My virginity taken by muslim guy
Hello friends my name is sangeeta agarwal i m 20 yrs fair looking fig sizes are 34 28 36 .one day in metro train i met one guy as he helped me in getting the ticket as there were to much crowed that day his name was imran we became friend he was nicelooking handsome guy tall and age was around 30 yrs but as ever girl knw its always good to make friends who is elder to you anyway lets come to story… Its was monday as i start frm my house for my college imran called me and said lets off ur class’s today and we will have some good time we met and he took me in his bike and we went to a motel in highway he taken one room and we entered first we had lunch nicely then he asked me if u like u can go can fresh up i said ok i went in the bathroom and took off my cloths and started getting bath when i finished i ask him to give towel when he came to give as i open the door of my bathroom i found him fully naked standing with towel in his hand and when my eyes were in his penis ooo my god ,,,,,,,its was like 10 inch huge dark pink i was like loosing my senses looking at his long and tick penis then he smile at me and pull my hand as i was also naked we both looked at each other he said wat r u looking at sangeeta? I was like no words in my mouth i said its very big he said do u like it ? I said i have only dream of suck size but today its in front of me he came close to me and hug me and plants kiss on my pinkes lips he smooch me for a while then he placed his tounge in side my mouth and mixed it with my and i felt lots of his salivia getting in side my mouth he was soomching like anything i cant even move him but to drink his saliava then he push me in bed part my legs came to my boobs in one action his both hand got hold of my both boobs and he holded it so strongly its was paining me but his eyes were red in sex and started pressing it like its his toy and rubbed my nipples so hardly that my pink nipples trun into red colour he pressed my boobs for sometime when he saw tears are falling out frm my eyes because of his hardly press my boobs got hold of his finger s mark as i was very fair in my white boobs i got his five fingers red marked then he bring his mouth near to my nipple and took the entire nipple in side his mouth and started sucking it oooooooo he was realy sucking me like man i was like feeling so good my nipple inside his mouth and me making him suck my boobs like he is my child drinking my milk wow ………then he took my other boobs and sucked it in the same way then he came to my boor…..

