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My second time
07-18-2011, 01:33 AM
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My second time
After one week, on Sunday Rajiv phoned me in the morning, “Hey Sapna, today my parents are going out for a day and return at night, why don’t you come here, we will have fun, I am calling my other friends too.” I said, “Ok.” I told to my parents, “I am going to Rajiv’s home and come after 4-5 hours.” They said, “Ok. We are also going out, so call you when back, and then return, we may get more late.” They thought for a moment, “Do one thing, we are going in afternoon, we will drop you at his home and we will coming late at night something around 11:00, so pick you up there. So stay there.” I said, “Ok.” After lunch at 1:00 they dropped me at Rajiv’s home. I knocked the door, he opened and closed it, and we started kissing and sucking each other’s tongue. We came inside and sat on sofa. I was wearing short white skirt and red deep neck short t-shirt. He brought coffee and we had coffee, I spoke, “Hey, today we will good time. My parents will pick me up at 11:00, so we have plenty of time for fun.” He replied smilingly, “Oh yes. Come in room I want to show you something.”

We went in room and he started computer. Put on one CD and it started. It was a porn CD. In one scene, a girl was sucking his boy friend’s dick, Rajiv showed me, and “I want you to do the same.” I gave a naughty smile and quickly got in action. I opened his pant and took it off and took out his dick. It was yet small and as I touched it, it started growing and in seconds it grew to full size. I started licking its ball, he was moaning, “aaahhhhh yessss good baby, you are a good grasper.” I looked at him, smiled and lick his dick top to bottom and took it in mouth. He was moaning hard, “sapna, oh yessss you are a good sucker, suck it more….” and playing with my curly hair. I was pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. His cock was touching my throat and he started pushing my mouth towards his dick to take it full inside my mouth and I was taking full 7 inch inside my mouth. “Sapna, yesssss, oh yesssss, I am cumming…..yesssssssss” And he cummed inside my mouth. I drank all his sperm and stood and we kissed and he was sucking my tongue with his own sperm in me.

Wasting no time, we got nude. I laid on bed, spreading my legs, giving naughty smile, calling him, opening my pussy lips. He came over me and kissed all over me. He stopped, I said, “Why you stopped?” He said, “Let’s try ass fucking.” I said, “It will hurt.” He kissed me, “Sapna, let’s try it out once. If you feel its hurting more, I wont do, Ok?” I said, “Ok.” I turned and sat like doggy, showing my ass. He came and spreaded my ass and put his dick at my ass entrance and pushed slightly. I cried, “Rajiv, its hurting, please top.” He took hold my waist and pressed with more force and it gone half inside. It was paining hell, “Rajiv, please stop, its paining too much.” But he didn’t stop and gave one more force and it fully gone inside my ass. Tears were flowing and he remained still, fondling with my boobs. Then started pumping me, “aaahhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhh yesss rajiv it feels good now, fuck my ass fuck it harder..” He was pumping me harder, “ooooohhhhhhh yessssssss take it more, fucking you my doll, my fuck doll….. Ooooohhhhh yesssssss take it all…..” I was moaning loudly, “ooooooooooo uuuuuuuummmmmmmyesssssssss”. He was pumping hard, I spoke, “rajiv let your energy be with you, don’t waste all, I am going to ride you.” He stopped and laid on bed.

I got on him, and placed my pussy on his dick. I started riding him, in and out and moaning, “aaahhhhhhh aahhhhhhhh yessss” He was pinching my nipples, squeezing my boobs. “aaahhhhhhh aaahhhhhh uummmmmmmmmm”. I was riding him fast, faster and he too was trying to get inside me more deeper, “ooooohhhh yessssssss sapna take it more deeperrrrrrrr.” And he shooted cum inside me and I laid on him, exhausted. He too laid down and we slept.

I woke up and it was 3:00. I was lying naked and alone. I opened my eyes and found Rajiv was not on bed. I was under blanket. I turned, saw other two classmates of tuition. Behind them Rajiv was standing, wearing shorts. These guys, Nilesh and Sanjay, were also in shorts and t-shirts. Rajiv came forward, “Hey baby, here they are for the party. Let’s start the party. What you say?” I was shocked to listen him, I looked at him with shock, “What are you talking about?” Rajiv smiled and sat besides me, “Sapna, my darling, they just want to enjoy and have fun, just that and nothing more.” I looked at him, “No way. I am not a slut.” Rajiv smiled, “Yes, You are not a slut until now, but now you will be. Hey guys what you waiting for, take her and ride her to most pleasure full ride.” He looked at me, “Sapna, don’t worry. Just work with relax mind, you will enjoy, like we do.” I looked at them with fear, “No Rajiv, this is not good, please leave me.” But they didn’t listen to me and removed their shorts, got nude and came on bed. They removed my blanket and I was lying naked and fear in my eyes of getting gangbang. Nilesh looked at my whole body and turned to Rajiv, “Rajiv, look at her, see I always used to tell you she must be having shaved pussy and beautiful body inside.” Sanjay came closer to my legs and started licking my legs. I tried to push him but he held it tight. Rajiv smiled and looked at me, “Sapna, relax and enjoy, else if they work with force I wont help you.” I looked at him with anger, while Sanjay has came near to my pussy and spread my legs. Rajiv with naughty smile, “They will love with lot of care” and gave me air kiss. Sanjay was already figuring me and Nilesh fondling with breasts, sucking my pink juicy nipples. I laid there helpless and Sanjay spread my legs more wide and inserted his tongue inside me, I let out a moan, “aaahhhhh….”.

Sanjay was tongue fucking me and I started enjoying it, he was even good sucker than Rajiv, “aaahhhhhh yes sanjay lick me harder……fuck me…..” Sanjay looked at me and smiled, “see you are enjoying, keep on responding like this, speak some dirty words and you will get lots of love from us.” He inserted his tongue back in my pussy. Nilesh was sucking my breasts one by one. Rajiv brought some ice and Sanjay put it my pussy and I moan loudly, “aaaaahhhhh yessssssss it feels good…..yes sanjay make me your slut…..” He was sucking faster and I climaxed on his face and he licked it all. Sanjay stood, “Nilesh let’s go for real action. Baby, come over me, we both will take you together.” He laid on bed and I placed my pussy on his dick, Nilesh came from behind and inserted his dick in my ass, I cried as it pain a hell. Nilesh had 7 inch long and 2.5 inch wide cock and sanjay had 6 inch long and 2 inch wide cock. They both started fucking me slowly, “aaaaaahhhhh rajiv this is to good…..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh uuuuuummmmmmm its great…..make me your slut…….oooooooooohhhhh yesssssssssss fuck me harder…………fuck me deeperrrrr.” They increased their rhythm and fucking me harder…..more faster. Looking at it Rajiv got aroused and came to bed and inserted dick in my mouth. He started mouth fuck and all were fucking great, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss” All cummed together in my pussy, in my ass and in my mouth. I laid on bed. They held me and took to bathroom, “Hey guys what you doing?” Rajiv smiled, “Now its bath time baby…” They dropped me dry bath tub and all piss over me. I was showered from their piss and laughing and opened my mouth to take it in. Then we all bathe together. They caressed my boobs, cleaned my pussy from inside and I cleaned their dicks and then we all get dressed.

We all sat in hall. Rajiv came beside me and kissed me, “So, how you feeling now?” I smiled, “Yes, great. I was nice.” We again kissed and started watching T.V. and at night returned home and slept with satisfaction.

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