My lovely aunty Garima
I am Rahul and here I am again sharing my experiences with my Aunty. She is Garima and by the virtue of relationship, is my paternal aunt (Father’s younger brother’s wife}. I stay with my Aunty alone in an apartment in Ranchi. My parents stay in New Delhi and what is interesting in the story is the fact that my Aunty is a widow and she is 24.She was widowed just a week after her marriage with my uncle, 5 years ago and at that time I was 13 years. After my uncle’s death my parents left me with my Aunty in Jaipur because it was not possible for her to stay alone in Jaipur and she did not want to go to Delhi. I was one of four kids of my parents. Hence I was entrusted to take care of my Aunty thinking that her loneliness would be reduced by the presence of a kid. Initially I wished to go back to Delhi but as couple of years passed my interest to go back to Delhi weaned. This happened because my Aunty used to take utmost care of me. She loved me a lot and fulfilled all my requirements. She almost filled the vacuum in me, of being away from my mother. I never looked at my Aunty from that perspective until I was 15 yrs old. By that time my Aunty and I were emotionally very close to each other. We used to share our joys and sorrows together. I never hesitated in expressing myself in front of my Aunty as was I very frank with her. This frankness was a result of my stay with her for 3 years. We used to regularly go out to watch movies, to shop, to dine outside. I was completely dependent on my Aunty. She knew me very well and hence also knew my choice. From selecting my clothes to the kind of soap I used, she did it all for me. She was a complete woman for me. But then a strange change started to take place in me. Now I looked at my Aunty more like a women than my Aunty. My feelings towards her were now undergoing a change. Previously I never read too much into her smiles but now her smile used to cause an amazing sensation in me. At times I used to stare at her body and especially her boobs and ass. So now let me describe my Auntie’s physical appearance. She is fair complexioned, has two small but pyramid erect boobs and a pair of nicely curved ass. She has a perfect body from all respects. Being a widow she does not wear fancy saris nor puts on a lot of cosmetics. She simply wears a light colored sari with just a hint of lipstick on her lips and hair lightly soaked in oil, properly tied in a knot. In spite of being simple, she looked amazingly beautiful and attractive.

As time passed, I realized that I had fallen in love with her. I could not imagine my life without her and she was a perfect woman for me in all respects. There were many girls in my locality but to me my Aunty was the sexiest of them all. Now I felt sexually attracted towards her. I used to masturbate thinking about her. Initially I was frustrated because in spite of being very close to her I never got the courage of expressing myself to her. Therefore, I had to restrict myself. But I had made up my mind to screw her at a proper time. Then a few events happened and eventually I got a chance to fuck her. Here’s what happened. It was a Saturday morning and I was busy preparing to go to school. I had a bath and came out of my room and then passing by my Auntie’s room I saw something. Her room’s door was half open and I was able to peep inside it. I suddenly noticed my Aunty coming out of the bathroom after having a bath. She was brushing her hairs. What stunned me was the fact hat she was wearing a skimpy, almost transparent low v-collar shirt with an equally transparent skirt hanging up to around 4 inch above her knees. It exposed her lower thighs and whole of the legs, which were perfectly shaped like that of an athlete and were brilliantly pink, smooth and devoid of hair. I was able to see her bra and panty through it. I was completely shocked to see a widow wearing such a revealing dress. The fact that she always remained simple in front of me also hit my mind. I could have never imagined my simple Aunty wearing such a sexy outfit. This aroused me a lot and my penis was standing at an angle of 90 degrees, saluting her. And if this wasn’t enough the next thing surely stunned me. Going near the dressing table she removed her outfit. Now I was seeing her in a black bra and a panty. I was able to see the fleshy part of her boobs as her bra was very tight and a small portion of her boobs remained out of it. She was looking amazing and for a moment I thought of raping my Aunty. She had a perfectly pink skin, and her armpits were completely shaved. Then she wore her petticoat and her blouse. As she was about the put on her sari I rushed to my room for some much needed masturbation. That day I decided not to go to school. I told my Aunty that I wasn’t feeling well. And then I spent the whole day staring at her body and cleavage. The image of my Aunty standing in her undergarments haunted me for the next one month. And then I started on my mission “Fuck Aunty”.

