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Paid Mother for Sex
09-01-2016, 03:00 AM
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Paid Mother for Sex
This happened few years back. I got admission in Engineering degree course in a college which was situated in the city famous for ‘dancing diva’ and ‘big redlight area.” Like other first termer I was also ragged . I fully cooperated with seniors and as a result intensity of ragging was at low level for me. Further they got impressed by my physique and keen interest in sports and exercise . I did not skip my exercise . Time passed soon. We visited our natives during puja & diwali vacation but my mother was at home for few days only. As I was informed she was working in a private company going on outstation tours very often. She was going on such tours without any family person accompanying her .. After vacation got over we returned back to college. Ragging got over and all became busy for term end exam.
But during that period , one of our technical staff took me and one my friend to watch a ‘mujra’. Dance was ok but lady was nice. We negotiated and we both fucked that lady .it was my first experience but friend told me that he already had fucked three ladies before. They were also call girls. Thereafter we both visited same joint and had four different lady. All all such occasion we both enjoyed and fucked lady together .

Our term end exams got over. I was satisfied with my papers . My friend , Atul insisted me to stay few nights at his place on way to my house. I agreed on condition that during next holi he will vist my house .
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09-01-2016, 03:00 AM
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RE: Paid Mother for Sex
Our term end exams got over . In evening we visited ‘kotha’ again, watched ‘mujra’ and that evening we both enjoyed with two very young girls who were new in the market . In front of their incharge ‘mausi’ both girl appreciated me, my lund , my stamina and way I fucked them.

“Mausi , ye ladka chudai to mast karta hee hai…chus -chaat kar issne bahut mast kiya.”

I liked oral sex very much and both before and after penetration I used to lick and suck women’s body whereas my friend was averse to this. He believed only in straight fuck. From Kotha itself, we reached station and catch train . We reached friend’s house at early morning. The moment door got opened I got mesmerized by seeing a pair of thunder thighs. Lady was wearing hot pant and sleeveless top. My eyes moved along length of thighs and got fixed at cunt area whose outline was clearly visible.

“Vinod, this is my darling mother, most beautiful and loving mother.” Atul introduced me to his mother. My trance broke and I touched her both feet and she put hand on my head.
“come in Vinod” her mother kept her hand around my back and we came in. She said that she was expecting son tomorrow and scolded him for not informing her that he is coming with a friend .

“Aunty don’t bother for me.”

She told us to freshen . We came out of toilets in about 20 minutes and she was ready with hot tea and eatables. She has not changed . So far I had seen and fucked four ladies all in early 20’s or even younger but this lady was in late 30’s. She was normal looking , had thin structure with normal size breast but her thighs were by super. Thick, very fair and looking very silky. Her breast would have been 34″ and hip may be 36″, whereas waist was comparatively thin ,may be 22″ only. I liked the lady and felt like licking and rubbing lund on this thunder thighs.

We were chatting. First a maid came who was very ordinary and wearing saari. I was introduced to her and I saw that she is looking at me again and again. Atul’f father came out. He became pleased to see son. I touched his feet also and father told son to learn that how to respect elders.

He went to office and maid also left. It was around 10 and we two were talking with lady of the house who after bath has changed to a tight black slacks and pink sleeveless top. This lady certainly have good sense of dressing.

” Atul how many prostitute you visited in first term..” lady asked suddenly .

I was shocked that a mother is enquiring from son about prostitutes he visited. Lady added that the city where we are studying is having very famous redlight area from where ‘randis’ are taken throughout the country.

Without blushing Atul replied about prostitutes we visited and also narrated about fun we had with so young one last evening.
It was shocking to hear talk about mother & son about randis..

” I think so far both of you have HAD only young girls , is not it?”

We looked at each other and nodded .

“Ok, there is one very nice and much in demand ‘randi’ in city .” lady said that the randi is of her age but she is much in demand and very costly . she also said that the randi is of her age . We both friend got surprised to hear when she said that the randi is her childhood school friend .

She insisted ..” you both must enjoy with her” she said proudly that we will forget all other ones we enjoyed so far.

I whispered to myself , ” but aunty I want to caress and lick your thighs.”
But we heard ..” let me see whether she has time for you two.”
Lady called a number and got line . We heard ,

“Hi, Basu..i am Sharmila” it seemed that lady on other line recognized the caller . after some pleasantries mother of Atul said ,

“My son Atul and his one friend desires to have your company ..” she heard and said after sometime that she should find time for son of her friend.

After some talk this lady smiled and hanged phone . She addressed to son and said that with great difficulty she has agreed but said that we you two will have time only only for 3 hours from 11 . she looked at watch and said that it is almost 10.30 .

“Go soon and enjoy with best randi .”

