pushpa (and my other 'normal' girlfriends), had taught me that when dealing with women, its best to be slow, deliberate, and non-pushy. I decided to take that approach with Samina too.
A few months later, my company sent me to their manufacturing plant in Vietnam, and I dreaded the thought of being away from my lovely Samina for a period of nearly 8 months. Samina herself was quite besides herself, and told me that she was not sure how she would handle this long separation. As she had just started a very good job herself, the alternative was that she either quit and come with me, or stay back. The job paid very well, and both of us agreed that quitting only a few weeks after joining would be a very bad long term career move, so she had to stay back. So turning my back on a tearful wife, with a heavy heart I went to the airport.
The first few weeks were the toughest. I missed Samina a lot, and while the long phone conversations helped a lot, they were no substitute for being together. Samina left me in no doubt that she missed me. Since it had been a while since the time she showed me the pics, I had started to thing that he cuckolding me was maybe over. Perhaps she felt that it was enough and there was no need for more. I felt sorry about that, but did not push the matter. although on more than one occasion during our phone conversations, I nearly blurted out that while she may not have me there for emotionally, she could at least satisfy her physical needs by bedding other men.
It came as a surprise, but Samina, got the idea to take monthly "themed" pictures of herself, encrypt and send them to me one day, and the password a week later. It was my job to try and figure out what the theme was. It was a great idea. Samina has a sparkling personality and a smile to knock anyone out so I couldn't wait to see what she would devise. Being the little devil she is she would send the encrypted pictures. The week of waiting for the password was excruciating. But the wait was worth it when it finally arrived.
I could barely wait to decrypt the photo files when I got back to my place. It was the most difficult drive I've ever had; torn between keeping my eyes on the road and imagining what kind of pictures she had sent me. I was fairly confident that they would of her fucking someone.
It was February and it was easy to pick out the theme she'd chosen. There were a slew of wonderful pictures of her standing in our bedroom in ski clothes, even though the nearest ski slopes were several hundred miles away, but I appreciated the effort she had put into selecting and obtaining a thematic costume. One by one as I went through the pictures. Samina had clearly decided to tease me with either the pose or the amount, or lack of, clothing. She started with pictures of her striking silly poses, her scarf wrapped around her long, sexy neck, the hood of her jacket pulled over her hair. Pictures with her tongue out, pictures of her pulling the hood down staring sexily into the camera. Then she turned her ass toward the camera, slipping the jacket off. Picture by picture she began disrobing for each subsequent picture. Her ski pants suspenders were pulled out, her thumbs hooked in them, a wicked smile on her face. My body began warming at the photos; her smile had me enraptured and the world melted away when I stared at her perfect grin. But just as she got down to her tee shirt and shorts the theme stopped. I was crushed at first, until I decrypted the next file, which contained a few more pictures.....and boy these were worth waiting for!
She wore the traditional dress we got married in and teased me with various pictures of her in the dress and slightly pulling up the gaharara (long loose skirt), to expose her long legs in stockings. Some pictures were shot from above and some; the best were shot from below, up through her dress and legs. I wondered if they had been taken by the same guys she had been fucking when she had first shown me pictures or her activities with other men. But the pictures that followed showed that she had taken them herself, leaving me feeling a little disappointed.
The pictures were perfect; they displayed almost her entire legs, without showing her panties at all; simply implying they were there. The next outfit was a green t-shirt pulled tight from the waist to the neck in that wonderful 'country girl', style and the tightest pair of white shorts you could ever imagine. It was in these pictures that she started exposing more and more of her ass, giving me that sexy, inviting, look over her shoulder—knowing that it is my favorite look of hers.
The culminating picture, was of the shirt pulled up just underneath her breasts, her legs spread in a standing V and her thumbs hooked into waist of those wonderfully tight shorts, pulling them down just to the top of her panty line. Suddenly I was hungry and couldn't figure out why. I laughed, fondly recalling just how much I loved performing oral sex on her.
The next set of pictures, was of her in a red nightie and on the bed. I couldn't think of a better place for her to be. She was holding the camera shooting down at her face and then had set it off to the side of the bed for the next shots. On her back, Samina stuck a leg into a v-shaped arch and tilted herself up on her elbows and leaned her head back. Her pronounced neck was just begging to be nibbled on. Then she had found my guitar, and decided to befriend it. She pulled the bedspread down over the bed and spread it out on the floor and laid on it with the guitar in front of her completely naked body!!!! I hadn't had sex with anything except my hand for a while, and here was my beautiful wife completely naked but hiding behind my wonderful acoustic guitar.
Just before my temperature shot through the roof, the last picture was of the guitar standing on end, straight up into the air. Samina sat behind the guitar, her legs spread to each side of the guitar as she leaned forward against it; hiding all of her vital "girl" parts. The pictures were wonderful, so absolutely wonderful. I got hard just looking at them and couldn't look at them enough. I can't remember the number of times I masturbated to them, shut down the laptop, only to turn it back on and enjoy them again.
The phone call that night was pure torture; Samina spent the entire time laughing at my enjoyment of the pictures. She was so happy that they worked for me so well and I told her that I planned on enjoying them routinely. And I did just that.
As the days passed I looked at those pictures over and over again, happy that I had such a sexy, fun and open wife. Nothing got me through those days of work and misery being away from her without the knowledge that I could go back to the hotel, and be able to view pictures again. There was only one problem though. The pictures, as wonderful as they were, were difficult to enjoy. Her true sexiness and sensuality was not being fully captured because she had to operate the camera by herself. She was forced to either hold the camera and try to get good angles or she set it on the timer and tried to get into position before it snapped the picture. I wondered how much better the pictures would have been if she had someone to take them for her and decided that I would talk to her about it.
I wondered why she had not asked one of her the men who had taken the earlier set of photographs of her fucking, to take more pictures. I reasoned that because these were just some teaser shots, probably taken at the spur of the moment, she had taken them herself. I was sure that better, more erotic poses and shots would soon follow. Still, I resolved to talk to her about the pictures.
Samina wasn't shocked when we talked and I expressed my thoughts. To her credit, agreed that they would have come out better if someone had taken them for her.
"Don't get me wrong babe," I told her; "I absolutely love them." I assured her because she sounded a bit disappointed.
"I know honey," she replied.
God, that's what I love about that woman. She isn't like any woman I've ever known, except Pushpa. I could be so open and honest with her simply because she seemed to be a step ahead of me in everything. At times I felt like a little boy in front of her or maturity and ability to outguess, and out think me.
"But I was thinking that.....” Samina deliberately let her question stay open.
"What were you thinking then?" I asked a bit to eagerly.
"Well," she laughed and the paused. "I was thinking I could see if someone wouldn't mind taking next month's spread."
I loved her word choice, my mind wandering to wonderful places. "You would be okay with that?"
She paused. "Yeah, why not? What do you think?"
"Oh I don't know," I answered honestly. "I think it would be great. Then I could soak up all of you and not have your arm in every picture." We shared a laugh but the other end of the phone got quiet. "Are you okay, honey?"
"Yeah," she answered. "I was just thinking about it and how much nicer the pictures would be if someone else took them."

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RE: Pakistani Wife's Snaps
I agreed, picturing the possibilities already. Her question broke my thoughts. "You wouldn't mind it?"
I laughed. "Oh come on darling! You know full well that I would absolutely not! Why would I. I mean, I have already seen pictures of you taken by other men while you were being fucked by them. So why would I mind you posing sexily for a man? I guess it could depend on who you had taking the pictures. Did you have anyone in mind?" As much as I wanted to, I did not ask if she intended to send me new, 'action' pictures.
"Well, no, not really," she giggled. "This was your idea mister, remember to have me pose for someone else." She said demurely.
"Yeah, I do. Well would you want a guy to do it?" I played along.
"A guy?" she asked tentatively, then snickered.
"Yeah," I said, laughing softly. I loved the role of shy, demure wife that was playing. "Our closest friends are the guys who come over for poker and football. Any one of them would work as they are all single at the moment." I offered helpfully, laughing at the same time.
Samina guffawed. "I don't know about that, honey. I mean, I know I couldn't do it with one of my girlfriends. You wouldn't have a problem with one of the guys taking pictures of me in the house without you around?"
I thought before answering. What was she up to. Why this sudden desire to make sure that I was OK about everything. It's not like she had any such inhibitions in the past. I racked my brains but could not think of a good reason. But I was certain that her devious mind was up to something, so I slowly said, "no, I wouldn't mind. I trust those guys and I need to see you and if this is the way it has to be I'd be willing to under one condition."
"What is that?" she asked with a hint of suspicion in her voice.
"That you get those damn pictures to me immediately!" I laughed and she joined me.
That broke the ice and we worked out the details of the who, what and when of the next picture session. To us communication is so incredibly important especially when doing something like this with me out of the country. To me it seemed that for reason Samina was taking a step backward. From being the supremely confident, assertive, go-getter, she was now concerned about what I might think, and I was in two minds whether or not I liked her this way. Part of me felt good that she was soliciting my opinion, but another, perhaps bigger part was sorry that she was regressing. It had been so much more exciting when she had just done it, and presented me with a fait accompli. Now I had to think and analyze, it was so much easier to be just told that it had been done.
We agreed that my friend Steve would be the one she'd ask. He was a a likable guy, about our age with a great personality and was someone to whom Samina had taken a shine to to right from the beginning. They got along well, because he was a genuinely nice and simple guy, one who made people around him feel comfortable. He could hold his drink, and not turn into a fool either.
"Could I still do the pictures I was planning?" She asked me softly.
“What the hell is going on here?” I thought. “Why is she still behaving so strangely? Particularly now, when she has already fucked other men, and knows I love that she did?” It didn't make any sense to me. Much later, long after my return home, was I to find out that this 'game' she was playing had a real purpose behind it. But for now, I only thought of it as a game. Perhaps she got off on role playing a shy, scared wife, who wanted to proceed along a certain path, but was afraid to do so, and wanted her husband's approval all along the way.
Not knowing what she was really up to, I tried to play along "Stop!" I ordered, not wanting to hear what she had planned. "I want this to be a surprise for me, don't ruin it." I had hoped that my tone would convey to her what I really hoped to see.
"But honey, some of them could be racy," she warned. She was so cute using the word 'racy'.
"I know," I shrugged. "Hell, that's what I'm hoping for." Again, I was desperate for her to figure out that I wanted to see her getting fucked, but a big cocked guy. And having seen Steve in our gym locker room, I knew that he was fairly well endowed. Not the largest swinging cock I had ever seen, but still large enough for me to envy him. But instead of saying so directly, I played her game.
"Okay," she said in a firm voice, "let's do it. This could be fun."
With Samina's agreement, I contacted Steve and told him what Samina and I were thinking. "Are you sure about this?" he asked me. The skepticism was anticipated.
"Yes, dude," I told him. "Samina is doing this thing where she comes up with some theme of the month and sends me the pics. They're great but we both agree that they'd be better if she could just model and had someone to take the pictures. I trust you and know the pictures would be great. Plus she likes you a lot, and feels comfortable around you so that will make feel better too."
"I'm not going to lie," he replied, "I wouldn't mind doing it; Samina is definitely cool and there's no secret that she's beautiful. I just wouldn't want to fuck anything up and have you guys get mad at me."
"How would you do that?" I asked, all the while hoping that he would 'fuck up'!
He didn't have an answer for me.
"Don't worry about it, I told him. You are the guy that we trust and we are all adults. Both her and I know that there will be some sexy pictures that might be uncomfortable for both of you but we both trust you and know that we wouldn't trust anyone else with taking the pictures or what you might see when taking them." I tried to make Steve feel like he would be doing us a huge favor.
