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My wife,her brother& his friend
07-19-2011, 03:00 AM
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My wife,her brother& his friend
Hi this is lucky.

It all started when Sushma (Sam)’s brother Ritesh (Rick) had stopped by to help me move the bedroom furniture so we could have new carpet installed. We were sitting around the kitchen having some coffee before we got started and I noticed that as Sam was hurrying around before she left for the day Rick kept sneaking looks at her. She was dressed in a simple summer cotton nightie, and although it wasn’t revealing it wasn’t made of very thick fabric. She wouldn’t normally have worn it without a robe in front of visitors, but this was her brother so she must not have thought about it.

I watched him, watch her, for a little while, and could see that he was quite interested in catching a glimpse as her little breasts shook the fabric of the material. This gave me an idea, so I made a quick trip to the bathroom, and on the way back I dropped a couple nude photos of Sam behind the dresser. I was curious to see what Rick would do when we picked up the dresser and he saw the pictures.

In just a few minutes Sam was dressed and out the door to go shopping, so we went upstairs to move the furniture. After taking out the bed, and some other pieces, I made sure that Rick was on the end on the dresser where I had dropped the photos. We pulled it away from the wall, and as he was bending down to lift the dresser picked up the Polaroid’s instead. He quickly looked at them, and then almost as fast turned them over and handed them to me. I tried to act very surprised, and remarked that they must have fallen out of one of the drawers. I looked at them for a little while, and they tossed them, picture side up, on top of the dresser.

He just couldn’t help it, so when he looked at them again I asked him what he thought of his sister. He looked like he didn’t know what to say, but finally said that he’d “always wanted a piece of her” since he was in junior high. She’s a few years older than him so she was always more mature than him in school.

I told him that I might be able to arrange that if he really was interested. He looked very shocked, as would be expected by most people that know us. But to prove my point I reached into one of the dresser drawers and took out a stack of nude photos of his sister. Once again he was surprised, but when we came to a few that showed her having sex with more than one man at a time I thought he might pass out. It was quite obvious from the large bulge in his pants that he found the photos of his sister exciting.

We talked about “swinging” for a while, as he looked at the photos. He said he’d often asked his wife to try swinging, and that she’d finally said yes, but then changed her mind later on. While he was going through the photos for a third time I began to suggest a plan for an encounter a couple weeks later. He was all for it, and asked if he could also invite his grade school friend who’d always had a crush Sam. I gave him a couple of the photos to share with Mark so they would be ready for the day.

After a few weeks had gone by, and I had prepared Sam for another special event, the day finally arrived. It seemed that the best place to pull this off was going to be at our house. I had Sam get ready for the evening by dressing up in one of her silkiest robes, over a sheer nightgown with garters, stockings, and sheer panties over a shaved pussy. To make the wardrobe complete, and to make this a surprise, I added a thick blindfold. I figured that she’d back out of it if she saw her brother waiting for her, so needed to keep it a surprise.

Sam was waiting in the bedroom upstairs, so when Rick and Mark arrived I turned on some loud music and they sat down to wait in the living room. I went upstairs to get Sam, and she immediately wondered what was going on. I told her that I had two friends waiting downstairs, people that she hadn’t been involved with before, at least not sexually. I carefully led her down the stairs, and into the living room still blindfolded.

I positioned her so she was standing, standing in front of them, and went through the pretense of introducing her to them, but not them to her. They were trying to be quiet since she would recognize their voices. I stood behind her, and slowly began to unwrap and reveal her body to them. I took about 30 minutes to tease them, and fondle her body in front of them, before she was finally down to just her stockings and garters. I continued playing with her little titties and pussy for a few more minutes until she was wet and ready to go.

I explained what was going to happen next, so Rick and Mark quickly got undressed. I was glad to see that both of them were aroused; so Mark quickly lay down on the floor. I instructed Sam to straddle him, as she was going so sit on his cock and suck the cock of my other “friend” at the same time. This was a position I’ve often used so she didn’t have any problem finding her way with just her hands. In just a moment she had knelt down over him and taken his cock all the way into her pussy. She was slowly rocking back and forth, once again getting used to somebody else’s cock in her pussy. By now Rick couldn’t hold back any longer so he stepped up to her, and as soon as his cock touched her lips she opened up her mouth.

