My naughty days
Hi Friends I like to share my experience when I was in my Higher Secondary. After bus incidents my Life changed a lot. I became an addict for some time for such pleasure and Sunil was a support for this and he always encouraged me. It was not only at house but Sunil took me to parks, even some dark places where we had fun for hours.

But luckily we did every thing with lust and love. But Sunil was a kinky guy who made me wear his Short Trunks and other dresses which were low necks banians move around in house. When mom or dad is not at home, the day was thrilling. Because Sunil made the day great… We always went to the terrace of our Apartment which has 14 floors. In the evenings there were hardly few peoples. So we had some kinky fun and smooches But Sunil was not satisfied with me, because his fantasy for me was more and was not yet achieved. He always wants me to have my bed with some Filthy rich guys of our Apartment. I was ready still they were very Old guys. One day when I was doing my Higher secondary, as I used to go to my school by the city bus. Our school uniform was a skirt and shirt. I used to wear sports bra because of which hardness of my nipples is easily visible. I had 32” boobs and a the co-passengers in the bus would always watch me whenever they bus bounce. One morning it was very crowdie in the bus , me and Sunil moved towards where a man around 50 years of age was sitting on the aisle seat and stood by him and gave my school bag to him to hold ( My journey takes 1 hour ). He received it with a smile and kept on his lap. I was surrounded by a few girls and Sunil. Sunil was murmuring in my ears that he feels like fingering me. I said we shall go back home but since it was a week start I did want to bunk my classes.

Sunil was giving a live commentary about the people who were staring at me and some of the girls the bus. Sunil wanted to make the situation hotter so he asked me to pull up the skirt. I knew he was really hot; as usual I obliged him so I pulled up my skirt in a such a way that it looked like a mini skirt. I was wondering how he could finger me as he was standing besides me. But something was running through Sunil mind. Within few minutes Sunil forced in the crowd to move little close to the old man and I was standing near his legs and his hands were on my bag and were very close to my thighs. Due to the movement of the bus I was feeling occasional brushing of the old man’s hands over my thighs and I took it casual. Slowly I could feel his hands touch my bare knees and it was ticklish. So I moved slightly and now his hands were exactly between my legs below straight down my crotch. My pussy was suddenly burning with sexual urge and with Sunil behind; I decided to enjoy whatever is coming. The man was quiet for few seconds and I brushed my thighs on his fingers. He was encouraged by my brushing and he kept his fingers on my thighs and slowly rubbed. I was trying to be normal. His fingers slowly started riding up and when they reached my wet panty he put his index finger and rubbed my cunt gently. Luckily the day before Sunil gave me a close shave to my pussy. The man was rubbing along. After one or two minutes his finger slipped my panty to the side and felt the pussy lips. I was shaking by then. I bent my knees little to press my pussy hard on his fingers. Meanwhile I was telling about this man to Sunil .Sunil said he know this already and he was the reason for this. I was confused but the hot feel made me forget. The man understood my feeling and slowly put his index finger into my pussy. He slowly started in and out motion of his finger in my cunt. I was unable to stand at that moment. I wanted him to fuck me hard by that time, but because of the situation I had to control myself. My thigh were trembling luckily Sunil held me from back and gave me cover.

Now after few minutes of finger fucking he was not done. His hand inside my skirt held my thighs and turned me to show my ass to him. I turned and showed my back to him (without anyone noticing that we are in this). He caressed my ass cheeks gently and mischievously he pinched me hard on my right buttocks. It was painful but I could not scream, I bit my lip to hide my cry. He traced my panty and got to the top elastic band of the panty . He put his index finger into it and dragged my panty down to release my ass cheeks from it. He traced my crevice and poked into my ass hole, it was paining like hell and I released myself from him a bit. He was annoyed at this and he pulled my thighs towards him, I showed some resistance. He was more annoyed by this , he understood the game is over and I am about to get down in few minutes but he wanted more. So because of frustration he pulled down my panty some more as he knew that I could not adjust it there in front of all. The panty was down below my crotch and it was in mid thigh region. If I walk with that situation it will look different. So I pleaded with my eyes to pull it up, but he smiled wickedly and did not oblige.

Now I turned and bent my knees little and rubbed my pussy on his fingers and pleaded again with my eyes. He smiled again and he now pulled up my panty and patted on my butts to say good girl. Next few minutes I got down from the bus and I could never see that old man again in the bus. But later I knew it was Sunil who provoked the man buy pushing me towards him. I was a great start for me on that day. In the coming days I had a great time…and my experience were awesome. Mail me friends at xxxxxxxxx

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