As my 2 months summer holidays began, I started on my mission. I used to be in the house all day; I tried to get physically close to my Aunty. Whenever she cooked in the kitchen, I would stand besides her pretending to learn cooking but actually, I used to press my hardened cock against her ass. Surprisingly I had no reactions from her. I wanted my Aunty to know about my feelings towards her and for this I did something unusual. Now I started bringing in magazines that had many sexy stories. I used to purposely read that magazine in front of my Aunty. I would keep those magazines purposely in such places where my Aunty could find them. A couple of times my Aunty found those magazines but she didn’t let me know that. I wasn’t sure what was going in her mind but I knew that I had made all my efforts to signal my desires. My Aunty and I used to watch television together and while watching television whenever an intimate scene came on, I used to quickly change the channel. Now in spite of sitting with my Aunty, I watched those scenes and made her watch them too. A couple of times we saw men and women kissing each other and then one night I committed a brave act. I brought home the CD of the movie “Dayawan” and played it. I and my Aunty watched the entire movie together. All throughout, the movie she never uttered a single word, even when Vinod khanna fucked Madhuri Dixit with that long lasting French kiss. A couple of times she looked at me and I behaved in such innocent manner that she could not make out anything. Then the next week passed by with much happening in it and then the decisive move came. I knew that my Aunty used to wear that sexy outfit only in her room at night. So one night, at about 12 o clock when my Aunty was fast asleep, I knocked on her room’s door. She opened the door and was wearing that sexy outfit. My Aunty asked me “What’s the matter Ajay? You have not slept till now?” I replied “Aunty I am not having good sleep for past many days, so can I sleep in you room tonight?”

My Aunty without a moment’s hesitation, replied “Oh sure”. She never made any pretence of covering herself from me and she felt perfectly comfortable with me even in that sexy outfit. So I slept beside her on the bed. At about 2 AM I woke up and saw my Aunty fast asleep. Then I started my final deal. I started to move my hands around her well carved thighs and waist. I continued to do so for half an hour and then I directed my hands towards her cleavage and moved my fingers around it. I was able to touch the upper part of her boobs and his aroused me lot. I continued to do so and then my Aunty suddenly woke up and caught my hand. I was terrified. She turned around and smiled seeing me. She said “What are you doing Ajay? If you want to fuck your aunty, be bold enough to express your desire in words. I was dumbstruck to hear her reply and taking it as her approval I grabbed her by my hands and gave a tight kiss in her lips, reminiscent of what I had seen few days back in ‘Dayawan’. She too responded to my kiss as I was feeling her lips around me. After kissing each other for 20 minutes my Aunty told “Ajay tonight I am going to have my first encounter with a man, I lived with your uncle for seven days but he didn’t touched me at all. You will be the first person to have sex with me. Hearing this as I was about to reply, my Aunty stopped and replied “Don’t tell me any thing now, that we have been living together for years, are emotionally attached and from tonight onwards we’ll be physically attached as well ” Saying this she slipped her outfit from her body and I could see her in her undergarments. Then she sat in the bed and quickly removed my clothes and underwear. My penis was saluting her. Then throwing her down I kissed her upper cleavage and her uncovered boobs. They were soft and fleshy but perfectly erect possibly being untouched and unused. I had seen her exercising her daily for past many years and the chest exercises she was doing was the reason why her mammary glands looked like those of a pubertal girl. I had asked her several times about her dedication to exercise schedule but she always said one day you definitely know its answer. I loved kissing them. Then I placed myself on my Auntie’s body and planted some hot kisses on her face. Tearing off her bra, I pressed her boobs as hard as I could and sucked every drop of milk out of them.
