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One Night on the Beach
07-15-2011, 04:30 AM
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One Night on the Beach
One Night on the Beach

Shortly after we moved to Taiwan, I took my hot wife Laurie to the Philippines to get away from the cold, rainy weather that had depressed everyone in Taipei for about 8 weeks. At the time, my wife had just celebrated her 28th birthday and was a little homesick for friends, family and lovers. We hadn't been in Taiwan long enough to know anyone "safe" to play with, and it had been about eight weeks since Laurie had entertained either of the two men she'd cuckolded me with while I was setting up our house in Taipei. At the same time, it had been that long since she'd had the opportunity to humiliate me in front of others - something we both enjoy immensely.

We flew in to Manila, and then took a small jet south to a city called Roxas in the middle of the country. From Roxas, we hopped on to a 4-seater and flew another 30 minutes south to a small island called Sicogan.

Landing on a grass strip – the plane was surrounded by Filipinos holding drinks and flowers – it was just like Fantasy Island. We boarded a jitney (a much decorated small truck/bus that is the most common form of transport on the islands) and were taken to the resort.

We checked in at the main building, found out that there were only about 30 guests at the resort that week, and then went to our little hut. Small but comfortable, it held two queen-size beds, a couple chairs and a small dresser. The bathroom was also quite small – the shower was not enclosed – but the whole bath area was tiled so it didn’t really matter.

We were on Sicogan for 5 days. We spent lazy, sun-drenched days spent on the beach or touring some of the out-islands…one day we saw the fishermen that dress head-to-toe in white wrappings to keep out the ungodly heat. (But that is another story!) Nights were spent having dinner at the main building of the resort, then maybe a little dancing; there was a small combo in the bar/lounge off the main dining area. And then we took a walk on the beach and back to our cabin. We usually got a bucket of ice at the bar to take back with us…we had a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream in the room.

All the time we were on Sicogan, we were always aware of the guards that were on constant patrol. They were young men who always had carbine rifles slung over their shoulders – on the lookout for religious and political radicals. They looked a little scary, but they were always very nice.

On this particular night, we had stayed late at the bar. Laurie had let the bartender make her several of those sweet but oh-so-deadly tropical drinks while waiting to see if someone she met the previous evening was going to come by (another story!) When he didn’t show (turns out he left earlier that day) we decided to head back to our room. To get there, we took a roundabout route that brought us to the beach behind most of the (unoccupied) guest cabins.

Walking up the beachfront, we heard some music playing and some laughing voices coming from behind a group of palm trees. We moved closer and saw five of the guards hanging around a bonfire, drinking some beers and listening to the music from an old boom box radio. Laurie looked at me, her eyes starting to sparkle a little. “Wanna go have some fun, baby?” I thought it was from the rum, but I knew it could be more.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“I really wanted to dance again tonight,” Laurie said with a pouty little smile. “Do you mind?” Her lips shifted slightly and her smile now said it didn't really matter if I minded or not.

“Not at all,” I smiled back at my pretty, young wife. We started to walk towards the fire and the music. When we got off the beach, any breezes we had felt were stopped by the growth of palms. Every night had been quite warm – this was no exception – and Laurie was dressed for the weather (and, I suspect, her friend who had already left.) She had on a sleeveless, lightweight, powder-blue blouse that tied under her breasts (no bra, of course) and some long pants she bought for the trip. They were a very low-cut hip-hugger style, with an elastic waist – very long and baggy legs. The material was a very lightweight synthetic…I think they were called ‘parachute’ pants. As we approached the palms and got closer to the fire, it started to get quite hot and we were both sweating. It didn’t do much for my appearance, but Laurie’s shirt was starting to get transparent. When I lit a small cigar as we approached, so we wouldn’t startle the guys with the gun, I was able to see my wife's nipples through the thin, damp material.

