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My couple friend
07-18-2011, 01:36 AM
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My couple friend
We were introduced in Hyderabad with a decent couple in the market, and invite them to our house. Once they came to our house. Often we discussed sex problem in India, and related to Indian progress vs. foreign progress.
Suddenly my friend said to me that Aditya we play a game as u close your eyes, and imagine my wife photo, and tell about him something, that I asked. He asked me “what is the nature of my wife?” I imagined and told she is very humble and cooperative. My friend name was Atul and his wife name was Neeta. My wife name was Suneeta.
Then he asked “is my wife Neeta has the hairs on her Thigh? I answered No, however very less.

Now Atul said I close my eyes, and tell about your wife. U just finds out whether it is written or wrong. I said ok. I asked the same question “what is the nature of my wife?” Atul said so some cooperative up to a limit? Then he said your wife is very smooth and no hairs on her thigh. I said yes. He also said there very less hairs (aprox 1/8 inch) on her Poosy (Choot). It is also right. I further said there are also fewer hairs (aprox 1/4 inch) on your wife’s Poosy (Choot). Right, he said.

He said in my view u are also smooth and very less hair on you thigh. I said yes. And u is very humble and smooth also. Ok we finished the talk. In the night Atul say we should sleep in one bed, and on other bed both of u sleep. We have no objection OK.
But in the night, he started undressed his wife under the covered sheet, and say to his wife perhaps they have slept, now we should enjoy. Her wife says no they may be awakened. He said so what, they are not villagers, they will not mind it, and I know it. You know her wife like a heroine very smooth and advanced, modern. My wife listens and embraced me.
Actually we were awaked and listening. We are gazing him but could not see, because they were under the covering sheet (Kambal/ Thin Rajai). After some time, Atul opened her wife nighty and put off. He also put off her under wear. Now we can feel they were naked and loving.

I also raised the nighty of my wife under cover, but could not put off as she refuse, but I was rubbing my wife thigh, I also put off the underwear of my wife, for which she neither did nor refuse. Now my wife was half naked. I was loving also him, I was up and she was at down. In the same position they were also.
After some time, Atul sit on the naked legs of his wife, and touch his penis (Lund) to her wife Choot. Now we can see both of them. After some time his wife draw the cover sheet of ours slowly, and said you are seeing us, so that we should see u small bit. By which one full naked leg of my wife opened along with poosy (Choot). Immediately my friend put his hand on the thigh of my wife and said very smooth. Immediately He put his all the fingers on the choot of my wife, and captured and holds, and tries to rub it. My wife said no no, it is not. We should enjoy separately. He draw his hand, and said ok, we should enjoyed separately, but don’t mind. My wife said ok.

After next morning, Atul and his wife conveyed me very much, I should be naked my wife and induce him to fuck. He also said I may fuck his wife as I can, His wife want to enjoy with me, so that I should change the mind of my wife and induce for fucking enjoy.

As I want to know the ladies philosophy, please suggest only couples, who have sweeping his wife or enjoy exchange partners, and also please ask with your wife. And finally tell me whether should I induce my wife for exchange, if yes then how? If no then why? Pl tells ladies philosophy on this matter.


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