Those boobs had stored a lot of milk for the past many years and that night I emptied her breasts completely. My Aunty was enjoying every moment of it, making sounds like ‘Aah-ooh, mah- uff, don’t Ajay please don’t. She said that, by now you must have got the answer of the question you have been asking for past many years. Like any other woman I had hidden sexual desires of being sucked, fucked and licked and I knew that one day I might approach you for this but I was afraid as I thought you loved and respected me like a mother. I was afraid that any advances by me could have shattered our relationship and thought that you would leave me for ever thus shattering my hopes. I decided to preserve my virginity, and exercise was necessary to keep myself looking attractive till you grow up and perhaps thereafter. Could you have liked my breasts if they were hanging like those of older women? Busy chewing her teats, I nodded my head in affirmative. Then starting from her toe, I kissed every part of her body till I reached her forehead and then I turned her and kissed every part of her back as well. Then suddenly an idea struck my mind and I ran out of the room into the kitchen. This confused my Aunty but she held on. I came back with some tomato sauce and curd. My Aunty asked “What are you going to do with this Ajay?” I replied “Aunty you just watch me doing and you will definitely have fun in it” hearing this she smiled mysteriously and then laid on the bed. I moved my tongue around her naval and it tasted quite good. Then pouring sauce on her belly, I started to lick it Ooh! What a feeling it was for me. I licked every bit of the sauce. Even after licking all the sauce, her belly smelt of sauce and this smell made me grow crazy. I grabbed her by my hands, kissed her as hard as I could. All throughout the love making session, my Aunty committed herself to me. She loved every moment of my love for her. Her noises were getting louder. I kissed her body as hard I could, after all I had waited so long for that night.

Then I turned my attention to two parts in her body, which men usually do not fuck, but I tell you all readers, these parts can be as tasty as anything. I took her boobs in my hands and gently kissed the thin gap between the two. Ooh it was really a wonderful feeling for me and my Aunty as she clutched my head in her hands. Then pouring some curd in that area I licked it. Well the feeling was even better. Now the smell of her body and the curd drove me completely mad. I was fucking her almost 3 hours now and still I wasn’t half satisfied. I tell you the thin area between her boobs is as horny as her boobs itself. Then the second area, her armpit raising her left arm I started to smell her clean-shaven armpit and the smell was mind boggling. I licked the entire area and did the same thing with her right arm-pit. These two parts aroused me even further. During my fucking, my Aunty tightly held the bed sheet with her hands and moved her upper body up and down. She loved every millisecond of it. We clutched each other move from on side of the bed to the other, fucking as hard as we could. 3 o clocks into the night and now it was my Auntie’s turn to enjoy my body. Throwing herself on my body she kissed my lips and said “You taste too good Ajay, now you will see how much fun your auntie is going to have. Then she started to press my chest with her hands and I loved every moment of it. Then she kissed my entire upper body and the sense of her lips touching my body, made me mad. She suddenly got up and took out the strawberry ice cream from refrigerator which surprised me but I thought that she might be exhausted and hungry after her first session with me. But she had different ideas in her mind. She lay down on edge of the bed on her back, spread her legs and asked me to come near and hold the ice cream bowl and a flat knife. Then she asked me to fill her completely clean shaven brilliantly pink cunt with the strawberry flavored ice cream. I took the flat knife in my hand, kneeled down and scoop by scoop filled the depth area but ice cream was still remaining, so now I covered the entire area including depth of her pissing and ass holes.