“Hey, fellas,” I called out to the group by the fire. About 5 or 6 young guys were standing around with beers in their hands. One or two of them still had the rifles strapped on, looking semi-official. “My wife heard the music…mind if we stay for a minute?” They looked up, their expressions said they were a little upset that a guest was disturbing their time off…then they saw Laurie.

“It’s fine…fine…come over by the fire.” This was from the biggest of the bunch – maybe 5’10” and 165 lbs soaking wet. “Drink a beer?” And he handed one to me. “One for the beautiful lady?” He held a dripping can out to Laurie.

“No, thanks, I think I had enough to drink earlier.” Laurie smiled back at the guard. “But please, don’t let me stop you…” Laurie moved a little closer to the fire and started to sway with the music.

“You like to dance, Miss?” Again from the same guy, but the others were starting to move a little closer.

“Love to,” Laurie replied. “But I really don’t know how to dance to this music. Can you show me?”

Laurie started to move towards the guards…closer to the fire and more exposed to the direct heat. There was a little bit of moonlight, but it was the light from the flames that illuminated everything with flickering highlights and shadows. I leaned against a palm, watched as Laurie moved closer to the burning driftwood. I could see drops of sweat start to run down her throat and along the sides of her breasts. Her skin was getting moist – her blouse was starting to stick – all of us could see her nipples starting to grow.

“Sure, we can show you how, Miss. Of course, if it is alright with Mister…” He looked over in my direction to gauge my reaction.

“Whatever she wants,” I said with a big grin. “But, listen guys, only what she wants; only what she says is alright, okay?” I wasn’t grinning now.

“Sure, boss,” the leader was speaking, but they were all nodding at me, “she’s in charge, okay?”

“Well, if I’m in charge,” Laurie moved closer still, “then you should be talking to me. What’s your name?”

“Junior,” he replied. (They all chuckled – there was a good chance at least 3 or 4 of them shared that name.)

Laurie held out her arms towards him, her hips swaying back and forth. “C’mon, Junior,” her eyes were starting to get a familiar glaze, “teach me how to dance…please?” The way she held her arms out caused her blouse to gape open. Someone had turned the music a little louder…sparks were shooting out of the bonfire…the sweet smell of jasmine and other heavy tropical plants fought with the smoke to dominate the air. From my position, I watched Junior walk up to Laurie and take her right hand in his left and slip his right arm around her waist. He pulled her close – making no effort to hide his direct look into her blouse.

He finally looked up into her eyes. “Follow along, Miss…got to move your hips to the beat…that’s right, move with me…” And they were bumping along together on the sand, looking pretty hot in the flickering firelight.

“Baby,” Laurie looked over at me, “I’m so hot. Could you please get me a drink from our cabin?” I smiled back, nodded, and went to get a drink for her and a skinny for me.

I was gone about ten minutes. When I returned, Laurie was still dancing with Junior, but he was trying to show her a different, faster dance. All the boys were a little closer to her – from a distance I could see her blouse had separated a bit more. She saw me with her drink and came back over to me – took it out of my hand and downed about ½ of the Bailey's-on-ice in one swallow.

“God, that tastes good. Thanks, baby.” She was talking to me, but her eyes were on the half-naked boys around the fire.

“Everything okay?” I know she heard the break in my voice - her eyes shone even more brightly and her nipples seemed to grow right before my eyes.

“Yeah,” she said, ‘everything but my dancing. I just can’t get the leg movements for the fast dance.”

“What does Junior say?” My voice was more of a whisper then.

Laurie looked at me hard…swallowed the rest of her drink. “Light your joint, baby…relax a little.” And so I lit it and took a puff. “Baby,” Laurie said with a pout and a little smile, “Junior says it’s the pants. They’re just too big and baggy for dancing like this. He said I should take them off. What do you think?”

“What’s underneath, darlin’?”

Laurie stood in front of me and handed me her empty glass. She hooked her thumbs on either side and slowly lowered her pants until I could see her light blue, silky bikini panties.

I took another hit off the joint – then I slipped my hand into her panties. Her slit was wet. “You want to take them off, don’t you?”