Steve admitted he was interested and had no problem checking out my hot wife if I didn't mind. "Not at all," I laughed.
Samina and I had never told any of our friends about her recent dabbling in some 'extracurricular' activities, so Steve had no idea about that, I doubt if he could have even guessed. As far as he was concerend, he was simply taking pictures of Samina. It's not like she hadn't been out in public in a bikini before and it's not like Steve had never seen her dressed like that. We had gone to the beach many times with our Steve (and other friends) and his girlfriend/s, and Samina had never hesitated to don skimpy bikinis in front of them. The only difference this time would be that Steve and her would be alone on location to do a photo shoot. I told Steve that I would finalize the plans with Samina and she would contact him directly to finalize details.
Samina and I finished making the plans for the upcoming weekend. She would call Steve and directly give him all of the details of what she had in mind, so as to not ruin the surprise for me.
The rest of the week seemed to drag and, because of the time difference, I couldn't talk to Steve until the weekend. He's truly a stand-up guy; he called me that Saturday morning (their time), to confirm I was still okay with all of this. Absolutely, I was! Samina and I talked before the shoot beforehand.
"How are you doing?" I asked her.
"I'm a little nervous sweetie" she admitted, continuing 'the game'. "But you are right; it's not like Steve hasn't seen me in all the small bikinis I have and we've been friends for a while now, it's ridiculous to think this is anything different. It will be fun and I can't wait until you see them."
"Me either," I agreed.
"So I am going honey," there was a little hesitancy in Samina's voice.
"Are you okay, sweety?"
"Yes," she answered. "I just hope this goes well."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, Steve is your friend and he's going to be taking the pictures," she paused, "I just don't want it to be weird around him when we see each other after this. It's not like you're going to be around for a while and I don't want him reacting weirdly."
"Don't worry about it," I laughed. "He's not going to. I mean, he'll definitely enjoy looking at you but Steve knows the lines. He won't cross them.....not without our permission."
"Huh? Our permission."
"Yes, honey," I laughed. "He'd only say or do something if we let him." I was tiring of the game, and wanted Samina to go back to her old self.
"Well," she said determinedly, "that's not going to happen but he's definitely going to see a lot of me." Samina dashed my hopes.
"You are such a tease," I said, a little miffed.
“What on earth was up with her? What the hell was she up to? Should I just come out an ask her?”All these thoughts went through my mind, but I decided to be prudent and patient. I trusted Samina and knew that if she was playing a game, there had to be a good reason for it, and the outcome would probably be something truly mind-blowing.
"I know." I could see her smile from the other side of the world. "Okay, time to go honey."
"I love you baby," I smiled, already picturing her sexiness out there for my friend to see. "Have fun."
"I will call you after we're done," she said.
"Okay sweetie." I said hanging up.
The hours passed slowly, and I tried to occupy myself with surfing the internet. I left the room for a work out, got something eat, watched some TV, anything I could to distract myself. I wondered what might be happening, what they would doing and it was so powerfully erotic. It consumed all of my energy and all of my thoughts. When Samina finally called I was on the brink of going insane, but in a good way.
"Hey baby," the joy in her voice relieved all the pressure that had built up.
"Hey gorgeous! How was it?" I couldn't wait to hear the details and Samina knew it. She wasn't going to torture me.
"Oh baby," she started, "you are going to love the pictures. We went through them after we were done and they're amazing. You were so right that they'd come out better if we had someone else do them and they did. I can't wait for you to see them."
I couldn't wait either. I wanted to know everything but I didn't want a clue about them either. I just needed to know that Samina was okay.
"Oh, it was fine," she answered. "I was being silly for worrying. You were right; Steve was incredibly sensitive and respectful. I didn't know what I was thinking. Anyways, I am really tired right now, so I'm going to email them first thing tomorrow morning darling. Oh, and by the way, the password is the date we first met. The pictures will be in an encrypted file, I don't like the idea of sending them out plain and open.” I completely agreed with her on this one.
That was the longest nine hours of my life.. In the meantime Steve and I wrote emails to each other. He thanked me for the chance to take pics of Samina and he constantly commented on her beauty. I thanked him for doing this for us and he said he should be the one to thank me. We agreed that if Samina wanted to, and if I enjoyed the pictures, we would ask him to take next month's shoot as well.
Finally, after checking for what must have been the thousandth time, I saw an email from Samina in my inbox. It had a large encrypted attachment. But, I waited until I got back to my room before opening it. I figured that if I waited this long I could wait the few minutes to get back to my room before opening them. I knew what I was going to do and how I was going to react once I saw them.
The pictures started out in the driveway. Samina was dressed in very short shorts and a bikini top, cleaning her Jeep. I laughed; she knew I loved her in a bikini! How much sexier could she be? There were lots of shots of her just cleaning it, lots of white, bubbly soap all over the Jeep, her hands and arms and her chest. Samina bent over the hood and looked back over her shoulder. Bending over at the waste to clean the tires. There was something so sexy about the white soap all over her arms and nearly naked chest. Then the water hose came out. She held it close to her body as if embracing it. She squirted it, a wide smile on her face as it shot out. There were pics of her shooting the water in the air and it raining back down on her, soaking her skin, wetting her shorts. The material of the shorts clung to her ass as they got wetter. The last outdoor picture was one of Samina pouring a bucket of clean water over her head, soaking her dark hair to her skull and completely drenching her shorts.
I was so hot looking at the pictures. My cock was rock hard and I had already been stroking myself for a few minutes. The next email was simple titled “Inside!”. I rapidly typed in the decryption password and started browsing the photographs. Samina was standing inside our sun room; staring the camera, her thumbs hooked in her shorts waistband; her eyes teasing the camera.
I was dying looking at her seductive eyes and I just knew that Steve had to be as well. The pics that followed showed Samina slowly starting to peel her shorts down her legs, leaving her standing in just her bikini top and bottom.. She towelled her hair, pulling her breasts up and her dark, long curly hair bounce out in ringlets. The next pic had Samina wrap the towel around her shoulders, draping it over her breasts, covering them. Next she reached behind her and pulled the top of her bikini top string. I was shocked; was she really going to untie her top? I mean, we had talked about her getting sexy in the pics but I had no idea that she was planning on getting naked or exposing herself to Steve! She had acted so chaste and worried when we had talked about letting Steve take her pictures!
I didn't have to wait long. The next picture showed her standing with just the towel just below her breasts, the bikini top dangling from her pinched thumb and finger. I couldn't believe it! My wife had exposed her breasts to my friend! And I was totally hot. I don't know what I couldn't believe more; the fact that Samina had taken off her top or the fact that I enjoyed the fact that she did.
It was one thing to see pictures of her fucking another man, I did not know him, he was just some guy she had met at the gym, but to see her display those lovely breasts to a close friend of mine, was something else! It was erotic as hell! Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe she was not really playing a game, but was genuinely worried about how I would take her posing sexily for a friend of mine. Someone we say quite often, someone who was clearly very fond of her, and someone she liked as well. Suffice to say that I was not entirely correct in my assessment, as I would find out much later.
With shaking hands I went over to the next picture. Samina was leaning against the glass door, her breasts covered by her hands and her waist thrust out towards the camera. Steven must have dropped to her knees because the camera was level with Samina's waist. Next, Samina stayed leaning back against the door but her hands were no longer covering her breasts, they were now busy tugging at the strings on each side of her bikini bottoms. An incredibly naughty and sexy grin plastered on her face.
I swallowed hard, my rock hard cock throbbing!
Next came THE picture! One I both feared and loved. Steve must have backed away to take it. I could see all of Samina. Her bikini bottom lay in a heap at her feet, which were spread apart. She was now completely naked, her wet hair clung to her chest but it was easy for me, and for Steve, to see her in all of her naked beauty. She radiated sexiness.
Next, Samina stretched her arms above her head, pulling her breasts up and squatted to the floor, making a v-shape with her wide-open legs. Steve had snuck closer and the next picture showed that he was very close to her pussy with the camera. Just at the top of the picture it was easy to see one of Samina's hands slipping toward her wet lips.
A slight change of scenery showed Samina laying on the floor in the sun room, her legs spread and her hands pinching her nipples. I know that, Steve had to have hovered over her with the camera, shooting down at her as she pinched her nipples. The last picture showed her middle finger on her clit. Samina was masturbating for the camera! For Steve and for me. It was incredibly hot and I shot my load all over my hand. I couldn't wait to talk to my wife!!!
The next morning she was slightly cautious when she answered the phone. "What did you think of the pictures?"
"Babe, they were wonderful. Sexy. Hot. Just simply amazing."
The relief was evident. "Really? You think so?"
"Of course," I answered. "God babe, you were so hot; so sexy."
"I'm glad you think so," she said. "It wasn't planned to be like that. I wanted to do the outside and inside shot but I got so hot just doing the Jeep shots that when I got inside I couldn't help myself. I needed to cum."
"So, you planned on getting naked?"
"Yes," she answered. "I told you they pics were going to be racy. You don't mind, do you?"
I couldn't lie. "Absolutely not! They were so hot babe. I can't tell you how hot they made me."
"Oh yeah," she asked. "Did you jerk off to them?"
"Yep," I smirked. "A couple of times."
"Nice," she commented. "Then I can't wait until you see next month's pics."
Neither could I.
I couldn't wait to see what my wife, Samina, had planned for her third month's picture shoot for me. The first two months were some of the hottest pics I had of my wife. She was relieved that not only did I mind that it was Steve, who had taken hot pics for me, to include her masturbating, but that I didn't mind it happening again. In fact I encouraged it. The fact that my best friend, Steve, had taken the shots for her made it that much hotter and, God knows, waiting for these pics to come in made the time away go by faster.

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RE: Pakistani Wife's Snaps
Each month Samina came up with these wonderful ideas for "themed" photo shoots and emailed the pics to me. It was a way to both occupy our time and make the time we're apart pass quicker and of course it gave us both of us a thrill; Samina loves posing for the cameras and I love looking at her. At 25, she is an incredibly sexy woman; her dark, hair contrasts with her light skin and deep, dark sparkling eyes. She is sexiness embodied and I can't get enough of looking at her.
Her first two months worth of pics had been extremely sexy and there were many nights that I passed the time stroking myself to orgasm at them. Last month had been a surprise for me. We both agreed that the pics would be better if someone else took them so I recruited my friend Steve to do the honors. We both trusted him and Samina felt comfortable with him. The pics that month were everything I wanted them to be. Samina even ended up shocking me by getting completely naked and masturbating for the camera.
Since then Samina and I have a talked about what happened and Steve and I talked. He admitted it was one of the hottest things he'd ever seen and appreciated me asking him to do it for us. I told him I appreciated the fact that he took care to respect both Samina and I. He asked if we were going to need him for the next months photo shoot and I told him 'yes' but that I didn't know, and didn't want to know, what Samina had planned for the shoot.
Samina was glad to hear that I would allow him to take pictures again.
"Of course, baby," I admitted. "Those were the hottest pictures I could have asked for from you."
"So you didn't really mind that I got naked?" She forgot to mention that she also masturbated but I thought I'd leave that one alone. We hadn't planned on that happening but I had agreed to trust her and allow her to surprise me with whatever she wanted. She surely had done that.
"Not at all. I trust you."
"Good," she said excitedly, "because I have some great plans for this month."
"Oh, you do, huh? Can I get hints?"
"No!" she exclaimed. "That will ruin it!"
"Okay, okay," I put up my hands in a self-defense, as if she could even see me from so far away. "Can't a man just be curious?"
"I love you baby," Samina said. "Of course I want you to be excited about getting them. I think it's awesome and the fact that you get so hot about them is quite the compliment."