Her entire perineal area was looking smooth, devoid of and clefts and holes as the complexion of my Aunty were no different from that of ice cream. She then asked me to explore the recently filled clefts with my tongue as she was shivering with cold. I was not very sure of the position of clefts and holes I had recently filled. I started darting my long tongue from below. My Aunty immediately reacted “You naughty fellow, please place a pillow beneath my buttocks if you are starting this way”. I immediately obeyed her instructions without questioning her as I could see her shivering with chills. As my tongue swept and licked the lower most area, I suddenly felt a dip into which my tongue was darting in & out. Soon I realized that it was her asshole which I licked and I rotated my tongue all throughout her inner circumference as if clearing the ketchup firmly stuck to the bottle neck. After this I moved up and started clearing the area above it. Soon I noticed that my tongue has reached a great depth and I had to maneuver my neck a lot to eat up the ice cream. Anyhow I could clear up the area in less than a minute and after this, my Auntie’s shivering disappeared and she was now much relaxed as I was now moving my tongue on the inner lips her pussy. I moved further upwards clearing her piss hole, which totally relaxed her and now she further loosened and spread her leg wide apart. On further mopping up operations upwards, my darting tongue felt something of a shape of a nipple teat, which my lips involuntarily started sucking. Suddenly I realized that her moaning sounds and sighs have increased in frequency and intensity. Since I was not aware of normal female anatomy, thought that this is causing pain to my Aunty, perhaps to the teat-like structure which I assumed to be a swelling due to some recent injury and I stopped while trying to have a closer look at this structure. It looked like a miniature penis with broader base and a tapering end. Although I had seen many nude photographs of females but I had never seen such a structure immediately below the piss hole.
Suddenly my Aunty shouted at me “Why have you stopped bastard? I was surprised with her abnormally heightened anger, told her my fears of increasing pain to her presumed injured area. She immediately got up and hugged me and was in tears. She said that I thought you’re well versed with female anatomy but you aren’t. I was told that this ‘penis like’ structure is not any injury but a part of female sexual system and is called clitoris, which is the most excitable part of the female body and it swells up during excitation. She further told me that while fucking as the penis makes in and out movements, the upper portion of shaft slowly massages clitoris and it is this massage which actually brings female orgasm similar to ejaculation in males. She told me that a woman can reach orgasm in three ways in the descending order of pleasure. First as in fucking (mechanism I told you, it’s the best way to get pleasure), secondly by making any other person (male or female) lick and suck clitoris & this is known as cunnilingus. When the licking person is also a female, the act is called lesbianism. The second method is most pleasurable but since the orgasm is reached very early, the duration of pleasure is very short and this is in fact next to fucking in pleasure. The third method, I was told was female masturbation in which a woman rubs her clitoris with her own fingers. She told me that her clitoris is somewhat bigger than those of average females because she practiced lesbianism in her college days (she did her graduation after marriage) and had been forced to do masturbation ever since my uncle died. These somewhat second rate methods, she thought were better than making contacts with different men as it would have brought bad name to the family along with a definite risk of acquiring AIDS. She told me that she shouted at me because she was about to have orgasm when I suddenly stopped the act of sucking and licking her clitoris. Anyway I proceeded for the best told method, spreading apart my Auntie’s legs; I pumped my 8 inch penis into her cunt. My Aunty screamed with pain as it was the first time a penis was entering her cunt. But I didn’t care and continued to thrust it even further until it completely entered her cunt. Her pain was reduced and now I moved up and down until I blasted my juices into it. I continued to do so till I had cummed four times.