Laurie mumbled… “Yes.”

“You want them all to see you like this, don’t you?”

Again, my beautiful young wife nodded to me. “Yes, baby…is that okay?”

I took a long deep drag off the joint and looked at my wife. Standing about 30 feet from the fire, her blue eyes burning, sweat dripping down the inside swell of her exposed tits; she looked so hot, so ready to play. The smoke and sparks and the tropical smells made the air heavy…it almost seemed like we were moving in slow motion. I drew her close and kissed her, my heart pounding in anticipation. “You know what’s bound to happen, don’t you?” I rubbed her bottom as Junior and the boys looked on. “These pants won’t be the only thing to go…” Laurie leaned into me, pressing her breasts into my chest, her fingers finding the zipper of my shorts and then my hardening cock. “Are you gonna let them...have you, baby?”

She wrapped he fingers around my hard-on and started to stroke it. “Baby, they're not justgonna have me - those beautiful boys are gonna fuck your wife - while you watch, my darling cuckboy.” She moved close to nuzzle my neck as she spoke softly in my ear, “I haven’t done anything like this since the frat party at Northwestern…and you weren’t there to see me.” My throbbing dick was harder than ever and she had me very close to the edge. “Don’t you want to see me, baby? Or do you think these boys won't think you're a man...letting them fuck your hot, younger wife?”

I took her hand away and turned her so she was facing the fire…Junior and the guys moved a little closer. “Come here, Junior.” I motioned him closer. “She says the pants are a problem.”

“Too big, Mister,” his eyes were shifting between me and Laurie, “they’re just too big…she can’t move in them and I can’t see what her legs are doing.”

I dropped to my knees just behind and to her side. It took all my strength to move my hands up her legs towards her round hips. Slowly, my fingers trembling in the light of the fire, I hooked my fingers into the sides of her waistband and very deliberately started to draw them down. I had everyone’s attention now…the boys were murmuring to themselves. When the waistband cleared her panties, I could see Junior’s eyes widen and hear him suck in some air. I looked around and saw what Junior was seeing…Laurie’s panties had a nearly sheer lace front panel. We could see a little strip of hair above her swollen lips. As she stood there, her legs trembling just a little, I pulled her pants all the way down.

It was almost totally silent in this little palm grove…the music was playing but it seemed far away. Smoke and sparks circled around in the hot breeze, beads of sweat were dripping off everyone, everywhere. Laurie put her hand on my shoulder and looking into Junior’s eyes, lifted one leg up and out of the pants and then the other. His eyes got very dark as they examined every inch of her. “This better, Junior?” My voice cracked as I displayed my wife to him.

He just nodded to me. “You are quite beautiful, Miss.” He moved close and took her arm, leading her back to the fire and the seductive island music.

Then, with the barest hint of reality intruding, I called to my wife. “Darlin’, we don’t know these guys…you need something if you think it’ll go all the way…”

She turned back towards me, her arm around Junior’s waist…I could see his fingers starting to slip into the top of her panties…then, loud enough for all to hear, “Baby, why don’t you run to the bar (there was a small drugstore counter) and get some rubbers?”

“How many?” My voice choked out the question. I wondered if all those boys could see how red my face was in the firelight...wondered if the entire staff would know about this by morning.

She looked slowly over the group, and then turned to me again. “Get a dozen, baby…” And the boys were starting to make some noise again. Laurie and Junior walked back to the fire and started to sway to the music as I re-lit my joint and started my ten minute walk back to the main building.

I strolled into the lounge and up to the bar. The bartender turned towards me. “Mr. S?” I nodded. “Here, sir, this is for you.” He bent down and came up with a cardboard box. “Junior called on his radio from the beach…said you would be needing all this.” And with six or seven patrons and several staff members looking on, he pulled out two six-packs of the local beer, a bag of ice, and then he built a pile of condoms on the bar. “Will you be charging this to your room, sir?” I looked at the pile - there were at least two dozen rubbers.

