My wife forced me to suck her ex. lover
Well guys…I am Sanjay (42) and my wife Rita (40 yrs). I am average looking and she is a fair, little fatty hot sexy lady. Our 12 yr old only daughter is admitted in to a good residential school of state capital and now staying hostel. After 17 years of married life our sexual life was getting dull day by day. After our daughter left for hostel Rita get enough free time to revive her hidden sexual desires but I was getting bored with routine sexual acts. So I tried to ignite myself with porno sites and Blue films. And on seeing these BFs my wife became more aggressive on me in the bed. To add more spice I tried to use new ideas every week end to have more fun. I was little submissive from my inner mind so I started treating her as my mistress and myself as her slave. Several nights I drink her piss and played spanking games.. she was just wonderful in doing all these naughty games and started acting like a real mistress.. we bought some sexy outfits for her like stockings, high heel and very sexy lingeries for those night games.. on some nights she acted so cruelly that my whole body specially my buttocks, face and backs were paining for several days. She used to whipped me in my back and hips with my leather belts which left red scar mark in my skins for many days…She was getting wilder day by day… but these acts also become routine after couple of months…initial pleasure of pain was no more .. then for some days I started eating my lunch and dinner mixed with her little amount of urine in the plate. Sometime while eating these I use to sit on the floor under her legs and eat like an animal ( using the tongue only) and she sit on the dinning chair and take her meals like a queen.
Then we get into ass playing games… she use to blow big farts sitting on my face and I enjoyed sniffing her warm smelly air and taking them as my breath. One or two nights we played enema games…but it was too dirty to sit near her while she shits.. it smells like hell. Ofcourse I cleaned her asshole after she cleared her stomach.
Then I got the idea of 3-some sex from internet… I started telling her that I would like to watch her with other guys…. She was totally against it. But that fantasy always drives me crazy..i imagine a soft elder guy with her and describe her the fantasy like … “an aged decent guy comes to our home and she seduce him… then I prepare her for him to enter into her holes and afte she reach her orgasm I cleaned her tired cunt and asshole with my tongue which were made dirty by the guy. Then I will massage her tired naked body to make her sleep tight lying naked beside the guy”.
At first she was hesitating to listen these things..but later she started getting excited and started asking me why I love to watch her with other I love her or not?.. if those things happened in real shall I take it lightly after sex.. Having the sexual intense I always use say that I would really like to see her satisfied with another dick.
But that time I really don’t know that this fantasy will change my life style and I’ll become a real submissive husband of my wife.
It happened like as follows…
She started asking me…how shall we get another faithful man.. who will never disclose these things to other ppl… I have no idea..but use to reply her that …ummm… probably by a wrong number call or through internet chat .. she then asks me…whether after that I’ll go for other woman to have the same feelings …involving my wife (MFF). I firmly replies…no never…I want MFM only…no MFF sex…I had to convince her by kissing her toe and drinking her bitter urine....after these type of conversation we both get excited and she starts fucking me wild. At that time I did not know that she was planning some real things… because always after sex..she use to tell me..she can not do that infront of me..i tease her replying that.. ‘ok u blind fold me and made me kneel down on the floor and tie my necks with a chain to the bed. while u have sex with that guy’..
To be frank then it was my dirty fantasy only.. I do not have the idea of consequences of the such reality.
After few weeks one evening when I returned from office she told me that some one is disturbing her all throughout the day by calling on her mobile.
Forgetting about my fantasy world and sexual desire, I asked my wife to give me the no and told her that let’s complain it to the police. But Rita told me that that stranger was not actually disturbing her..his 1st call was a wrong number call and 2nd time he rang up to say sorry and in next call he is requesting her friendship. I thought some young boy may trying to enjoy her sxy not to be serious. All the evening Rita was acting little different, she was too polite and in romantic mood trying to fascinate me with her exposing nighty and soft behaviour.. after dinner when we went to bed as a foreplay I was licking and sniffing her asshole..suddenly she again mentioned about that ‘call’ and the guy…who may be.. she asked me…whether I gave her contact no. to any of my friend to fulfill my fantasy . I was falling into a trap…I said it was my fantasy only and in real I can’t approach any known guy to seduce her. She giggled and said ‘ hmmm so u r not suppose to offer me to any known guy..but ready to watch me with a stranger’ Then Rita started playing with my dick..licking it she once said..let’s imagine the guy who rang her that day…hearing about my favourite fantasy I started describing my desires and thoughts… when I said it would be very exciting to see Rita sucking a big dick hungrily.. but she said that she will not do that…rather I’ll have to make that dick hard with greedy sucking and get it prepared for her…and while they do the extreme things I should not watch them but will be blindfolded near them…I was too excited and about to cum but Rita made me calm down and said…let’s ring that guy and have some hot… it was hot…getting hotter.. I called on his number and heard a manly voice seeking my identity… my phone was on loud speaker mode…then Rita introduced me with him…after few minutes nice conversation he asked what exactly we were doing at that moment.. he also told me that he is a 50 + guy with a 50+ wife who is very cold in bed.
