Our First Weekend .... Part 1
Its Thursday night and he will be off work early in the morning, sitting at home waiting for time to pass, tossing and turning because the anticipation of him finally being here has gotten too much for her to handle…
It’s 5am now and she still hasn’t gotten any sleep, thinking about their first moments together. Finally drifting off into a deep sleep she can see him in her dreams….

He is standing in front of her now, looking into her eyes. He says “Hi sweetie, I missed you.” She falls into his arms in utter delight, looking up into his face, her eyes mist over in happiness. This is finally for real; she thinks to herself, he is here in my arms. As she is looking up at him, he lowers his head to her face, placing his lips softly over hers. Cradling her face in his hands, he parts her lips with his tongue. Pushing his tongue deeper into her mouth exploring and tasting her mouth; almost like he had been searching for something and finally found it within her kiss. Her hands are grasping onto him, holding on tight as she is light headed from the intensity of his kiss. Breathlessly they break apart from the kiss, still looking into one anothers eyes. He takes her hand and they go into the house where he immediately turns her to face him. Lifting her chin he begins to kiss her forehead, trailing kisses down her face until he reaches her mouth. Then he places his lips over her more urgently, wanting more this time. She opens her mouth to receive him, to feel his tongue probe her mouth, urgently wanting him to take her to the next level. She moves into his embrace to feel his hardness against her thigh, she catches her breath with burning anticipation of what’s to come.

Guiding her through the house and downstairs to their room, he leads her just inside the doorway. With his hands on her shoulders he pulls her into an embrace, using one hand to close and lock the door behind them, his other hand cradling the side of her face as he is kissing her passionately again. She feels weak from all the excitement and anticipation of feeling him becoming one with her. He moves around her kissing her lightly on the side of the face, trailing along her neck to the back of her long hair. Pushing aside her long curly hair he brushes her shoulders, kissing lightly the area just under her hair all the while moving his hands along her arms. Reaching for the end of her shirt, he lifts it gently over her head, taking care to place kisses along her naked skin while moving the shirt out of the way. Taking her breasts in his hands he begins to tease her nipples through the silky fabric of her bra. She arches her back and grabs onto him for support. He slides the straps down slowly revealing her soft breasts, taking her bra off and throwing it to the floor.

She begins to feel his arms, his chest all through his clothing, she begins to tug at his shirt, pulling it off with the utmost urgency. He slows her down just a bit because he wants to savor this time they have together. He begins to slip his hand in the waistband of her skirt, long black flowing skirt. Slowly lowering the skirt just past her belly button he bends down to kiss her stomach softly, moving the skirt lower. He reveals her black lacy panties and she can hear his breath take a sharp intake. His fingers slide inside the panties, rubbing her ass softly, moving his hands to her inner thigh. His fingers brush her pleasure spot through her panties. He feels the wetness coming through the panties and decides to take her panties off, so sliding his fingers on each side of her leg he brings the panties down revealing her softness. Unable to resist he begins kissing her inner thigh moving inwards toward her pleasure center. He wants to taste everything about her; she parts her legs a little so that he can explore her further. Sensing she wants more he stops and returns to standing in front of her. She then begins to explore his chest, softly running her hands down his chest towards his stomach, pausing at the clasp on his jeans.

She opens the clasp gently, lowering the zipper on his pants, brushing his hardness lightly. She pushes his pants down to reveal his hardness through his boxer briefs. Her breathing begins to increase as she lowers in front of him to remove his briefs, slowly sliding them down. Gently kissing him along the bottom of his stomach and moving in a circular motion with her tongue trailing down to the base of his hardness. She begins to kiss the base of his shaft, sucking softly and then trailing her tongue along the ridges of his hard shaft. Moving from the base to the top of his penis, circling around the head with her tongue. Taking him into her mouth, slowly at first, savoring every inch of him. Sucking as she moves down his shaft and then slowly moving back to the tip, lightly sucking the entire way back up.