We both wanted to decline but she insisted and went inside room. Soon she came out and gave 10,000/- to each of us.

“her charges are 25000/- perhead for two hours but she has given discount to me .” she gave us address of the hotel.

We took auto and reached hotel at 11. We told reception about room where we want to visit. Receptionist called room and asked name. Atul only gave his name and we were told to go up on 3rd floor to that room.

“You both are too young for that lady.” Lady receptionist commented smilingly but without replying we moved up through lift. We knocked at door and I had biggest shock of my life . The lady who opened door was none other but my mother ‘Vasundhara’. She was in micro panty and a micro bra. She was also shocked to see me but took control of situation. Atul moved towards bed and she whispered ,

“Don’t let your friend know.”

I was dumb founded but could not remove eyes.

“Kids I do not have much time ..i am heavily booked so finish fast for what you have come.”
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09-01-2016, 03:00 AM
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RE: Paid Mother for Sex
And she began to remove bra and Atul untied skirt. She had black panty and lady pulled my hand on her breast .

“Come on, both of you enjoy together.”

She laid flat on bed and pulled us on her. She pressed our head on each breast and then no stopping ..We both kissed lips, squeezed chuchi, sucked nipples and she undressed us. She fisted lund together and squeezed my lund. Just after about 5-6 minutes of fondling , as was his practice Atul penetrated her. Mother kept holding my lund and I watched my friend pumping my mother. She was moaning , moving her body and simultaneously fisting my cock. Atul liked woman and fucked her hard.

“Mother was right…” Atul said that she had not believed her but this lady is certainly much better than girls we fucked. I watched mother moaning ,shaking her body and simultaneously sucking son’s lund . Atul increased speed and mother requested him not to ejaculate inside ..

“Atul bête, you can discharge in my mouth ..” however she told him that next time he can fill her cunt.

“Bête now let your friend fuck…see his cock has is so tight.”

But I was not in a mood to fuck mother. No doubt I enjoyed mother’s nudity and enjoyed her fisting of cock but mentally I did not want to poke mother .

“Atul, keep on fucking , I don’t want to fuck this lady..” I said and pushed her hand away from cock..But mother wanted that son should also fuck her. She again held cock tightly in both
hands and said ,

” Vinod bête” we had exchanged our names. She added ,

“If you will not fuck me now, you will not get chance to fuck your mother again..” I got alarmed to hear her but she immediately clarified ..

“Your mother may be of my age only and no one can give better enjoyment than mother or atleast lady look like lady. ”

Atul was at verge of climax . He was now fucking with faster speed . Suddenly he pulled out and ran towards bathroom. He banged door from inside.

Mother sat up and asked directly ..”why don’t you want to fuck me ? Am I not good.”

I was feeling very bad . I asked sadly , “why you fucked with my friend in my presence.?”

She pulled me over her and said laughingly…”matherchod, he does not know that he is fucking your mother , so don’t get unhappy ” and she pulled lund on cunt and jerked hip . She added ..”and now you know that your mother is a randi and I had been fucked thousands of lund ,singly and in group.”

She again tried and this time as a reflex action I pressed and lund slid in..”now you fuck me” she said loudly .

” Ok randi, now enjoy with son’s cock..” I also said loudly and began pumping harder ..

“Yes…son….yes..still harder and faster…good..nice….fuck your mother…..” she kept moaning and I pumped mother for about 15 minutes . Then suddenly I pulled out , pushed myself down ..she shouted ..

“Matherchod why you pulled out bastard..i was enjoying your strokes ..but I ignored and took clit between two lips and sucked it for couple of minutes. While sucking clit my both hand caressed her belly and breast . I held breast tightlt and continued with licking and sucking of cunt . I sucked lobes, chewed it, pushed tongue in and simultaneously I finger fucked. She moaned loudly ..and continued to address me son again and again..

Like all other time Atul watched me. He was averse to oral sex particularly mouth on cunt and now again he could not control his disgust. “What Vinod , this cunt is fucked by so many ,you should not even kiss it…”

I lifted mouth and said “Atul..this is the best cunt ..i don’t think any other cunt will have better taste than this.. ” I pressed fingers deeper and said , “even your mother’s cunt would not be tasty than this cunt.”

I dipped mouth again between thighs and sucked cunt for quite some time. Lady was ecstatic and got very excited …”ohhhh.Vinod…no more please…fuck me son..fuck harder now…..”

I moved over her. While kissing lips I pressed cock l and cunt sucked entire length inside. I fucked as fast and hard I could and enjoyed mother . Finally I ejaculated inside and she hugged me tightly by hand and thighs ..