When I said that we are still enjoying our life in various way he with deep breath said that he had not slept with anyone for atleast 8-10 years…he requested us to share our feelings/activities with him over phone. Rita was seemed to be hesitating but I was hot..i told him what I was doing with her…bringing the mobile near to her cunt I strted licking and kissing her cunt making sound so that he can hear … I was also briefing him about how rita looks like, her statistics, how we enjoy our nights etc. He was surely masturbating… Rita’s first question to him was how big he is… he told height is 5.10 feet with nearly 7 inch rock hard dick…wt 70 kg, fair and sporty.
If he is true he is much heavier than me.. I was only 5.3 ft, 59 kg and with a 5.5 inch dick.
Hearing about his body Rita was becoming too hot to handle…she was fucking me hard screaming loudly so that the guy can hear to her over mobile. The guy who introduced himself as Abinash once told that he has a dream to be act as a sex slave of one sexy couple like us…and ready to do anything for that…
Wow…all what was happening was just what we fantasize.. that night Rita climaxed twice before she allowed me to ejacuate…I had no idea of her plannings…I thought in real she will hesitate to meet that guy with whom we shared our sexual fantasys over phone.
But from next day while we have sex she always tried to involve that man over phone. One day on checking her mobile I found when I was at office she talked with that no. for almost 2 hours during the day…may be they were having phone sex…I never imagined that the guy is her old boy friend…
One day she told me that Abinash wants to visit our place.. I was was very risky..if he leaks the secrets we will be in deep trouble…but Rita tactfully convinced me that if we met him in another place, how he will find our address and identity. He will not be allowed to take any photo etc. Though my dream is going to be fulfill I was hesitating because of society, fear of being exposed but at the same time thinking my wife with another guy was making me hot also. Somehow I am convinced and agreed to meet that guy on a distant city. He booked a family suite for two of us in a luxurious hotel and another nearby room for him. He informed us about the hotel and accordingly we check in to that hotel… taking shower we took little rest and were waiting for him. I was really tensed and nervous also.. am I really going to submit my wife to another man…I was feeling little guilty but my wife Rita was cool…just b4 he came she hugged, kissed me and told me that I am the best husband in the world…
When he knocked our door my heart beat was so high that I took few moments to open the door…OH my god…he was telling lie..he is not a 50+ soft guy but a tough handsome guy of my age. Nervously Shaking hands with him I told him that I was expecting a old guy…he laughed and replied…Bhabiji ko buddhe ka nehi…jawan mard ka jarurot hai…I saw my wife’s eyes are smiling with her face….she was wearing a transparent saree exposing as much as she can…

What a night that was…when I was helplessly watching my wife and the guy enjoying so erotically.
After having coffee and snacks he wanted to go to his room to take bath but my wife offered him to use our bathroom which he accepted with great pleasure saying that it’s an honour for him to use the same bathroom where ‘madam’ took bath…Rita was in very jolly mood and talking very sportingly with him..she requests him to call her by name and he too. So Rita becomes Rit for him and he is Abhi for us. While Abhi is taking bath I told Rita that he was telling lie that he is 50+, we should not believe him ..but Rita roughly told me like “ aadmi ke saath baat karte tumhe pata nehi hota ki who kaisa hai…” I was little surprised what Rita has found in him with half an hour gossiping..
She also told me that why I want her to spread her legs for an old man..why not to an younger one…am I feeling jelous..etc.
I have no words to argue….feeling little upset and told her that ok…u two enjoy and I am going out for a walk…But our argument was stopped by Abhi who was wearing just a white towel wrapped around his waist. He told me “well Sanjay ji..if u think I am going to betray u pll, then pardon me…u enjoy ur night here and I’ll not going to disturb u anymore” Rita was silent. Situation was unwanted. Thinking a little, I apologize to both and call the room boy for some hard drink. It was getting dark…but with the tasty wine our minds become colourful again. Abhi then asks us to show him our acts…I was hesitating but he is insisting us to play the water(piss) game. Very soon Rita also asks me to perform the play….she made me naked. infront of Abhi…and also lie on the carpet… she then lifting her saree and petticoat sit over my face and tried to pee in my face…I was really ashamed for opening my face below my wife’s vagina… Abhi was rubbing his dick under towel seeing Rita’s pose. Her big fleshy white buttocks were completely visible to him ..and she was enjoying to show her assets to him. After 3 / 5 minutes the first few drops of her golden urine touched my tongue…then few seconds complete silence…I gulped down all the drops…soon with a ssssss.ssssssss sound her flow continues to fall in my mouth…holding her butts I drink all those bitter tasted foamy piss of my wife infront of Abhinash….
