My sis Urvashi
Urvashi, she is 15 year girl, fair, slim, 5 feet tall, 28-24-28 body structure. Her boobs size is 28 a. She looks beautiful and as she is younger so always wears shorts, short skirts, strip t-shirts, sleeveless tops. Most of the time you will see in these dresses. At night also she wears same type clothes. Her nighty also short strip. I was getting very much angry on her as she never used to listen me. On one Sunday, “Urvi, Mom told me you have problem in math.” Urvi replied, “Yes, so what?” I smiling said, “See, I have one friend Rajiv, he knows math very well, he can teach you math if you say.” She replied, “Ok.” I smiled, “Ok. Should we go today afternoon?” She happily said, “Sure.” Afternoon we decided to go Rajiv’s home. She wore as usual short skirt and strip t-shirt. I wore jeans and t-shirt. We reached rajiv’s home and entered inside, “Hi rajiv, meet my sister Urvashi.” Urvashi replied, “You can call me Urvi.” Rajiv, “Hi Urvi, come and have a seat.” He brought water for us and sat beside me, “So, urvi, sapna told me you have problem in math, right?” Urvi replied, “yes sometimes its too hard.” Rajiv smiled, “Don’t worry, I will teach you perfect math. Shall we go inside.” She looked at me, I said, “Yes, go inside. I don’t want to disturb your studies. I rather read magazine.” I don’t know what Rajiv had planned but it was going to be tough lesson for urvi.

They got inside and sat on chairs. Urvi too like me used to removed her legs hair and massage it will oil. Her legs are also shiny like mine and her short sexy dresses even make her look more sexy, lusty. She sat on chair with two legs spreaded on two sides of chair. Her top was revealing her belly and she used to wear skirt from lower waist, so her waist shape was revealing and just covering somewhat of her thighs. Rajiv started teaching her and in the process go behind her in order to show her way and touch her back, rub her hand, and touch her thighs and even press her boobs so smartly she couldn’t get glimpse of it. After some time, he intentionally looked at his thighs and spoke, “urvi wow, you have great shiny thighs. I haven’t saw anything like before.” She smiled, “thanks rajiv.” Rajiv, “and your hands too shining.” and rubbed her hands. She again smiled, “thanks.” Rajiv put his hand on her thigh, “can I just have one touch.” She nodded yes. He rubbed his hand from knee to upwards and pushed her skirt such that her white panty got exposed. Rajiv, “Opps sorry.” She said, “It’s ok.” Rajiv looked down and at her, “Hey I saw your panty wet, you must have pissed here.” Urvi got shocked, “What? I don’t piss on chairs. I am big girl now.” Rajiv more seriously, “May be, but I saw your panty wet and your skirt too is wet from behind.” He had already wet the chair with water. She looked at chair, felt it and it was wet, “How can it be? I didn’t even got to know that I piss.” Rajiv looked at her more seriously, “You are suffering more one serious disease.” Urvi got serious, “What?” Rajiv called me inside, “Sapna, look what your sister did?” I came inside, “What” Rajiv, “She piss and she didn’t even got to know.” I spoke, “O yes she had some problem.” Urvi looked at me with strange expression. I explained her, “sweetie, yesterday I and mom were talking and she told she found your many times wet in the morning when you leave for school. She was already planning for taking you to doctor.” Urvi, “Really? But how can I not know.” Rajiv spoke, “May be your that part doesn’t feel anything.” Urvi looked strangely at both of us. Rajiv broke silence, “I know how to cure this disease. My dad taught me. I said, “Ok. Urvi you should at least get check up with him.” Urvi got ready, “Ok, what should I do now.” Rajiv said, “Lay down on bed. Remove your skirt and panty.” Urvi got shocked, “What? Before a boy how should I…” I stopped her, “For a while considers him as a doctor and if you are feeling shy, we will tie this black cloth on your eyes, and if you feel sleepy, then sleep.”