"It is," I agreed. "So, no hint, huh?"
"Nope," Samina paused, "but I think you'll really like them this time."
"I liked them last time as well!" I argued.
"I know you did but I think you'll really enjoy these now that I know what you like in them and that you're okay with Steve taking the pictures for us. I wasn't sure how that was going to work out but it's given me some ideas."
"Oh really?" I questioned. "What's that supposed to mean?"
"Nah nah, mister," Samina said stubbornly. "You will know when the pics come in."
So we worked out the details of when her next themed monthly shoot would be. Once we got that out of the way I emailed Steve so that he and I could discuss the plans. When doing something like this we all realized it was essential to be adults and make sure we thoroughly discussed the situation so we all understood each other and we didn't assume anything---as much as possible.
"I'm really looking forward to this again and I'm glad you're doing it for us," I told him.
"Dude, thank you," he said. "Last time was so hot, I swear. I couldn't believe it when she started taking her bikini off and then when she started pulling down her bikini bottoms I almost shot my load in my pants; sorry dude, but it's the truth."
I laughed. "Don't apologize, Steve. Listen, I appreciate you doing this for me. You don't know how much it helps me get through these long weeks knowing that I have something like this to look forward to. If you get a little side benefit, then so be it. I'm just grateful that I have someone who can do this for us that we both trust and who respects Samina and us."
"Well I definitely do that," Steve admitted. "So you're not worried about what I'll get to see this time?"
"No," I answered, "I'm more worried that you'll fuck up the shot."
We both laughed. "Don't plan on it buddy. I plan on getting right in there and getting some good, clear shots for you. I'm getting ready now; have to get all freshened up for the shoot."
"You better, but be careful to not tell me anything, I want those pictures to be the first thing I know about the session."
"You got it bud," Steve agreed.
We stopped the email trail and it wasn't until later that I thought about what Steve had to say when he told me that he had to freshen up for the shoot. There could have been a million reasons why he said that but now I was thinking and I could have killed him for getting me thinking about what Samina had in store for me, possibly ruining the surprise. I had to call her; I couldn't wait and let the thoughts just eat away at me.
"What did he say?" she said cautiously.
"Just that he had to freshen up for the shoot," I said.
"That's all?" she laughed. "Seriously, that's what's got you calling? Gee honey, I'll have to be careful not to say anything to you if you're going to read into just that little comment."
"I know honey," I said, "I just got wrapped up in it because I want this to be a total surprise and his comment just sat weird with me."
"Are you sure it's just because you think he might have given you a clue?" she asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Are you sure it's not something else? Something that you aren't comfortable with because if there is you need to tell me now so I can figure out what you're okay with and what you're not okay with."
"Honey, you know I'm okay, with everything" I admitted, emphasizing the world everything. "I really am. I'm okay with you planning anything for the shoot. I trust you and I know you know what I want to see. I know that Steve is a good guy. If there's anything that you think will upset me, tell me now so I can dispel it. I seriously want you to just take your shots the way you want and what you think will make them hot. I was just asking."
"Okay sweety," she said. "I just wanted to be sure. I have a good feeling that you'll really like these. They'll definitely be hot."
With that said we said our 'byes' and hung up. The day came of the photo shoot and I kept myself busy so to be as distracted as possible. Once the shoot was over Samina called me right away, just like she always did. Our communication still astounded me. She said just as excited as she had after the last shoot.
"Oh my honey," she said breathlessly, "this was wonderful. I had so much fun today. Thank you for letting me do it."
"Thank YOU," I said. "So you had a good time?"
"Oh yes," she exclaimed. "I felt so sexy today. I love doing this. I think we just might have to keep it up even after you come home."
"Well, I can't wait to see them," I admitted.
"Just have your lotion ready," she quipped.
"That hot, huh?"
"Yep," was her only answer.
The days passed as, Samina teased me by taking her time in emailing me the pics. I tried to push to be quicker, but she always shot me down, saying that teasing me was half the fun for her. No matter what I did during these days it didn't matter, I simply couldn't -occupy my time enough. My mind wandered through the possibilities of what Samina had planned and executed with Steve's help, and my mind is quite creative. The possibilities were always endless. As the days passed the conversations I had with Samina were our typical, daily conversations. She was so good at protecting information that I couldn't coax anything out of her if I wanted to. It was frustrating but it made the wait simply that much more intense.
Finally the day came when the emails arrived. I must have looked like a real desperado, as drove maniacally back to the hotel, and literally ran by front desk clerk. I could feel his odd expression at my back but I didn't care.
I slammed my room door shut, and noticed that my hands were shaking from excitement.
Samina definitely blessed me this time with a ton of pictures. God, I love that woman. I was torn between wanting to race through them as quickly as possible and wanting to enjoy each and every one of them, burning them into my memory. This series began outside, on our deck, not too far from where her last series of pictures ended.
Samina was in her soft, pink robe, her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. This series started off with her walking out onto the deck, looking over her shoulder. Next she was leaning down onto the table, her arms extended, her cute ass jutting back at the camera. Then her robe slipped off one shoulder, her smooth sexy skin finally coming into the frame. Steve must have stayed right behind her because the angle never changed, at least not in these first pics.
In the next pic the robe fell down around her waist, her smooth back exposed facing the camera and her hair still pulled tightly into that pony tail. I was slightly disappointed that she had her bikini top on, but I couldn't deny that it was sexy to have her teasing me like this. I couldn't see her top in the next picture because she was completely bent over at the waist, leaning on the table, her bottom half still blocked by her dangling robe. Steve moved for this picture, closer to the ground and shooting up through her V-shape legs. It was a wonderful shot, looking towards those longs legs partially blocked by her robe.
In the next Samina had pulled her robe up higher, now only blocking her ass; her legs were in full view. As I lingered on that picture I couldn't wait to get to the next. Steve had obviously gotten down on the ground and was shooting up her legs, towards her crotch, the robe still on. There was something very nasty, very tasty about that shot. Maybe because it was so deviant; after all, they were outside on our deck, my wife and my friend, taking progressively raunchier pictures.
There was a hand in the next picture, Samina moving hers to cover her most intimate area but only for a moment, in the next she had pulled aside her bikini bottoms, exposing her beautiful pussy to both the cameraman and me. I could only imagine what Steve was going through. He had zoomed in on the next picture as Samina's fingers slid across her wet lips, pulling and separating them. Now the bikini bottom was slipping off. I don't know about anyone else but it's one of the sexiest things in the world to see, a woman's panties or bikini bottom being pulled down. Samina knew I loved it and that was probably why she took it upon herself to make sure I got a picture of it.
The next picture Samina had squatted down towards the camera, bringing her pussy ever so close to it, still masturbating. She obviously felt freer with it after knowing my reaction from the last time and had no problem doing it again for me and Steve. In the next, though, my fever went up a thousand degrees; whether it was for support or by accident I noticed that Steve's hand had found its way to her thigh. It was an amazingly erotic scene, I was incredibly turned on.
Samina must have either asked him to help or allowed his hand to stray and she must have felt comfortable enough to share it with me or she wouldn't have included it in the package. She could have easily left it out and I would have never known differently. It was incredibly hot to see his hand a mere number of inches away from her naked pussy while she masturbated. Samina had wanted me to see it! To see my friend's hand on her precious body, the body I worshipped and treasured!
The little tease knew what that picture would do to me! She was probably laughing even now. An evil smile crept across my face; my wife was amazing! She knew exactly how to turn me on. These pictures were more erotic than the ones she had shown me before, of her fucking a hung guy. Those were erotic in an explicit sexual sort of way, these were erotic not just sexually, but mentally as well. Clearly her game was to not just show me sexy pics, but to tease me, drive me wild with desire.
Just as quickly as the outside shots were getting hot they stopped. It was the end of that set of pictures. Luckily for me there was another email that followed. I opened and decrypted it. My hands were nearly trembling now. I wasn't surprised to see the scene of these shots be the inside of the house. Samina was walking away from the camera in the first picture, the robe still clinging to her waist. In the next she had dropped it and it lay around her one foot on the floor while the other was raised on the first step of the stairs that led to our bedroom. She was looking over her shoulder in the picture, knowing that look drives me crazy. Steve took two more pictures of her climbing the stairs, her seductive ass swaying back and forth, driving me absolutely crazy.
The bedroom door was open in the next picture with Samina turned with her back to the door, her arms raised to grab both sides of the frame and her legs split in a V-shape with her feet also touching both sides of the frame. The orange light from candles burning in the bedroom shimmered behind her. In the next picture Samina licked her lips and was motioning with a curled finger to Steve. My pulse raced as I truly realized how sexy my wife could be.
I mean, I always knew she was sexy but to have her acting this way for me through another man's eyes was intensely erotic. In the next picture she was kneeling on the bench at the foot of our bed, her ass jutting out behind her. Samina's eyes were closed and her chin was lifted toward the ceiling, one of her hands held onto the frame of the bed for support while the other was wrapped around in front of her. I could only assume she was grabbing one of her breasts. Samina then stood on the bench and had obviously already unhooked her bra and was holding it against her chest with one arm, the other arm wrapped around her head, pulling her hair loose and free.
Even though I suspected she would end up exposing herself again in this session it didn't change the electricity that I felt as I flipped through the pictures of my wife taking off her clothes in front of another man. I don't think that it will ever get old; when a man loves his wife he finds her the sexiest woman in the world and the fact that she can be sexy for other men is sometimes, literally, overwhelming. It's a matter of pride and intense satisfaction to know that other men enjoy looking at your wife and that she can stir animalistic reactions in them. This was no different.
In the next picture Samina put both of her hands in her hair, tossing it up into a loose hanging bun. It was a wonderful picture because women are just so damn sexy when they play with their hair and this picture fully exposed her tits to Steve. The 'fuck me' look in her eyes was mesmerizing and I couldn't look at that picture long enough. I didn't even want to move to the next one because I was so captivated by her eyes, her tossed hair and her beautiful, firm breasts hanging free for me and Steve. Reluctantly I flipped to the next picture and enjoyed the sight of Samina twisting her nipples, pulling them out and stimulating them to stand. In the next her nipples were nice and hard and she was hooking her thumbs into the thin sides of her panties, slowly pulling one side down then the other, in subsequent pictures. Steve, I had to admit, had wonderful timing.
In the next her panties lay in a pool around her feet and one hand covered her pussy while the other arm was arched across her breasts. Samina was essentially hiding all of her most intimate assets. She had the goofiest 'oops' face and I had to laugh out loud at her sense of humor even in something as erotic as this. Another reason for me to totally love her.
Finally, Samina was on the bed; her legs bent and pressed tightly together and her arms stretched out above her head, pulling her breasts up. Her nipples still stood straight up. From Steve's angle at the end of the bed I could not even make out the small strip of pubic hair that Samina kept neatly trimmed. Laying next to Samina was her large vibrator and I knew the pictures were about to get interesting. Even though Samina masturbated for Steve during the last picture shoot this was something new. She loves her vibrator and I knew that she had just taken another new step in this progression, allowing Steve to witness what that vibrator is able to do to her. The next picture was of Samina slowly slipping her huge vibrator into her pussy, stretching herself open. Her face was a thing of beauty, he mouth hung open and her eyes were snapped shut. It was always the same reaction that the vibrator gave her when she inserted it. It was so large and the motion of vibration always shut her out to the world as she enjoyed what it did to her inside.
Steve's next picture was from above Samina's face, shooting down at her, capturing her mouth open and her eyes shut. In the next one he was back down by her feet shooting up between her legs. The camera was level with her prone body and it captured a wonderful shot of her hands pushing her vibrator into her pussy. In the next picture Steve shot from above her again, near her stomach this time, shooting down at the vibrator moving in and out of her. As if my erection couldn't get any harder it stiffened ever slightly more at knowing how close Steve was to her spread legs and occupied pussy. He was obviously close enough to smell her scent as Samina gets extremely wet when she is aroused.