After that we both went to bath to clean up. First I cleaned Rita’s pussy…then I took a total shower…coming out of bathroom I was just shocked. Rita was sitting on his lap and kissing and eating his lips, tongue like mad…fully accompanying her he was rubbing her thighs with one hand and big boobs with the other….My god…Rita never kissed me with that intense of heat and love… I was confused…without love can such a kiss is possible…since rita was busy in kissing him sitting on his lap, she did not saw me…but abhi saw me and pulling her apart welcomed me to join them.
I am not feeling well seeing my wife with him. Though it was my hot fantasy don’t know why I am feeling humiliated & neglected. So instead of joining them I took a another peg and asks them to enjoy themselves. They were sitting on the big soft sofa and taking the glass from the table I sat on another chair near the window. But my clever wife wanted me to join them. She came near me and hugged me from behind giving the erotic smell of her armpits in my breath pressing her softy boobs hard on my shoulder. Wow… hr saree was already dropped to the floor..she was in a black sleeveless blouse and dark blue petticoat.. her panty was already removed when she pissed on me. She told me.. ‘dear it was you who involved me in these acts and now u r acting abnormally with me..if u don’t like u should not bring me here…” saying so she kissed my lips and made me suck her lips and tongue full of saliva…inside my mouth she was producing spits…I had to eat her oral juice as she is covering my mouth with her lips… few minutes ago she was sucking and eating the oral juice of abhinash and now I am having their mixed juice. I have no way but to allow my wife in her way…It’s really difficult for a husband to oppose his wife’s wishes from marketing to kitchen. But I am probably the only husband who really submitted himself to fulfill the dirty desires of his sexy wife. Yeah…Rita was very clever …she is trying to show me that it was me who involved her in these things…
Of course I started to fantasize these things but I never thought that in real she willingly drop her panty and removing her saree will kiss a stranger like mad in presence of me.
Anyway it was my fate and I had to accept it otherwise my married life with a grown up daughter will be ruined. I was kissing her turning my head as she was my behind…first my eyes were closed. Finding no way other than joining them I opened my eyes and saw Abhi standing behind holding her breasts smoothly rubbing his dick in my wife’s butts lifting her petticoat. Rita slightly bend her waist to make him a way to her vagina. She was holding my hairs firmly and letting him fuck her smoothly from behind. His strokes were getting harder and both were enjoying fully. But the position was not comfortable for me as I my turned head was firmly hold by Rita. So I asks them to go to sofa again. By then Abhi & I was fully nude and Rita was in petticoat only…abhi already removed her bra and blouse while fucking her in standing position. On the sofa Rita was between us…Abhi started fondling her boobs with his nose pressing in her armpit…..rita was getting hotter…kissing his eyes, nose, ears, lips and tongue like his real lover…. She spread her legs and wrapped my neck with her soft white big face was just near her cunt…my wife’s cunt..which was having a handsome dick in between few moments ago. Keeping herself busy with his face she pull my hairs and press my face against her hairy pussy. Guys I have licked and eat her pussy lots of times but never the cunt wet with others dick nor even after I fucked her . With abhi’s pre-cum and her own vaginal juice it was really full of lots of fluids.. taste was little different from other day. I imagined and told her many times that it would be nice to lick her wet pussy after someone fucks her but in real it was not so nice and easy. To accept the reality I started considering myself as their sex slave and started cleaning her vagina with my tongue. Feeling of being wife’s slave and dominated worked well. My dick also started erecting.
Slowly slowly they were occupying the whole sofa as Abhi was pushing her body to sleeping position…so I had to move down to the carpeted floor.. and he moved over to her body. His big figure was covering my 40 yr old little fatty fair wife’s body with her one leg hanging on. His body is really nice…fair skin, round butts. To be more comfortable rita put her hanging legs on my shoulder and spread little for him. Biting and sucking her nipples he then tried to enter in to her vagina…my wife was screaming in pleasure…and heavily breathing…saying aaah…abhi…u dear…come on…plzzzz..give me…hold me tight…sitting on the floor I was looking helplessly…he intentionally not inserting his dick in her to let her more excited…but listening my wife’s repeated requests he said he is not fully erected… my god…with so much foreplay I would definitely loose my control by then. But he is yet to be erected…then my wife become aggressive and pulled him away from her body…started sucking his dick…but since it was wet and dirty with her juice ….she get down from the sofa and asks us both to go to the bed. She washed her mouth in the wash basin and returned again. By then Abhis dick loose the hardness totally. He was softly rubbing his dick telling me that I m really fortunate to have such a wonderful woman as my wife. I was sitting idle.. Rita came to me and spread her legs for me to lick her again…licking her vagina and asshole I made her horny again after the small break. She was rubbing his loose dick…suddenly she told… ‘hey..why don’t we play a different game…sanju u make abhi really hard for me…suck him…” I was shocked…..
