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Mom was very worried about my marriage, because I had become very notorious and no one would ever marry me! I was too young to be married any way. But Mom somehow found a widower in his forties, saying that she was too poor to support me and so was giving me in marriage. Later I came to know that the widower had come to know my history. His first wife was very cold and he never got satisfaction. So this time he wanted a hot girl! He did not know that I was burning hot for him!

On the day of my marriage, my friends came and pleaded with mom that from now on they won’t get me so I should be allowed a last, farewell fuck. Once again, on the day of my marriage, I had to entertain more than a dozen men, but this time it wasn’t really a gangbang. They kept coming one after another!

After marriage, on my first night, I told him in lain words that I had several boy friends and I needed them to keep satisfying me. He laughed and said he agreed but said I had to also agree to something more! He wanted his several clients and business relations to be obliged! I couldn’t have asked for more! Now he keeps sending me to his clients and when there is no one, I keep inviting men from every where!
One day I told him that I had fucked so many men, and had been enjoying it, but wanted to know how the prostitutes feel! He talked to some pimp and took me to a brothel the next day.

He took Rs 5000 from the pimp and said I could be used as much as possible for the whole night! The pimp allotted me a room and told me to stand in the lane below to attract customers. I went down and stood in the lane where several other girls were also standing, some of them with skimpy clothes! A man came and asked me how much I charged for a shot. I said Rs 1000. He asked me to show my wares. I opened my blouse and showed my tits. They had by now grown quite a bit. He touched them and then came in to my room. After the first customer, I came back in to the lane.

It was very boring to be waiting like this. I removed all clothes and stood absolutely naked. The other girls began screaming –the police man will come – don’t do this. But I did not care. The passers by saw me and stopped to take a closer look. Soon a crowd had formed around me. Like a road side seller, I tempted them- come touch the boobs- no charge for touching! One of them came forward and squeezed my boobs. Others also gained courage and one of them reached my pussy also. I spread my legs a little to lat him have a good feel. Suddenly a policeman came.

He poked his stick on to my pussy and asked in a authoritative voice – whats going on here? I wasn’t to be scared! I said you don’t have your own rod- why are you pushing this wooden rod? People began laughing. He got annoyed and took me to the police station in the same state. Almost the entire staff of the police station fucked me that night. I returned home next day!

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