All this while my Aunty screamed “Ooh no Ajay no please, its paining, Rahul no uuf please”. Now I felt completely exhausted. My body was giving up but my lust drove me even further. I requested my Aunty sit on my cock and fuck me. Following my order my Aunty sat on my thighs and directed my penis into her hot pink hole. Oh what a feeling it was for me. I felt that I had entered a completely different world. She started to fuck me moving up and down slowly with her two erect mammary glands bouncing like a football. My penis was paining like hell but the whole feeling was so good that that the pain got completely overshadowed, my Aunty groaning “Ajay your penis is marvelous”. This continued for about half an hour and at the end of it, me and my Aunty breathing very heavily, completely exhausted. It was 4 AM in the morning and our body was burning like hell with sweat. Then after having a final kiss, my Aunty and I slept naked. I woke up next afternoon at about 2 PM and saw my Aunty coming out of the bathroom in her sexy outfit. She said to me “Last night you behaved like a beast and I could have died”. Hearing this I smiled and asked my Aunty for a cup of tea. I asked my Aunty “How did you know about sex so much? I was told that she had read more than 1000 books on sex including vatsayan’s Kamasutra and had watched more than 5000 hardcore porn movies during past 10 years. I was told that from now onwards I will have a new lesson to learn every night. As I was going toward the bathroom she accompanied me, took a razor and shaving cream and shaved my entire perineal area and told me this is of utmost importance once you are sexually active. After toilet I bathed and came out wrapping towel around my waist. Auntie saw me and asked me to come to her room, without putting on any more clothes after I finish lunch. When I went to her room she was found lying on the edge of bed with her legs widely apart which immediately reminded me of my strawberry treat last night. As I was, spontaneously about to go towards refrigerator she pushed up and asked to come over her. I was instructed to assume a strange position over her in which I laid myself in such a way that my face was facing her cunt and my asshole was facing her. Now she started darting her tongue in & around my perineal area and then entered my ass hole. She instructed me to lick, chew and suck her perineal area. I started with her ass hole and proceeded to dart my long tongue into her cunt. To my surprise, as her juices started oozing it tasted much better than the ice ream treat I had yesterday. Now it was my turn to chew, suck lick and eat her clitoris as she had taken my glans into her mouth and started what I had been doing to her clitoris. For next 10 minutes the room was reverberating with sighs and moans and then suddenly I realized that I have ejaculated in her mouth, for which I expressed my sorrow. She told me that that there is nothing wrong in it since she is, anyway not going to waste that semen whether it’s in her mouth or else her cunt. With this remark she swallowed every drop of the holy liquid ejaculated in mouth.

I also reciprocated by swallowing her holy juices in my oral cavity. I was told by the learned aunt that this is called 69 positioning, the thing I did to her was cunnilingus and what she did to me in this position was called fellatio. She told me that this is a good alternative to fucking in an emergency situation when contraception means are not available and besides this the risk of acquiring AIDS is minimal. From then onwards we regularly have sex with each other. Now I sleep with her on the same bed. Our love is not merely physical but also emotional. As I told you earlier, we were quite close to each other. Now I am 18 and she is 24.Our love has continued for three years. During these three years our love has got deeper and deeper. Last month I proposed my Aunty to marry me hearing this she laughed. But I was dead serious. After all we were quite compatible with each other and loved each other a lot. Instead of marrying each other we have made certain promises. I will try to avoid marriage as long as I can, and I and my Aunty will remain husband and wife, though unofficially. As far as having kids was concerned, we put it off till I got financially independent. Three years my Aunty is having pills to stop getting pregnant (as 69 positioning is not all that’s sex about). The word Aunty has been replaced by “Garima”. After getting physically involved with me she started to wear some jeans and miniskirts and put on a bit of make up. I liked this change and now she wears those old simple clothes only in front of my parents, who visit here infrequently assuming that I am taking care of my aunt perfectly, which indeed I am doing.We are quite happy and leading a pleasurable life. I plan to propose her for marriage again, once I start earning because I don’t want to loose this charming, sexy and above all learned woman. Although, Garima made it clear to me after our first sexual contact that I am free to marry any girl but after that our ongoing relationship would continue only subject, to my would-be wife’s permission and also subject to this would- be wife not having sexual relationships with any other man than me & any other woman other than my Garima. But I am firmly decided to marry her against all odds. I presume that readers will enjoy this story. I reside in the sector-37 of the most beautifully built city of India which also a Union Territory. I am willing to oblige any aunt of UT in the way I have been taught some beautiful lessons by my own aunt.

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