In the next Steve stood over Samina's face shooting down her body; her legs were spread as far as they could go and you could barely just make out the end of the vibrator, it was buried so deep in her. In the next picture Steve was on the side of the bed at another low angle and shooting Samina as her legs were pulled up towards her chest. She always did that when she was about to cum and I wasn't wrong. The next picture captured her screaming through an obvious orgasm as Steve shot from between her legs, up her beautiful body to her face which was twisted in the throes of passion. In the next picture Samina was smiling up at Steve in a slightly embarrassed way that she always did after orgasming. It was so cute but there was still that hunger in her eyes and I knew she wasn't completely satisfied yet.
We always joke around about her longs extremities and Samina doesn't have a problem admitting it and using it to our advantage whenever we're on road trips or out and about. Whenever we need a picture of ourselves and no one is around she is still able to get great shots of us and our background because of her slender, long arms. Her long arms came into play now. The next picture shocked me and excited me beyond belief. As Samina held the camera out to the side, she snapped a one of her still on her back. She could only capture herself from the waist up but she got more than just that. This time Steve hovered over her, still fully-clothed, staring down into her eyes. There was definitely some non-verbal communication going on between them. It was as if they were saying all the things a situation like this called for without speaking a word.
I flipped to the next picture, my cock aching hard. There were only a few more. I was relieved and anxious and disappointed all at the same time. I wanted to watch where this could go, I wanted to see what Samina had in mind but at the same time I was slightly scared of the unknown. In the next picture Steve had fully leaned down on Samina and their lips met. Samina, I noticed, seemed to be more of the aggressor, leaning up to meet Steve's lips. The next picture they were still kissing, this one much less tentative, their mouths pressed together hard and I could make out Samina's hand between Steve's shoulder blades, pulling him down towards her. This was the hottest set of pictures Samina could have taken for me! They simply just got better and better and it was amazing, she was amazing.

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RE: Pakistani Wife's Snaps
Another picture and more kissing, this time one of Steve's hands moved up and gripped Samina's breast, pinching her nipples. Another picture and this time the kissing was finally broken, only because Steve had gone down to kiss Samina's breasts. Her one free hand was wrapped in Steve's hair and, again, her mouth was wide open again. It was obvious that Samina was starting to warm up again and I was about to go over the edge. She knew what she was doing to me to do this with Steve and take pictures. She knew me so well that without a doubt she understood just how turned on I was going to be from seeing it. Here was one of my best friend's sucking on my naked wife's tits in front of the camera. He knew she was taking pictures because he was staring at the camera in the next picture, smiling at it.
Next Samina had pulled the camera closer to her body and shot down towards her pussy revealing Steve's hand on the vibrator. Next picture and the vibrator was deeper in my wife's pussy. Next and it was out again. Obviously Samina wanted me to know that Steve was fucking her with the vibrator. The next picture was of Samina, on her stomach, her legs pulled closely together and the obvious signs I knew pointed at the fact that she had cum again. She was smiling at the camera.
The last picture of the package was a shot of Samina's head on Steve's leg. He was sitting on the bench at the end of the bed, his pants still on. Samina's mouth was near his crotch and his hands were in her hair. The best part of the picture was that Samina had one hand over Steve's obvious bulge and she was making her infamous 'Oh' face.
I masturbated long and hard to the package of pictures as I flipped through them again before I called Samina. "Hey baby," I said when I had her on the phone. "I got your package."
"Oh yeah," she said sexily, "how did you like them?" The confidence in her voice was amazing.
"There are awesome babe. God, you are so sexy.
"Thank you sweety," she said. "I hope you enjoy them until next month's shoot."
"Ah, that won't be a problem."
"So," she paused, "did you like my little unplanned detour?"
The question hung in the air. I had to answer it honestly, she knew me too well. If I said anything but the truth she'd see right through it any way. "Babe, it was so hot to see you two making out."
"Just making out? I'm surprised."
"Well, it was hot to see him sucking your tits."
"And using my vibrator on me?" she pushed.
I laughed. "Yes and using your vibrator."
"Did you like knowing that his hands and mouth were all over my breasts?"
"Yes, that was fucking hot," I couldn't lie.
"What about his hand so close to my pussy?"
I could tell Samina was loving hearing my reactions and how she could make me feel. "It almost threw me over the top. I couldn't stop thinking about it."
"So you really liked it then?" she concluded. "Good. I thought you would."
"Oh I did," I paused.
"But?" she pressed.
"I just wish I could be there to have seen it," I admitted. "It was so hot there were so many things pictures couldn't communicate."
"It was so hot too babe," Samina teased. "I wish you could have been there."
"Me too," I admitted. "Did he touch you?"
"What, my pussy? No, I wouldn't let him. There are boundaries. "
"Oh yeah, and what are those?" I laughed.
"Whatever we agree to," she answered. "Remember, this is about me and you and us keeping our life fun and exciting until you get your ass back here. Wherever it goes is only where we want it to. With a few surprises."
We both burst out laughing.
"You know I trust you," I said. "You know I love your surprises."
"Good," she said proudly, "but seriously, I don't think I am quite ready to have a friend of your's fuck me just yet. It's one thing to fuck a stranger, but a friend? Well that can cause complications and I don't want to deal with those.”
“I understand darling,” I said. “And in a way I agree, even though I am a bit disappointed. Even so, these pictures you have sent me have been far more erotic and arousing than the one's you showed me of you fucking.”
Samina laughed. “I know darling, that is what I intended them to be! I am glad you enjoyed them. I can't wait for you to come home now.”
“Me to darling, just a 3 more days to go.” I said as was said our good-byes and hung up.
I returned home, fully hoping and expecting Samina to continue fucking other men. Since these early photographs, she had not to the best of my knowledge slept with anyone else. In fact she had dashed my unstated hope that she would sleep with Steve.
The days immediately following my arrival were filled with us catching up. We took Steve out for dinner to thank him for being the photographer. The poor fellow was embarrassed no end, saying that it was his pleasure (he shot Samina a smile when he said that), and then insisted on paying for our rather expensive meal at one of the top restaurants in town.
After that life was pretty mundane. Both Samina and I were very busy at our respective jobs, and the days seemed to just fly by. Although we made sure to make our daily trips to the gym, where thankfully Samina was still quite bold in her dress, and clearly loved having all those male eyes ogle her. At least that was something I could enjoy.
Finally, one day I decided that I needed to talk to her. The patient approach not working, I needed to know what was going on with her. Our own sex life was as great as ever, but I could not help shake the feeling that sometime she had sex with me, more out of a sense of duty than anything else, even though she appeared to enjoy it immensely every time. Now mind you, I do know my short-comings, and try to make up for them. My dick is on the small side of the average range in both length and girth, and stamina, while not bad is not exceptional either. But I made up for that but giving her long sensual massages, using her vibrators one her, and perform lots of oral sex before fucking her, as by then she would be so aroused that she would almost always orgasm by my penetration. The problem was that often, she would orgasm when I was still doing oral on her, but she would still let me fuck her, at times like that I felt that she was doing it more out of a sense of duty, than desire.
So with not a little trepidation, I steeled myself and brought up the subject. We were having dinner, with some red wine. “Samina, is everything alright?” I asked, my tone very serious.
“Of course darling, why?” Samina took a sip of her wine and smiled at me reassuringly.
“I don't know, I can't place a finger on it, but it seems like you are not... well it seems like something is bothering you, or you are confused about something.” I said.
“ nothing like that darling.” Samina said a little unsure of herself.
“So something is the matter?” I sipped my wine.
“Welll...I don't know.... maybe..... I have been feeling a little listless and guilty lately.” She confessed, looking at me straight in the eyes.
“Guilty? Why darling? Guilty about what?” I was very concerned now.
“You know....” Samina's voice broke, and I saw tears in her eyes.
I reached out and touched her hand soothingly. “What is the matter darling? Please tell me.”
Samina started to weep softly. “I am so sorry sweetie, I should not have slept with those men. I can't tell you how guilty I feel about that.”
“Why? I don't mind that you did. Actually I am glad you did.” I tried to console her, but with little effect.
Samina sipped her wine again, and was now weeping openly. “It's not you, it's me. I just feel like I betrayed us. It was wrong darling, and I am so sorry. I have destroyed those pictures. I am so ashamed, and I am sorry to have done that to you.”
“It's OK darling,” I said. “You have betrayed no one. I still love you as much as I ever did, and will always love you. There is absolutely no need for you to feel guilty.” Then I took a deep breath. “I was so happy to be your cuckold, but if you no longer want to do it, then don't. Your happiness is all that matters to me.”
“You were genuinely happy to be a cuckold?” Samina's voice registered a bit of a surprise.
“Yes I was!” I said. “Believe me, nothing is more erotic than the thought of you having fun with other men.”
Samina, wiped her eyes, and tried to smile. “That makes me feel a little better, but still it feels wrong that I did it without your permission. The whole thing could have blown up in my face.”
“But it didn't!” I said
“I know, I got lucky!” Samina had a distant look in her eyes.
“No, it was not luck, you had me pegged perfectly, you judged my character brilliantly, and that is why you did what you did. And seriously I can't understand why you are feeling remorse now.” I kissed my lovely wife on a cheek. “In fact, I was hoping you would take it further and do more, I was really hoping you would sleep with Steve!”
Samina smiled. “I thought you might have been. In fact Pushpa had said you would be, but I didn't quite believe her.”
“Pushpa! What has she got to do with it?” I was surprised that Samina was still in communication with my old girlfriend.
“Well, I needed someone to talk to, and she was the only one I could think of. She had warned that I might feel remorse later. And she was right.” Samina explained.
“I see, but what about your posing for Steve, didn't you feel bad about doing that?” I asked.
“Of course not darling, I love showing off my body. I don't feel like I am breaking any vows, when I show off. And that was why, while I was happy to pose for him, I kept myself in check and did not let him fuck me, even thought I knew he wanted to, and so did I!” Samina explained.
Suddenly it all made sense. She genuinely was worried and upset about what she had done, and this time wanted to be sure that I would not object to having a guy take racy shots of her.
“I understand darling. What else did Pushpa tell you?” I was really curious.
“Oh not much, she helped calm me down, and basically tell me that my worries regarding your reaction were completely unfounded and that I had a good deal here, all I had to to was to take it. She told me that she would be more than happy to help me along with any advice.” Samina was fully composed now.
“And do you intend to take advice from her?” I asked, hoping that she would say yes.
“I don't know darling, it was her advice that led me to have sex, no fuck, those other men, so I am not sure if its a good idea for me to take her advice again.” Samina said.
“I see,” I said taking a deep sigh. “As you wish darling.” I hid my disappointment.
“I will continue to talk to her as a friend, I like her a lot, but that is about it. You won't mind that, will you?” Samina smiled.
“Of course not darling.” I smiled back. In my mind I had already decided to approach Pushpa for advice myself. If Samina could reach out to her, then why couldn't I?
Pushpa's advice to me was simple enough. I had to slowly, but steadily reinforce in Samina's mind that I wanted to be cuckolded by her, but at the same time, I had to defer to her decision on whether or not she wanted to do it. Pushpa told me that the biggest mistake most men in my position make is that we try to 'top from the bottom', meaning that we try and dictate how our spouses behave, when what we really need to do is let them lead the way at their own pace, not ours. Pushpa told me to be patient, and let Samina grow at her own speed. The payoff would be immense.