Instantly I denied and said…no excuse me…Immediately the smiling face of my wife Rita turned red and she got so angry that scolded me like anything.. she started slapping me hard with her hawai sappal all over my body shouting very dirty words…
‘ u swine, scoundrel …how dare u to refuse me.. u r my shit eater dirty pig.. have to obey me in all ways…understand u ..hizira..’ she was also spitting on face…kicking my hips dragging me on the floor pulling my hairs… we played slave-mistress domination game many times…but this is real humiliation of a husband infront of another guy. Abhinas interfered and told her …oh come on darling..let him stay as he like..let us enjoy ourself…He took her away from me and started kissing her to make her calm. But she was really angry, kissing him for few moments again came near me and kicked my butts with full force and told him. ‘this pig always fantasize of doing these things and now when really it is happening he is acting like a saint …bastard..i m observing him from the moment u entered our room..he is behaving asif I forcefully brought him here’ another kick hits my face..and I heard her shouting.. ‘ hey u..tum kiya soste ho…abhi ko sush ne se tum na mard kehlaoge..tum ho hi na-mard..nehito apni bibi ko dusre ke saath imagine nehi karte(what do u think, if u suck abhi u will be called Shemale, u r really a shemale otherwise u don’t imagine ur wife with others).
I had earlier experiences of my wife’s anger, so I made up my mind to submit completely to her…when I said I am agree…she became soft again…Abhi commented . “ U two are real miya-bibi… baat baat pe aise jhagarti ho jaise maar dalogi lekin pislehi moment me dono compromise kar lete ho..hmm I love that.” Then he went to toilet to clear his bladder and also to clean his dick. Rita was sitting on the bed and ask me to get up to the bed..she told me ‘why r u upset honey…it was ur plan..not mine…enjoy and let me also.’ I said sorry to her and licked her toe…Abhi returned…and told Rita that …darling r u trying to make us gay… saying so he lied down near Rita hugging and kissing her. To turn rita’s mood on, I was doing her favourite thing …rimming her cute blackish asshole with my tongue and massaging her hips…she likes it very much. Then not waiting for her order..i started playing with abhi’s ball and butt. To be honest he was not my first guy. At teenage I was seduced by a old neighbour many times…he was my 1st sexual teacher cum partner.. I licked and sucked that old guy and pleased him many times not for sex..but did those dirty things because he use to pay me 10-20 rupees after I do something with him. At that time 10-20 Rupees are good enough for a school boy.
Anyway remembering those thing I tried to concentrate on Abhi… Rita asked him to turn around so that I can play comfortably with his dick. As a man I know the exact points of pleasure of a man’s body part. So started licking his semi erected dick teasing his onion like top with my tongue. Also softly rubbing his asshole and the area between his asshole and balls with my fingers. Spreading his buttocks a little rimming his hole and sucking his balls gently rolling my tongue over his perineum the p-spot…gave him a good sensational pleasure… Rita was watching me by letting him sucking her nipples.. he told Rita ‘ wow…ur husband is really awesome …he is an expert man… see I m getting harder and harder… oh my god he is a lovely male slut…” saying so he inserted his erected rod in my mouth… Rita was happy and said… ‘hey left something for me also.. don’t ejacuate all in my darling husband’s mouth…remember a woman is waiting..”… Abhi then told her to suck his dick together with me…he took out his rod from my mouth and rubbed himself for a moment… the my wife and me together started licking his fully erected dick….we both were playing with his rod ..our lips and tongues were touching each other having his dick in between…Abhi was grabbing our hairs with his hands.. Then Rita asked me to kiss her lips having the rod in between…rolling our tongues over his penis…she was spitting on it…and I was licking all her spit from the abhis penis… he went mad… with great pleasure and sensation he told us…hey u both sluts…if u do not stop eating me…I’ll have to eject my load on ur hungry faces.. … I can’t hold it anymore…Rita later on don’t tell me to fuck u again…uuuuh….aaaah…leave me…oh my god…I am about to cummm…. Plz….”
