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My sexy cousin and her friend
07-15-2011, 08:18 PM
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My sexy cousin and her friend
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My sexy cousin and her friend
Posted on January 2, 2007 by Sameer
Hello readers here are Sameer again. With a new story. Let me don’t waste ur time and directly lets come to story.

My cousin age was 22 when this story happened. She got married last year in April that is in 2006. She was a beautiful women with a nice face and with a sexy figure. Her face was like Amisha Patel. So let me call her Amisha. Her figure was about 36 26 36. She was having a very nice and big boobs as well as nice and big ass.

I was very free with her before the marriage as well as after the marriage. I was not thinking about having sex with her. Her hubby is working in foreign and he has went to foreign after the marriage. He was with her for about 4 months after that he left for foreign. Amisha would live in her hubby house and I would visit regularly. As we were very free.

One day as usual I went to her house about 10.00am. As usual, I went inside the house with out knocking. I went inside and went to kitchen to see Amisha. I would never knock on the door, but I would go to her and would shout behind her giving her the shock. Therefore, with that intention, I went there, but she was not there. So I went to bedroom like this I searched the whole house with out calling her. She was not there so I taught she might have went to her neighbour hood as she has a friend there. I wanted to call her, but before calling her, I wanted to wash my face so I went to bathroom.

As I entered the bathroom, I was shocked to see my cousin naked bathing. She saw me and gave me a wicked smile, she has not minded to cover her body. I was very ashamed and I went out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa. After some time she came out wearing, only towel and went in her bedroom and winked at me. After some time she called me in her bedroom. I went in her bedroom and was shocked to see her only in towel. She was sitting in bed. I said sorry to her. She said don’t worry. She continued saying as u have seen my whole body, so I also wanted to see ur body. If u only saw my body and I have not seen then it would be unfair. So remove ur clothes. I could not believe what she was saying.

I stood there as it is. She said what u r waiting for, have you not heard me. I stood there with out telling a word. She said o so u want me to undress. By saying this, she came to me and started to remove my shirt button. Before I could say some thing, she closed my lips with her lips. She removed my shirt while her lips were in my lips. Slowly I got aroused and started enjoying it. She then went to my pant button and removed my pant. Then she left my mouth and said Sameer I think you were enjoying the kiss given by me. Is in it? I stood there with out telling there a word. She asked me again. I said yes.

Then she kept her hand on my cock above my under wear. She said so ur really hard that means u has really enjoyed it. Saying this she removed my cock from my under wear and kissed my cock head. Then slowly took my whole cock in her mouth and started giving me blowjob. I was in extreme pleasure. Therefore, I forget that she was my cousin. I kept my hand on her head and started fucking her mouth like it was her pussy. It was too much for me so after some time I came in her mouth by telling her. I exploded in her mouth and she gulped each drop and also cleaned my cock with her tongue.

Then I laid there on bed and she laid beside me. I said I have not taught this would be happen. She said what have happened. Nothing has happened. There is lot more to happen. I asked what’s there. She said first thing is u have not my pussy and I want u to fuck my pussy badly and after that u would me staying the night in y house and in the evening I have a surprise for you. I have not understood about what she was talking about. However, by the words that she wants I to fuck her pussy brought my cock back to its life. She realised it and said so you are now ready to enter in my pussy.

By saying this she kneeled on bed and said I want u to fuck me in this position now i.e. In doggie style. By hearing her, I got from the bed, went behind her, and started to enter in her already wet pussy. I went in little easily as it was well lubricated. As it was in fully I started my fro and back movement and started to fuck her nicely. As she started to moan and said fuck me hard by thins I started to fuck her hard like a animal. I removed my cock from her pussy, laid on the bed, and asked her to come and sit on my cock and ride me. She did as I said her. Sat on my cock and started to move. As I had came earlier so I have not came yet. Then I again changed the position and asked her to lie on bed on her back she did as I said and I slept above her and entered my cock in her pussy and fucked her nicely. After some time I said I am about to come she said come in me, I want to feel ur cum in my pussy. By hearting this, I increased my speed, came in her pussy, and lied above her hugging her tightly. Then we were up cleaned each other and took bath.