Putting Pushpa's advice into play was easier said than done. I had to approach Samina rather deviously, without being obvious. So rather than outright tell her about it, I started dropping hints, about how I wished she had not destroyed those pictures. Initially Samina appeared to be a bit cross that I said that but eventually she accepted it.
“So you really wish I had not destroyed those photographs?” Samina said one night, as we lay in bed, and she caressed my erect, throbbing penis. It was her time of month, so any sexual activity was out of the question.
“Yes, darling I really do. They are all I would have had to remind me of the fact that once I was a cuckold.” I said.
“WOW, I had no idea they meant so much to you.” Samina snickered, as my cock jumped in her grip.
“Oh its not that,” I said. “I mean, I would not be missing them if.....” I did complete the sentence, letting Samina draw her own conclusions. Which if she did, she kept to herself.
Conversations such as this was how I tried to keep Samina from forgetting that she had once happily cuckolded me, and that she had nothing to worry about if she wanted to do so again.
Once in a while, when we watched porn together, I would deliberately get movies where the wife was cheating, or cuckolding her husband. My goal was self-explanatory, but yet again, Samina proved inscrutable. I was not sure if she was taking my hints, or was upset that I continued to push her in a direction she did not want to go. She did not say any word one way or the other. But I did note, that while watching the porn together, she did enjoy caressing my erect penis a lot.
So I turned to Pushpa again for advice. She assured me that her own conversations with Samina had convinced that my wife was not completely averse to cuckolding me again, but that she need just a little more of a nudge to go through with it, and Pushpa offered me some ideas on how to about it. I felt myself blush and feel a little embarrassed as she spoke, but could not think of a reason to disagree with her.
A few days later, when watching a porno flick where a white woman married to man with a small prick cuckolded him with a black guy with a massive one. I took a deep breath, as I felt my hard cock twitch at Samina's touch, and decided to jump in completely and do as Pushpa had advised.
“I don't blame that woman for wanting to have another man.” I said softly.
“Oh, why?” Samina let go of my cock and looked at me.
“I mean look at the two men, I can't imagine her husband satisfying her the way that black guy can.”
“Hmmm..... yeah I guess you are right.” Samina said thoughtfully as she looked pointedly at my erect penis, and then up at the screen. “I guess I can't argue with that.” She said softly, as she squeezed my cock in her fist, the head just barely peeking out of it.
When Pushpa had told me about what to say to Samina, I was embarrassed about it, hearing her say that I had a small pencil-dick was embarrassing enough, even though I knew that she had known about it, but still hearing someone say something like that is a lot different than just knowing that they know. Having to admit it to my wife was mortifying, and then seeing her compare it to the black cock on the screen, and that too very pointedly was demeaning, yet very erotic at the same time. There was no turning back now for me. Pushpa had also told me that it was not uncommon for women to feel bad after sleeping with another man, and that my reaction to Samina's concern was perfect and would go a long way towards bringing her around to cuckolding me again.

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RE: Pakistani Wife's Snaps
I think that evening, the turning point. Although she did not sleep with another man for a while afterwards, I am sure that comparing my dick to the one on the screen cinched it for her, and she made up her mind to go back to cuckolding me. It helped greatly that she could to Pushpa about it, and of course Pushpa was all encouragement. Also, having already experienced big cock, Samina knew what she was missing out on. As Pushpa had told me, no matter how good the back rubs, no matter how great the oral sex, nothing could compare to a good hard fuck from a big cock. And some men had it, I did not! A fact that Pushpa had not once mouthed during our time together, but was now admitting openly, making me squirm!
It had been a tough few months for both of us, what with me having to be overseas, and then long hours at work for both of us. So, we decided that we really needed a vacation. Although some would say that living in a beautiful small city in Florida, not too far from Miami Beach, was a vacation in itself, we wanted to go somewhere more exotic, and finally settled on Spain.
We spent 2 lovely weeks exploring the country and hitting all the tourist spots, having promised ourselves that the last few days would be dedicated to lazing it out on the beach. Samina spent time shopping, and we visited all the hotspots. It was a lovely time. I was so sure that we would be too busy trouping around Spain, that there was no way Samina would have time to be with another man, and frankly, this being our first holiday since our honeymoon (which we had spent at a hill resort about an hour north of Murree, with our respective families in tow, so it was not what one usually thought of as a honeymoon.)
A friend had told us about this unspoilt stretch of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We drove over there, at a leisurely pace. The landscape was dry, volcanic and rugged which contrasted beautifully with the aquamarine sea. We were high on the cliff edge and below us we could see a series of small coves, some with beaches, some rocky, but the most important thing was they were all almost entirely deserted. Samina, squealed with excitement and I squeezed her thigh. We had intended to spend the day snorkeling and being naked in a secluded cove. Spain has a very relaxed attitude to nudity, especially in the secluded beaches of this area, but we still felt more comfortable getting naked where there weren't too many people about.
I parked the car and stepped out into the sweltering sunshine. The heat seemed to radiate off the rocky ground.
"I am soooo excited," Samina said happily, and I blew a kiss at her.
"Me too, I need to get into that water," I added
"I need to get naked!" Samina said. When alone, she was such a little naturist, which suited me fine. As yet she had not been naked in front of anyone but Steve and me. Althought she had no problem in showing plenty of skin, in how she dressed. But the 'critical' parts were always kept covered. I loved to watch her shapely body moving in the bright sunshine. I was less comfortable with my own nakedness, as soon as I got wet my cock seemed to almost disappear. I felt a little self-conscious, even in front of my own wife!
Samina never seemed to feel self-conscious. She is very open and confident, which is one of the things I love about her. I am a little more reserved... happier fixing a car than making small talk. We decided on a cove that had no beach, just large rocks, because we thought it would attract fewer people and the snorkeling would be better. We struggled with the beer cooler and snorkeling gear around rocks and cliffs until we got to our chosen spot.
"This looks perfect," Samina said, dropping our bag onto some flat rocks. Behind us was a sheer cliff, to each side you had to climb over rocks to get to where we were and in front lay the Mediterranean. A small rock reef formed a circle in front of us, with sharp rocks breaking the surface of the water. Within the circle the water was mirror-like...perfect for snorkeling.
"Want a beer?" I asked. Samina nodded a negative as she pulled her sun dress over her shoulders. She had never quite acquired a taste for beer, wine, champagne, and martinis being her drinks of choice. I watched as her body was revealed. She had a lovely light natural tan, with perfect breasts, and tight, hard ass. Her pussy hair was full, but trimmed. She was looked delicious. She took a bottle of water, sat sipping, gazing at the water in front of us. I couldn't resist a glance at her neat little pussy nestled between her tanned thighs. I walked over and kissed her, the kiss turned into a tonguing session and my cock started to harden.
"Hey, snorkeling first, fucking later," she said, in a typically direct way. The prospect of fucking in the hot sunshine only made my cock harden more.
"Can you put some sun cream on me please?" She asked, as she lay on her stomach and I squirted the now hot cream on her buttocks and back. I rubbed it in using slow, sensuous, circles, occasionally 'accidentally' slipping a finger between her butt cheeks. She giggled.
"Turn over," I said. I squirted more cream on each of her tits and around her pussy. I took my time rubbing the cream into her tits. Her nipples stood proud. She moaned gently. I then moved to the area around her pussy. I could not help but have a little stroke of her pink pussy lips.
She slapped my hand away with a smile. "Lets have a snorkel now!"
"OK," I replied, jumping up to get the kit out of the bag.
The water was delightful, warm and turquoise. For me there is something very sexy about a woman's body underwater. The goosebumps and lack of gravity work wonders for me and I spent almost as much time watching her as I did the fish. Every know and then I would swim up to her and rub my hand over her ass or cup a slippery, sun-creamed breast. She responded by groping my cock and giggling through her snorkel, but then swam on.
After and hour or so in the water we pulled ourselves out and got a drink. We sat on the towel warming in the sun, talking excitedly about what we had seen. It was bliss. We were a couple of feet away from the crystal clear water and we had not a care in the world.
While we were talking we noticed a snorkeller coming towards us. All you could see was his snorkel and the top of his head. He was close, but Samina didn't bother getting dressed as he was likely to snorkel past us. Suddenly he stood up. We hadn't realized the water he was in was so shallow. It was too late for Samina to get dressed, as our clothes were quite a way behind us. Samina just took a deep breath, and gave me a resigned look, as if to say 'oh well!' And did not seem too flustered, which kind of surprised me a little.
He was holding some kind of shellfish. "I am sorry," he said with a thick Spanish accent. He was walking out of the water towards us. "I found this. It is giant mussel and I am so excited I want to show somebody, it is a little rare." he said, laying the large clam-like shellfish down in front of us. The shell tapered down to a point, which obviously anchored it in the sand. He was a nice looking guy, with a friendly face. He was so enthusiastic about the rare mussel that he seemed not to have noticed that Samina was naked. Either that or he was so used to seeing nude women on the local beaches, that it did not strike him as being anything out of the ordinary.
"I will put back, it doesn't harm to bring her up, but we have luck to see her:"
Samina stepped forward, interested, looking down at the mussel. "Cool, I have never seen on of those," she said. She made no effort to cover up. What was the point? He had already seen her naked. Covering up now would not serve much purpose, besides the warm sunshine on our naked bodies felt great. Seeing her stay naked, I too did not bother covering up.
"You want to come see?" he said. "Come, come," he beckoned us into the water.
We slipped on our masks and followed him. We snorkelled behind him as he lead us back to the spot where he found the mussel. He dived down to push it back into the sand and pointed to another nearby. We all surfaced.
"You want to see cave?" he asked. Samina nodded before I had a chance to speak. I found it hard to believe that my wife was comfortable snorkeling around naked in front of a stranger. We followed him, swimming quite hard for 10 minutes or so around the inside of the rock reef. Finally we got to an opening in the rock with turquoise light behind it. We popped up, treading water in circle.
"You want go in?" He asked. We both nodded.
My heart raced a little swimming through the underwater opening, but inside the open-topped 'cave' was beautiful. The walls were covered with tomato-red anemones and fish darted all around us. It was small, so we were close together. I thought I noticed our friend looking at Samina naked form. And of course, I started to get hard. We came up together and all exclaimed at how beautiful it was. I touched Samina's thigh under the water and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I raised my eyebrows, questioning whether she was okay, she smiled and squeezed my hand again.
"Would you like to come and have a beer with us?" I asked, hoping he would say yes. After Steve this was the first guy she was naked in front of and I liked it a lot.
"Why not?" he responded and we went under to head back.
Samina swam through the gap first and he swam after her. My cock started to throb at the idea of him looking right up into her pussy and ass as she kicked her way out of the cave. I thought I saw him touching himself, but I couldn't be sure. He followed Samina all the way back to the cove where our gear was. I could have got between them but the situation was turning me on I decided to go with it and enjoy my beautiful wife being on display.
Samina got out first and headed towards our bags to get a towel and her clothes. Our friend was taking his time getting out of the water so I followed her to talk. "How do you feel?" I whispered .
"Naked!" She said, her eyes wide. She grabbed her dress.
"Don't get dressed" I said. She looked at me quizzically. "I am enjoying you being naked in front of him," I said. Fortunately, the hard swim back had made my dick go soft again.
"You are sick," she said. She hesitated for a second, then she smiled a mischievous smile and dropped her dress onto the rocks, clearly enjoying herself.
"Sorry...I am Paco," he extended his hand walking towards me.
"Umer," I said "and this is Samina."
Samina smiled and leant towards him, kissing each cheek in the Spanish way. I swallowed and willed myself not to get hard again. My wife being so close to another man, naked, made my head swim. It brought back desires that I thought I had left behind at home, as clearly on this holiday nothing like that would happen. Yet here was Samina stark naked in from of a good-looking Spaniards, kissing his cheeks, dare I hope?