Rita then stopped her naughty act and asks me too…she sit on his fully erected rod…and holding his arm took his lips in her…she was trying to place the rod inside her but it was slipping every time…so I hold abhis penis and lifting rita a little inserted the big rod into her vagina…then press rita’s butts few times to fit her well to that big rod. Shouting madly they started stroking each other…. In front of eyes rita’s asshole was contracting and expanding with every stroke…after few minutes she changed her position …still she is on top but not sitting …she is riding him by sleeping over him…this time also I had to help her to take the big meat in . This time I put my tongue deep into her anus. Her soft butts were hitting my face with Abhis strokes from below… The play was going on for atleast fifteen minutes…both got tired…I doubt rita probably had her climax once but she was not expressing that to abhi becoz he may also wanted to release his load. But being her husband for so long time, I know her body language…she was resting over his body..asking me to massage her back,hips and thighs..while massaging her I was rimming her anus too…suddenly she contracted his anus but could not keep long …she blow a hot no smelly air in my face…with a cute puuuuuuuuut sound… I was sure..she reached her first orgasm already and passing time, relaxing and preparing herself for the next one. Really for such a hot woman only one man like me is not enough… she deserves more and more… all the bad feelings of my mind were gone seeing my satisfied naked wife over Abhis nude tired body…hugging and sliding his hands over rita’s bare back with love and care.
After my wife reached her climax she and Abhi were lying on the bed hugging each other. Abhi wanted to release his load..but my clever Rita knows that after cumming..abhi may not be able to play all the night. So she told him to wait for the night. She is keeping him busy in kissing. I got up from the bed and took another peg. They were talking to each other in low voice. I thought I should give them a chance to spend sometime alone. So I decided to go for a walk. When I told rita that I am going out for a walk, she refused to allow…saying “kiya jarorrot hai…bekar bahar jane ka” But abhi told her something in her ears and she agreed. When I came out of the room and reached the reception desk of the hotel, they politely told me that they were little confused about our room adjustment. They booked two rooms..i.e., one family suite and another for a single person…but don’t know which is booked for whom. Thinking a bit I told them.. to allot the suite for Mr. & Mrs. Abhinash and other room in my name, their cousin.

I returned to the hotel after one hour at around 9 pm. Rita and abhi were getting ready to have the dinner at the hotel’s continental restaurant. She was wearing a long sleeveless low neck gown and looking really gorgeous. They were trying to told me something but it seems Rita was hesitating. When I asked what it is…Rita came near to me and told “ Darling..u r the best unique husband of world ..plz forgive me for what I m doing with u..” her voice was broken and eyes were teary… abhi was silent. I told her by kissing her forehead that .. “no dear..i want only to see u happy…no cry plz…it’s good that u likes him .. don’t be upset..many wife have exta marital affair and cheats their husband but u r not cheating me.. it’s happening infront of me. No guilt plz…” She then said with her broken voice that … “dear I lied u… Abhi is not a stranger for me. We were in love long before marriage.. we were to marry each other but me family did not allow me as he is an orphan and forcefully fix my marriage with u.. I cheat a good man like u..but what to do.. he was my man from college days… now u gave us the chance to meet again”. I was surprised.. a woman can hide so much inside her…
Looking at the teary eyes of Rita, I felt really bad…I already excepted their physical what if I allow them to maintain their love affair….so I told both of them.. ‘ why u r upset’s the time to celebrate…u two regained ur love life….of course if u told me this before smilingly I hand u over to him.. ur happiness is my happiness. So let’s start a new life..if u want to leave me I am ready..but that will have bad social effects and our daughter will suffer a lot. If u told me this earlier, then it’s different. But now to maintain the social bindings..Rita u should be with me but as a loving wife of Abhi…I don’t mind…’
They were shocked to hear me… Abhi hold my hands and said me…what a great man u r ..I don’t know how to thank u…I said… “no need to thank..just take care of my mistress and if possible let her stay with me ..”. Rita was crying and requesting me to forgive her. Suddenly I become a great man for them.
Then I told them to go for the dinner as I shall be joining them after few minutes. As soon as they left the room I called the room service manager and told them that my ‘bhaiya and bhabi were separated for a long and now they are united I want the family suite to be prepared as a honey moon room. They assured me to prepare the bed with flowers and the room nicely decorated by the time they returned from dinner.
Then I also joined the dinner at restaurant below and saw Rita and Abhi romantically dancing on the floor holding each other very intimately.
After dinner I took them to the room and opening the door with bowing head told them.. “ here’s a small gift from my side to my wife and her real husband to start a new wonderful life”. I pushed them both to the nicely decorated room…Abhi hold me tight and told me he would not mind if I stay in the same room. I refused saying that …not for tonight atleast…this is the night for the couple only..the bed of roses…I came out of the room giving them a night to enjoy.