She kissed me passionately and we remained hugged. “Vinod , you fucked for almost one hour ” it was my friend Atul who was holding his cock . He requested me to make place for him. I pulled away and sat beside lady. Atul wanted to push again straight but she turned over in doggy pose and told him to fuck from behind. She parted my legs and gulped limped cock. This time all along Atul fucked mother I squeezed breast, caressed her silky skin and enjoyed beauty of mother .

She was beautiful, of good height about 5;5″ ,very fair, long dark brown hairs, big sparkling eyes, heavy and rich breast, flat belly and very sexy hips. She had 36″x26″ 36 ” with long and slim thighs . But to me ,thighs of Atul’s mother was best . While squeezing breast I thought of caressing and licking of thighs of Atul’s mother but I could not get any idea how to achieve this. Atul fucked my mother for longer time and this time he filled my mother’s cunt .

“So Atul , how is your friend’s mother ” mother asked him, “is she better than your own mother ?”

Atul did not get angry and replied that he does not know how his own mother is ..”but Aunty you certainly is best…” He added ..”my God , you are beautiful, your body is lovely and your cunt is full of juice ,tight and so hot…”

“Thanks…” she fisted my cock and said ,”but it seems your friend did not like cunt of his mother .”

I pulled her down from bed , made her bend by holding window and I again sucked and licked cunt . I finger fucked also and made her scream . She again requested and then only I pushed cock in..i began fucking mother for second time in three hours . She was looking outside window and I was banging hard and fast. We were busy and enjoying and door bell rang. I did not stop and while continuing to take my banging she told Atul that it must be her lunch and let room service man in…
Atul also opened door and not only room service entered with dishes ,there was one middle aged man. He signaled room service boy to go out. He closed door and said lady ,

“Basu, it is already past two and you are booked at 3 noon.

” Asif , this boy is very good ..let him finish.” She told me ..”Vinod, keep banging your mother.”

Now two persons watched and I fucked mother and at 2.20 I discharged inside cunt. She immediately turned and gulped cock. She sucked cum and made cock dry. She kissed me and asked us to leave and come again same time. She introduced us with the man and gave his number .She instructed man to take our calls immediately and book her and other girls immediately without negotiating for money.

“Asif , I can fuck with Vinod anytime free…”she added ‘let Vinod enjoy with other maals also.”

We could understood that Asif is agent of her and other girls. While we were leaving she told us that her team is in town only for two days and requested me to come tomorrow positively. On the way back and at home we talked only of the lady. Atul very happily described the pleasure he had with my mother and thanked mother for arranging lady for us. “really mom, your friend Basu is best maal..” Atul said, “she is very beautiful, her body is so tight and smooth, what a nice big rich and heavy breast and her cunt is so tight and juicy .”

I got excited to hear such description of a lady by a son to his mother .

“You liked her but whether she liked you and your cock or not that is important .” his mother was equally opened with son.

Atul replied promptly “she certainly liked our cocks that’s why she called us again tomorrow.” .

She got up and told us to get ready for lunch.

“Your father has had her yesterday and he sleeps with her every time she visit our time.”

I was more surprised .knowing very well that father has fucked a particular lady mother suggested son to fuck same lady .

“Whether this lady, mother of my friend a slut herself . On bed I asked Atul whether he fuck mother . He said that his mother is very free , she talks about sex with both son and daughter even in presence of father and close friends . All think same .

“But, Vinod believe me, I have not seen even breast of mother nor I wish to. ”

He said with determination that even if his mother or sister remain nude or fuck with others in his presence still he will not fuck them..He was not weak like me. I fucked my own mother at first opportunity .

Next morning Atul requested and his mother also insisted but I did not go with Atul to fuck my mother. Atul went alone. Now I was alone with Sharmila, mother of Atul. We were alone. She had taken bath and like yesterday she had slacks and top.

” Vinod ,why you did not go to fuck best lady..”?” she asked looking in my eyes .

Fearlessly I replied ” because I wanted your lovely & nice company..”

She might or might not expected this answer. She kept looking at me without any expression. She was seated in a three seater sofa. I sat on my knee in front of her and put my hands on mid of her thighs .

“Aunty, please have mercy on me..” I begged .

“What you want..?’

“Most beautiful, lovely ,thunder thighs of yours .” I caressed both thighs ..

“Please let me love this loveliest thighs of the world .” I moved hand up on her waist and held elastic band of slacks .
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09-01-2016, 03:01 AM
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RE: Paid Mother for Sex
“Aunty ,please let me have nice look at these thunder thighs. ”

I pushed fingers inside and began pulling slacks down. She was looking in my eyes. There was no change in her blank expressions. I saw and smiled and soon not only slacks but along with that black coloured panty also got pulled down. I pulled clothes out of her leg . I pushed both legs wide apart. Now I was having full close up view not only of her thunder thighs but also of her nicely shaven pussy. I wanted to fondle cunt but I controlled myself. Still there was no change in her expression. But now, I did not want to let go this opportunity. After fucking my own mother I did not have any shame left. Now ,I could have fucked any one .