"Anyone for a drink?" I asked. They both accepted and we all sat on towels. Samina lent back on her arms, showing off her beautiful tits openly. She had goose bumps and her nipples were hard. She seemed to be enjoying being an exhibitionist, as I had suspected when she had sent me those pictures taken by Steve, she had seemed a little too comfortable in them.
We chatted about the snorkeling and made small talk. Paco was on holiday from Madrid. He and his wife were staying in a hotel nearby, she didn't snorkel and was at the hotel looking after their young daughter. Judging by his muscular body he was a few years younger than us. He was a keen snorkeller and told us about the fish that we had seen. Samina looked fascinated and smiled and nodded a lot but didn't say much.
Paco and I drank a beer each, while Samina had some water first, then a Coke. All the time Paco barely seemed to notice Samina's nudity although he did put on some dark glasses he had in a water proof holder on his belt, so I could not be certain if his eyes were not roaming all over my wife's lovely body. He was friendly, warm and funny. His English wasn't perfect but we understood one another well enough, and his accent added to his charm. Then, suddenly, he hopped up to sneak behind a rock to relieve himself.
"What the fuck are we doing?" Samina said, flushed, her body glistening with a light sheen of sweat, under the blazing sun.
"Just go with. I am enjoying myself, aren't you?" I asked,feeling my cock throb.
"Maybe a little," she said. Her faced reddened.
"Do you want to take it further?" I asked. She was incredulous.
" want me to fuck him?" she said, laughing nervously.
My throat went dry. "I think I do. No you know I do, desperately. Please Samina, cuckold me again!" I finally managed to say. Finally I had to courage to openly blurt out what I had been dying to tell her for months.
"You're a freak, but you asked for!" she said. She was going to continue but he came back and sat down. I knew she was excited. Although she was trying to hide it I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her nipples stood proud. She had always loved being the centre of attention.
Paco came back, smiled and sat down. Samina stood up and walked over to get something from our bag.
"You have beautiful wife," Paco said watching her walk away.
"Thank you," I said. My heart was pounding.
"You don't mind she naked?" he asked.
" you?" I responded.
"Of course no!" he said with a wide-eyed expression of surprise at the question. We looked at each other for a second and I think he understood the situation. I felt sick with a mixture of lust, jealousy and anticipation.
"What are you two talking about?" Samina said. We both turned to see her standing over us, naked, proud and gorgeous.
"How beautiful you are," said Paco. "You make me, how you say...'caliente'," he said. He looked embarrassed suddenly, as if he was unsure if he had overstepped the mark. He looked at me. I looked at Samina. This seemed to be the point of no return. My pulse raced and I felt dizzy. How would she react?
"You mean 'horny'?" Samina said, tilting her head and smiling. She gently ran her fingers up her body, her nail brushing over her nipple.
"Madre mia," Paco said. He looked at me with an expression of terror. I managed a smile.
Without another word Samina stepped towards him and ran her fingers through his thick, black hair. He looked up at her and put his hand on her thigh. Her naked pussy was inches from his face. He stood up, slowly, stupidly trying to hide his erection. They looked at each other for a moment and then they began to kiss.
Samina pulled him in closely and their kisses grew more urgent. I caught a glimpse of Samina's tongue as it slid into his mouth. Her eyes were closed. His dark brown hands were on her white buttocks they began to grind gently against each other. She slipped her hands down his back and into his trunks and started to pull them down as she sank to her knees. She ran her tongue down his tanned chest and stomach as she went. She seemed oblivious to my presence, lost in lust.
His cock sprang free as his shorts came down and she immediately sucked it into her mouth. I could not help but notice, that it was significantly longer and thicker than my own. I guessed it must have been on the end of the average scale, maybe slightly bigger. Her hands slid up the back of his legs and onto his ass. She pulled him into her mouth and started to suck hard. Slurping sounds escaped her mouth as she sucked on his thick, veiny cock. She opened her eyes and looked up at him but he was looking up at the sky with his mouth open. He began to gently thrust backwards and forwards. She moaned. He was fucking my wife's soft mouth. I was in paradise, my cock shot to erection in record time.
For a moment I thought she might suck him to completion, but she stopped sucking and lifted his cock with her hand. She started to lick his balls and then up his shaft, sucking and licking at the base, just as she knew I loved her to do. I noticed that her other hand was at her pussy rubbing with long, slow strokes. She looked across at me for the first time, her eyes focussing as though she was had just woken up. She stared directly into my eyes. I wanted to smile but I could only stare back. She looked down and saw how hard I was. Her eyes closed again and she started to wank him off slowly, still tonguing his balls. Her wedding ring glinted in the sunshine as her hand slid up and down his cock.
He looked like he was about to come when she suddenly stopped. She lay on her back and opened her legs. Her pussy lips were swollen and glistening He knelt and bent his head to her pussy. She watched him for a second and then her head slowly tilted back. She let out a moan and put her hands on the back of his head and pulled him hard against her, grinding her pussy into his face.
He moved up next to her face and they began to tongue each other like passionate young lovers. He then pushed her head down to his cock and she started to suck him again. He squeezed her breast and then slid his hand down her body to her pussy she opened her legs a little. He slipped his middle finger into her and rubbed her clit with the palm of his hand. She moaned and her legs fell fully open. She had submitted totally to him. His ring finger went into her easily. His fingers moved in and out of her as she sucked him for all she was worth. All I could hear was the wet sounds of her sucking and his fingering...nothing else in the world existed at that moment. The blood roared in my ears and I felt faint.

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RE: Pakistani Wife Samina - Hot Pictures - Sex Story
She suddenly sat up, pushed him to the ground by his shoulders and straddled him. She lent forward, arched her back and grabbed his cock behind her. Her delicate fingers wrapped around his cock. She guided him to her waiting pussy, rubbed the head against her lips for a second and then I witnessed his thick cock disappearing between the shell-pink lips of my wife's pussy. She sank slowly down with a sigh.
She began to ride him. Slowly at first but then with greater intensity. He thrust upwards, their bodies made slapping sounds as they met, his balls hitting her asshole with each stroke. She lent forwards with her hands on either side of his head and her hair hung down around her face as he slammed up into her. She had stopped riding him now but her whole body jerked as she took his rhythmic pounding. Her face was flushed and her eyes were closed. I knew she was close to coming. She let out a deep, rising moan and started to push down hard against him. They moved in unison up and down. My own cock was no erect and I fought the urge to masturbate.
She grabbed his hands and forced him to squeeze her tits hard. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." she hissed through clenched teeth. He slammed into her again and again, faster and faster. She clenched her buttocks together and grabbed his hips and pulled him into her.
Like a pressure cooker blowing it's lid she finally came. She threw her head back and clawed at his chest . Her back arched and they were both still and silent for a few seconds and then she slumped forward onto him. They lay panting, her still on top of him and him still inside her. A trickle of come slid down his balls and dripped onto the towel. Finally he softened and slid out of her, followed by more come. Her pussy was glazed with their juices.
She stood up and walked over to me. Her face was flushed and she had red hand marks on her tits, there was shining streak of come running down her thigh. She a looked worried and guilty, but satisfied at the same time. I smiled at her and we grabbed each other in a tight embrace. Her pussy felt hot and sticky against my leg.
"I go," Paco said in a quiet voice behind her. She turned her head and kissed him deeply without letting me go. He got his gear on and lowered himself into the water. We were still locked in an embrace. I loved her more at that moment then I ever thought possible.
“I love you!” I said my own breathing hard, my erect cock rubbing against her.
“I know darling.” She hugged me back.
I tried to kiss her, but she stopped. “No sweetie, I think I had been fucked enough for today.”
“But I just want to kiss you.” I protested.
“But his cock was just in my mouth!” She pointed out, surprised.
“So? I still want to kiss you hard!” I said.
Samina gave in, and kissed me hard. I thought I could taste Paco's cock, but of course it was just my imagination.
That night, back at our hotel, I attacked Samina, as I never had before. Seeing her getting fucked by another man was far more erotic than I had ever imagined it would be. But I noticed that her reaction to my fucking her was not as intense as it had been to Paco's. What could I say, as Pushpa had informed me, I did not have it, and Paco did! I did not feel upset or annoyed, rather accepted that Samina's reactions were only natural.
Two days later, we were on the flight back home. With Samina holding my hand, and resting her head on my shoulder most of the way, as she slept, I had a lot of time to think. What I had hoped would happen, had happened, and a lot sooner than I thought it would. How strange that it happened when I least expected it would. Paco's arrival on the scene was truly fortuitous, and Samina's acceptance of him was nothing short of miraculous. I felt my cock twitch I replayed the whole incident in my mind. Little did I know, that a tigress was about to be unleashed, and that with support from me, and guidance from Pushpa, she would break all boundaries, and I would be taken to depths of cuckolding, I could not even picture in my mind right now. But looking back on it, I realize that it was all inevitable once Samina accepted her own need to sleep with other men, and no long fought it. And I am happy that it unfolded that way it did.
The days after our return were busy beyond belief. Its never easy at work, when you have to catch up on all those emails and 'urgent' projects that magically seem to pop up when you are out, and cannot be tackled by anyone but you. Both, Samina and I found ourselves swamped, working long hours, sometimes even the weekends! So you can well imagine that any chance of taking things further was out of the question.
Many a night I dreamt of the scene at the beach. I was haunted by the conviction and confidence, that Samina, had said, “you are freak, but you asked for it!” Almost like she was taunting and warning me at the same time. I was also torn by Samina's apparent lack of interest when we had sex. It's not like she just lay there like a dead body, it was that her reactions were nowhere near as vocal, and active as they had been in the past. At first I thought I was just imagining things, but after a few days I knew I was not.
Samina was still up for sex anytime I wanted it, but seemed to be initiating it less and less, and at times I felt that she would let me fuck her, after I had given her a long session of back rubs, and oral sex, only because she felt that she had to. In a way that made me feel bad, not for myself, but for Samina. I did not want her to feel like she owed me sex as a duty, she did not. Plus I was sure that her own pleasure was probably being interfered with because she felt the pressure to let me have her afterwards. I almost felt like I as intruding on her pleasure.
Anyhow, eventually, things settled down, and our lives returned to a normal pace. For the first time Samina approached the subject.
“So really did enjoy watching me fuck Paco?” She said, as we lay in bed on night.
“It was the most erotic sight, I have ever seen Samina! WOW! I can't describe how it felt. It was......” I said truthfully, not knowing how to the capture the mixture of conflicting emotions I had felt at the time.
“It was what?” Samina snapped. “Tell me!”
I kept quiet for a few seconds, capturing my thoughts, and remembering what Pushpa had told me I might experience, when she had first cuckolded me. How right she was. “It was a mixture, or arousal, eroticism, humiliation, intense love. I felt like that was how things were meant to be!” I spoke the truth once again, not hiding anything. I realized that the time to dance around the matter was over. It was time to be truthful and put everything out there.
“Really?” Samina took hold of my semi-hard cock and played with it.
“Yes, really!” I said as my cock hardened some more, as she gently gripped it in her palm and squeezed it.
“OK darling, but you know what they say, be careful what you wish for, you might get it!” Samina warned.
“I sure hope I do!” I said with equal candor.
Samina snickered, and then became very serious. “OK sweetie, frankly I have enjoyed it a lot too, but you have to promise me that you will let me do it at my pace, and with my rules, otherwise I don't think I could go on with it!”
“And what rules do you have in mind?” I asked, happy that she had finally openly admitted that she was enjoying cuckolding me.