I was tired ..mentally and physically…and preparing to have a sleep.. but then Abhi knocked the door and told me that Rita is wanting me to stay with her. I refused but he said it will spoil the night..rita is adamant …then unwillingly I went to their room… Rita was sitting on the bed like a bride… she told me ‘ Sanju..had I ever spent a night without u near me after marriage or did I allow u to sleep anywhere else..then why today…? I can’t spend the night without u..stay near me…plz..’ I said… “stop kidding Rita.. what abhi will think.. he deserves his wife alone on this special night.. come on’s ur suhaag raat…I should not be here with u two”… But Rita was really adamant…abhi also asked me to stay together…and soon the game started again… I kissed rita all over her body and licking her cunt get it juicy for Abhi…masturbated abhi for a little and then lead him to the vagina of my wife. Abhi made her pose like a dog and strtade fucking her from behind…Rita was holding me as a support… later they change their positions and he made her lie on her back and placed her legs over his shoulder. I placed a pillow below her waist so that while abhi fucks her I can play with her ass. Abhi was really fucking hard. Putting my head below his butts I was licking Rita in her anus to give more pleasure. While he rests for a while I was putting my tongue in her wet vagina…she was holding my hands asif she does not want to leave me. Abhi was going harder and Rita was almost crying in pleasure…. Soon he made some really hard strokes and released all his load in my wife’s cunt. They were lying on the bed like corpse for few moments. To give him some relief I was massaging his butts and waist. After few moments he withdraw from her and tiredly fall near her…Rita was grabbing my hairs…. Softly rubbing my head. Her wet cunt was just near my nose..I was having the smell of her juices along with Abhi’s thick fluid in my breath. Slowly I rubbed her with my tongue and put it inside. The vagina making a sound of releasing air start dripping their mixed juices in my mouth…Masturbating with one hand I started licking her madly. This was my life time imagination…licking my wife’s cunt dripping her lover’s fluids..and now it is happening real… no feelings of guilt or dirt…I eat their juices like a dog. Then Rita asked me to insert my dick into her vagina massaging her butts and boobs. When I was cumming, neither Rita nor abhi were awake..i released my thinner fluids in to my tiredly sleeping wife’s cunt while she was sleeping like a innocent baby holding her lover’s back from behind. No one is there to see me. I cleaned her with a towel without disturbing her and fall asleep near her like dead.
[Image: dddewedwde.jpg]
Early morning when I wake up to clear my bladder I saw Rita who was in the middle of the bed had changed her position and now Abhi was sleeping in the middle hugging Rita and putting his dick in her cunt from behind. Since the Ac was running all the night the room was very cool so I wrapped them both with a light blanket and fall asleep again.
The next morning was all different. My wife was no longer belongs to me only. I made up mind to accept Abhi as the 2nd husband of Rita. After having breakfast when they went out for sight seeing I was not with them. We were planning to return to our home city by the night train as everything was clear and exposed there was no point to spend more money in the hotel. I was free for the day. To give them a big surprise I searched for a temple and a priest who can perform marriage ceremony. I arranged the remarriage of my wife in the evening. The temple was having all the necessary things for a marriage.
In the evening when I asked Rita and Abhi to dress up and get ready to visit a place, they were reluctant first as after the day tour they were tired or may be wanted to have some intimacy before leaving the hotel. But on my repeated request they went with me. Seeing the preparation at the temple they were really shocked and surprised. I told them that though we three had accepted the relation but they should tie the knot infront of god also. Rita got so imotional and hugged me like her best friend ..Abhi was also speechless.
Anyway the temple staff and the priest performed the remarriage of my wife with Abhi and I signed as the witness in the certificate.
Our train was scheduled At 10.30 pm and we left the hotel at 9.30 pm. Though we booked 3 berths for us in the 2 AC ( not having 1 AC), Rita and Abhi shared the same upper berth and hopefully enjoyed all the night with great foreplay and silent fucking as there was another old man in the coach.

We reached our native town next day where Abhi spent 3 more days with us…oh… sorry with Rita..our wife! As he is already married with another oldy looking lady so he had to go. Rita was not allowing him to leave so soon. But Me and Abhi make her convinced that Abhi use to visit very often but to maintain the secrecy of this new life he had to stay with his earlier wife also as usually. In his absence Rita was feeling lonely like a newly wedded wife so I had to make her mentally happy all the time and when she get aroused with the loving memories of Abhi, I pleased her hungry cunt so far as I can .. I am considering her as Abhi’s property kept in my custody. Earlier before we met Abhi she use to do few household works but after the new situation I became her house husband doing all her works. At night she use to tell me about Abhi, Abhi and about Abhi only. How many times he ranged up during the day, how she met him in college days, what he likes…everything. Seeing my wife having so much love for him I thought myself I will try my best to make this couple happy all the time. I was submissive to my wife from earlier but doing all the household works and allowing my wife to sleep with a dominating guy like Abhi I am also started feeling like a woman. Abhi’s nice dick, hairy chest with broad arms started fascinating me … in his next visit for two days I really served him like my man also. While he took rests after fucking rita, I massaged his body, played with his tired dick and even sucked him without the knowledge of my wife. Took the manly odour of his armpit in my breath and imagined myself as his slave while masturbating. I was hesitating to express my feelings infront of Rita but after few days got a golden opportunity when Abhi visits us during Rita’s periods.