I did not touch cunt. I caressed thighs from knee to pubic area many time and I saw droplets coming out on cunt lips. Still I did not touch cunt. I lifted both legs on my shoulders and began to lick and caress thighs, starting from knee of one thighs to thigh joints of one and then from thigh joints to knee of other. I did it four time and then she acted .She pushed my head between her thighs and kept it pressed on cunt. She pressed it so hard that I felt suffocated but at the same time I sucked aroma of cleanly shaven cunt. She kept my head pressed for some time ,many be 5-6 minutes and then loosened grip. She grunted aloud but did not pushed me away.

I continued caressing of thighs by both hands and simultaneously I began exploring cunt by my tongue. I tickled clit and ran tip of tongue between cunt lips. This lips were certainly softer than lips of cunt of my mother which has hardened due to regular fucking . I continued tongue action and lady moaned ..

“Ohhh,,,,,Vinod, keep doing is very nice….ahhhh….bahut maza aa raha hai….”

I now took help of hand also. While digging cunt by tongue I began digging cunt with finger also. First one finger and then two and finally three fingers were deep in cunt all together.

“Ohhhhh…Vinod…fuck me… hard…mujhe chodo….ahhhh…aur fast..faster …ahhhh….” She was now enjoying finger and tongue on cunt.. I continued with same action. I knew my lund has sollen under shorts but I did not want to pull mouth off cunt.. it was so tasty..aroma was so enticing …I pushed fingers deeper and fucked her fast…

“Vinod buss….” She pushed me away and shouted ” ab chodo …bur mey aag lagi hai..”

She asked me to fuck her as her cunt & body is on fire.

I got up and before I act, she unzipped shorts and like I undressed her ,she pushed shorts and underwear down on my legs in one go..She held lund in both hands and kissed tips.

“ is very nice, long,hot and thick…”

I pulled her top of her body , made her flat on sofa. I positioned on her and she herself guided tip of cock on entrance and I gave hard push…”Ohhhhh…..thoda dheere…”

She asked me to press cock in cunt slowly . I held both breast tightly and gave one after another four hard push. She moaned and screamed on my every push..after cock vanished inside valley of honey I looked into her eyes and said, “aunty ,you are best…”
I kissed mother of my friend. We kissed passionately for about 4-5 minutes and then for lund r about 20 minutes we fucked and fucked. Suddenly I pulled out, turned her and made her in doggy pose by getting her hand taking support of sofa. I came behind her. I parted hips and began sucking from ass hole to cunt and cunt to ass hole. Soon ass hole got lubricated and I caressed it with finger. I continued licking of cunt and clit .Simultaneously I caressed asshole with finger and soon finger began to slid in ass hole.
“it seems you get fucked in ass…?” I asked.

“yes” she replied that her husband is found of ass fuck and he himself is bisexual. She informed that husband fucks her in ass also but she does not like it. She enjoyed second round of oral for quite some time. And now before she says he penetrated lady from behind . He pushed hand down and while caressing breast and frontal nudity I fucked lady to my satisfaction .Sharmila was first to surrender , she shook body fast, pushed hip backward, I banged harder and she collapsed on bed ..

“Buss Vinod, I am now over …” she moaned satisfactorily .

I felt very satisfied that I could make a matured house wife exhausted. I pumped her faster and I also discharged but inside hot and tight cunt . I remained glued to her body for some time and then she suddenly pushed me away.

“Baap re…. ” she shouted …”I completely forgot , Pinky was to come .”

She looked at wall clock and smilingly hit at my cock….”bastard it took almost 90 minutes to discharge ..” she began to dress and advise m also to dress . I enquired and she said that her daughter was supposed to be at home by 11 and and now it is 12.30 , “she would be coming any time.”

I dressed and pulled her in my lap. She turned her head and said…

“Vinod , now on you are spending few days on every vacation between my thighs…my this cunt has liked you very much…” She kissed me passionately. I responded and said that since

I saw her first yesterday I wanted to love her thighs.

“Thank you very much aunty for giving me such fantastic pleasure..” I kissed her once again and said that she is much better than her friend Basu ( my mother) in all respect.
And there was call bell.

Lady got up telling “it must be Pinky.”

She opened door and returned back. I could not remove my eyes from ravishing beauty , her daughter. I moved my eyes from her head to feet and even in tight jeans I could make out that this girl is having similar thunder thighs like her mother.

“Pinky bête, this is Vinod a friend of your brother ” lady introduced her daughter to me and added ..

“Vinod , this is Pinky ,my darling daughter.”
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