My sexy saali Rashi
I am a businessman of 35 years, married to a beautiful lady. I was married to a lovely woman. I am very much satisfied in sex but still believes that…………. “variety makes the pleasure complete”
My wife is from a joint family after 2 years of my marriage, i found that my wife’s cousin rashi has grown up. She was 15 that time. She became very beautiful with 5’5″ height and lovely body. I started getting close to her and after some time we started chatting on mobile. I started coming her very close. We use to talk for 2-3 hours daily. I started sharing dirty jokes with her and after sometime, she became very friendly with me. One day jokingly i asked her to give a kiss when we meet but she replied nothing. After few days i went to my in laws. In afternoon they asked me to take rest. I went in room and start talking to rashi on mobile. I asked her where is she. She was in her room alone. So, i went to her room and then we started talking. After some time, i asked her to fulfill her promise (which she never did) she could not say anything due to shyness and i caught her and started sucking her lips. She closed her eyes. She did not know what to say. After 2-3 minutes, i started caressing boobs. Now she resisted a little but then she gave up. I put my hand in her shirt and pressed boobs. She acted liek she was unconcious. I lifted her shirt and start sucking. They were so tasty. I sucked vigin girls boobs after so much time. I sucked her for 10-12 minutes and then adjusted her cloths. Then ikissed her again but she never responded. I came out when i came back to my city, i called her but she did not reply me for many days. After about a week, i could takllk to her. She was very angry about that but i convinced her that it was not my fault. It was fault of her beauty and her sexyness that i lost my control. We became friends again.

After about 1 year, i started some business with my in laws. I started go there every 15 days. I came to know from them and my saali that all brothers are fighting for division. So, they have no good relations. I asked rashi to meet me but she said its impossible. I however convinced her to meet me in night. She was 16 and half old now. She took promise from me that i wont do anything. In midnight, i went to her room to which she already opened the lock. She use to sleep alone. It was a cold night of january. She asked me to come in quilt. We started talking and then i asked her to give me a kiss. She objected but i forcefully came over her and started kissing. She was wearing night gown and looking very sexy. I poured my hand from neck to her boobs and then started caressing. She objected very much but i lifted her gown and took it off. Then i started sucking her boobs. She was contineusly resisting but i was much experienced and had more strength then her. I started eating her ear, which she enjoyed. I then spread her legs forcefully and lifted her pentie from side and start sucking her choot. Wow…… smells so gud. Much more better then her sister. It was so tasty. A virgin choot is really so sweet in taste. She had long hair of about 2″ which she never cut in life. Then i pulled her pentie and we were stark naked fighting on bed.

I promised her that i would only kiss her and suck boobs and will do nothing but she has to coperate. She believed a little and still shouting to get out of her room and leave her. But i came over her and spread her legs from my legs forcefully and put my lund over her choot. But to my surprise, i could not find her hole though i was so much experienced. I tried a lot but her choot was so slippery that lund could not find hole. I tried for about 20 minutest, then i put her legs on my shoulders and hold my lund and find her hole and inserted in it. It was soooooo tight…… She started crying in pain…….oooooohhh jiju……..plz hato……plzzzzz yaar………its very painful…..bahut dard ho raha hai yaaar……plzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….. I was so excited that i came in 3-4 minutes. She was half unconcuious. All the bed sheet was in blood. I stayed with her and kissed her and told her that i love her badly. After about 1 hour of convincing her, she believed me but she was still evry angry for what i did. Next day, i saw her in morning, she was unable to walk properly. In evening, when i was coming back to my city, i went to her room to meet her. I was surprized to see that she hugged me and start weeping and said……..i love u jiju. Now she was in love with me and we had deep relation for 7 years untill her marriage. We had sex about 40 times after that but to my surprise, she dont talk to me now. I cant understand womens nature in my whole life.

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