Then she called my home and took permission of my mom for staying in her house. My mom granted the permission. It was time for lunch and we took lunch. She asked me to take rest. I went in her bedroom and slept. After some time I woke. A cloth was around my eyes and I could not see any thing and my hands and legs were tied tightly to the bed so I could not move and a mouth was sucking my cock. I asked Amisha is it u. I heard Amisha voice yes I am here. However, while she was speaking at that time also my cock was sucked. So I taught there was so one other then both of us. However, I could not find who it was. I asked Amisha who is the other person with us.

She came to my ears and whispered it was a surprise. Saying this she sat on my mouth and asked me to suck her pussy. I took my tongue and started to suck Amisha pussy. After some time I can feel that the mouth which was sucking me have stopped sucking me and have got up and have sat on my cock and was riding me and I was still sucking Amisha pussy. She told me in morning I came thrice before u came u r such a nice fucker and now m friend is also enjoying ur cock in her pussy. After saying this, I heard the voice of kissing. Amisha and her friend were kissing each other, I was sucking Amisha pussy, and her friend was riding my cock.

Amisha had came twice in my mouth and I had drunken her cum. After some time I also came in her friend’s pussy. Then my cock got limp and came out of her friend’s pussy and Amisha got up from my face after she came fourth time and Amisha told her friend to clean my cock with her tongue. Amisha friend did as Amisha told her she cleaned my cock with her tongue.

Then Amisha removed the cloth, which was around my eyes. The other women were her neighbourhood friend. Her name was Priya (not real name). She was about 28 years old married since 4 years. Her hubby was doing his own business and would usually be on tours. Her figure was 36 28 38. I have seen her many times when I would come to visits Amisha and the first day I saw her I wanted to fuck her as she was having the nice and big ass.

Priya said it was nice to be fucked by u and I came twice before u came. Then Amisha spoke yes he is good at sex and we would enjoy him as we want.

Then again we did sex, some times me sucking Amisha, some times me sucking Priya, some times me fucking Priya and some times me fucking Amisha. The whole evening we enjoyed.

At night, I and Amisha were alone. I said I want u like a bride in ur room today. I want to do suhagraat with u. Today u r my bride and u thibk that we have been married today only. Understood. She said ok. We did dinner. After dinner, she went to bedroom. After some times she called me.

I went in and she was sitting on bed as bride does. There was a glass of milk on the table near the bed. I drank the milk. Removed her pallu from her face, took her face in my hand, and kissed her. Then slowly I removed all her jewellery, which she was wearing then, removed her saree and kissed and pressed her boobs above her blouse then removed her blouse then removed her petticoat and kissed on her pussy above her panty. Then went up and removed her bra and sucked her boobs at the same time pressed the other like a horn then went to her belly button and kissed it then went to her pussy removed her panty and started to suck her pussy at the same time finger her pussy. All the time she was moaning like hell. After some time she came.

I got up, removed my dress, took my cock to her mouth, and asked her to suck. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked nicely. After some times I came to her pussy, inserted in her pusssy, and started to fuck her pussy. After some time I said to her. Art shuhaagraat most of the husbands fucks the virgin hole. Your pussy is not virgin, but I think ur ass hole is virgin. I asked her had any one fucked ur ass hole. She said no. I said as I am ur hubby for tonight I want to take ur virginity of ur ass hole.

She said no. I said please it will not give pain I will nicely lubricate it. After some times she said ok but do it slowly and remove it if I tell. I said ok. Then I took Vaseline and lubricated her ass hole nicely as well as my cock then took my cock to her ass hole and gave a little push little of my cock was in her ass hole and she screamed and skid me to remove it. I was in no mood to remove it so I gave another hard push 75% of my cock was in her ass hole and she was screaming in pain I gave another hard push and the whole cock was in her ass hole and she was screaming in pain. Ten I slowly started to fucker and she slowly started to enjoy it,

After some time I came in her ass hole and we slept. At morning, I saw Priya sucking my cock.

I also fucked her ass that day. We three of them enjoyed the whole day and at evening, I went to my home.

We enjoyed until Priya hubby returned, as my I was having holiday in my college. I would good in morning fuck them both and would return in evening.

You can contact me my email ids arexxxxxxxxxx

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