Means my pussy he aprted my legs came to my vagina lips and first he smelled and as my vagina was clean shave my pink vagina lips were inviting as he firstly kiss on it then part my vagina lips with his finger tehn he placed his wet tounge directly inside my vagina hoomy thats was like something of of imanagenation then when he push his tounge more deep and touching my side walls and licking it i was like in heven then he took my clits fully inside his mouth and this time he sucking it hardly and while sucking trying to pull something out of my vagina i lost all my sense and just enjoying the best thing happening to me then he put his finger inside my love hole then he tries 2 fingers in one time but it was not going smoothly then he asked me did u ever tryed sex before ,,,,,as i look into his eyes and said i m virgin u are the first men in my life who is doing sex with me listeing to this he was very happy and with huge force he took my entire vagina fully inside his mouth and started sucking like mad this time he was more strong as he was licking and sucking frm 15 mins in just 5 more mins i was about to cum my first ever orgams i hold his head with my both hand and pushed it on my vagina and in sec i cum like fountain and i was looking to this guy as my cum was flowing out frm my vagina tick white stick liquids he looked into my eyes and said do u want me to taste and drink all ur cum dear /? I was like never ever thought of such thing i just closed my eyes with both hand he hold my hand and said just look at and dont take ur eyes off while saying this he parted my legs and my vagina was dipping out lots of cum he start licking frm my side then he came to my vagina lips area and lick flowing cum and then wat ever left on my vagina he licked all and then in one shot he placed his mouth on my full vagina and started pulling someting out and ask me to force and try to take my cum fully inside his mouth i was like in seventh star but trying to fill his mouth with my cum my piss came out it was not much but half of glass u can say my godness he did not said anything look at me and he started drinking my piss i was like very happy and also feel sad this likes me so much that he is drinking my piss to after completing he took his huge 10 inch cock and asked me to suck i was like happy to pleased him he started pumping in and out i was sucking a cock that to muslim guys who is 10 yrs elder but if u wanna enjoy sex girls try to make it with guys who is elder to u anyway i was sucking his cock nicely he was enjoying he got hold of my head and in one go he push his entire cock fully inside my mouth it gone down to my tonsils i was abt to vomits but he got controlled and took it out then he placed it on my vagina in one push he entered his cut head inside my vagina it was like hot iron rod wihich was heated in fire and placed inside my body tears rolled out frm my eyes and he was pushing it deep and deep inside me in 5 mins he was fully inside my vagina toneing my hymen a part and was fucking me like mad lion that time i was feeling like im in hell the pain given by his cock i was saying hooooooooooooonoooooooo tum ne mujhe mardala yaar meri puddy path gayee hooooooooo ma but he was busy humping my virgin pussy but after 10 mins of his hardcore fucking i started enjoying and change my word by saying take my virginity imran meri puddy paad do plzzz mujhe aaj inta chodo ke main pagal ho ja hoon after sometime he increse his speed i understand he is going to cum but in that fuck i had cum 5 times when he was abt to cum he took out his cock and place it in my mouth and took his full cum in my mouth and ask me to drink it and i did that he did not ask me to suck cos his cock was full of blood it was my first time mujhe laga he must have cut his cock but when i look into bed it was red my frm my pussy blood was flowing tehn we took rest for 1 hour he said how u like my cock i said its like a dream cock of a girl he as me r u happy i said i m very happy that i lost my virginity to someone who is and will be the best in my life he said i want to piss and i want u to drink my as i did urs dear i was like i said i never did this u knw first time i drank anyones sperms now how will it taste he said try it and frm inside i dont wanted to led down this guy and so as i think something he took out his cock and placed it in my mouth as i started sucking it in 30sec time his piss started flowing like hot water spray in my mouth i wanted to take it out but he got hold my head so thightly that.

i cant move my head he made me drink almost half liter after that as he finished his piss he ask me to keep sucking his cock i was doing it in 2 mins time he was ready for next fuck i said my pussy is apining very badly plzz dont fuck me as u already broken my hemen as well abb meri puddy puri tarah se paad chuki hai he smile at me and as me to trun around ooo my god he was abt to take my other virginity that to my ass hole i said no plzz it will pain me a lot he just push me on bed part my legs he put his tounge and and started licking my ass hole my hooooooo i cant tell u when i felt his tounge in my ass hole that was again made me to get his cock he took some of his saliava and ask me to give him my saliava which i give in his hand and he put that in my ass hole to wet it a bit then he palced his huge big cock on my ass hole as he push his cut head inisde i jumped frm that bed of pain my goodness i said i cant take it he said u have to take and he slaped me and got hold of me and again put his cock but this time he thied my hand with my dupatta so i cant move and in one shot his half cock was inside my ass and then he push with all his force and i can feel his 10 inch cock was fully inside my ass hole touching my stomach inside that pain was like i found blank black in front of my eyes for 10 mins but he was humping me like lion and after half and hour i staretd enjoying his cock inside my ass i was crying but in one way was very happy my first fuck will be the best in my life he fucked my ass hole for nearly one hour he was realy guy made to fuck young girl like me then he filled my ass hole with his cum and some blood was also there as he had taken my ass verginity and i was not able to walk for rest 4 hours and i was feeeling the pain in my ass as well in my pussy for next 3 days but that pain ever girl wants cos she can imagine the feel of her fuck with that after that day imran fucked me regularly and i gifted my ass and pussy to him till i get married by someone till then its his property ,,,,,,,,cos i can not marry him cos my caste and family i cant go out of their wish but my pussy boobs and ass hole is my and i can give it to anyone i like ….girls if u like any guy even if u cant get him in ur life dont worry u enjoy with him give him urs and take his and enjoy life cos we wont get this life again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,friens if u like plzz ;let me knw .

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