“Well, firstly, you will never stop me from sleeping with someone I want to take to bed, conversely, you will never force or beg me to sleep with someone I don't want to. Secondly, its my decision whether or not to use condoms, third, I do not need to take your permission in advance before bedding another man, although I do promise to tell you about it afterwards always. Forth, sometimes I won't feel like sharing details of an encounter with you, and in those instances, you will not pester me for details. Fifth, I know you get a real kick out of watching me, but not all guys like being watched, so if I am with such a guy, even it is in this bedroom, you will respect the guy's wishes and politely leave us alone. Now, there may be more rules in the future, but for now you have to accept these”
I could find nothing wrong with her rules, and readily accepted. “Done, I accept all your conditions.” But, I was a bit surprised that she did not mention anything about how we would be having sex. I guessed that might come in the future.
“Good,” she said, turning over, and indication that she wanted a sensual massage, which I happily gave her.
After an hour or so she turned on her back and spread her legs slightly, signalling her desire to get oral sex. Another task I happily performed for quite a while, until she shivered in orgasm. At that point I started to move up, my throbbing, erect cock dying to enter her warm, wet cunt. But alas that night for the first time it was not meant to be.
“Sorry darling, I am very tired now, and that orgasm has left me drained. Can we not have sex tonight?” Samina, asked softly, her eyes closed.
“Of course Samina,” I said somewhat disappointed, but happy that I had given her an orgasm.
What that she turned facing away from me and was soon asleep. But sleep did not come that easily to me. I tried to imagine all sorts of scenarios and what might happen, each more lurid and humiliating that the other. I had a strong feeling that I may not like everything that Samina did, but for her sake I would accept it all, and learn to like, nay love it. Finally, to the sounds of Samina's soft snores, I feel asleep, after jerking off to the memory of Paco taking Samina on that beach in Spain! How lucky was I to have witnessed that. Little did I know that it was to be one of the few times I would have such a privilege!
A few weeks later, Steve came over to visit up, and if you recall, from the beginning Samina and Steve were good friends with similar outgoing flirty personalities they were always saying stuff to each other and affectionate to each other. There were always warm hugs and pecks on the lips but never anything out of the ordinary happened between them (that is if you discount the fact that he had taken naked pictures of her!) until one night during a week at a beach house a bunch of us had rented.
A rainy day combined with a bunch of young couples and a bit too much alcohol. We started playing some silly games, and ended up playing spin the bottle. Well it was pretty funny I guess for most but for me it was the first time I had a chance to see my wife with a close friend. The game went on for a while the first few kisses were pretty tame but as the rest of the group started teasing the couple kissing saying stuff like you guys are bad kissers, we will show you! Well it became a little bit of who could out do whom. The kissing became much hotter, tongues; lip biting, deep wet kisses became the norm. My wife had to kiss all of the 6 men that were present but as luck had it that day Steve got 4. It was a wonderfully erotic sight indeed! Well the game ended after a while and we all laughed about it after but the intimacy between Steve and Samina had clearly escalated slightly. I saw them exchange glances, then quickly turn away. From that point on, their 'friendly' flirting and hugging increased significantly.
The following year again we rented the house with most of the same friends and again were visited by a rainy day. Well we chatted and played a bunch of games and had many drinks, once again teenage games came up and we started playing strip poker. I was pretty surprised the girls said they would play at the time, but as close as we were sharing beach houses we had seen each other in very little clothing. I mean all the women wore pretty skimpy bikini's and often I saw Steve checking out Samina.
I figured the women would quit before they really got naked. Well the game started and little by little clothes were lost. Eventually Samina went down as far as her panties and bra. She debated quitting but the crowd was unforgiving when she said she wanted to quit. She played a little longer and ended up loosing her top. Maybe it was peer pressure, as all the women dared her to take it off, maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was simply that she had lost her inhibitions in Spain, quite nonchalantly she simply reach behind, unclasped her bra and let it drop the floor.. Her breasts we now fully exposed for all to see, and the men were openly ogling at them. For a moment there as total silence, as if no one could believe that she had done that. Then there was applause, with the women leading the way.
Steve could barely keep his eyes off her, even though he had seen them before. The lust in his eyes was plainly visible. I found it intensely arousing that so many of our male friends could see her like this. And as luck would have it she was the only woman who lost her top, as shortly after than the game ended, and all the other women had undressed only as far as their bra and panties.
Well after this game I noticed a change in just about all the girls in the group, it seemed that after being seen like this by the other men, they didn't seem as concerned about how they were seen for the rest of the week. What I mean is they were more likely to walk around wearing underwear early in the morning or right before bed. This new comfort level would become very apparent with my wife and Steve, who would hang out with me at our house often.
I noticed the change when the football season started and Steve and I as always started watching Monday Night Football, it at our house. The first Monday, seemed like any other Monday, Samina would get ready for bed at around 11 and come down to say goodnight to us. She started doing this in her sleepwear, I am not saying she would come down in see thru underwear and nothing else but she would wear some things that before might have been covered by a robe. I remember the first time like it was yesterday, she wore a green long silky nightgown, not see thru as I said, but very clingy. As she came in the room you could see the outline of her tiny panties and her breasts. I didn't say anything that night thinking maybe she didn't realize how sexy she looked.
This continued for few weeks, and clearly she was quite comfortable being that way in front of Steve. You see, after posing for him, until the time at the beach house, she had been careful not to expose herself like that to Steve again. Despite her willingness to sleep with other men, she still felt that with our friends she should be more circumspect and keep a respectful distance.
One Monday night after she came down in panties and a tank top covered by an open robe I said something.
“What happened to your vow of keeping a respectful distance?” I teased her.
“Oh you are being silly! Steve has seen me a million times in my bathing suits. Heck he has even me naked, so no I don't think I am crossing any boundaries by being dressed like that in front of him. It was silly of me to think so in the past.”
After talking about it a while I felt kind of bad even mentioning it, as it was meant as a joke, but she took it seriously and was not happy that I would see it as her crossing any lines. As the weeks, passed I got so used to seeing her in sleepwear around him and didn't think much of it anymore, in fact it did not even look sexy to me, rather it looked normal.
The following summer we went with Steve and his girlfriend at the time to an island. We had a very secluded beach and the second day there the girls went topless. A few people on the beach had gone totally nude and one afternoon after a drinks, after I had tried and failed, Steve was able to coax Samina into going nude as well, his girlfriend having shed all her clothing earlier. It was the first time I had seen her nude in front of so many people and I can't tell you what a turn on it was.
Of course the two women insisted that it was not fair for them to be naked, and us men to stay clothed. I thought of protesting, that it was a matter of choice, when Samina sneaked up behind me and pulled down my swim trunks, laughing as she did so. At that point there seemed to be not much reason for me not to get rid of them, specially as Steve had already taken his off. As embarrassed as I was, I kept my head high as the four of us walked along the beach, but on more than one occasion, I thought I saw the ladies glance at my crotch and snicker, and then peek over at Steve's with a look of respect. You see, I knew that Steve's cock was substantially bigger than my one, in fact fully soft it was about as long and thick is mine was fully hard.
I saw the girls snicker and exchange whispers. And as embarrassing as it was, it was also very arousing for me to think that they were comparing me to Steve rather unfavorably. I think Samina noticed that too.
I told her about it that night an she thought it was a little weird that I would get a turn on from something like that. But she did admit that she loved being nude other there. She added that for the rest of out time on the island she would go nude on the beach more on that vacation. Well she and Johns girlfriend did just that, not only did they go nude at the beach but would walk back to the room in a towel and lose it as soon as they walked in and stay nude as we snacked or had a refreshing drink before going back out. Fortunately, after that first day, Samina did not insist that I be nude as well, although Steve often was. I think Samina rather enjoyed getting all the attention she did, not only from Steve, but also from other men on the beach. Plus I was certain, that by now she had lost all inhibition to be nude on front of strangers, and even though Steve was not a stranger, he really did not matter as he had seen her nude before.
Many sexy things happened in those few days, I mean I thought I would cum in my shorts, the morning that I came on to the beach a few minutes after the 3 of them and there was Steve putting lotion on my wife's nude back! Later that day we were playing some water polo, when we tried dunking the girls underwater as they splashed us, well I cant tell you all the accidental brushes that happened between Samina and Steve, although I assiduously avoided Steve girlfriend and did not touch her once. Clearly Samina was getting more than comfortable with Steve.
We went home after a great vacation, the intimacy between my wife and one of my best friends having grown significantly. I thought of mentioning this to Samina, but didn't. I did not want to risk things continue to develop as they were. This was when I first started thinking about what it would be like to watch her with him, his big cock ploughing into her, as she screamed in pleasure, the way she did with Paco, and had not done with me since.
We would continue to do things as two couples and on some occasions to pull off a cheap weekend trip even shared rooms, it became almost non eventful for us to see each other in our underwear or catch a glimpse of nudity as we shared rooms.
Well the friendship continued like this for a few more weeks, Steve continued to visit regularly, his motives now plain. Then, on one occasion Steve and me had gone out very late for a bachelor party, and I insisted to stay at our house because it was late and we were quite drunk. Well he slept on the couch in the den. Samina was already asleep when the cab dropped us.

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RE: Pakistani Wife Samina - Hot Pictures - Sex Story
In the morning she got up early and jumped in shower, Steve and I both woke up at that point and sat on the couch holding our aching heads. All the sudden out of the bathroom walked out, my naked wife, startled a little not expecting me to be up or Steve to be there, she wasn't embarrassed and actually made a minute or so conversation with us naked before going off to the bedroom and putting something on. It was at that point that I figured that if I had ever wanted a 3 some, Steve might be a good one to go for it. I wondered if Samina would go for it?
By now, Steve and his girlfriend Jenny, had split up. And even though Steve was not upset about it at all, Samina and I decided to do something special for him. So we rented a beach front cottage for weekend and invited him to stay with us.
Well this would be the first time that we would spend this tine together without Jenny and I couldn't help thinking about a few sexy things that could happen. Well Friday night was pretty uneventful. We were tired after a full workweek and a long car ride so we unpacked and went to the boardwalk to eat and walk about, before retiring for the evening.
Saturday morning started with my wife making coffee and breakfast for us, dressed in just her nightshirt.. It was great, as she reached for cups and dishes a little panty would show and as she bent over table to serve food the loose fitting nightshirt would allow a great view down her chest.. I thought she hadn't noticed me looking but after serving us our plates she stopped while bent over and gave a little dirty look to both of that said, 'are you guys thru looking down my shirt!' Then she said something about us being like 2 high school boys, We laughed and finished eating.
We lay out in the sun all-day and hung out and then took showers got dressed and went out to dinner. Samina wore a little short skirt and top with no bra. She looked great not sultry or anything just great. Her tanned legs, perky breasts looked very arousing. After dinner as planned we took off for a club were we danced and drank a bit. She took turns dancing with me and Steve and had us both gasping for air, so much so that we actually convinced a guy next to us at the bar to dance with her for a while (not that he need much convincing).
It was late, and a slow song came when she was dancing with Steve, he motioned to get off the floor but she said something and he stayed. I had seen them dance before but something about tonight made it so sexy, her little skirt and breasts pressed against him and her head resting on his shoulder. After the dance we all agreed to call it a night. On the walk home she held both our arms and I commented to Steve that well at least we both scored, as usual she was always ready for a comeback line saying that neither one of us or both were enough for her tonight. The kidding continued as we said that we would fix her when we got home, Steve saying at one point that I needed to control my woman, or he would take here there and then. Instead of saying something to shut up Steve, Samina just laughed.