I told the bartender I thought we didn't need that many. By the look on his face, I knew immediately that he'd been waiting for that question.

His voice loud enough to grab everyone's attention, he smiled at me and said, "Junior called back - it seems your wife asked him to get more." Feeling the eyes of everyone at the bar on me, my face burning with embarassment, I signed his slip, took the box and made my way back. I stopped in our cabin to get the Bailey’s for Laurie and a couple of skinnies for me.

When I got back to the palm grove, Junior was holding my wife very closely, swaying to the slow, seductive rhythm of “Begawan Solo,” a sexy and romantic Indonesian love song, one of Laurie’s favorite tunes. She was nuzzling his neck, her arms holding him close. His arms were around her hips, his hands massaging her ass. When he saw me approach, he turned so Laurie’s backside was facing the boys. As he looked at me again, to make sure I was watching him, he slid his hands together, moving the back of her silky blue panties deep into her crack.

He moved his hands over her naked ass, playing to the boys, exposing her for them all to see. He slid a finger down between her ass cheeks and underneath – Laurie moaned loudly and turned her face up and kissed him hard and deep. When they broke apart, Junior called out to the boys in their local language and two of them moved outside the palm grove (I would guess just to keep watch.) He said something else, and all of a sudden, a blanket appeared by the fire. His arm around her waist, his fingers dipping into her panties, Junior led my wife to the blanket and in the firelight; he turned her around so she was facing the other 3 boys and me. As the well-built, dark-skinned Filipino boy stood behind her, we watched him nuzzling her neck and whispering in her ear. Then his hands reached up and untied the knot holding her blouse together and he pulled it slowly off her shoulders. Still standing behind her, he slid his hands up to her breasts and started rolling and pinching her nipples as she moaned and swayed to the island music. After a minute they were as long and hard as I had ever seen them.

He called softly to another of the guards who stepped up to Laurie and started sucking on one breast. A minute later, another young boy joined his friend, kissing her other breast and rubbing his hands up and down the side of her body. She turned slightly…in the fire light I could see sweat pouring down – she was completely soaked. By now, her little bikini panties were transparent, hiding nothing from any of us. And they didn’t last long – as the two younger boys were kissing my beautiful wife and feeling her up all over, Junior kneeled down on the blanket and peeled them down her long, moist legs. As he stood, he dropped his pants as well, then pushed the other two away. As I sat fifteen feet away, I watched this guy grinning at his friends put his hands on Laurie’s shoulders, and push her slowly down to the blanket. When she got to her knees, she wrapped one arm around his hard, muscular butt and pulled him close. She took his whole cock into her mouth in one motion and then started to bob back and forth. Junior was moaning (as was my wife) when the two boys dropped down to the blanket and continued invading Laurie’s body with their hands and tongues. After a few minutes, Junior barked at them again and they backed up quickly.

Laurie was working him hard and fast – I could see his butt muscles start to clench – and then with a short yell, he started to shoot his load. Laurie held him in her mouth for the first shot, and then held his cock as he spurted the rest on her chest. As I took the last hit off my joint, I watched my wife rub his cockhead across her tits, smiling at him, rubbing the cum into her skin.

Then, surprising us all, she ran naked through the palms, down to the beach, and jumped into the water. Junior sent the other boys down to get her and help her back to the fire. They took a little longer than necessary (Laurie told me later she was washing them off) which seemed to upset Junior. He ran down to the beach as well and brought them all back to the fire.

Laurie walked over to me, gave me a deep kiss, and asked me to get her another Bailey’s. I asked her what she planned to do with the boys. She laughed a little – said they were all rather small (and very excited) and didn’t think they would really do much for her. She said she was going to tell them she would suck them off if they wanted, but they would have to use condoms if they wanted to fuck her. In either case, she figured it wouldn’t take long. I said that I didn’t think Junior was going to settle for the blowjob he already got…as the clear ‘leader’ of the group, he was going to need more. I thought she should ask him if it was okay to fuck him and just blow the others – that should give him respect in front of the others.