It was a rainy evening of November..not so cold not hot. It was the 1st day of Rita’s monthly periods. She was asking Abhi to come 2 / 3 days ago but he could not come and when he reached our home Rita already had her periods. So her mood was off. By the way my financial condition was not good enough as I solely depend on my salary. But Abhi is a rich guy so after meeting him money is no longer remains a problem for us. Financially also Abi became our head.
Anyway on reaching our home he took bath first and then having a cup of tea he was trying to turn the mood of Rita on in the bed. We used to drink a little during his stay. Usually Rita do not allow me to drink but when Abhi wants me to join him she never refuses. I was preparing chicken dry fry which could be taken with Drinks and also with dinner. While I was frying the chicken Abhi entered the kitchen to take a glass..Rita was still on the bed. He was washing the glass in the basin standing just near me. Holding his hands I stopped him and told that I’ll wash the glasses for him. Having the warmth of his body I went mad…the female instinct inside me was demanding more. Suddenly I grab his hand and hugged him passionately. He was little surprised but not resisting…I lead my lips to him and started kissing him…oh…he is so manly…I submit myself to him. Took his tongue in me and started swallowing his oral juices. Holding his back with one hand insert my other hand inside his pyjama to feel his manhood. Oh it’s started growing in my hand. I want to feel him in me. I keel down and took out his big penis and kissed the tip with full of love for him. Soon the big piece of meat started stroking softly my face..suddenly Rita shouted to bring a cup of tea for her , Abhi instantly went to the bed room and I prepared the tea. To be frank don’t know why my affection towards Abhi was not just sexual.. I want to make him please in everyway. I allowed him to sleep with my wife, I changed their relationship from lover to husband-wife and now I am wanting him as my man also. I want to feel the pressure of his body in me, wants to sleep in his arm with his firm grip. The amazing part of my mind is that when Rita told me to suck him, I sucked him but now I am hesitating to show her my feminine nature and affection towards Abhi. Don’t know whether I shall be able to sleep wrapped around by Abhis arms in front of Rita or not.
Anyway when I brought the tea, empty glasses and chicken fry for them to enjoy the evening Abhi and she was in very intimate position. Her nighty was down and she was in bra and panty only with a sanitary pad inside. He was fondling her hips and she was kissing him. Abhi probably told her something like if she is not in a position for insertion he will enjoy me. I guessed that becoz when I entered the bed room Rita told me smiling that that night I had to make abhi ‘thanda’. They called me to the bed and watching tv we r enjoying our drinks. Rita slowly made me naked and rubbing my dick said to Abhi .. ‘darling …lo aaj tum ek naya maal enjoy koro..she was laughing loudly. She put a finger in my asshole and again told Abhi.. ‘dear how could this tiny hole will take ur danda inside..’ As she was screwing my ass with her finger roughly it was paining a little, and I was trying to get rid of her she told me… ‘don’t move ur body, it wil hurt more, I’ll teach u to be a slut of my darling…tonight I’ll enjoy watching u people… other day u prepare him for me and today I’ll prepare u for him…’ abhi grabbed my hair and pull me softly towards him …I took his erected dick in my hand and rubbed a while. Rita told me to suck him…aaah I got it…I got the heaven in my hand….I sucked his balls and dick like a mad. Then rimmed his asshole with my tongue. Rita was still playing with my ass…she spit in it and lubricate me for Abhis dick. She invited him to enter in my body. Taking a pillow below my belly I was spreading my ass for him. Soon I feel the pressure of Abhi on my body…kissing my ears and necks he is trying to enter me. It was really hard to have that in me…Rita was helping him by spreading my ass cheeks.. AAh it was paining when the fat top of his big dick going inside…holding the bed firmly and biting my own lips I was trying to cooperate…but it is really painful…once I shouted them to release me. But the sexy couple is determined to fuck me. Once the top was completely gone inside Abhi rested a little to make my anus adjusted with the invasion. But to be frank if he remains inside for few more moments my shit will come out. I learnt that taking a dick inside is not so easy as I imagine. I request them to excuse me for sometime so that I can empty my stomach applying enema. They agreed ..i get up from the bed rita helped me in taking the enema in the toilet. She ensured that nothing remains inside by inserting additional warm water in my anus and squirting that out freely. After 1 hr or so I joined them again.. Rita asked me whether I want to feel like a real woman.. she show me her bleeding cunt and told me that unless I got the feelings just as every women undergoes during periods I shall not be able to be a complete woman. She tasted me her nasty things god those were really bad to taste. She put her just changed pad in my mouth..luckily it