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My sudden lust for a familiar face.
07-14-2011, 09:17 AM
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My sudden lust for a familiar face.
Sitting in English one day staring into the distance, my teacher comes by me and starts talking to me about my weekend. I try to shrug off the questions with effortless one word answers and as least eye contact as possible. My teacher tells me that he is quite disappointed with my grade and that he would like me to stay after school today and have me make up a few assignments. At first I protest, and then finally agree to come.

After school I walk into his classroom and realize that he is not there... A little distraught by this I pause and question what to do next when someone comes up behind me. Breathing down my neck I hear "I'm so glad you could make it." I turn around to see my English teacher with this look on his face that I had never seen before. My eyes trail down his body and I could see a prominent bulge in his pants. I was startled by this and jumped backward quickly falling back onto a table.

"Why do you back away, come on I won't bite." He said in a sultry tone.

"What's going on?" I stammer.

"I've wanted you from the day I laid eyes on you. Now I've got you.." He said.

I try to back away farther but realize there is no where else to go. He closes in on me and then kisses my neck and sucks on it gently at first and then harder. He hits my soft spot and I moan quietly. At this point I'm starting to loose my self control.

"You like that baby..?" He murmurs into my ear.

Without replying I close my eyes and start to relax. He works down my neck to my chest and stops at my cleavage. Then he reaches for my breasts, I squirm a little at first but ease into the feeling. He rubs them gently outside my shirt and thumbs at where my nipples are. I moan softly again. He then reaches down to take my shirt off. I'm a little hesitant at first but I let him.

"There so perfect, I just want to suck them dry." He admitted.

He reaches back to undo my bra when I stop him. He looks at me a bit puzzled. "What if we get caught?" I said nervously. He looked at me and then back down to my chest not saying a word. In mere seconds my bra was undone and he was sliding it off.. My reaction was to cover my breasts but then he took me by the wrists and put my arms by my sides exposing my hard nipples and all. I blushed a little and he glanced up at me giving me a reassuring look and then he licked one of my nipples making me shiver. He started to suck on them one after the other, making sure that each one got the same treatment.

Trailing kisses down my stomach, he slyly started to undo my pants. I took in a sharp breath and he slid them down along with my panties. He then spread my legs exposing my swollen lips and wet slit. I was a bit embarrassed but he told me not to worry, I was beautiful and he knew what he was doing. He slid his tongue up my slit and rubbed around my juices with his fingers then slid his index and middle finger inside my hole.

"Your so tight!" He exclaimed.

I blushed again.

"I can't wait to stick my cock inside you.." He said in his sultry voice again.

He slid his fingers out of my pussy and started undoing his own pants and then took them off and his boxers came off too. His dick was at least 9-inches long and thick with a hard-on. My eyes widened at the site of this..

He was already pretty well lubed with pre-cum and ready to get started. He started by rubbing his cock on my clit making me more wet and making sure it would be an easy ride. He then stuck it in me, I was taking on more and more of him with each inward stroke. It felt so good. After a while he was almost all the way inside me and I was ready to cum. Then he shocked me by sticking one of his fingers in my ass. He started to pump his dick in and out fast and deep. I couldn't take it any longer. I was cumming. Cumming like never before, and with my teacher. It was the best experience of my life.

I threw my head back and screamed, "Ohh yes, mmm, stick your big cock inside me!"

After my orgasmic wave of pleasure was over he slowly pulled out of me with my juices all over his cock. Seeing this I sucked on it, tasting my own cum mixed with his.

We had finished and he told me that I was free to leave and thanked me for a wonderful time. I thanked him as well and told him I'd see him tomorrow in class...

The next day in class we got grade reports, he came by my table and gave me mine with a smile on his face and a quick wink. A smiled back then looked at my grade and noticed that it had greatly improved, every assignment that I had been missing had been highly scored. He had bumped my grade up to an A. He then told me, "You deserved every bit of it!" Then walked away chuckling.

Yes, I fucked my teacher, and whenever my grade starts to slip, I guess I'll just have to stay after to school to make up my assignments!

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