This was quite a sight, certainly something I never thought I would see. Sam was sucking away on her own brother’s cock! I was glad she had the blindfold on. It wasn’t long before she got into a familiar rhythm of riding up and down on one cock while she sucks on another. I could tell that Rick was soon getting ready to cum as he began to hold on to her head a little tighter with each thrust. It was obvious that after 20 or so years of lusting after his sister he wasn’t going to let go of her now.

I thought for sure Rick would come first, but all of a sudden Mark give a groan and grabbed her hips to pull her down on his cock. This was all Rick needed, but just as he was ready to cum he pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to cover her face with his cum. It was obvious that this was something he’d been dreaming for some time as his load was huge. He later told me he’d not had sex with his wife for over a week, just to have more cum for his sweet sister.

When Rick was finished he slipped his cock back into her mouth so she could clean up the remains of his cum. As we had earlier planned he also slipped the blindfold off her head at the same time. It took Sam a little while, but eventually she looked up to see whose cock was in her mouth. Her eyes opened wide, and she tried to say something but Rick had a firm grip on her head and kept his cock in her mouth. Eventually she also looked around and saw that not only had she sucked her brother’s cock, but she had also she fucked her brother’s best friend.

When Rick finally let go of her head she seemed too stunned to say anything, but looked like she wanted to kill all 3 of us. Rick started to explain how he’d dreamed about her and wanted to have sex with her since before he was in junior high school. They explained how they had always tried to peek in the window or door when she was showering or getting dressed. They admitted that while window peeping they had often gotten glimpses of her, and even a few times had seen her completely naked. It seems that they’d done almost everything a couple young boys could do to try and see an older sister naked. Even to the point of drilling holes through the wall, but with little success.

Sam just sat on the floor listening to all of this. She seemed to be in a daze about it all and kept saying that she hadn’t known, or hadn’t realized the extent to which they both had tried to watch her. It was becoming very obvious that the telling of these tales was having an effect on Rick. While he stood in front of her, and explained his desire for her, once again he got a hard erection. About this time Sam asked me now what? I asked Rick what more he wanted, and without any hesitation he said “I want to fuck my sister.”

Sam silently lay down on the floor and spread her legs apart so he could have his wish. We all stopped for a moment to stare at her exposed shaved pussy waiting to be used by her brother. But Rick quickly mounted her and in one quick motion rammed his cock into her. From the very first thrust, when he entered her, he kept on furiously pounding away at her pussy until he was finished.

What surprised me was that during this Sam kept her eyes wide open, she usually closes them during sex with other men. Instead she was closely watching the expressions on Rick’s face as he fucked her. It looked like all those years of lust were clearly showing on his face, and expressed by his cock, as he pounded her as hard as he could. Even though he had already come on her face, the hard thrusting soon took its toll on him and he soon started to cum. I thought he was trying to push his cock out her mouth since he was ramming her as hard as he came in her pussy.

Then to my surprise, and her’s too I think, Sam started that very familiar gasp, arched her back, and pulled her brother tight as she had her own orgasm. She almost never has an orgasm when we’re doing these special events so it must have also been a great turn on for her to be fucking her little brother. (She later denied it)

By now it looked like Mark was ready for another turn, and although the main reason for the day was already over, Sam gave in to his whining. She finally let go of Rick, and crawled over to Mark and started to suck his cock. Once again this was a fantasy he’d had for 20 years so it wasn’t long before he was finished. Unlike Rick’s blow job Mark kept his cock pushed into Sam’s mouth the whole time so she was forced to swallow almost all his cum.

Once she was finished with Mark she quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. When she didn’t come back right away I suggested that perhaps they’d better go now and I’d tell them Sam’s reaction another day. She didn’t want to talk about it that night or for the next many days either. Eventually she decided that she would just consider it another one of our “special experiences” and let it go at that. She didn’t seem to want to acknowledge that she’d actually had sex with her brother, so I let it drop for now.

Reality and fantasy are fun to mix and make into stories that appear to have really happened. While I try to write stories that are totally, or mostly true, this one is not except for a couple of facts: Yes, her brother was watching her in the kitchen while we drank coffee, and yes he and his buddy always tried to see her naked as she was the older sister. They were often successful in their attempts. Yes, he has seen photos of her nude, and would like to do more but it won’t happen. Hope you enjoyed the story.
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