was not much bloody till then. I again started sucking Abhi and made him really hard. This time they were really rough. Posed me like a dog and Abhi insert his dick in my ass lubricated with rita’s spit at one go. I screamed loudly in pain. Resting for a moment he started stroking me really hard. After adjusting with the initial pain I also started enjoying. My wife was laughing on seeing me spreading my ass for her ex lover cum main husband. Probably my tight virgin ass was giving different pleasure to Abhi ..and after 10-15 minutes of rough fucking he started shooting his warm sperm inside my anus…oooooo it was really sensational and pleasuring… he withdraw his dick from me after releasing all his fluids inside me. Rita was really a sedist..she did not allow me squirt all the sticky fluid from my anus ..she ordered me to hold those inside me for as long as I can…later I beg her to release me… she brought a plate and asked me to squirt on it there in the floor . At first nothing were not coming out ..while I tried big farts were coming out luckily with no smell as my stomach was all empty. Few moments later all the liquids started coming out with great force ….though I had not cummed till then my waist and butts were still paining…so to take a rest I lied on the floor ..Rita came near and asked me to take taste of her man’s sperm from the plate ejected out from me. She pressed my face with her feet on the plate….ummm…those were not bad at all…
Abhi was not visiting us for some days saying that his wife is ill. Though Rita wanted to meet him in his bad times but afrading to meet his wife she send me. As a friend I visited his home and found that his wife was really ill. Abhi was very pleased to see me. I was surprised to see his wife as she looks very elder than him and seems she is not capable to satisfy him with her huge fatty figure. For last couple of months she was almost a bed ridden patient. I stayed at their home for the night and tried my best to give some relaxation to Abhi with my lips & tongue. He was asking about Rita while I was caring his dick, balls and asshole with my tongue. Unlike other days taking my face between his thighs and grabbing my hairs with both hand he ejaculate a huge load of thick sperm in my throat very early… later that night he helped me to cumm by sleeping over me while I was rubbing my dick in the bed having him over me and feeling his manly weight all over me. Aah…it’s so nice and pleasuring to lie down under him. Thanks to Rita… who introduced me a new world romance and love.
I returned next day. Oh I forgot..Rita sent a used panty to him through me to remind him about her writing a love note in the panty. Abhi also gave me a packet to give that to Rita..probably money. Yaa…with Abhi’s financial help our life has really changed.
Next two months our daughter was at home due to her winter vacation so our romance was stopped. Sometime Rita not getting abhi for long act like mad. During such behaviour, I connect my phone with abhi and let’s talk them for hours in the night to have some phone sex. One night after having lots of sex talk with him she became really hot… after a long time she asked me to give her some pleasure. Somehow she managed to reach her climax by riding me like a top. While she was taking rest after that quick fuck I was holding her naked body from behind softly rubbing my dick in her wet vagina sliding thru her softy buttocks… my one hand was on her breast and the other is massaging her big soft belly. Licking her neck and ear I started talking about Abhi…how did she met him, when she had her first sexual relationship with him, did she had sex with any other guy except abhi and me. At first Rita was hesitating to open her secrets. But later she told something but denied of having sex with any third guy. She met him in a friends place..and had the 1st sexual activity but not fucked in a park when she was at class 7 and 14 yrs old. 1st fucked after six months at her home when she was alone. Another surprise she revealed was once when she was at class ten, she had eloped with him and spent 1 months with him at Darjeeling but later caught by Police and had to return home as she was a minor and their marriage was not valid. Oh my god…I married to a girl who was already married and eloped with another guy. Bah..during those time she fooled me acting like a real virgin and innocent girl having no knowledge of sexual things… her family also cheated me. But now these things have no –ve impact on me. Listening to her sexual secrets instead of being depressed or angry I always get aroused.. yaaa..i love to lick and eat my wife’s used pussy and ass..I love her…she is giving me all the pleasure I wanted and fulfilling all my kinky desires…licking her ears very soon I made her butt wet with few drops of sperm which were very much thinner and less than Abhi’s huge thicker fluids. Cleaning her butt and made her pee on the bed itself in a mug I fall asleep after massaging her legs for sometime.
During last week of January our daughter went to hostel again. And my wife Rita and Abhi went out of for short tour to Digha in the next weekend to spend sometime alone in each other arms after a long gap.

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