She removed her skirt and panty. Actually she was not wet, it was just a trick. I tied black cloth on her eyes. Rajiv saw her pussy, “Wow, she has great pussy. No hairs, and pink and looks fresh like recently flower has rose.” She smiled with shyness. I spoke, “Do your work fast.” I kept rubbing my hands on her forehead, Rajiv got between her legs and spreaded it wide, first touch of boy aroused her, “sis….” I kept rubbing my hand on her hand, “Ssshhhh…silent let him do his work. He is a nice doctor, wont hurt you.” Rajiv spreaded her legs more and inserted finger in her fresh juicy hole and started fingering, she let out a moan, “aaaaaaahhhhhh sis, its different feeling…..aaaaaaahhhhhh” I kept playing with her hand. Rajiv inserted second finger and fingering her faster, she was moaning, “aaaaaahhhhhhh uuuuuummmmmmm sis what is happening to me.” I spoke, “Just waking your inside feeling so next you can know when you want to piss.” She was going to climax, “sis, I am already feeling to piss now…” Rajiv, “no sweetie its just you feeling but nothing is out here.” And she climaxed. I spoke, “How was it?” Urvi, “Yes good, is that over?” Rajiv, “No, its just the beginning. We have go through some more stages. Relax.” Rajiv gone out and called his other two friends inside. They were nude and Rajiv also got nude. Urvi was shaking her legs slowly on bed from here and there and her pussy was wet with her orgasm. I spoke kissing her forehead, “sweetie are you feeling hot or uncomfortable, and shall I take your t-shirt and bra out.” Urvi, “Yes sis, its very hot inside here even though AC is on.” She rose and I took off her t-shirt and bra. She was laying nude on bed with 3 boys and me.

Rajiv came with ice cubes, “sweetie here starts your ice therapy, and it will help you to cool down. Ok?” Urvi replied with smile, “Ok rajiv” Rajiv put ice on her neck and she let out a moan, “aaahhhhh its cold” I spoke, “its ice therapy baby.” Nilesh took hold of ice cube and rolled over her neck, small pink nipples, and bavel to pussy, to legs.” She was moaning more, “aaaaaahhhhh yes it feels good.” Rajiv inserted ice cube in her pussy and it melted. Rajiv, “You are really hot sweetie, you need more ice.” Sanjay put ice cube on her lips and she sucked it and he took it to neck, her boobs and down to bavel and rolled on it, “aaaaaahhhhhh sis its really good.” Nilesh got hold of her boobs and squeezed it, she rolled her face back with moan, “aaaaahhhh..” Sanjay came over and put her nipple in mouth and sucked it, urvi lost her control and didn’t know what was happening, just wanted to enjoy the moment.

Rajiv spreaded her legs wide, “sweetie its going to hurt now for a while but then you will enjoy.” She was not knowing that she was going to be fucked and in pleasure she replied, “It will be ok, go on…” Rajiv placed her dick on her pussy entrance. It was very much tight. He just pushed a little and she cried, “rajiv its hurting badly.. Stop.” Rajiv with force on his dick, “sweetie relax, breathe deep, it will relax you.” He pushed more forcefully and it got an inch more and she even cried loud, “no please stop.” She tried to stop rajiv, I held her hands back, and Rajiv got out, “sapna, she is very tight…” I spoke, “Rajiv, get in her..” Rajiv again placed his cock on her entrance and pushed, she again cried. He one more time forced and got near to her cherry, “sapna I am going break it now.” I ordered, “Break it” He with full force broke her cherry and she was crying loud, I put my hands on her mouth to stop her. Rajiv stayed still and pushed his cock and it got full inside and he again stayed still for a moment. Tears were flowing from her eyes. Rajiv now pumping slowly, urvi was relaxing, I was playing with her hair, and “sweetie relax, and breathe deep.” She was breathing deep and Rajiv started pumping fast, she started responding to his pumping, raising her hips to take him in more deeper, “yes aaaahhhhhh sis it feels good, tell Rajiv to go more deeperrrrr……aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuummmmmmm” Rajiv, “yes sweetie I am tying my best to give you more and more pleasure.” He increased his speed and she was raising her hips more and more, “uuuuuummmmmmm yyyesssssss.” I leaved her hands, she hold rajiv and pressing him towards her and Rajiv was going to cum, “sapna I am going to cum..” I said, “inside her..” He was shocked, “inside her, are you mad..” I replied, “do as I am saying. you promised me..” Rajiv, “ok, ok” and he cummed inside her and she too climaxed and he laid on side. I was caressing her hair, “how you feeling sweetie?” She was breathing heavy, “nice sis, is it over..” I replied, “No sweetie, it had still left, its a long procedure.” I sign at other two boys to get in action. I had told them not speak a word during the whole session. So, they remained silent and have to remain silent. Urvi spoke after sometime, “sis I am feeling some liquid in my pussy.” I spoke, “ya sweetie its a medicine, we will clean it afterwards, lay down for a while, we are starting another procedure.”