He gently brings her to stand in front of him and holding her face begins to kiss her passionately, making his needs known through the urgency of his kisses. He moves her toward their king size bed, moving the canopy aside he lays her down gently, never taking his mouth off of hers. She sinks into the bed from the weight of his body on hers. Still kissing and exploring her mouth with his tongue, his hand begins to move across her body. Taking her nipple in between his fingers he begins to squeeze gently making them harder with each bit of pressure exerted in them. Cupping her breasts in the palm of his hands, his mouth moves from her lips and trails down the middle of her chest, splitting her breasts moving from one breasts to the other, taking each nipple into his mouth and sucking gently, flicking them with his tongue. All the while his hands are moving further down her body, brushing her stomach lightly and moving to the area just above her wetness. Rubbing gently and yet with just a little pressure he moves his fingers down further, parting her soft lips so that he can enter her slowly. His fingers circle her wetness before totally sliding his finger into her moist warm heavenly pleasure spot. He hears her breath quickening with each probe of his finger and movement of his tongue. He continues tracing her body downward with his tongue. Moving to her inner thighs he pulls her legs further apart so that he can kiss her inner thighs. Kissing her softly between her legs, moving his tongue around the outer edges of her lips, sucking lightly, playfully. Making her feel an intense stirring in her stomach making her involuntarily spread her legs wide for him. She wants to receive him inside of her hot wetness, to feel her body envelop his hardness. But he was not ready for this to happen, he continued kissing and lightly sucking on her clit, making it more swollen from pleasure, he moves spreads her lips with his fingers so that he can place his tongue deeper inside, wanting to taste more of her. She begins to move and moan uncontrollably, losing all sense of where she is. He begins to insert his finger into her, at first just teasing her slightly and then he wants to feel more of her wetness so he places his finger inside of her, feeling her juices all around his finger.

This doesn’t last long because he wants her, to feel himself inside of her. He wants to feel himself throbbing inside of her, her tightness all around him, every muscle contracting with pleasure. She is begging him to take her, she wants to feel his hardness deep within her, moving rapidly until they both explode with pleasure. No longer able to control his desire to make her his, he slides in between her outspread legs, being careful to go slowly at first. She feels the tip of his hardness begin to enter her, pushing softly inside of her creating an electric sensation between her legs. She opens that much wider for him to enter with better ease. He slides into her with very little effort, feeling her tightness surround him, he begins to move quicker, letting her take all of him inside of her wetness. She begins to arch her back to meet with his body, his rhythm wanting to move quicker but he slows her down. Moaning softly she calls out his name, grabbing his shoulders she kisses him passionately letting him know of her urgent need to release.

Wanting to give her more pleasure then thought possible he slowly has her roll over onto her knees. He has her move to the edge of the bed and stands behind her. Grabbing her hips he lowers her down to him moving swiftly he enters her, making her moan with pleasure. He begins thrusting slowly at first, going deeper with each thrust. She begins to cry out his name, feeling wave after wave of pleasure flowing through her body. His hands are moving up her back as he thrust into her, grabbing her hair he pulls gently with each remaining thrust. She arches her back and sits up, feeling him deep within her body, she has her first of many orgasms, her body shuttering with delight she cries out his name wanting him to go faster and push through the orgasm, not stopping. He feels her muscles tighten with each movement knowing that she is cumming all over his hard cock. He allows her that moment before he removes himself from her wetness. He wants to explore her ass, slowly rubbing her ass, he spreads her cheeks wanting to put his hard cock in her, take her to a new level of orgasmic pleasure. He slowly begins to insert himself into her ass, making sure to move slowly so as not to hurt her in anyway. She is so tight he can barely contain himself, she moves backwards onto him allowing him to be inside of her all the way. He begins to thrust slowly in and out. She is moaning with an unimaginable pleasure, wanting him to move faster she begins moving with him. He cannot handle the tightness and her moving against him, he lets out a moan of pleasure as he cums inside of her. She feels his hot fluids flowing into her ass and she knows that she has only begun to feel all the pleasure he has to offer. He moves her slowly down onto the bed so that he is lying on top of her, resting on her as he is still inside of her. They lay there trying to catch their breaths from this intense encounter. Slowly pulling out of her, they get up to take a shower. Kissing each other passionately while walking to the bathroom for their much needed shower before round two begins…….

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