We arrived home in great spirits and Steve and I had some more drinks. Pretty soon the two of us were bordering on being drunk, while Samina was stone-cold sober. At that point Samina said she was going to get dressed for bed, I of course fired back that she wouldn't need any clothes for bed tonight. She laughed and said something like well the same goes for you two then.
When she left Steve was saying how great Samina was, saying its like hanging with one of the guys cause she can take the ribbing, and dish right back out at you. Well I agreed but wanted to get back at her, so I suggested that we strip down to our underwear at least and wait for her to come back, we both figured that would get a good laugh out of her and she would call us to jerks. So we did it quickly stripping down.
Well out of the bathroom came Samina but not changed yet, as apparently she had gone to the bathroom first and was coming back to the living room to ask if we wanted to take a walk on the beach before we changed. When she walked in still fully dressed she did laugh as she looked at me saying that she didn't really see anything she liked, then she looked pointedly at Steve's well-packed underwear and gave him a knowing smile, and laughed.
Well we laughed back and I said that she was the one that mentioned that we wouldn't need many clothes for bed and that in fact she had just chickened out. She gave me a pretty stern look saying that she was going to ask if we wanted to walk on the beach since she wasn't yet tired but if it was naked I wanted I would get it. She pulled the shoulder straps of her dress over her shoulders and the dress dropped to the floor. She stood there in her panties. She looked at me knowing I enjoyed that and said. “okay now at least maybe you guys wont have to eye me at breakfast, so now what?”
I didn't really know what to say at that point cause I didn't know what was next or what I wanted next, then she gave me another look and it was a look like, okay lets see how far you go before you get jealous. She walked over to Steve and said, “I love this song on the radio lets dance.”
Steve was looking pretty awkward at that point but he started. She held him close as her naked breasts were pressed against him and his penis rubbing her naval. Well I couldn't believe it, it was so hot. They danced for a couple of minutes and a different song came on, she kept dancing, she looked at me and said, “have you had enough of our game?”
I didn't say anything. Part of me didn't want to blink for pride sake, part of me loved it but part of me also felt a bit threatened about what was happening. And to top it all off my cock was now hard! My wife was about to fuck one of my best friends, and even though I had some misgivings about that, I did not have the desire to stop them!
As I thought about what to say, Samina mumbled, “guess not yet!” With that she told Steve how when she danced she liked to get her neck and ears kissed and took his hands off her back and on her panty covered ass.
He just held her ass for a bit but I guess not getting any stop signals, from me and being very aroused at this point himself he started to gently kiss her neck. She noticed his arousal I am sure and started to grind him more. Meanwhile I was in another world, many different emotions were going on in my head. My brain was saying that I it didn't want him doing this with my wife while my cock was saying, wow I have masturbated as I imagined this scene so many times before. The thought of seeing Samina with a friend of mine seemed to taboo, yet now it looked like it would become reality. At that point I made a snap decision, I would let Samina decide how far to take it. I had given her my word that I would abide by her rules, and now as the time to prove it.
I just sat there and said nothing and I am not sure whether because she was proving a point and wanted me to be the one to stop it or she was getting aroused herself but she took the next step. She broke the dance and looked at me briefly as to give me a second to stop her and when I didn't she peeled off her panties and then grabbed John's boxers pulling them off his waist. She said something to the effect that it would their dancing nicer and went back to the dance. I didn’t even realize it then but thinking back they were now dancing slow to a fast rock song but anyway the dance continued only now it was skin on skin. John's hard cock pressed against Samina's pussy and abdomen.
That was the last time she looked at me, as from that point on whether out of being dared, or sheer sexual desire and arousal she began to kiss Steve and massage his chest. He returned her kiss but was very hesitant to touch her anywhere as she continued the dance and after a few minutes reached down and started to stroke his cock. I was frozen in time, Steve would later tell me that he looked at me but I didn't return his look and he was to hot to hold back anymore. He started to massage her breasts and quickly started to kiss and suck them as she continued to stroke his cock. This went on for a few minutes more and then she stopped grabbed his hand and went towards the bedroom almost as if I wasn't there.
Samina led him in the bedroom and Steve no longed felt any reason to hold back. She lay down pulled him toward her and reached down to insert him inside her. I had followed and stood at the edge of the bed, as it was obvious by her purrs and moans that she was hot. Steve started fucking her and she quickly started to squirm, I figured Steve would cum in an instant also but I was in for a surprise. She came hard lifting herself and Steve off the bed at times with her legs as she came. She had always had great orgasms but this one of the best I had seen, the amazing thing to me was Steve didn't cum. His large cock was still ramming in and out of Samina's engorged pussy, and she was crying out in pleasure, her eyes tightly shut, legs wrapped around him, and her fingernails scrapping his back.
“Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooaaaawwwwdddd.....” Samina screamed out as Steve continued to pound her. At that point I felt so envious of him, not only was he much better hung than I was, he seemed to have incredible stamina, and was taking Samina to heights of pleasure that not even Paco had taken her, and I certainly could not even dream of taking her to.
It was like the guys in the porn flicks that seem like they can fuck for hours and not even come close to losing it. He continued to fuck her and soon she orgasmed again. A louder, harder orgasm came to her this time. Her sounds of joy and pleasure were unbelievable, and my own cock was having trouble holding back.
Steve kissed her hard, as he continued. Then she broke there kiss and said something to him. They flipped over and she got on top. Again they fucked, this time slower, as she rode him, she was in heaven, for the first time I came over to the bed and started to stroke her hair. She looked at me with a weird kind of look, almost like she was not happy that I was there, but she never stopped riding Steve's still hard cock.
Then suddenly, to my surprise, she kissed me hard, he rode Steve's cock until she broke the kiss. She was on her way to yet another orgasm when finally Steve mumbled something that sounded like he needed a condom. I told him not to worry as Samina was on the pill, Steve just nodded his understanding. With that she came again and he finally exploded inside her. Their sounds were loud, there sweat sheened bodies so erotic. I am ashamed to say it, but I couldn't remember ever fucking to that extreme pleasure. They both came and collapsed on one another as I stood there rubbing my wife's back.
After a few minutes Steve got up and left the room to go to the bathroom. I got into bed and cuddled my sexually sated wife. We stayed in each others arms and she said a few things about not really wanting this to happen, but I assured her that although I was a bit jealous of Steve's endowment and staying power, I was okay that she had done it. I told her that Steve was one of the few friends we could trust not to betray our secret. We kissed and cuddled, I decided not make love to her that night for two reasons. One that she was clearly sated, and any sex from me would meaning nothing, two, I did not want to remind her that night that Steve was a much better lover than I could ever be. So, as we cuddled, I reached between Samina's legs, and massaged her pussy, feeling Steve's sticky ejaculate leaking out. She moaned, as I softly caressed her vagina. “Oh, that feels so wonderful, darling!”
Steve never came back, I guess he saw Samina and I enjoying a quiet moment, and went back to his room.
The next morning, we woke up late, as Steve was already having coffee. Samina blushed a bit and so did Steve. He asked if we were okay cause he had spent most of the night worrying about us. Samina, old him that we were fine and we had enjoyed what had happened and were so glad we shared it with him. With that she gave him a huge hug and a big wet kiss.
We spent that morning at the beach were we talked about how it had happened and what was going thru each persons mind. At one point Samina actually told Steve what a great fuck he was, Steve laughed voiced his thanks at her compliment. Well after talking about it all morning when we came back to the room Samina had an evil grin and looked at both of us stripped off her bathing suit and said how about just one more time.
They did it most of the afternoon till Samina said she was way too sore and it was hurting her too much to continue. Afterwards Samina said that she didn't want to make a habit of this but that she had loved sharing herself with Steve’s and would feel bad if we never spent a special time like that again. Steve smiled, and thanked her (not me!) for making him her special friend, saying that he had wanted to fuck her from the day she had posed for him.
Our time at the island came to and end and we drove home. Samina, clearly sated and exhausted, slept almost the entire way. Steve and I did not really have much to say. So the drive was mostly a silent one. I used the time to think how far Samina had come. She seemed to have lost all her inhibitions, and had now done pretty much everything she had said she would never do. Steve was the lucky recipient of her vow breaking, but I was convinced, that had it been another friend of ours, Samina would have done him to. It was just her luck that it was Steve, the most well-hung of my friends (as I had confirmed on many occasions in our gym locker room!) and I guessed also the one with the most stamina. For myself I was grateful that Samina had let me witness their coupling on both occasions. And I held out hope that this would be a pattern with her.
A few days later, Samina's employer sent her to Miami, where she was to represent them at a week long trade show. We were quite happy, as we decided that I would join her there at the end of the week, and we would spend the weekend there. Samina wanted to do some shopping, relax on the beach, and just spend time with each other.
But alas, it was not to be. Samina drove down to Miami as planned, but I could not join her, as my boss asked me to complete a major project that weekend. I as quite upset at my boss, but what could i do? I knew how important the project was, and it was something of an honor that the boss had trusted me with it, Samina was clearly disappointed, and initially thought of coming back home on Friday evening, but I insisted that she stay on for the weekend and do the shopping she had planned, and maybe even relax on the beach for a bit.
As I slaved away at the office, I did not have much time to think of what Samina might be up to. In fact it did not even occur to me that she would be so bold as to pick up a guy and have her way with him. Boy was I wrong! As I would learn when she gleefully shared details of trip when we were in bed on Sunday evening.
“So, how did it go?” I asked as we settled into bed.
“Ummm... it was not bad,” replied Samina absentmindedly. “The trade show as interesting, I was able to get some nice business development leads.”
“That's great!” I said. “And the shopping?”
“Well I did not get around doing much of that. Because I was otherwise occupied.” Samina gave me a mischievous smile.
“Oh really?” I joked, still not catching her drift. “Do tell.”
“Well, I checked into the luxurious hotel and headed for my room. My room was gorgeous with a large balcony as it faced the beach and ocean. At that time, I was looking forward to fucking you, out on the balcony, as I stepped out on the balcony and surveyed the beach and the blue waters of the ocean. I was anxious to spend sometime on the beach with you!”
“I know darling, and I am sorry, I could not help it.” I said defensively.
“Oh don't apologize sweetie, it's not your fault, that your idiot manager decide to work you to the bone. I was so mad at him, I cannot tell you.” Samina's anger at my boss, was clearly audible in her tone.
“I am sure you were Samina, so what did you do? I mean now that I was not there.” I
“Well, during the weekdays, it was just too busy. The trade show, networking, dinners, etc. I could not wait for Friday to roll about. That Friday night I was so tired, that I was in bed by 8 pm, just after the cocktail party at the end of the trade show ended.”
“Wow, it must have been really tiring!” I said. It's not usual for Samina to go to bed that early, particularly on a Friday night.
“It was, I was on my feet all day long, plus all that yapping with potential clients, it was exhausting!” Samina sounded exasperated.
“Yes, I can well imagine.” I tried to console her.
“Anyway, I woke up early after a peaceful night of sleep. I was sure that the beach would be crowded, as it was a Saturday and was determined to get a good spot next to the water. The beach was slowly coming to life as I found my spot and put my towel down. I covered myself with suntan oil and loved the warmth of the sun penetrating my skin. I looked forward to having some time to just chill and maybe do some reading.” Samina sighed a little.
“Must have been nice, just to get some peace and quiet?” I said.
“Well, it was in the beginning. But soon the beach filled up, I was amazed at all the beautiful men and women walking up and down the beach in front of me. I didn't feel out of place, because I knew that I looked hot in my new bikini that I had bought especially for this trip. You know the powder blue one?” Samina looked over at me, and I needed an affirmative. I could easily imagine her bikini top squeeze her perfect 34C breasts them nicely and the bikini bottoms show of her tight, toned ass. All those hours spent in the gym serving her well.

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