She did as I suggested…and for the next hour, (after I got back from our cabin – Baileys and some weed with me) I leaned back against a curved palm, smoking a joint with Junior, watching my beautiful wife pleasuring this group of teenage Filipino boys. They kissed and licked and gently prodded her everywhere as she kept a least one hard cock in her mouth and one or two others in her hands. When they all had their chance to cum, they pulled out and shot all over her. And again, when they boys were through, she went back to the water to wash off. She came back and knelt down, kissed Junior on the mouth, and led him back to the blanket.

This time, she pushed him down on his back and kneeled over him, lowered her face and licked his cock until it stood straight. Then we all watched as she straddled his hips and lowered herself until his prick disappeared up her steamy pussy. As she fucked him, the others came close again – rubbing, kissing, and licking her all over until she started moving too fast for them. In a few minutes, she reached behind her back and started to rub Junior’s balls until he couldn’t take any more and blasted his load again, this time directly into her cunt. I could see at least four strong clenches as he dumped his sperm into my wife's fiery cunt. Then at the last, she dropped down to his chest, her nipples digging into his dark skin and she kissed him once more. Then my loving wife smiled and pointed to me. "Junior," she said loud enough for all around to hear, "it's okay if you tell your friends what happened tonight." They laughed together before she jumped off him, grabbed her blouse and pants (left the panties there), grabbed my hand and led me back to our cabin.

Laurie raced ahead of me, naked in the tropical moonlight. When I got to our cabin, I found her on the bed, leaning back against the headboard, her still moist thighs spread in unspoken invitation.

“Make me another drink, baby.” Laurie’s voice was hardly more than a whisper. I took the last of the ice and poured my beautiful young wife another Bailey’s. I walked over to her and she took it out of my hand. She held the cold, dripping glass against one nipple and then the other, making them grow long and hard. Then she took a long swallow and put the glass down. She looked at me, her eyes still filled with the hot tropical night. “You never made me put a rubber on Junior, baby. Why?” Her whispering was so hot I thought I would lose my mind.

My voice caught in my throat, my heart pounding way too fast. “Baby, you looked so hot, so beautiful when you were swallowing his cock.” I had to try to calm down a little. “I was just so into seeing you like that…when you straddled him…I just couldn’t stop you.”

“I’m glad you didn’t, baby.” Laurie’s whispered turned into a slutty giggle. “He shot so hard in me I almost came.” She giggled again. “Did you hear me, baby? I said ‘almost’…”

I knew what she wanted, what my wife needed then. I knelt down between her legs and started licking the insides of her thighs. She was moaning as she felt my tongue swab up the cum that leaked out of her on the run back to the cabin. She started a low growl as I ran the tip of my tongue through the folds of her swollen pussy lips. Before I could do more, my hot wife sat up and rolled me on to my back. She crawled towards me, dragging her used cunt across my stomach and chest until she held it still, just inches over my mouth.

“Better get it all, baby…we don’t want any little Juniors yet.” She reached down and with one hand, spread her dark, pink hole open. With her other, she raised my head to her steamy cunt. I ate her like a man possessed, licking her from asshole to clit, tongue-fucking her as hard as I could. Finally, she started to quake and she pulled me tight against her. “Suck it out, baby…eat me…eat his cummmm!!!!” As she rode her climax, she pushed all of Junior’s cream into my mouth and then moved her hand to my throat, massaging it and making me swallow it all.

"You want to fuck me now, don't you, cuckyboy?" Her eyes still reflected the lust that possesed her on the beach. She giggled when she heard me moan in assent. She moved her other hand back to my stiff and trembling cock. "I don't think Junior would like it, honey." She giggled like a slutty little schoolgirl. "I told him my pussy was his for the rest of our vacation." And as soon as she brushed it with her fingertips, I came all over her back. My wife slid off of me as we spooned together, falling asleep, waiting for another day in paradise.

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