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Out of the Blue (online)
07-14-2011, 10:33 PM
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Out of the Blue (online)
I had been single for a few years and I decided to get back into the dating scene so I logged onto an online dating site. I had received some very positive responses from a few guys who had read my profile, one in particular was totally amazing how we connected we had so much in common. We started just chatting on the dating site then we moved to an instant messenger.

We had lots of fun emailing back and forth learning more and more about each other; I couldn’t believe it after not even a week, I felt like I had known Wayne for years if not been married years. I was falling in love really fast. But I kept me mouth shut and didn’t let him know. That first night we got into a serious talk and he started telling me things that by just talking to me he really shouldn’t know it was like he was in my head. Not a good place to be with the thoughts I was having.

One day about 2 weeks in he shocked my socks right off and told me he loved me and couldn’t live without me.

I all of a sudden didn’t know which way was up or what to say I loved him dearly but I was usually the first to say it. I felt like I was hit with a brick I was so stunned we worked through my issues on this and in the end decided to be online boyfriend and girlfriend. I was walking on the top of the world singing in the office, car and the shower.

While on line we had promised not to get ourselves off that we would only get ourselves off when we were online together. This was the most frustrating time in my life I think. At least when I was single for the 2 years I could satisfy myself when ever I wanted. To make things worse we would talk very explicated about sex and our fantasies. So I would start getting worked up and then we would say good night. Normally I would be able to then go to my room and masturbate but with our promise I couldn’t.

One night it was really tough Wayne and I was talking, he asked if he could try and make me cum.

I told him he could try but it usually took a lot (I knew this wasn’t the truth)

So he started telling me how he would remove my clothes ever so slowly and kissing the skin that was being exposed as the cloths came off. Undoing each button slowly one at a time until my shirt was completely open kissing the new skin that is exposed.

I said “then what”

“I would remove first one arm of the shirt, by kisses starting down your neck to your shoulder then down your arm, sucking each finger into my mouth when I reach your hand as I remove the first side. Then up your stomach past your bra back to your neck so I can remove the other arm of your shirt starting at the hollow of your neck kisses to your ear. A gentle kiss on your ear, then work my way down your neck to your shoulder, then your arm and lastly your hand again sucking on each finger in turn like I would your nipples.” He paused

“And what will you do to me next” I asked.

I will pick you up and carry you to bed. Then undo and remove your jeans by first undoing the top button, kissing that spot, sliding your zipper down, followed by my wet tongue. As I remove your jeans, I kiss down the front of your panties getting to your honey pot the aroma is so sweet. As I get down a little farther I can see that your panties are getting a wet spot right where your pussy opening is. As I kiss and lick your panties I can taste the honey from your pussy on your panties. I pull myself away from there, I continue to work your jeans off kissing and licking the insides of your thighs all the way down.” Babe is that doing anything to you he asked

“MMMMMM” is all I can say he is so getting to me, all I want to do is touch myself but I made a promise that I wouldn’t unless him and I were going to do it together.

“Lmao, Am I to assume with the lack of conversation on your end means you are getting a little hot under the collar or should I say in your panties?” He asked

“Ok I have to admit you are getting to me and I want so much to touch myself but we had a promise to each other.” I said

“Oh, babe, go a head just the thought of your getting hot and horny and cuming to what I am writing will get me off as well. We will get off together tonight if you want just a little bit apart. Just tell me little bits of what you are doing.”

“OK, go ahead I am going to slip out of my clothes down to my underwear just like you have me” I said.

“I can see you now. On with the show, Now that I have you down to your underwear, I move back up and give you a deep passionate kiss and slip my hands behind your back to undo your bra. I start kissing down to your breasts but while I am working my way down I am pinching your nipples that have turned to two little hard nubs waiting to be sucked on.” “What are you doing?” Wayne asked.

“I have removed my bra and am rubbing my breasts, you are correct they are 2 hard little nubs waiting for your mouth to embrace them. I am getting so hot from your description of what you would do to me please keep going.”

“It is so nice to know I am getting you hot, I am hard just thinking of you doing what I am describing” he said “I take the first nipple in my mouth and as I do that I move to the side and hook a finger into your panties working them down your legs. I release your nipple once they get to far down and move down to you pussy. I remove your panties and spread your legs by climbing in between them.” “Your turn tell me what you are doing.”

“I have also removed my panties and have messaged my nipples imagining it is you playing with them.” I said. “Please go on I am so hot for you”

“I spread you outer lips and gaze onto your little pearl, I noticed you are so wet you are glistening. I stretch out my tongue and lick your clit, I move my tongue down and scoop out some of your honey onto my tongue. I move back up to your clit, licking and sucking it. Causing even more liquid to start coming out of you pussy, while I put first one then two fingers into you and move them in and out.” “Should I continue and what are you doing?”

“Oh Wayne, I can’t type much I am rubbing both my clit and pumping my fingers in and out just continue, pleeeaaasssseee I am so close”

“OK, OK” “I keep plunging my fingers in and out, and licking and sucking your clit, faster, harder. I can’t stand it; I stop and plunge my hard cock into your warm wet pussy. I move your legs up to my shoulders and drive my cock in so hard my balls are slapping against your ass. In, out faster, slower trying to hold on as long as I can for you”

I break in “I am CUMMMING”

Wayne said “So am I”

After a few moments all I am able to say is “WOW” I could barely think straight, good thing I don’t have to walk anywhere yet.

Wayne said “Babe, Babe, are you there? That was amazing I hope you came as you said because I sure did, so much so I have to clean my keyboard.”

“Darling it was amazing I don’t think I have cum like that in years thank you and if you are anything close to that in person I am going to be one very happy woman”

But that is another Story

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