I ordered Nilesh to lay on bed. He laid with his dick facing up. I got urvi up and asked to place her pussy on this instrument. As her eyes were closed, I helped her to place her pussy on nilesh’s dick. After getting fucked first time still she was tight. As he pushed her pussy she felt pain, “sis, it is paining.” I said, “urvi, push yourself until you reach end, remain still for a second and then start pumping, your pain will go. See, just before a minute you did it, you can do it again, good girl now come one, sweetie.” She pushed her but stop, I went back and pushed her from shoulder to get nilesh’s dick in her pussy and it got inside fully. She was feeling pain and her expression could tell. I said, “remain still, and yes good. Now start jumping on it.” She started jumping, at first the dick got out, I again placed her on it, “be careful the instrument should not come out.” She nodded yes and started jumping, now started moaning, “aaahhhhh yes sis it feels good, aaaaahhhhhhh, yesssssss” Nilesh too was rising his hips, urvi was trying to take him deeper, “sis I want it deeeepeeeeeeerrr yessssssss uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm” She was jumping fast, “oooooohhhhhhhhhhhh sssiisssss it feeelllllllss sooo goooddddd I like to do it more yesssssss oooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyyessssssssss.” She was going to climax, “sis I feel like peeing now..” I said, “Stop for a moment and show your ass upwards.” She did. I ordered Sanjay to get in her ass. He placed his dick on her ass entrance. I touched her ass, “sweetie I am inserting another instrument in your ass, ok, it will hurt like before but then you will feel good, alright?” She nodded, “yes sis, but please do it slowly.” And sanjay pushed his dick in her ass, it just got little and she cried with paint, I caressed her hair, Nilesh was fondling with her breasts, playing with her nipples but due to pain she was not knowing what is happening to other parts of her body. Sanjay got out expressing she is tight and would die, I showed anger and he again pushed and then one more push and one last hard push, he got inside her and tears were running from her eyes. Sanjay remained calm. I caressing her hair, “sweetie just a moment and you will feel good.” Sanjay started fucking her ass and she too responding to it going back, on one side she was trying to fill her pussy and other side fill her ass, “sis you are right, I will now always listen to you, it feels good, yessssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuummmmmmm oooooohhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyessssssssss, sis deeeeppppppperrrrrrrrrr its good, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm.” And, both shooted in her holes and she too climaxed and exhausted, I got her up and laid her on bed. We all took her to bathroom and washed her, cleaned her pussy and ass and bring her back, dried and laid on bed, nude. She slept with no power. I placed blanket on her and removed the black cloth.

Everybody went out, they got dressed, Nilesh and Sanjay went home, and me and Rajiv sat talking. After an hour, she woke and came with blanket covering her body. I call her near, kissed her forehead, and “how was the cure?” She smiled, “it was great pleasure. I would like to it again but with open eyes. I do not fear now.” I smiled, “sure sweetie. But don’t tell to mom and dad, ok.” She smiled, “yes sis, now onwards I will always listen to you. You are so good and take so much care of me. Shall we go home now.” I said, “Yes, got dressed.” She gone in room. I gave a naughty smile at Rajiv, Rajiv too smiled, “Sapna, one thing to tell, Urvi is much good than you..” I smiled and throw pillow on him.

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